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- Bleach - Popping the Strawberry and Strawberry Jam by Harukami - Popping the Strawberry: Oh, good god, this was... how do I put the genius of this into words? Because, holy christ, it was PERFECT. Like, genius-perfect, you know? There's perfect and then there's PERFECT, the kind that you can't believe didn't come straight out of the manga itself. Harukami vibes on these characters so strongly that reading one of her fics is such a treat--they're CLEVER and sharp and sparkling and, oh my god, I am dead with the laughter and impressed as all hell with the way she handles both Orihime and Rukia in this conversation. Her Orihime is genius. Her Rukia is a thing of beauty. Because this conversation between them? This is how it would go.'re going to be hearing a lot of that from me. >__> Strawberry Jam: And have I mentioned how much I adore Harukami's Tatsuki? Because I do. So much. And I love that she's so sweetly protective of Orihime... if in a spazzy way, and I could JUST SEE THIS. Plus? You know? FUNNY. XD (Some Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - The Dad-In-Law Party by Harukami - Every time I reread this story, I burst out laughing all over again. Seriously. I just reread it two seconds ago to write this rec and again I just completely break out laughing my ass off because Inoue is such a BEAUTIFUL fit into the Kurosaki family. And her characterization here is spot-on, just gorgeous and perfect and hysterical and I contend that Haruakmi was MEANT to write Bleach fic, that's how perfectly she does it. And, good lord, how I am so wildly in love with her Orihime, it verges on epic, I suspect. Just... seriously, if Bleach were ever to put Ichigo/Orihime into the manga, THIS is how it would happen and it would be GRAND. Orihime and Ichigo's father are a beautiful combination when they team up to make Ichigo's life hellish, however unintentionally. At least on Orihime's part. XD ....just.. GO READ. XD (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Chocolate and Ichigo's Closet by Harukami - Chocolate: ....bwah. I love the Ichigo/Orihime pairing for many reasons and situations like this is just yet another one of them. Plus? Ichigo's dad? OMG LOVE HIM SO MUCH. XD Just... I don't want to give this story away because it's so amusing to read and I'd hate to spoil it. But I ♥ Isshin, I ♥ Ichigo and Orihime's relationship, I ♥ Orihime in general, and I ♥ Ichigo's suffering. Because he does it so fabulously. XD Ichigo's Closet: I also ♥ Ichigo's friendship with Rukia, because they're just... both such fabulous characters and Harukami does a great job with both of them. And I LOVE the way Rukia is sort of... clueless about so many things, but she's still a sarcastic bitch (Maybe not so much here, more like she's, "....WTF?" here, but.) and I love that I could just SEE the whole thing happening. XD (Ichigo/Orihime in the first one, no pairings/warnings in the second.)

- Bleach - Strawberry Tart by Harukami - .........I love Orihime. Just... so much. And I adore this fic because... oh, man, I'm in love with Ichigo/Orihime and I desperately love fic with them in it... but, at the same time, they're not just schmoopy or sappy, the way Harukami writes them, they're still just as batshit as ever, which is how I really see a relationship between them working. How ANY relationship in Bleach would have to work, really. Poor, poor Ichigo, through. And, fuck, do I love Orihime. XD (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Differences by Triste - This is a story that I really want to do a good rec for, not just the usual flailing and squee'ing, because Triste wrote something here that I had no idea how badly I wanted it until it was written and I was orbiting the earth after having read it. It doesn't just balance these two pairings that I adore so much (Ichigo/Orihime and Ishida/Ichigo), it blends them together with a deftness and grace that I don't know I could have said was possible before reading this. She captures what makes each pairing so lovely and perfect to me, the more gentle, loving, almost sweet Ichigo/Orihime, the harder, slightly more abrasive Ishida/Ichigo, so very like each seperate pairing, but then bringing them together beautifully.

For all that Triste labels this PWP, it's terribly insightful, it is these characters, it couldn't be three random people from any manga out there. The sex is absolutely gorgeous, both of them--lovely hetsex is a rare enough thing, much less beautiful Ichigo/Orihime hetsex--and they're not the same, they're not identical any more than Orihime and Ishida are identical characters, yet everything makes so much sense to me here. I thought Orihime was so in character here I could have cried; she was so loving and sweet-natured and just... bright and shining (without being anywhere near as cliche as I make her sound here) to Ishida's harder edges and need to be acknowledged by Ichigo... they way they both looked at Ichigo, the way he looked at them both, the way they want to protect him, the way he wants to protect them... all of it set my fangirl heart aflutter. Not to mention the ending is lovely and so perfect, too. I just... this fic sates me in a way I cannot begin to truly explain with any sort of coherency or elegance it should have. (Ichigo/Orihime, Ishida/Ichigo, NC-17.)

- Bleach - However It Stars by WhiteCat - Shush, I know I'm not supposed to be reading Bleach again just yet, but... no spoilers and Ichigo/Orihime and it's by Terra, OMG. Terra writing Ichigo/Orihime! Sooooo many hearts for the idea alone, much less the actual story itself. Terra's writing has always been lovely and some of the best around, so that she wrote this pairing that was just so... sweet, while still being Bleach had me absolutely flailing. She does a lovely job with Orihime's character, capturing that sense of weirdness she has, the little bit of rambling she tends to do, the bizarre thought process, yet how wonderful a person she is all at the same time. And Ichigo was fantastic, he's all of the things that make me love him--a little spazzy and flummoxed when surprised, but in that way he has and his 'voice' here was great. Just dense enough in that fifteen-year-old way, not sure WHAT the hell to do or say when Orihime approaches him, and so very, very Ichigo. ....I'm way too happy-flaily to make this any more coherent than that. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Sunflower Sewing by Moonsheen - ....*squeaks happily* I had no idea Moonsheen had written Ichigo and Orihime fic or I would have dove onto this much, much sooner! ♥ Well, not actual Ichigo/Orihime fic, mind, just interaction fic but it was perfect because Ichigo was so Ichigo around her and Orihime was so cute and sweet and batshit crazy and adorable and Ichigo is perfect when he can't tell the various shades of green from each other worth shit and their dynamic is so cute and WHEE LOVE. (Not Ichigo/Orihime, but I'll count it anyway.)

- Bleach - Monster Movie by WhiteCat - Oh, my fangirl heart just shimmers (shut up, I can mix fangirl metaphors if I want to) to read such a perfect Orihime here. She's enthusiastic and weird and so sweet and nice and weird and she's just... Orihime. She was absolutely the character I fell in love with, not some parody of her or exaggeration of her, WhiteCat writes her perfectly here. And the little details of the monster movie and the way Orihime explains it... it's like it could have been lifted straight out of the manga itself, that's how absolutely pitch-perfect it was. And then Ichigo (and a little bit of Rukia--oh, god, I loved Rukia in here, too ♥) is tossed into the fic and his reactions to Orihime are spot on and the ending made me just positively glow and it's... it's beautiful characterization, gorgeous writing, and the kind of story that just makes me feel warm and sparkling all over. <3 (A little Ichigo/Orihime, but.)

- Bleach - Last to Know by Triste - *beams* More Ichigo/Orihime fic! In which Ichigo continues to be not-quite-as-grumpy around Orihime and Orihime continues to be adorable and sweet and kind and weird and lovely. I really like the way Triste wrote Ichigo, the way he cares about his sisters, doesn't want them to leave him behind even if they're growing up and becoming teenaged girls and doesn't get what that means, yet he's still so Ichigo about it. So rough around the edges, such a teenaged boy, but still really caring about those he loves. And Orihime, who is so sweet in her spazzy way (and, god, the rambling she does now and again or the fairies, especially Tsubaki, I loved all of that XD), was so wonderful, especially the way she reacts to Ichigo, the way their dynamic is just so cute and was everything I love about these two., this is turning into a terrible rec, but... but... but... go read! It's cute and fun and made me smile and clap my hands together in delight the entire way through! *sparkles* (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - To What Is by damning_dance - Awww! Ichigo/Orihime fluff! Ichigo/Orihime fluff where they're schmoopy and kissy and sweet in bed! And it was indeed very sweet, the kind where I just get this happy, positive feeling from the writing, because it's not exactly pure, saccharine fluff, but it's still soft, gentle, and adorable. I adored the little details of Ichigo not being able to exactly verbalize why he loves her and the way he kisses her instead and the way Orihime is just so... sparkling when she laughs or sticks her foot out against his chest or any of those little things. I feel all warm and fluffy now. <3 Which is one of the things I like about the way this pairing makes me feel, because I can buy that from them, they don't necessarily have to be sugar-shock-inducing, they just have to smile the right way at each other or laugh just the right away and I'm over the moon for them. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Planning and Preparation by Triste - I have just finished reading this fic as I'm sitting down to write this rec, so it's probably going to be a little spastic. My apologies for that. But... OMG OMG OMG. Ichigo! Being traumatized by his family after he tells them he's going out on a date! Orihime! And Tatsuki! Getting Orihime ready for the date! And even aside from the whole Ichigo/Orihime thing, this fic is fantastic for the characters and their relationships with each other. Ichigo's trauma at his family's hands is just brilliant, Triste does so beautifully with the batshit insanity of the Kurosaki family, especially characters like Karin and Isshin. He's so put-upon, but in that way you can't help loving because he's such a cute spaz and is just so... she hits the nail on the head and never repeats her jokes and I just don't know how she does it. I mean... Isshin... the cardboard cutout of Ichigo's mother... I thought I was going to make myself dizzy from the giggling.

But then! Oh, man, and then you've got brilliance with Tatsuki and Orihime talking, while Tatsuki is giving her "advice" and saying she'll beat up Ichigo if he does anything bad and how Orihime should take charge of the relationship and it's all just so incredibly, perfectly Tatsuki and you can see why they're such beautiful friends and that Orihime's weirdness (which is beautifully written here) is a fabulous match to Tatsuki's... um... Tatsuki-ness. Just... I want to flail with the mad, squeeing love for this fic, because it's Ichigo and Orihime and cuteness and date preperations and it's all so wonderful. *fangirls like mad* (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - The Strangest Girl by Triste - *squeaks and bounces* One of the best things about Triste's fic, when she writes this pairing, is the beautiful way she captures Orihime's weirdness without making her a chariacture of herself. You'd think the chattering about aliens and mecha and zombies would get tiring after awhile, but Triste's writing keeps it fresh, keeps it that same sweet and amusing feel that I always get from Orihime, her characterization is just nailed here. Also, the developing relationship between Ichigo and Orihime is one I can really believe here, the way he's never really grouchy or cranky with Orihime, the way he's a little confused by her, but also really rather gets along with her, too. And OMG the date! So cute! Triste continues to have a knack for this series, so many little things that made me smile (Orihime casually taking a guy out because Tatsuki's taught her martial arts? Genius. XD) or sparkle like mad (I can just see the look on Ichigo's face at the final line) or just flap my hands in incoherent glee. So much love. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Firebird by Annwyd - I admit, I was coaxed into reading this one for a couple of different things--there's Ichigo/Orihime and implications of Renji/Rukia. Squee. But it's also the beginnings of something with actual plot, even if it's only the first chapter of it for now, even if it's been awhile since it was updated, it's more satisfying than a lot of the other Bleach fic I read. I'm curious to know where this one is/was going, I'm intrigued by Ichigo and Orihime being married (...okay, that part was mostly goofy smiling because they're such a cute couple even when viewed through other people's eyes) and the way Orihime is wonderfully characterized, the way Rukia and Renji somehow come across so clearly even in such a short scene. Also, the final scene makes me curious to know what's going on, what's about to start unfolding in terms of plot... it's a good, interesting, strong opening chapter. That doesn't happen nearly enough in this fandom. */grousing* ^_~ (Ichigo/Orihime, implied Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - The Strawberry and the Princess by kumagoro_usagi - I was utterly charmed from the very first little scene with this fic. It's a collection of short little moments and it's just... cute and aww and coo and eeeee. I know, I know, it's because Ichigo/Orihime is one of those nearly unbreakable OTPs for me and they're so rare and I get all worked up when there's cute fic for them and, asdkfjalksdjfasjd, god, I love Orihime. She is totally my favorite character and it's the "strange smells" one that just... yes, that's it right there. So. Damn. Cute. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Productive Development by Elruwien Queen of Nargothrond - Okay, you know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I am going to be a big ol' GIRL about this fic. It's Ichigo/Orihime and they're having a baby and omg omg omg so freaking cute. It's adorable and everyone retains all those batshit moments of their character, like Rukia's naming suggestions, Chizuru's reaction to Orihime's pregnancy, Isshin's melodramatic joygasms at Masaki's poster, I can totally believe all of that and nearly spun around in delight at it. Sure, part of it is that I love the pairing. But part of it is also that the characterization is solid (and there's a hint of smut at the beginning <3), Ichigo is so... Ichigo and Orihime is lovely and it's all just so damn much fun. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime, very slight content warning.)

- Bleach - untitled by feather_down - Okay, see. I have this thing about kissing. There is not enough kissing fic in the world. Sure, there's lots of fic that has kissing in it, but it's never described (well) in enough detail to make me sigh happily and indulge my romantic side. This fic, on the other hand, had kissing. Ichigo and Orihime, him bandaging up a bloody knee for her after she scraped it, the two of them being kinda dorky and Orihime's kinda crazy and Ichigo's sort of "...." and then there's awkward but adorable kissing. And I can't thank it enough for that, can't melt happily into a pile of OTP goo enough to convey that sense of warm, happy love in my fangirl heart. What's really my favorite part about this fic (aside from the kissing ♥) is that the tone fits the couple, it's warm and just a little bit sexy in that gentle way. Lovely. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Shades of Grey by crazydiamond_ - In a way, I was almost hesitant to read this story because I love the pairing so dearly, but I wasn't sure I was ready for porn with them yet. I mean, I totally was, but I wanted it to be good porn. But I read on with this fic anyway because I'd like the author's previous Bleachfic and just... oh. Oh. Hello. Hi. This is what I wanted. Ichigo and Orihime and it's hot and it's sexy and it's intense and everything has that Bleach sort of style to it, Ichigo's inner Hollow is all jagged lines and smirks and taunts, Orihime is all soft curves and such sweet caring and so gorgeous in body and spirit and Ichigo is all mixed-up and drive to do the right thing and... it felt like Bleach. It's not just the characterization (though, that was lovely as well) or the beautiful hot smut (again, how often does genuinely hot hetsmut come along? not nearly enough, never often enough), it's the way I can believe it would happen this way, the way Hollow!Ichigo provides a catalyst to get things moving. The way it fits together with their relationship (and lack of one) as it is right now, the way I feel the tension between them and this played on that beautifully.

I sat still for every word of this 4,000+ word story and didn't want to look away once, with Bleachfic that's rather increasingly rare. Hell, I wanted more of this one, I wanted to keep reading on and on, despite that it was perfectly paced and not padded unnecessarily. There are tons of details packed into this fic, the author doesn't gloss over anything that needs to be addressed. There are fight scenes when there need to be (yet they don't take over the fic!), there's sex when there needs to be and that's not glossed over, either. It's not just twenty words of a sex scene and then things are over, the pacing is smooth and even. Seriously, that doesn't happen nearly enough in fanfic! And, god, the ending was just... everything about it was exactly what I was hoping for. This is the kind of fic that settles me down on the Ichigo/Orihime pairing because it... it... it satisfies, is what I want to say, I guess. I can't be happy enough about that. Also, porn! ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime, NC-17.)

- Bleach - why rukia was never allowed to have a hamster by moonsheen - I may have clicked onto this link because it promised Ichigo/Orihime and I've obviously been flying rather high on them lately and I was curious since I was also sort of told there was Renji/Rukia in it and, well. Weak to the double-whammy OTP am I. And just. Yes. I couldn't possibly have asked for more from this fic. Not with brilliant dialogue or brilliant characterization or lines that made me laugh out loud. Not with the relationships between all the characters, not with how perfect Rukia was or how brilliant Orihime's lines were or how much I love Renji/Rukia or how I think Orihime would make an completely awesome teacher. I just. So many details. Why is not all Bleach fic this awesome? (Ichigo/Orihime, Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - First Time by flash_indie - I tend to give Ichigo/Orihime fic more of a shot than most fic, what with the whole OTP thing and all. But I honestly liked this. Perhaps the whole 'tasted of' thing went on for a bit too long, but it was nicely written and it's in a crazy-intense moment and there was just something about it that worked for me here, maybe because Ichigo was bleeding a lot and probably thinking dizzily and that's the kind of thought in your head at those moments. But it's also something in the writing itself, some desperate quality the author conveys about this moment that was just right for them here. Plus, kissing! That never gets old. XD (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Fevers and Fingertips by flash_indie - This was a gentle, sweet fic that was... so like Orihime. She can be a sad character sometimes, but she's almost always sweet and her history with her brother combines both of those things. The author does well with bringing out that part of me that goes, "Awwww, I love you, Orihime~!" a lot, with not making her past too over the top, but still showing how difficult it was at times, how sad what happened to her brother was. How much he really loved her and how much she really loved him, too. I have such a soft spot for Orihime and her brother. Also, the way it was compared/contrasted with the Ichigo/Orihime implications at the end was really sweet. ♥ (Some Ichigo/Orihime implied, but it's not really the point.)

- Bleach - Blossoming by flash_indie - I enjoy this author's work, every time I read a story by her, I know I'm going to get a solidly cute/sweet/whatever story that fills me with the fangirl warmth that I want from this pairing. And I liked this fic because it's so awkward for Ichigo, knowing that Orihime likes him and he's not really sure what to do or even say, so he winds up not saying anything at all and you can just feel Orihime's emotions even through his eyes. Very nice little fic. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Wake Up Methods by kumagoro_usagi - This was just a short little piece, but it hit me dead on in one of my major fic weaknesses--sleepy morning wake-ups. And it's so cute and warm-hearted and Ichigo being grumpy and Orihime being weird and reminds me of all the reasons why I want happy things for these two. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Carry-Ons by norrowa - I was a little hesitant to read this fic at first because I'm generally not one for angstfic when I just want my smooshy kissingfic in fandom most of the time. But it was short enough to give it a shot and I'm very, very glad I did. The author does a lovely job with Orihime's internal voice, the crazy loops she thinks in while blending them together with her seemingly almost hopeless situation. When she stands alone in that room after Ulquiorra leaves and thinks about stories, it's just... it's really pretty and fantastic for that moment in the manga. There are a couple of really fantastic lines in this fic as well, the one about the sky she's looking up at hit me particularly well. *__* (Ichigo<--Orihime.)

- Bleach - Different by libekory - Now, this was just delightful. I loved the author's take on Orihime's POV here, the way her train of thought would drift off into little fantasies before she'd realize it, little crazy loops of thought until someone say something to bring her back to the situation at hand, combined with how she and Ichigo are at a more upscale restaurant and she's kind of fidgety because she's such a casual sort of person and more used to going to places like McDonalds and it just... it all works so, so well in this really lovely, smooth narrative. The Ichigo/Orihime relationship, both in the present time of the fic, and the little notes on how they'd gotten together, all really worked well for me, I loved the little details of their lives up to this point, the way their relationship worked. This is why I read futurefic for this series, because they would be so adorable together and because I get fic like this out if. <3 (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - One Who Fears by Kay Willow - I have this weird not!relationship with Ulquiorra/Orihime, because part of me likes the idea and there's certainly a vibe there, but it's not sweet or at all possible to actually happen, even aside from canon. (In my opinion, of course.) So, to see that dynamic reflected here, that spark of something between them, even as Orihime still very clearly loves Ichigo, it was a good find for me. And I do like the way the author writes Orihime here, she's found a certain strength of character because of what she's gone through during this arc and while she was held in Hueco Mundo, something you can really see in her here, instead of having to be told about it. Set through Ulquiorra's eyes, this is a really neat look at Orihime. (Implications of Ulquiorra/Orihime, one-sided Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - By Inches by libekory - Oh, this was lovely. A really nice look into Ichigo and Orihime's relationship early on in the series, why Orihime holds back so much and how she feels about it while she watches him. The way the author captures Orihime's fluttering nerves when she's near him or tries speaking to him for the longest time, the way Rukia enters the picture and Orihime still manages to become friends with her, the way she's so sweet here and gentle-spirited, is all very nice. But I think I love the phrasing of the story is probably my favorite part, it feels very... Orihime-esque in her more serious moments. She can often be a crazy, crazy girl, but there are very real feelings in her, feelings that go very deep, and this fic reflects that nicely. Also, the ending is lovely, I was charmed through the entire fic. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Searing Insights by Kay Willow -;dflkjasl;jasld I think I may have shrieked with laughter a couple of times during this fic. It's. It's-- Renji and Orihime talking over food about the various love lives of the Bleach gang. I-- falsdkal;kjs this could have been such a flat fic, but it came off beautifully. Orihime with her incorrect impressions of those around her, Renji with his... well, Renjiness and some really killer lines. Because Orihime + spazzing!Renji? A thing of beauty. Her inner thoughts as she says stuff before she really thinks about it and then Renji reacts and-- w-well. It's not really parody or crack so much as it is humor, because I can totally, absolutely see this happening in the actual series itself. And it's LOL-worthy. (Implied Ichigo/Orihime, Renji/Rukia, and... Ishida/Rukia?)

- Bleach - Christmas Cake by Katsu - I hardly ever go to FFNET these days (mostly because it's just too hard to navigate that many fics) but once in awhile I'll end up hopping around and checking in on authors I've liked in previous fandoms and today that netted me this cute little Ichigo/Orihime fic that's about Orihime baking a Christmas cake and sharing it with Ichigo. It's just. So cute, I want to swoop in and scoop Orihime up in a hug and never let her go. And, yeah, my fangirl heart fluttered over the Ichigo/Orihime aspects of the fic, but I actually liked it as an Orihime piece even more, the scenes from when she was a kid with Sora were adorable and had a really lovely bittersweet (but still at peace) feel to them. Plus, the ending was just so perfect and cute and yes. ♥ (Potential Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - One Last Declaration by libekory - I think there may have been a point where I laced my fingers together and kind of held them to my chest a little because I adored this fic so much, because it was so much of what this pairing should be. Ichigo's surprising amount of awkwardness, Orihime's delightful oddities, the sweetness of the two of them together, the adorable dorkery, all of it was lovely in this fic where Ichigo takes Orihime to meet someone important. The little touches of how Ichigo views everything and how he thinks, how he reacts to Orihime, whom you can tell is babbling nervously, though it still never quite occurs to Ichigo (of course it wouldn't ♥), all of it made for a wonderful, lovely fic that got my fangirl heart to turn over with love. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Late Night Encounters by kay_willow - One of the things I like most about this fic is the way it includes the Hollow part of Ichigo in the Ichigo/Orihime relationship, the way this pairing isn't all sweetness and light, there's something a bit darker lurking under the surface. The way Orihime deals with waking up to Hollow!Ichigo standing near the window, the way he reacts to her in turn, is fantastic, because Orihime isn't a weak sort of person, even if she is incredibly gentle. There was a sort of lethal grace to Hollow!Ichigo as well, something very predatory and smart in the way he acted and talked about Ichigo, a sense of maybe something appreciative for Orihime as well. All the little touches, both touching and utterly dorktastic, make this a fantastic fic. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

- Bleach - Twenty Things that you probably don't know about Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime by flash_indie - I really do like these whole 20 Things stories, they're a way to create a much larger picture than you could normally do with the same amount of words and sometimes some really neat, creative things come out of them. And then sometimes you get fics like this that are just lovely for the way they span over the characters' lifetimes, showing how they live their lives, how they fell in love, before they fell in love, how they spent their life together, how everyone else reacted to them. And I loved that about this fic, that all the people in their lives had an impact on the story, they were all important and meaningful. The characterization is spot on and I read this entire story in one sitting, while usually my attention span wanders off when I try to read fic these days. Just. Yes. This is what I want out of fandom. (Ichigo/Orihime.)

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