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- Death Note/Bleach - mine.mine [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know I've been to this site before (and saved the Bleach fanart even), but I can't find it on my recs pages, which makes me think that someone gave me the URL, but I can't find it in any of my notes.... Well. Anyway. Pretty, pretty site here. Despite not really knowing the Bleach characters that well yet (I'm only up to Ishida's introduction), I was entranced by the art--it's really pretty. The lines are fantastic and the colors subtle and also nicely done, all with really, really nice shading. I really like the artist's Raito, but she also does a gorgeous Rukia. .....this is a terrible rec, I'm sorry, but the art is good, there's a nice selection here, and so go see it? *shoves at* (Maybe a little Raito/L, but mostly gen all around.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came across this site because the banner for the site had the most beautiful looking Renji on it and I was hoping it'd be a pretty site. I was not disappointed, the art is absolutely fantastic, very much in line with the art of the series itself, capturing the feel of the manga and drawing such squee-worthy illustrations. I went over the moon for the two gorgeous Ichigo illustrations, plus I love that there's an illustration of just about everyone of the main cast. The Orihime illustration is adorable, the Ishida one is gorgeous, the Rukia ones are lovely, and so on. There's just... this feel to the art that I really adore. I want mooooooooore from this artist~! Oh, and? That Renji one? Beautiful. *__* (No pairings/warnings.)

- Bleach - ZEROXCEED [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There are a couple of really wonderful Rukia illustrations on this site--one of her looking out a window, a forlorn expression on her face and one of her standing amongs a bunch of crosses with a bird flying high above her... neither sounds terribly impressive when I try to describe them, but they both struck me as capturing the feel/spirit of the manga itself. There are also a couple of really gorgeous Renji illustrations as well as one or two very nice ones of Ichigo. All in all, this was a site that I really wanted more fanart from, because it's good art and there just wasn't enough of it there. *pouts* (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - KASOU * GAKKOU [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a whole lot of art here, but there's a decent amount and I find myself really kind of liking it. The artist does a lot of different styles and there's this one of Rukia in a pink tank top and low-riding jeans that's both... sexy and REALLY interesting for the sort of... it's not quite a gloomy feel to it, but you can tell she's not at peace or particularily happy and I LOVE the way the artist draws her hair. There are also a couple of REALLY nicely drawn CG-esque illustrations of Rukia and Ichigo (not necessarily like that, mind) that I thought were pretty and a couple of really nice Shinigami illustrations., my rec for this site sucks, but you should ignore that because it's a good site, really. *g* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, I'm not far enough into the Bleach manga to understand who a lot of the characters are on this site (I'm only on chapter 66 as I write this), but I'm going to rec the site anyway, because the art is pretty. The artist does that soft-but-not-girly/delicate/too soft sort of style that I love so much and just draws so... solidly well with her lines that I find myself intrigued by the series/characters all over and again it makes me want to run back to the manga to finish reading the rest of it. And then there's the Naruto art... oh, man, right from the beginning I was in love; the artist does a gorgeous 4th, her lines are fantastic, her use of color subtle but still interesting, and I mentioned the whoel drop-dead gorgeous, thing, right? There's one about halfway in where he's smiling this incredible smile that just breaks my heart and fall in love all over again. ....which seems to be a theme with this artist. ♥ (Maybe a few hints there and there, but mostly gen.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You know, I don't think I'm being biased when I say that I think this artist's Renji/Rukia illustrations are even better than her Ichigo/Rukia or Gin/Rukia illustrations, somehow they just look... even better. Some of her later illustrations with the latter pairings do look good, but it's really the Renji/Rukia ones that made me wibble with love. However, all her art has a really Bleach-esque feel to it, even when it's not really the exact same style as the series. Her coloring is good, her lines and details are good and she draws a really adorable Rukia (if Rukia can be called adorable >_>) and a gorgeous Renji. There's also a fantastic one of Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji in Shigami clothes and she does great illustrations of just the Shinigami. Her Gin looks great, her Renji looks great, her Ichigo looks great, etc., etc. Very worthwhile to visit the site, I think. ^_^v (Some Ichigo/Rukia, some Renji/Rukia, some Gin/Rukia, some gen.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wound up adoring the hell out of this site, because the artist's style is really quite good, she's got that Kubo-style down really well and the characters felt like themselves, if during happier moments. Which is totally a Good Thing. And the Renji/Rukia stuff just... it reminded me so much of why I fell for them--Halloween illustrations, illustrations from when they were kids and just being such kids and I could have melted into a puddle of the one of kid!Rukia smiling down at a blushing kid!Renji with his head in her lap. Seriously. So freaking cute. Or the current(-ish?) day one where a serious!faced!Rukia is putting her little hands on blushing!Renji's face to pull him closer. And the other Shinigami illustrations are wonderful and if there's anyone out there who doesn't love the one of Orihime and her little sprite-things, I do not want to meet them. That one was so adorable! And the art is actually really good, too; not always perfect, but good and I enjoyed the hell out of this site and think it's probably one of the better ones out there. Especially since there's so much art on the site. ♥ *flutters* (Renji/Rukia, some other het.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Granted, a lot of these pairings aren't my usual ones, but I'm always a lot more lax with fanart and I'm a sucker for anything that's really pretty. I was sort of leaning towards rec'ing the site just for the pretty Izuru fanart and because I'm not opposed to the idea of Gin/Izuru, but then there was this absolutely, utterly ADORABLE Hitsugaya/Hinamori illustration that was just... it used the CG style and coloring really well, it was just soft enough, just detailed enough, just fine-lined enough that even I was all *__* over it. And then I got into some of the other stuff--kiddie!Byakuya sitting on the chair that was way too big for him? The chibi-esque illustration of most of the major Shinigami drawing on the walls and such? (Gin painting an obscene Izuru on the wall was effing PRICELESS.) The absolutely gorgeous one of Zaraki and Yachiru? The holy-shit-that-is-so-incredibly-hot Renji with his hair down and lying on the floor? Each of these on their own would have made the site worth going to, but together? FABULOUS site. *__* (Gin/Izuru, some Shunsui/Aizen, Hitsugaya/Hinamori, maybe a little other?)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *shimmers* Oh, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with this site at all. But, then, I tend to be a sucker for Renji/Rukia fanart, obviously. Though, it was also little things like that the artist has this rough, edgy style that works really well with Bleach, that there were a couple of Urahara/Yoruichi illustration that were cute (I especially liked the one with naked!Yoruichi <3), that there are some really fantastic Zaraki illustrations, and that there's a lot of other art. Just about any dynamic (whether pairing or just friendship) were drawn somewhere on the site, even one Ichigo/Orihime! My favorites were the Renji/Rukia ones, the artist just captured the feel of the pairing (especially whenever Renji's all bloodied up, he looks good, though, the one of her in normal civilian clothes sitting in his lap? SO much love. ♥), but it's also nice to see a site that draws so many of the various characters tucked away all over the site. I really can't express how much I loved going through the gallery of the site--the art may not have initially blown me away, but it was one of those sites where the cumulative effect got to me. The more I saw of the art, the more I started to really kinda like it. A lot. ♥ (Renji/Rukia, maybe a little Urahara/Yoruichi, Shunsui/Nanao, Gin/Matsumoto, occasional potential other pairings at times.)

- Bleach - Vinyl Rose [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There were a handful of illustrations on this site that eventually won me over--the cute Renji/Rukia ones, the Byakuya one with a dragon in the background, and the absolutely priceless b&w comic from Byakuya and Renji's fight, where Renji's getting back up, clothes torn to shreds and completely naked now and Byakuya gives him the best WTF?? look. I crack up every time I go past it in the gallery again. XD *ahem* But it's also that the artist does some really good art, there are a couple of color illustrations of Byakuya or Rukia that look really cool or there are some Byakuya/Rukia illustrations that are absolutely lovely, and I just have so much love for the one of Rukia in a short little red-and-white-polka-dot dress sitting across Renji's hips, complete with their usual antagonistic expressions. Ooh, ooh, or the one where he's carrying her as they run off! Plus, there's also a lot more art in the individual chapters reflections/reactions section--any time Byakuya and Ichigo are fighting, the artist does some really beautiful work and there's this one little parody thing set when Ichigo makes his big entrance at the exection and Byakuya's flying kick to his head is great. Just... much fun here. XD (Some Renji/Rukia and Byakuya/Rukia, maybe.)

- Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I've been to this site before, but I can't find it on my list of recs, so either I skipped it before or I'm rerec'ing (which would hardly be the first time, of course). I, naturally, went straight for the Renji/Rukia section of the site and starting cooing immediately. The artist's work starts off a little rough, but her more recent stuff is getting to be really good--right around the time of #9, with beaten-up!Renji and Rukia on their knees in the rain, you can sense a tightening up of the art and by the time I had gotten to Renji and Rukia in the snow, where he's given her his coat and she's looking back at him with this classic WTF?? look, I had been completely won over. I also have all kinds of love for the one of Byakuya and Rukia playing a game while he sits there with this absolutely flat expression on his face. Which sort of sums up the whole site--it starts off a little shaky, but by the end I was won over and would love more from this artist. :D (Renji/Rukia, some Ichigo/Rukia and Gin/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Memory Lane [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This isn't my usual pairing, but damn if I don't appreciate really good art all the same. Especially if it's of Hitsugaya and has some really awesome linework--that "tears" comic is pretty and looks really professional, you can tell how much she must love drawing Hitsugaya by the way his hair and eyes look just about perfect. Well, really, all of the characters have damn near perfect hair and eyes, in the sketches section there are a lot of other characters shown as well and the ones of Rukia or Soi Fong look just as fantastic, I keep being drawn back to their eyes because they look like Kubotite's eyes. And, okay, sure, even I was starting to wibble over the Hitsugaya/Hinamori fanart in certain places because the artist draws it really beautifully and hits a really nice dynamic for the two of them, like when they're lying on the ground and he's holding her and it's just... gah, really pretty. :D (Hitsugaya/Hinamori.)

- Bleach/Gintama/Hunter x Hunter - Dreamy Diana [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a lot of fondness for the Ichigo/Rukia/Renji OT3-esque illustrations on this site, because the artist is really good at capturing a sort of... whacky dynamic that really works for the characters in combination with her strong sense of detail and colors. A lot of what I liked about the site, though, is that Kon is so very, very put-upon and, really, how could I not love that? Or Renji in pigtails looking like he's ready to die? Or a super-hot Yoruichi illustration? Or Kon!baby!Ichigo looking absolutely adorable? Or the 'playing cards'-style illustrations of Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, and Orihime? After that, the Gintama fanart is really cute and quite well-drawn and the artist has done one of the most beautiful Kurapika illustrations I've ever seen--it's gorgeous, all that long, golden blond hair, the red eyes, the highlights.... *__* (Maybe a little Ichigo/Rukia, maybe a little Ichigo/Rukia/Renji, Gin/Shin, and some HxH shounen-ai vibes?)

- Bleach - theory and practice of resurrection by Zau - [Note: SPOILERS if you don't know who Hisana is.] Zau has this way of writing a story that leaves me a little breathless afterwards, like I want to describe my feeling as something as pretentious as like the sensation of hummingbird wings along my skin, something very fluttery, anyway. Because there is this incredible elegance to the writing that fits amazingly well with Byakuya's character, the way he loved Hisana, the way he loves and looks at Rukia, all fitting together beautifully with the way we saw him in canon. Seriously, this fic does a brilliant job of fitting together the whole of canon, the way he treated her, the way he acted towards her after the revelations, the whole thing just makes my chest tight and like I want to do something, but I can't quite figure out what. And the ending was breath-taking as well. Just... wow. (Mentions of Byakuya/Hisana.)

- Bleach - Yasmin [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, so you know how I can be won over with a single illustration on a site? Yeah, Yoruichi and Urahara sharing a piece of cake while she licks a spot off his nose? Where it's beautifully drawn and colored and oh-so-sexy? I am all over that. Honestly, that's the illustration that tipped me over with the site, but the whole thing is very nice and it's an interesting mix of random art. I mean, there are a lot of unusual pairings (I believe I spotted an Ichigo/Nanao in the sketches section), but the artist keeps a sense of the characters and they're pretty to look at and she uses that not-quite-sketch-like style really, really well. And how could I resist a site with a couple of cute Aizen/Hinamori illustrations? Nothing much going on, just him helping her with her hair or kimono, but still cute and I wibbled. Or! Hitsugaya and Matsumoto where he's getting all tangled up in her scarf and it's great. But, yeah, the two Urahara/Yoruichi illustrations? Totally my favorites. *__* (There are so few pairing themes, but you could maybe count Urahara/Yoruichi, Aizen/Hinamori, Shunsui/Nanao.)

- Bleach - Love Drop: B [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I admit, I tended to skip over a lot of the illustrations on this site because they weren't my pairings, but... I wound up having to rec the site anyway, despite the Ichigo/Rukia art. For one thing, there's a lot of art besides that pairing, a decent-to-goodly amount of Renji/Rukia, a lot of single character illustrations or group art, with some especially nice Renji/Rukia/Ichigo trio stuff, but mostly... the art is just really pretty. I have a weakness for artists who can make their colors just about gleam, the way the colors are so vivid without being gaudy. The artist is also really good with making these images that feel really professional, whether because there's a lot of background detail or because the layout of it is really well-put together or what have you. Plus, yeah, okay. The image of Hitsugaya with his face practically smushed into Matsumoto's boobs did help quite a lot. ♥ And, oh my god, the one with older!Karin and Yuzu was hot. Just... one of those sites that was fun to go all the way through and collect all the various art for different characters. (Ichigo/Rukia, Renji/Rukia, some other, and a lot of gen.)

- Bleach - FlexibleLovers [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, okay, okay, I give. Normally, I'm not one for super-tiny!Rukia who looks to be about twelve, but when they have her kissing Byakuya in some images or having Renji pick her up and carry her around in others, I get all weak in the knees and cave. Or, or, or. Byakuya leaning his head against her, eyes closed, expression gentle, while she wraps hands around his shoulders and there's all these beautiful shades of blue and light purple. Though, my shippy instincts aren't the only reason I liked this site, there are actually some really fantastic single-character illustrations--Byakuya and Hitsugaya fare extremely well. The artist really does have a way with soft colors and a certain arch to her lines that put stars in my eyes. This site is definitely not going to be for everyone, not with the borderline loli (and actual loli many times) and the adult content in some images, but if you can get past that, it's got some pretty stuff. (Byakuya/Rukia, some Renji/Rukia, some other/Rukia, some graphic content, much of which is lolicon.)

- Naruto/Bleach/Prince of Tennis - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man. This is totally my new favorite NejiHina site, because it's just gorgeous. I mean, the very first image I saw was of an older Neji and Hinata, where her hair had grown out and he was holding her close and she was blushing and it was just so soft and pretty and the colors practically shone in that way I love and I totally squeaked in happiness. The artist's lines are fantastic, probably my favorite type, the kind that are just the right width, look so clean, but then are just tremendously beautiful. The coloring helps even further, because the artist just has this style that... shines is the only way I can think to describe it. And, man, her NejiHina totally does it for me, because there are so many different poses and a certain sort of delicate intimacy that just works for the pairing. I get all wobbly every time I see them in kimono and Neji's pulling her close or the underwater kiss or-- ....not that NejiHina is the only pairing on this site, some of the Gaara/Naruto illustrations are fantastic, I love, love, love the one of them both as Hokage. And there's a ton of gen stuff that's totally worth visiting for. Then there's the Bleach section that started out with a beautiful Ikkaku/Yumichika, provided me with a gorgeous Renji in the oekaki section, and totally made me spaz for the pretty one of Yachiru doing Zaraki's hair. Also, I swear this site has one of Hitsugaya's face in Matsumoto's boobs again. You really cannot go wrong with either of those. The Prince of Tennis section is much the same, spending time between TakaFuji and InuKai for the most part and while I don't seek those pairings out often, when I stumble across them, it's nice. There's not a ton of art here for Tenipuri, but the handful of OishiEiji and couple of TezuRyo images also make it worth the visit? (Neji/Hinata, some Shikamaru/Temari, some Naruto/Hinata, a lot of gen. Bleach pairings are all over the place, a lot of gen. Taka/Fuji, Inui/Kaidoh, a hint of Oishi/Eiji, a hint of Tezuka/Ryoma.)

- Bleach - Swansong [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - So I'm up to... what? Four Ichigo/Orihime sites now? And this one is very hit-or-miss, there are a lot of illustrations that I don't know if they'll appeal to everyone, but when the artist did these incredibly stylized ones with these awesome colors? Like the current background page for the main Bleach gallery of Orihime bending over Ichigo, her beautiful hair floating all over the place? Wow. It's just... that's my type of art right there, the colors that practically shine and glow, the long, sweeping lines of her hair and their clothes, the way there are practically sun flares on the images in the way they shine. I love that kind of art. But it's also the Renji/Rukia ones that are so awesomely composed, the one of Rukia draped across Renji's lap with the fall background outside the screen door, where there's all these brilliant autumn colors used? I llove that kind of stuff. Not everything about the artist's style is perfect, but she hits the nail on the head (as far as what I want to see) often enough that I just fell in love. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime, some Renji/Rukia, a hint of Hitsugaya/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - Coppelia [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site isn't going to be for everyone, it does get a little close to being almost lolicon-ish with Rukia looking so small and so young, but... I'm probably easier on Byakuya/Rukia sites because there are so few of them around. But it's also more than that, I honestly think the artist is talented, she does a lot of detail on Rukia's clothing (there's one of her in this big, puffy not-quite-purple dress that actually sort of works very well because the artist does such a fun job with the coloring/shading and the omg so cute!! of Rukia's little hands holding the warm cup she's about to drink out of and all the pretty ruffles and the cute little boots and... yeah, that sort of epitomizes what I like about the site) and it somehow... just comes together for me. Some are better than others, of course, but how could I not love a site with an illustration of Rukia in traditional clothing, holding an umbrella, and a stuffed Byakuya doll? XD If you can get past how young Rukia looks, I think this is a nice site to go through, I appreciate it for the style the artist has and little things like the way she does clothes or body posture. Also, pairing button pushing. ♥ (Byakuya/Rukia, some Renji/Rukia, maybe a little other het, and a lot of Rukia gen.)

- Bleach/Fullmetal Alchemist - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me approximately the length of time needed to click through one comic to know that I was going to squee over this site and squee rather hard. Hitsugaya/Matsumoto is a rare-ish pairing (though, by no means nonexistant) and I don't see a lot of fanart for it, so to see a site with comics that are actually quite pretty? Squee. There's a surprising amount of detail in the comics and they can be a little rough in some places, but the artist also has a lovely way with the characters' eyes and even with her earliest work, there's a real discipline to the layouts and arrangements of each page of the comics. The artist's Hitsugaya is one of my favorites, the focus always seems to come back to his eyes, just like it does with KT's art itself. And, god, there are some gorgeous panels of him, especially in profile, with the stories--the "goodbye" comic is probably one of my favorites for that. Though, I think each successive comic gets prettier than the last and just... yes, this site totally did my HitsuMatsu shipper much good. ♥ Also, man, those color illustrations are beautiful. *__* Now, for as long as I've gone on about the Bleach side of the site, I don't want to give the impression that the FMA side wasn't as pretty, despite that I want to keep the rec semi-short. Because, fweeee, RoyEd comics that are just lovely, there are so many panels of either character that just make me want to swoon with the delicate lines of their hair or eyes. And, omg, the log fanart is just... yum. :9 There's something about the art that just hits my buttons in all the right ways. (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, maybe a little Roy/Ed.)

- Bleach - Skybreaker [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I almost didn't rec this site simply because there's not a whole lot of art on it, there are probably only about a dozen images I wanted to save for later... but I eventually gave in because there are a handful, maybe five or so of them, that are just lovely. There's a gorgeous one of Hitsugaya in blues and purples that uses the softener filter amazingly well. The other reason I caved on the site is the Hitsugaya/Matsumoto content, which is why I came to the site first. Not everything is my cup of tea, but a couple of them are just gorgeous, too. Not one of the sites I'll probably remember too much a month from now, but it has the potential to be. If the artist sticks around for awhile longer, she could be awesome. (Some Hitsugaya/Matsumoto.)

- Bleach - king's page [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just quietly charmed by the cuteness on this site, the Hitsugaya illustrations are occasionaly just adorable or pretty beyond my expectations. I might not have stopped or stayed very long, but you can tell the artist really likes the character and every so often that results in a really solid, good illustration. The rest of the art is almost on the cutesy side of things, frequently the images are more rounded than I usually see, but... it's not a bad thing. I was smiling through the entire site. I think it'll probably be best if you're a fan of Hitsugaya, HitsuHina, or a Bleach fanatic to like this site. (Some Hitsugaya/Hinamori, some gen.)

- Bleach - imaginary metropolis [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites that's a little bit about the sum of the site rather than the parts of it, but also a little bit that some of them really made me squee over the individual images. Admittedly, the Byakuya/Rukia and Renji/Rukia fanart images that were just so... they fit the feeling of each pairing. The Byakuya/Rukia ones were elegant and a little bit melacholy or bittersweet, often using darker blacks and blues. The Renji/Rukia ones were usually tinged with just a little bit of desperation or Renji being cranky, the poses/expressions reflecting that. There was even a cute Ichigo/Orihime one! So the site had a lot of really solid art that gave me a fix for several pairings I was looking for. And... well, I'm explaining it badly. Just that I really got the feeling of the artist liking each of the pairings represented here for their own reasons, liking the characters themeslves (the Rukia ones are adorable, the Orihime ones are lovely, the Hollow!Ichigo one is kinda creepy, the Byakuya ones are elegant and/or stuffy, etc.) and to top it all off? There are sprites, omg. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Some Byakuya/Hisana, some Byakuya/Rukia, some Renji/Rukia, some Byakuya/Renji, some other pairings, both het and yaoi.)

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