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- Bleach - Dog Eat Dog [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I might quibble with some of this artist's work (especially in the oekaki sections and the Ichigo/Ishida stuff--Ishida looks a lot smaller than he should, I think), but her gallery proper? There's some lovely stuff there--there's this one of Ishida and Ichigo in traditional clothing that's just beautiful. Then there's one of Renji and Byakuya that's just gorgeous, the level of detail on it amazing and the colors just PERFECT. The art in the gallery proper is the kind of art that... mmm, it's very much in the same style as the Bleach manga itself, that same sort of style that may take awhile to grow on you, but once it does, it's REALLY cool. Very, very nice use of lines that are the real strength of the art, but subtle colors to back them up. Oh, and that one of Renji about to attack Ichigo during their fight? SO COOL. *__* And, hell, I don't mind the Ichigo/Ishida yaoi (which is tucked away, so you may have to dig to find it) because it's kinda pretty and I enjoy their interaction. (Some Ichigo/Ishida, but it's also largely gen.)

- Bleach - Black Rain [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The earlier art on this site didn't knock me over immediately, but towards the more recent stuff, there's a dramatic shift in skill, the artist really has tightened up her work and the newest stuff is flat-out amazing. There's this blue and white one of Ishida that is just... quite possibly the most gorgeous fanart of him, like, ever. There's also a Byakuya floating around somewhere on the site that's just beautifully painted/colored and there's a lot of really nice fanart of Gin (and his creepy smile .__.) and Byakuya (who looks just... cool) scattered across the site. Or the one of Ichigo and Renji snarling right in each other's faces that was SO COOL. XD And I like this site mostly for her recent stuff, for the stuff I hope she'll continue to do, but it was also really fun to go through the oekaki and sketches, to see the cute Ishida/Ichigo fanart (which is a pairing that I know isn't implied in the series at all, but that I can't help being fond of, either <3), because the artist really keeps that sense of... how aggrivated they each are by the other. ♥ Well, okay, and a few lighter, softer moments, but I'm a dippy fangirl, so I don't mind those, either. Just... a really NICE site, I liked it a lot. ♥ (Some Ishida/Ichigo, some Gin/Byakuya, a lot of gen.)

- Bleach - Blue-SYSTEMa [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The Arrancar are not my usual favorites or ones I seek out fanart for, my focus simply lies elsewhere. But sometimes I come across sites so gorgeous that I'll drop pretty much everything else I'm doing to just tear through the gallery and goddamn this art is pretty as hell. Szayel is especially gorgeous, but they all look fantastic and there's a lot of it here and I just. as;dlkjasl pretty! A lot of the illustrations are almost sketches, but there's a good amount of nicely detailed art as well. Mostly it's focused on the Arrancar, of course, but Ichigo and Ishida get a fair amount as well. There are some really pretty Ishida ones and while I generally don't favor him being too girly, I'm totally willing to look past that when the author plays with the bow&arrow theme or draws him with musical instruments or in religious clothing, because her details can be amazing. It was a nice site to come across this morning, I had fun! (Some Ichigo/Ishida, some yaoi with the Arrancar.)

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