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- Bleach - A Hypothetical Meeting Between Kon and Chad: The Ficlet by Nik - ....bwahahaha, oh, this wasn't very long (unfortunately *pouts* I wanted more Kon adventures! XD), but, oh, was it hysterical and a FANTASTIC little piece of Kon characterization. Just... who'd have thought a little plushie could be so amusing? Plus, this really fits right in with the feel of Bleach and like it could have slipped into canon at any point, that's how solidly characterized/written this thing was. XD And can I say how much I love Ichigo? Because I do. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Pet Peeves by Harukami - ......ow. My abs hurt from laughing. Mere words cannot express my love for Harukami for writing this fic because it's interaction between Ichigo and Ishida of the most brilliant kind. Ishida... just... I read this story last night (as of the date I wrote this rec) and even just thinking back on it, I'm literally giggling out loud again. Ichigo's characterization is just perfect, because he SO WOULD and Ishida SO WOULD react JUST LIKE THIS and... BWAHAHAHA, GO READ IT. Best use of Ishida's data and pet peeves EVER. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Bleach the Bottle by Harukami - ....okay, seriously? How perfect is Harukami's style for the Bleach characters? I am in awe of her ability to be genuinely clever and to just nail the characters' personalities. Her Rukia in this? So fucking perfect. Her Orihime in this? So fucking perfect. Her everyone in this? So fucking perfect. She just... she takes this rather simple idea (spin the bottle) and turns it into this... off-the-wall sort of fic that's just exactly like what the manga does, it makes you laugh your ass off (oh, god, I'm still in hysterics over Orihime's little fantasy that was just fucking perfect), but without being the stupid sort of crazy. What I mean is... it rings true for me, you know? It's not just a bunch of random, wacky crap thrown together, there's a sense that these characters actually would behave this way, yet it's still insanely funny. (Some boy kissing, some girl kissing, some boy/girl kissing, but no real pairings.)

- Bleach - Exchange by tin - You know, I've sort of been waffling back and forth on the Renji/Rukia pairing--I hadn't seen enough, but they seemed like fun, but I didn't know them well enough, but Renji so clearly cares about her, but I'm not sure I know Rukia well enough, but etc. And this was one of those stories that really just sort of... helped tip me over towards them a little bit more, simply because it wasn't trying too hard, because the characterization was so perfect that it made my teeth hurt, because it caught Renji's complex ball of reactions to Rukia beautifully, because the writing was lovely, because it captured that thing between them. ....dammit. Now I'll have TWO pairings that I'll be consantly craving after that I won't get enough of. ^_~ (Not really Renji/Rukia, but focused on their friendship/whatever.)

- Bleach - Visited Upon the Children by Harukami - You'd think serious!Isshin fic wouldn't work, would you? But, oh, man, it does and beautifully so. It takes a deft hand to capture his serious side without making it feel forced or awkward, but Harukami does and it just... I can believe this. The way you can feel his sadness right along with him, the way you can feel how much he loves his kids, the way he genuinely wants to help people, the way he still loves his wife, but you're never really hit over the head with it, it's just sort of... all in the air around him. I love that I could easily see this slipping between the pages of canon. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - War Song by tin - Holy crap, this just cuts right through me, because Rukia is just... she doesn't pine or wallow or even really angst herself, but her life SUCKS and she really can't let herself have much of anything, but it's not in an "Oh poor me, poor me." way, not even by the author. It's just... this is absolutely perfect and heart-breaking in that same way that the manga can be and I can see it perfectly fitting in with the series. Gorgeous Rukia characterization and tin absolutely needs to write more, I demand it! ^_~ (No warnings/pairings, really.)

- Bleach - Why Byakuya Hates Rukia #27 by idiosyn - After the hellacious night/morning that I've had, I needed something light-hearted that could make me laugh and this fic was just the thing. One of those silly little ideas that was just perfectly carried off and, oh, god, Byakuya made me laugh so much in this fic and somehow it was just fantastic characterization even in such a short little ficlet and... hahahahaha, the ending. Beautifully hysterical. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Bedtime Story by puruu - Oh, jeez, this story just sort of sucker-punched me somewhere in the middle and didn't let up while Renji was telling Rukia the story about Rapunzel and just... it's one of those things that I could see slipping right into the series itself, because it's so deceptively bittersweet and heart-breaking. Lovely, gorgeous dialogue and characterization on both Rukia and Renji's parts, you could feel Renji's feelings for Rukia, the way they came out with all those little gestures and words, but you can understand how they're not obvious, either, just like the series itself. And the story's parallels to the storyling with Rukia locked in the tower were beautifully drawn and just... god, I knew I was slowly falling for this pairing (not that the fic is really a pairing fic, mind), but this just sort of sent me over the edge with them. I cry for them. ;___; (Not really Renji/Rukia, but deals with them.)

- Bleach - Gestalt by sasori - Oh, this was absolutely lovely and very nearly sent me into orbit, because it never had to say anything about Renji and Rukia's relationship, instead it showed everything through the sketch she had done. It was gorgeous for the way it started out, those little details that nearly made me feel the pencil in her hand and the paper under her fingers, to the way she thought about Renji and what defined him, the way the tattoos set him apart and how those affected the way she was drawing. I loved this. More than I can say. (Faint Renji/Rukia if you're squinting?)

- Bleach - 'The men had decided to stage a war over the cleaning schedule...' by Moonsheen - ....ahahahahahaha, perfect and brilliant Bleach shortfic. It's just... every description brings the images to life, like reading a scene straight out of the manga, it was so clear in my head, right down to the way Renji moves or the way Byakuya is calm and composed. Also, the ending? SO BRILLIANT. I ♥ Renji. So much. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Captain/Vice-Captain Drabbles by Moonsheen - Ooh, these were so much fun and each of them deserves so, so many hearts. And sparkles, too. Each one is tailored to the characters presented in it, whether wistfully and sad or fierce and snarly or amusing and light-hearted. I can't quite pick my favorite, but it's probably either the tenth or the eleventh divisions. There was something so cackle-inducingly perfect about the 10th, but... oh, man, the 11th division one just GETS me. So, so perfect that I'll be over here wibbling like a silly fangirl. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Ghost in the ______ by Moonsheen - Oooh, NEAT. Moonsheen is one of my favorite authors for a character like Renji, because this sharp, spaz-irritable style that she does so damned well works perfectly with a character like him, so even when he's just flopping over in bed and banging his knee, it's a brilliant moment of characterization. But I also adored this fic because it was a really cool take on the request, for the weird, trippy stuff that Shinigami go through when they learn the names of their swords, it felt right for this universe. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Isshin Explains It All by Memlu - ....oh, my /god/. See, I'm pretty sure that the name of the series is going to be very, very appropriate for anyone who reads this story. Though, you must! Because it is genius in it's... um... um... um... yeah. Anyway, go read. It's awesome. In some sense of that word. (I kid. I loved this like so much. Enough to abuse the italics, even!) (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Bag Head Bandits by idiosyn - "These have got to be the dumbest Halloween costumes I've ever seen." Ichigo said disdainfully. You have to wonder about Kubo Tite's color art sometimes and this was an amusing, sparkly play off of that one image. It was actually clever! And it had Renji and Ichigo snarking at each other! And Renji learning about human customs! There's nothing quite so great as Renji's reaction to Halloween traditions and FREE CANDY. This was a wonderful group dynamic sort of fic, eeeee. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - the shape of my love for you by Zau - [Note: There are potential SPOILERS for Bleach chapter 186 in this fic and this rec. Skip if you're avoiding spoilers.] Oh, my god, this fic left me in a pile afterwards. Zau has this incredible way with her stories, the tone she tells them in, the way she shapes the images she presents, the way her writing strikes me so damned hard. Reading Ryuuken watching Ishida, wanting to say all the words he'd never said, the way they nearly swirl around him and hurt him, but Ishida is so angry and there's so much Ryuuken's missed and how much he loves his son... it hurt because I can't blame either of them, I can't blame the Ryuuken in this story because I know he already hurts enough for the way he left, because the damaged relationship between father and son can't be undone. And everything is so beautiful and so perfect here, there's this sharpness to the story that's just amazing, right down to the way Ishida is too young to hide the way he looks at his father or the way Ryuuken wanted so much more for his son. Just... ow. ;___; (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - theory and practice of resurrection by Zau - [Note: SPOILERS if you don't know who Hisana is.] Zau has this way of writing a story that leaves me a little breathless afterwards, like I want to describe my feeling as something as pretentious as like the sensation of hummingbird wings along my skin, something very fluttery, anyway. Because there is this incredible elegance to the writing that fits amazingly well with Byakuya's character, the way he loved Hisana, the way he loves and looks at Rukia, all fitting together beautifully with the way we saw him in canon. Seriously, this fic does a brilliant job of fitting together the whole of canon, the way he treated her, the way he acted towards her after the revelations, the whole thing just makes my chest tight and like I want to do something, but I can't quite figure out what. And the ending was breath-taking as well. Just... wow. (Mentions of Byakuya/Hisana.)

- Bleach - untitled by Sadieko - OMG, OMG! ZARAKI AND YACHIRU FIC! Zaraki and Yachiru that's cute and bloody and in character and I have the dumbest grin on my face after reading this. It's the kind of fic that doesn't pull punches with Zaraki's character, he's still as much of a scary, insane bastard as ever, but the relationship with Yachiru is still just as sweet as ever, the fic maintains that perfect balance that the manga was so brilliant at. And there are so many quotable lines in this, too, with all these lovely images of their relationship. Just... massive squeeing over here, so don't expect a decent rec. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Lull: Promise by Branch - [Note: There will be spoilers for chapter 181+ in this fic and this rec.] *shimmers* See, I'm so, so glad to see this author getting into Bleach, because a) she wrote some of my favorite Prince of Tennis fic and b) she's writing Renji/Rukia that attempts to fit them together in the style of the manga and without ignoring the issues of the politics of the world. And this fic is kicking that arc off and I'm so looking forward to it, because this one just... reading Rukia's three conversations in this fic, one with Ukitake, one with Byakuya, one with Renji, each of them had this distinct feel to it that I'm hard-pressed to explain why it's sending me into flailing fits. Because this is what I've been looking for, what I've been craving, the way Rukia's feelings for her brother, for Renji, for the people in her world, they're all so subtle and have this beautiful elegance to them that makes me love the character just as much as ever. The characterization is fabulous, especially Rukia who is just nailed by the author, the way she loves and respects her brother so much, the way she'll give up her own desires because that's the way things must be in the Kuchiki household, yet she is not a doormat, she still has that determination, and the discussion of love and people's reactions to it and the way I could see her expression so clearly and... god, I'm descending into incoherency over here. Just go read it, it's a beautiful fic. (Hints of Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Lull: Patch by Branch - [Note: This fic is part of a series that has spoilers for chapter 181+.] *squeaks happily even more* OMG. You have no idea how flaily-happy I went over this fic because... eeee, Byakuya! The fic is set from Renji's point of view, it has fabulous Renji characterization, but the great thing about Emily's writing is that she doesn't slack on the other characters involved. Which means fabulous, fabulous Byakuya characterization. A Byakuya (and a Byakuya - Renji dynamic/almost-friendship) that feels right. The way Byakuya has faith in Renji's abilities (but is still so damn Byakuya about it), the methods he uses, the way Renji reacts, his utter respect for his captain mixed with the desire to beat Kuchiki-taichou into next week someday, all these little details... it feels like Bleach and it's a sensible, believable direction for the series to go in. And, man, the aftermath of Byakuya "talking" some sense into Renji... it just sparkled in that way that more Bleachfic should. I am totally sucking at this rec thing, so just go read instead. Besides, you have to read a fic with Yachiru totally bossing Renji around in a very Yachiru way. ♥ (No warnings/pairings in this fic.)

- Bleach - Lull: Tea by Branch - [Note: This fic is part of a series that has spoilers for chapter 181+.] This is one of those fics that it was a struggle not to read through at the speed of light, because Byakuya - Rukia interaction hits that certain spot in me that just makes me wibble over the, especially when they're written like this. Both characters are so beautifully written, the way some things have changed (for the better), the way so many things haven't, because changes in Soul Society are never fast, even with Rukia. Yet, at the same time, the changes in the dynamic between them has shifted monumentally, the way you can see more of Byakuya's emotions and love for his sister, even when he's not obvious about it. That's the real genius of this fic, I think, the way it gets to my fangirl heart by letting the reader see those little clues in Byakuya that we wouldn't have known how to interpret before, yet, still making him Byakuya. There's just... a certain warmth to this fic that makes me feel warm, too. (No warnings/pairings in this fic.)

- Bleach - Lull: Marks of Time by Branch - [Note: This fic is part of a series that has spoilers for chapter 181+.] I swear. I had the dorkiest hands-clapped-together-and-pressed-to-my-face-starry-eyed look after reading this fic, because I am enjoying this fic series so damned much. Renji's characterization, his voice in even the littlest things such as doing paperwork and grumbling about his new duties, is just spot-on. And, oh, man, Byakuya. I think Emily's Byakuya may be my favorite that I've read in all of the Bleach fandom, even when he's doing not much more than neatly turning Renji's determination back on him or waiting for Renji to finish his temper tantrum (okay, it wasn't a tantrum, but you know what I mean XD) and turning that back on him, too, but not making him evil or a bastard. God, I love this Byakuya so, so much and I love this Renji so, so much and I love this storyline so, so much because it's one of the few Bleach fics that actually attempts to have a plot and did I mention that the Byakuya - Renji relationship makes me wibble, too? ....seriously, my face hurts from the grinning now. (No warnings/pairings in this fic.)

- Bleach - Father Knows Best by Celeste - So, I have this weakness for Zaraki and Yachiru fic, yes? Because they're so... perfect together, somehow, and this fic is such a great example of that. Because Zaraki would be the best and worst daddy figure ever and it totally works and is hilarious and I totally laughed at the ending line of this because HAHAHAHAHA YEAH THAT'S HOW IT WOULD GO. Loved this. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Formal Reporting Made Easy by Celeste - I... I... I... I don't even know where to begin, I just... by the time this was down, I was practically laughing my ass off because there's just something about Zaraki being a pain in everyone's ass, in such a manner as through the reports he's forced to write, that amuses me so greatly. I think it was the reports that captured the tone of voice so well that sent me over the edge, really. Plus, it's Zaraki and Yachiru is in the background. I love them. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Little Girls Are Made Of by Celeste - [Note: This fic and rec may contain spoilers if you're anime-only.] I should probably save this for the drabbles page, because it's barely over 300 words, but... it's Aizen and Hinamori and it's perfect, so I had to rec it properly. Because Aizen is so nice here, until you realize how scary he is and that just makes me love him more. Because little Momo-chan is still just a child, as strong as she is, and he loves children because they're sweet and innocent and so very easy to mold exactly how you want. Plus, the ending line packs a solid punch. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Boobs by Celeste - So, I also love Hitsugaya/Matsumoto interaction, right? And it's fics like this little one here why because they're just... such fun together, because Hitsugaya is so serious when he talks about her chest and so Matsumoto can't say anything, but she's also so Matsumoto about it when she knows he'll eventually have to go through puberty and then it'll be interesting and the whole thing so totally cracked me up. Beautiful, beautiful interaction and characterization with these two. (Not Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, but if I ever have a section for them, I'm going to count it.)

- Bleach - memories in the rain by w175n57 - I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to do this fic justice, that I'll just flap my arms or make the little "Uwaaaahh! ;__;" faces over the fic and completely miss any intelligent comment I might have said. But that's sort of what the fic did to me, the flashes of imagery of the Kurosaki family after Masaki dies, the way a certain spark has gone out of their family, the way you feel that loss rather than see it, the way there are so many little touches with each character that are just brilliant. Right from the opening scene of little!Ichigo hitting his father over and over because of Masaki's death to the full-circle ending of regular!Ichigo hitting his father again, all tying up Masaki's effect on them all beautifully. I really, really liked this one. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - plum blossoms in the snow by incandescens - [Note: There may be spoilers in this fic/rec if you're anime-only.] OMG, first incandescens writes One Piece, and now Bleach? I am so terribly happy, because I adore her work. And seeing her take on Aizen and his gentle creepiness? So lovely to read in that way that fits the character so damned well, especially the way she blends his personal code of coduct, that sense he gives off, the way he isn't just an indiscriminate psychopath, the way he views Hinamori. For all that Aizen is really a bastard, this fic captures what made me so incredibly fascinated with the character, especially in regards to what happened with Hinamori. Beautifully written. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - just another day by incandescens - [Note: There may be spoilers in this fic/rec if you're anime-only.] How glad am I to see fic like this? It's a gorgeous little ficlet about Yoruichi and leaving her life behind and there's this beautiful gracefulness to the words that absolutely fits with Yoruichi. I mean, that's what I liked, I got that sense of feline grace off the character and the entire story, the way she changes bodies, the way she fits into a cat's body, with a real beauty that suits the character. I just... want to flail over this somehow. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Suffer Not Idiots by WhiteCat - GENIUS. No, really. Yachiru DATING and it's not just good, it's GENIUS. I mean, the idea was probably bound to come up with several authors, but not all of them were going to be the kind that were just absolutely pitch-perfect and did beautiful, beautiful justice to Zaraki's... well, Zaraki-ness. But this one? Oh, this one knocked it out of the park right from the very beginning. I mean, I started grinning like mad three paragraphs in and I don't think I stopped the entire time, because it was the kind of humor that fits in well with the storyline, that does brilliant justice to the characters, but without having to trot over to parody to make jokes. It was in character and it was Zaraki noticing that Yachiru had started noticing boys and brilliantly paced/framed, so that the whole thing had this gorgeous flow to it and, oh my god, the details, the Idiot Fund! THE IDIOT FUND, HEE HEE HEE. Seriously, Zaraki is the best Scariest Daddy Ever and WhiteCat did an awesome job with the whole thing. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - men and boys by theyellowvespa - ....hi. I'm going to go over here and cry now. Because fic about the night Masaki died? With Ichigo and Isshin and shoulders shaking with tears and that gut-wrenching sense of loss that comes through so beautifully here? Because, oh, my god, Ichigo. And Isshin. And Masaki. And it's so beautifully written, which just makes it hurt more. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - Only a Story by Branch - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for chapter 181 and above.] Once again, I am delirously in love with this story, because Emily writes a story here that is both incredibly, amazingly in line with the style of the Bleach characters and keeps that amazing subtlty that's needed for a scene between Byakuya and Rukia. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love that they're moving forward in a believable way, I love the details put into this fic (the quick descriptions of the flowers and the way the two of them stood over them somehow so clearly brought to mind Kubo Tite's writing style), but it's the atmosphere between Rukia and Byakuya that had me nearly floating around the room in utter bliss with this story. More than that both characters are beautifully intact, it's the relationship between brother and sister that took my breath away, it was the way Byakuya talked about Hisana that hit me square in the chest, it was the way there was such weight to everything he said, the way Rukia looked at him and answered him, the way... just, jeez, I am explaining this so badly. It's just so gorgeous and elegant and I love it with the kind of passion that brings a twinge to my chest. (References to Byakuya/Hisana, but this is more gen than anything.)

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