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- Bleach - Boobs by Celeste - So, I also love Hitsugaya/Matsumoto interaction, right? And it's fics like this little one here why because they're just... such fun together, because Hitsugaya is so serious when he talks about her chest and so Matsumoto can't say anything, but she's also so Matsumoto about it when she knows he'll eventually have to go through puberty and then it'll be interesting and the whole thing so totally cracked me up. Beautiful, beautiful interaction and characterization with these two. (Not Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, but if I ever have a section for them, I'm going to count it.)

- Bleach - Teenage Rebellion by Celeste - *claps hands in delight* Hitsugaya! Matsumoto! And boobs! They are so totally my Bleach OT3. ♥ Plus, omg, Hitsugaya going through puberty and noticing things and Matsumoto using this to her advantage and the breathy dialogue that was perfectly written and that fun sense of not-quite-openly-teasing that I loved so much from the manga! And I will never, ever get tired of Hitsugaya's running smack into her cleavage. Never ever. Clever dialogue, clever writing, clever characterization, and Hitsugaya/Matsumoto/boobs, what more could I ask for? (I can count it as Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, right? Right??)

- Bleach - Vindictive by Celeste - ♥ Hitsugaya and Matsumoto and being young and short and drunk Matsumoto and smushing Hitsugaya into her cleavage yet again and Hitsugaya being just a little bit vindictive--no, really, just a little bit, honest--and, hahaha, Yachiru, and, god, I have such fun with this kind of fic. :D :D :D (No warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach - The Hardest Time by cinnamongrr1 - Part of me wishes to argue with the implications of the fic, that Matsumoto was in love with Gin, that Hitsugaya was in love with Hinamori, but, at the same time, I also realize that those aspects are so not the point of the fic and that it's a matter of opinion/interpretation and that the author is just as right as I am. And, really, I also must point out that, if I had to read a fic with those elements worked in, this fic did a beautiful job of it, of working so many complicated feelings into a complicated situation and yet still keeping the narration coherent. What I mean is that... there's so much happening in this fic, Matsumoto and Hitsugaya dealing with their relationship and attraction to each other, dealing with having had sex and what it means to both of them, there's such a powerful impact from the story that I was impressed as hell. I love that the fic didn't really throw too many softballs with the pairing, it didn't cop out on some of the harder issues between them, that there are other complications (like Hinamori or Gin or their respective positions or even their age/physical appearance) but it didn't make the fic uncomfortable. I loved the characterization of both characters, because they both struck me so hard as being in character. Neither is perfect, both are painfully real underneath the surface, and, god, the sex was actually gorgeous. How often do you find genuinely good hetsmut? The almost poetic style works for this fic, the formatting was probably a pain to work out, but I found it added to Matsumoto's reactions and emotions and there was just... this intense, raw feeling to the fic. I'm very, very glad to have read this one. *__* (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto, NC-17 content.)

- Bleach - Matchmaker by Sophia P. - *bounces* I've been waiting for a Bleach mood to hit me so I could read this fic. I've read the author's previous fic and loved them, so seeing that she'd written Hitsugaya and Matsumoto? SQUEE. And, yes, by the end of the first scene, I was literally thisclose to snorting my Pepsi up my nose because the comedic timing of this fic is lovely. I mean, it's not a humorfic per se, it's more that the author is talented and when she's being funny, it works. And, oh. Oh, this Hyourinmaru is beautiful. Just utterly beautiful in that way that I wouldn't have thought would work, but the author pulls it off brilliantly. The entire fic is like that, really. Everything sparkles and has this sharp, clever edge to it that makes it more than just fun or shiny, it makes it good. Hitsugaya's reactions, trying to deal with a blossoming attraction to Matsumoto, his feelings and hurt for Hinamori, trying to deal with Hyourinmaru's commentary in his head, it was all balanced beautifully and made the characters' reactions work fantastically well. I mean, yes, I read the story because it was a HitsuMatsu fic, but I wound up enjoying it for the fantastic Hitsugaya characterization and the humorous moments. It's really one of the best fics I've read for this pairing yet and, oh, the ending just made me happy. And squeeful. Mustn't forget squeeful. (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto.)

- Bleach - Comfort by shiroisasori - Okay, this was just a fun little HitsuMatsu fic, with Matsumoto not exactly thrilled with being a woman at that time of the month and it's just... Hitsugaya being cranky and comforting her anyway and how could I not love a fic with this line: "You love being a woman," he said, finishing up another couple of documents before getting up and heading over to the couch. So much for getting anything else done tonight. "You bury my face in that fact every day." Hee. (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto.)

- Bleach - Child by EstelRaca - This was a really lovely look at Matsumoto's thoughts on Hitsugaya, the writing is lovely and captures how she can be so frivolous sometimes while still being someone to take seriously, and it's lovely to read a story where she obviously cares a great deal about Hitsugaya without making it too obvious. I like the author's take on why she teases him so much, the dichotomy between the child's body he's in and the soldier that he (usually) actually is and how hard that can be sometimes, especially when she's not quite sure all of the time. ....I'm explaining this badly. It's a wonderful fic, though, so go read. (This is entirely gen, but if you enjoy Hitsugaya/Matsumoto interaction you may enjoy this, too.)

Bleach: A Match Made in...Somewhere by jaina - Sometimes Bleach fandom makes me truly happy. Because this is a beautifully written story, the prose if it is smooth, clean, and sails right along, the tone of it just perfect in the way it balances the more serious things underneath the light hearted, snappy surface, which is sort of a necessity for a character like Matsumoto. I adore the author's voice for her (along with her zanpakuto, which was just as;lkdjfa;lksj fantastic, so fitting for a partner for Matsumoto), every little comment that goes through her head was fantastic, every feeling she had about the more complicated stuff around her was done beautifully. And the HitsuMatsu aspect of it was just... perfect as well, the implications, the slow progression towards something more, and just... oh, man, so much fun. I love the dynamic between them here, too, that it's more implied and not quite ready just yet, but they'll get there someday. As much as I love more for these two, it's also incredibly satsifying when they're still on their way and there are still other things (and other people) in their lives to sort out. This was just. Gorgeous, go read it. (Hitsugaya/Matsumoto.)

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