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- Bleach - invivi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *squee*squee*squee* Oh, I love this site. The early art is a little shakey, but about five illustrations in, the artist really tightens up her work and she has these amazing colors, they're bright and highlighted beautifully and shaded really well and yet the style is very distinctive and, oh, I know it's partially because the artist seems to like the Ichigo/Orihime pairing at least somewhat, but I'm just over the moon for this site. She draws the Bleach females fantastically, there are a couple of girls-only illustrations that just are so pretty and so kick-ass and I'm flailing with the inocherent love right now. (Obviously.) The most recent one of Ichigo and Orihime from the whole bank robbery thing? Such, such love. And the little Christmas chibis and, god, the artist does a beautiful Ukitake (the one of him and Shunsui back to back on the spring/summer day is so lovely) and I just... yes. Okay. I'll be over here flailing some more. (Enough Ichigo/Orihime that I'm counting it, but some potential Ukitake pairings, too?)

- Bleach - enso [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have a secret sort of weakness for this pairing, the Shunsui/Ukitake pairing. I sort of feel guilty for liking it and yet... I dunno, something about their scenes together, when they were fighting together or just talking, there was a certain spark I was attracted to. So, when along comes a site that has really adorable fanart for them? I have to cave on it. :D Especially when the artist often uses these lovely, soft colors that are just this side of pastel that just fit the characters. There are also these beautiful shades of red or blue or a really nice use of their umbrella or clothes or just all those little details that so often make an illustration for me. <3 (Shunsui/Ukitake.)

- Bleach/One Piece/D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh! Oh! This site! I was going to have been so pissed if I couldn't find it again (when Word crashed and took all my recs with it) because it had a couple of the coolest One Piece illustrations I'd seen in awhile--there's this absolutely awesome one of Smoker in action that I love to tiny, tiny pieces. There's also a fantastic one of Ace that's one of the best I've ever seen for him. The artist also does an absolutely fabulous job with the Bleach characters, she really has this sort of rough-edged style that meshes so well with Kubotite's style, it feels like Bleach, especially when she draws Renji (she likes his hair down a lot or having him practically shirtless... I agree whole-heartedly ♥). And I have mad, mad love for her Ukitake or that one oekaki of Byakuya and there were a couple of Shunsui/Ukitake illustrations that totally made me happy. Plus, I had to include it in the D.Gray-man section 'cause, despite there not being a lot of art for the series, there was that one of Komui that was fantastic. <3 (Lots of Other/Renji shounen ai, maybe a little Shunsui/Ukitake.)

- Naruto/Bleach - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - And, again, another site that I'm won over by because, zomg, Neji fanart that's occasionally really, really beautiful. Most of the artist's work in the main gallery seems to be very realistic style art, which I'm not entirely sure is my thing, but when she does ANBU!Neji on a moonlit roof with his cape fluttering in the wind? Gorgeous. Or Neji crumbled over with his hair spilling around him, ANBU mask laying cracked next to? Also gorgeous. I don't think the site will end up being one of my favorites, it's just not my cup of tea (though, the artist is tremendously talented), but I think it's definitely worth a poke around if you're a Neji fan, the artist does some really amazing stuff with his hair and eyes. As for the Bleach fanart, my feelings are about the same, that the super-realistic style takes a lot of talent, but it's not entirely my thing. But I did enjoy the art a lot, I really like the artist's coloring and the way she drew Ukitake's hair and, hey, any Shunsui/Ukitake fan is one after my own heart. (Shunsui/Ukitake, maybe a little Naruto/Neji, but it's mostly Neji gen.)

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