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- Bleach - Lost in the search for a kiss... by Sky - [Note: There will be SPOILERS for the end of Soul Society arc in this fic and this rec.] I'm always sort of on the fence when it comes to Aizen/Hinamori fics, I really adore the pairing, but it takes a certain amount of skill to do it right and I'm not obsessed enough to like anything with them. So I always sort of cautiously click whenever I see a fic posted about them, but this one... oh, this one is one I am so glad I read because it's awful and heart-breaking and makes me want to hug Hinamori when Aizen would come to visit, for the way she couldn't tear herself away from reacting the same way as always to him. It's beautifully done, it doesn't make Hinamori an unlikable, spineless character, it makes her interesting and makes Aizen the kick ass villain that I love so much because it doesn't back away from that this is not a nice relationship, it's awful for Hinamori, she really is Left behind, a puppet that longs for her strings to be lifted again. The writing is lovely and soft, just the way a Hinamori piece would need to be and I just... god, I'd love more like this, as sick as this sort of relationship is. But it doesn't pull its punches when it comes to that, which is part of what made it such a fabulous fic. (Aizen/Hinamori, R+ content.)

- Bleach - To dig my own grave with love by luvinaoshi - She has offered herself to him already, piece by pieces; he has claimed the whole at last. I almost skipped over this fic because the "&" in prose instead of "and" was quite distracting, but... the rest of the story was well-written and I craved Aizen/Hinamori fic. It's... it's not just the hint of smut (though, that was very, very nice) or the lovely lines sprinkled throughout (the above is one of my favorites, so was: Aizen dresses silently, the expression on his face never changing. It is always a small smile, as if everything amuses him, but only just.), but more than anything this fic captures what it is about the pairing that intrigues me. Hinamori being drawn to him, her deep feelings for him, his gentle touches, the distant quality we see that she does not, the sense of looming tragedy that we know is coming. There's a certain quiet or elegance or something that I associate strongly with this pairing and it was very present here as well. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - amongst the talking wounded by luvinaoshi - I admit, I'm not really sure why I had such fondness for this story. It feels like a story that should be so many things--too AU, too out of character, too something. But somehow... it's not. Maybe it's that I'm charmed by the Aizen/Hinamori or the atmosphere of something wrong lingering in the air that I can't put my finger on. Maybe it's the lovely use of imagery or the even lovelier writing. Somehow this Hinamori is utterly picturable to me, the whole AU of them traveling to/in Paris is rather crystal clear in my head and somehow this portrayal of the characters worked for me. Something about it just... quietly works, I doubt I could say it any better than that. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - The Question by selfavoidingwalk - Part of me doesn't believe that this could ever happen, that Aizen would never do this with her... but the other part of me is saying that I wish he would, that it's not out of character so much as a path that's been cut-off for them. There's a beautiful quality to the writing, both in imagery/turns of phrase and in the power of the emotion felt when they come together, this fic hurts in a dull sort of way even as my Aizen/Momo fangirl is delighting in reading such a lovely fic about them. The use of their powers, the way there's a very immediate/intimate feeling with the present tense used here, the way it's like a moment in time... all of it somehow manages to come together and be this beautiful little fic that I liked far more than this rec got across, I think. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - Psychiatry by purplekitte - So often with this kind of fic (Summary: Aizen, psychiatrist, mentions of others, implied Aizen/Momo), the humor falls flat because the author doesn't have a delicate enough hand to pull off the parody, they just go for OOC crack and it doesn't quite work. This fic... had me laughing out loud at several points, I could actually picture Aizen doing these things in a parody and I just. There were moments that were really funny (you'll know the ones I mean when you get to them) and the Aizen/Momo humor was... I wouldn't quite have thought their situation could be funny, but this had me giggling out loud. Also, the reference to the Evil Overlord list? WIN. ♥ (Some implied Aizen/Momo, but it's half gen, too.)

- Bleach - story without words by eree - Every time I read Aizen/Momo fic, a little part of me OTPs them that much harder, especially when it's such a gorgeous fic like this. There's something so incredibly hot about the two of them, about the imagery in this piece, the way their hands touch each other, the way Momo licks his hand, the way his thumb travels the line of her jaw. That there's an actual physical relationship here just makes it that much more awesome because the fic never forgets that the pairing is not a happy one, the hints of tragedy are all over it if you look for them. As you can tell, I loved this. (Aizen/Momo.)

- Bleach - Hearts in Error by luvinaoshi - Oh, god. This is such a gorgeous, gorgeous, doomed relationship. It's the fics that make me want to cry when it comes to these two, from beginning to end, because there's no other way it can end, I don't think, that are the ones I love most. This one makes me ache for the characters, for the beautiful elegance between them, the beautiful prose the author uses, the incredibly subtle and deft touch she has. The little details, Aizen's coat over her shoulders, the white flower petals in her hands, the ending... all of it is breathtaking. Once again, I'm a little more in love with Aizen/Momo than I was when I started. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - Revision by eleni459 - This piece is less than 250 words, but it's such an interesting little idea for a fic and says so much about Hinamori's character that I had to rec it properly anyway. There's something so heartbreaking about this scene and the way it's told that I love it. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - His Breath Warm Against Her Hair by Silver Harmony - I have a thing for Aizen/Momo fics, especially the ones that are softer and sweeter, the ones set before Aizen left Soul Society, because there's this... when you read about Aizen being nice to Hinamori, when you see him being so kind to her and watching her fall in love with him, there's this really pretty creepy undertone because we know how things will turn out. Yet, like with this fic, you can see how Hinamori missed it, because Aizen is just that good and the relationship is so sweet, even as they're just sitting next to each other and Momo feels safe around him. I liked her nervousness, the way it calmed when he sat next to her, I could really see her falling further and further for him. I liked the style/tone the author used as well, there's a certain feel to it that lends to the pretty creepy undertone throughout the fic. Very nice. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - Icarus by libekory - For the longest time, I hadn't read much Bleach fic and now that I've started again, reading stories like this, ones that are really heartbreaking and lovely and so insightful on the Aizen/Hinamori relationship, I find that I have truly missed this fandom. There's something very wistful and heartbroken and naive, all of the things that made up the Aizen/Hinamori relationship, both before and after the Soul Society arc, how badly Hinamori wanted to believe, how little she really saw of Aizen and how she did see him as this perfect person, how she imagined this whole little life for him. It's a lovely piece on Hinamori's personality and her relationship with Aizen with a gorgeous ending line. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

- Bleach - Soft by Kiyuu - This is an incredibly short piece, but it had an R rating and Aizen/Hinamori R-rated fics are rather rare and difficult to come by. Especially ones that are as lovely as this one. The first comment on the post has a really insightful comment about the fic--the way Hinamori's skin is so soft and easily breakable by Aizen is so much like Hinamori herself, it's a really lovely metaphor. Plus, the descriptions of this fic are also just as lovely. (Aizen/Hinamori, a light R rating.)

- Bleach - Possession by selfavoidingwalk - It's been awhile since I read Aizen/Hinamori fic, which is because I tend to be rather wary with them, but sometimes I get wonderful little gems like this one. It starts at the beginning of their relationship, shown through Aizen's eyes, and all the way to the end of their relationship, ending in the way I've always wanted it to end. Aizen is one of my favorite villains, he's such an interesting character, and his relationship with Hinamori is just as interesting, so it delights me when a fic can actually do them justice. This fic does a gorgeous job with capturing the complexity of Aizen's character without sacrificing his ruthlessness or how Hinamori has always been his pawn, how much he sees and uses her, but still has some sort of affection for her in his own way. This is the kind of fic that makes me love the pairing even more than I already do. (Aizen/Hinamori, I'd say a light R for content in certain points.)

Bleach: to die a little by incandescens - I'm not sure what I expected to read when I clicked on this fic, but what I got was something that was really lovely and had beautiful writing and was as creepy as it was intended to be and so very tragic. I think what made me the most interested in Hinamori was her devotion to Aizen, how completely he had wrapped her around his finger and how completely it broke her when he betrayed them all, so this exploration of further continuing that tragedy and the end that it gave... it was a perfect little fic with a perfect ending. (Aizen/Hinamori.)

Bleach: and for no other reason by incandescens - Every so often a fic just captures what entranced me with the Aizen/Momo relationship, every so often a fic has a really stellar Aizen voice that I love. I really liked the use of the prompt of red ribbons here, the way the author wove it into the picture she was painting, the way her Aizen is so... elegant and yet so chilling at the same time. This really worked for me here. (Aizen/Momo.)

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