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- Bleach - Antagonistic by Celeste - Ichigo turned his eyes heavenward at Ishida's mocking tone. "God hates me," he announced, glaring angrily up at the sky. "YOU HATE ME, DON'T YOU!" *rolls around on the floor, collapsed into a pile of shaking giggle-afflicted fangirl* I... I... I... I was wary of the Ishida/Ichigo label on the fic, since I generally don't swing that way, but I love Celeste's humor and I have some seriously MAD love for the dynamic between these two and it was labelled as crack, I figured it might be all right. And, god, this is the kind of fic that tempts me so very badly because it's so funny. Ishida, with his knitting and unflappable attitude, Ichigo with his hot-headedness and the dialogue and just... I laughed the entire way through and the point between humorfic and parodyfic was hit beautifully with this fic and my rec isn't doing it justice at all, just go read and laugh. (Ichigo/Ishida, crack.)

- Bleach - Ulterior Motives - Appropriate Adjective - A Modicum of Understanding - One Step Closer - The Problem With Passion by Triste - Okay, forgive me for using this fic as a springboard for this particular mini-essay, but I'll try to write a long rec to make up for it. Ishida/Ichigo isn't really my thing with Bleach, I think Ishida is the gayest straightboy ever, I'm all over Ichigo/Orihime, blah, blah, blah. So, some part of me feels like I shouldn't like this pairing, despite that I have such insanely mad love for their dynamic and probably would have been 'shipping them like hell if not for Orihime. And yet. Ichigo and Ishida (along with Orhime) are my favorite characters and I've liked whatever I've read of Triste's fic and this one looked long, so how could I not read? Some part of me continues to feel weirdly guilty about it, but... on the heels of Celeste's crack fic (and the lack of Ichigo/Orihime out there), this was exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. Really well-written Bleach fic that just nails the series' sense of humor to the point that I had to stop several times to just sit there and laugh like I do with the series.

The characterizations really sparkle--the first chapter of Ichigo and Rukia's friendship? Gorgeous banter that is so finely in tune with the characters, I didn't even have to try to picture it, it all just pops right to mind. So much of their dialogue feels like it could have come straight out of the show itself and, god, both characters were done fantastically. The only thing I might quibble on is that the story almost made Ishida a little too cool, leaving out what a giant DORK the character is, at least for most of the story, it starts coming around later on. Especially in chapter five, which is brilliant. No, seriously. Brilliant. I about killed myself laughing 3/4ths of the way through the final chapter and just... just... just... that was such a Bleach thing to do. Not to mention the sex was very hot.

More than anything I recommend this fic for the little touches of it, all the little details of the jokes and poor Ichigo's frustration/embarassment/whatever, all of them that felt like they were straight out of the series itself. I recommend this story despite not having been much of a fan of the pairing beforehand because it was one of those that convinced me, one of those that got me to cave on the pairing, because it was just so damned perfect and I could believe it here, especially the end. Because the writing is fantastic and it's just... one of those fics I flail over, despite having been wary at the beginning. Go read. So funny and so Bleach-like. (Ishida/Ichigo, R-verging-on-NC-17 content in the last chapter.)

- Bleach - Stranglehold by Triste - *beats head against the desk* Dammit, I'm not supposed to like this pairing. But... but... after the five-part story previously, the Ishida/Ichigo pairing is kind of growing on me and since there was a PWP to help scratch the itch a little more... and what I like about Triste's fic here is that she doesn't ignore the antagonistic relationship between the two characters, instead uses it to build on, not cutting corners and turning it into schmoop once they get somewhere. I get the sense that it'll always be there, that they'll always be fighting each other, even when they're attracted. And this was a nice little PWP fic, it got across the intensity of their dynamic very well and was actually a really nicely done handjob, I thought. *__* (Ishida/Ichigo, R-rated content.)

- Bleach - Differences by Triste - This is a story that I really want to do a good rec for, not just the usual flailing and squee'ing, because Triste wrote something here that I had no idea how badly I wanted it until it was written and I was orbiting the earth after having read it. It doesn't just balance these two pairings that I adore so much (Ichigo/Orihime and Ishida/Ichigo), it blends them together with a deftness and grace that I don't know I could have said was possible before reading this. She captures what makes each pairing so lovely and perfect to me, the more gentle, loving, almost sweet Ichigo/Orihime, the harder, slightly more abrasive Ishida/Ichigo, so very like each seperate pairing, but then bringing them together beautifully.

For all that Triste labels this PWP, it's terribly insightful, it is these characters, it couldn't be three random people from any manga out there. The sex is absolutely gorgeous, both of them--lovely hetsex is a rare enough thing, much less beautiful Ichigo/Orihime hetsex--and they're not the same, they're not identical any more than Orihime and Ishida are identical characters, yet everything makes so much sense to me here. I thought Orihime was so in character here I could have cried; she was so loving and sweet-natured and just... bright and shining (without being anywhere near as cliche as I make her sound here) to Ishida's harder edges and need to be acknowledged by Ichigo... they way they both looked at Ichigo, the way he looked at them both, the way they want to protect him, the way he wants to protect them... all of it set my fangirl heart aflutter. Not to mention the ending is lovely and so perfect, too. I just... this fic sates me in a way I cannot begin to truly explain with any sort of coherency or elegance it should have. (Ichigo/Orihime, Ishida/Ichigo, NC-17.)

- Bleach - The Cactus and the Cake by Triste - Ishida and Ichigo arguing and being snarky and funny with each other! Really, how much more can I ask for from Bleach fic? >D Triste really does well with the snappy, sharp dialogue between these characters, the way they argue, but you can still get a sense of... something-not-quite-hate underneath and, oh, darling Ishida is such a DORK and I love him and his retardation so much. Plus, Ichigo is Ichigo and I totally adored Rukia at the end here and the dialogue is so snappy and I could just picture this and it was just FUN. ....god, apparently any ability to write a decent rec has been sucked out of me lately. You go read the fic now or I keel j00. There. How's that? ^_~ (Ishida/Ichigo, but very, very mild.)

- Bleach - Looking Back by Celeste - So the guilt's starting to wear off, the more and more I read this pairing by authors who do this type pairing well, you know? Which I consider a good thing, because it means I've got more fic to read these days and that I get fic like this that alternately makes me roll around on the floor laughing (Oh, god, Isshin is so perfect here, just absolutely insane and in character.) and being quietly touched by what it means to both characters that Ishida is slowly being brought into the Kurosaki family, that there are people around him now. But what I loved is that it swung between the two tones much like the manga itself does, it feels natural rather than schizophrenic, the two moods deftly winding together. One minute they're laughing over Ichigo's baby pictures, the next you get a glimpse of Ishida's life aside from the crack bits you see at school or around others. That works, the segue from one to the other. ♥ Well, that and Isshin and the rest of the Kurosaki family--'cause the first line of this story is BRILLIANT. If you're not rolling around on the floor and laughing at that, there's just something wrong with you. ^_~ (Ichigo/Ishida.)

- Bleach - Drabbles by Akira - Three lovely drabbles about the... whatever it is between Ishida and Ichigo, the tension between them, the want between them, the attraction between them, all wrapped up in lovely wording that gives me pretty mental images. ....WHAT? I like the hints of the smoochies and petting! >E (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - Back to Back by Triste - ....oh. I just. I mean. Normally, I would have thought that I wouldn't go for something quieter with Ishida and Ichigo, that I would have preferred the sharp, snarly dialogue instead, but then I read this and it was just... so very effective at what it was trying to accomplish, that I felt my fangirl heart clutch a little for the characters, in that way that Bleach has the ability to make me do. Ichigo is especially brilliant here, for all that he never looks down on or pities Ishida in these moments, because that's not who Ichigo is. Beautiful, beautiful use of the #14 (radio-cassette player) and #15 (perfect blue) themes. *wibbles* (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - Two And Two Are Five by Orenji Shadowix - Granted, I was a little wary of this fic after getting about a third of the way through, but kept reading because I'd liked the previous fic I'd read by the author and, if nothing else, Ishida/Ichigo lime! I heart the groping and kissing! <3 And I did see the ending of it coming, but that IN NO WAY lessed the "........AHAHAHAHAHA, GREAT. >D" reaction I had. Plus, the writing is very nice and I'm very much looking forward to more of this one. *happy!* (Ishida/Ichigo, maybe a light R-ish content.)

- Bleach - Sisterly Duty by Celeste - Rukia was convinced high school boys in the human world all had some genetic retardation when it came to what should be a relatively simple issue. It is in stories like this that my love for Rukia know no bounds. Celeste did a fantastic job of her, keeping that sense of not quite understanding human world cultures, but not so badly that it was over the line, it was much more like the series itself. So no-nonsense, so straight-forward, and absolutely she will follow through with any threat she makes. She doesn't like it when boys are stupid and make her worry and the bit about what she thought might have been wrong with Ichigo? Priceless. Plus, god, her scenes with Ishida were hysterical, just absolutely brilliant in the way she was always a step ahead of him. So much love for this fic. ♥ (Some Ichigo/Ishida.)

- Bleach - A Different Kind of Foreplay by Triste - For Ishida, arguing with Ichigo is as natural as breathing. Ichigo is the only person who seems to be able to bring this reaction out of him, and he can't stand it. Usually, Ishida manages to be proper, polite and collected, but there's something about Ichigo that makes him forget all about appearances. This story is a good example of what attracts me to the Ishida/Ichigo pairing, because... I could have seen it as gen (and still often do), but it's stories like this that keep the dynamic so wonderfully well when taking it into romantic territory, that keep the characters the same, that they're still them, they still have that fighting and snarling and aggrivating each other relationship that makes them so much fun to watch. Plus, Triste's writing for them is lovely; it's both clever and hot, evoking the characters easily, so that I don't even have to try to imagine them, I can just hear the characters already. You can feel the attraction between the characters, it never feels forced to me... and that's a lot of what has won me over. Plus, a very hot blow-job is always a welcome thing. <3 (Ishida/Ichigo, NC-17.)

- Bleach - Daily Grind by Orenji Shadowix - I really kind of liked this fic, it... fit with the characters here, the way this thing was just a thing, that Ishida didn't know what to make of it, that Ichigo brushes it off as being just exactly what it is. The writing was smooth, but still with a hint of sharpness, much like Bleach itself, the dynamic between the two hitting just the right notes. I especially <3 Ishida, who was just... kinda right, somehow. *sigh* I'm officially not getting away from this pairing, aren't I? (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - Wake-Up Call by Triste - Ahahahahaha, Ichigo, Ishida, and Isshin. XD XD XD The idea will probably never get old and it is for exactly the reasons such as this--because Isshin is a GRAND character in the series and Triste does him beautifully here. His reasons for waking Ichigo up the way he does every morning are perfect and I could just absolutely see him throughout the entire fic. But it's also the absolutely smooth, good writing that fits the Bleach style, that has all these little details (all the things that Ichigo throws at Isshin when he wakes him up XD) and just... I think part of what makes me delightfully happy about this story is that Isshin is just so... Isshin in that he doesn't even blink at the Ishida/Ichigo relationship, he just bounces over with his usual enthusiasm. For some reason, that made me so happy and fell in love with the story and the characters all over again. Plus, Isshin and Ichigo's relationship was PERFECT. So funny. Great fic. Go read now. <3 (Some Ishida/Ichigo, but more implied than anything.)

- Bleach - Indirect Kiss by Triste - Okay, okay, I know I said no more Bleachfic until I get caught up with the manga (because I'm avoiding spoilers like hell), but... wah, it's Triste fic, no spoilers, and it's Ishida/Ichigo and I continue to sparkle like mad crazy over her writing because she just... she hits that tone with the series. It's obvious that she has much love for all of the characters, never really entirely forgetting about any of them (I especially liked mentions of characters like Chad or Orihime or Rukia, the way they're in the background of Ishida's thoughts) and that she does such a fantastic job of the Ishida/Ichigo relationship. They snark and snarl at each other, they irritate the hell out of each other, but there's meaningful subtext to their words, but it's not sappy. Reading about Ishida watching over a gym practice (while he works on his sewing! XD), watching Ichigo and the others, especially the way Ichigo plays soccer, reading about Ichigo approaching him after class in just such the perfect Ichigo way... all of it is brilliant. (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - The Balance of Power by Triste - It figured, really. Most normal men were turned on by dirty talk, while Ishida was turned on by girly vows and promises. This was an interesting little fic, what started out as what seemed like just another arguement between Ishida and Ichigo (why Ishida was always on top, how much it irritated Ichigo, etc.), a fun little fic with amusing banter that made me smile the whole way through. The idea of Ishida reading romance novels to form much of his knowledge about sex? Brilliant. Triste really has this gift for the beautiful batshit crack that Ishida has, it's always a joy to read anything she writes him in. <3 But, yhen about 3/4ths of the way into the fic, it took an interesting turn and it's something I sort of tend to agree with on Ishida's character, why I 'ship the pairing the way I do, one of those moments that really won me over with the fic and helped put into words a view I had of the character and their issues. <3 (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - Interruptions by Triste - "Kurosaki, you make more noise in bed than a cat being strangled to death," Ishida told him. ....oh, god. Bleach humorfic. How I've missed you. Especially when it's got Ishida. And Karin and Yuzu. All three of them sitting in one room and making Ichigo's life hell. And then Rukia doesn't help and then there's Kurosaki family madness that's just brilliant with the comedic timing and I actually had to put a hand over my mouth so I wouldn't laugh like a loon because people would hear and I couldn't explain that I was laughing because Isshin was completely insane and Karin was a beautifully evil little brat and Ichigo's life was HELL. Just... man, Triste does a brilliant job with group scenes, the kind that really do feel exactly like the manga's crack, the kind where the jokes are genuinely sharp and funny and nothing drags or feels like it's being skipped over. Just... so funny. XD XD XD (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - 24 Hours by Triste - Hee. ♥ Ichigo and Ishida and too much sex. Triste always writes these two as being so much fun, the way the snarking can go on for pages and it still sparkles and it continues to remind me of why I still have such a soft spot for this pairing. Especially when Ishida manages to talk Ichigo in circles until they're sniping at each other and right back to having all that UST and being horny teenage boys again. Plus, I kinda ♥ horny!Ishida. >D (Ishida/Ichigo.)

- Bleach - untitled by ChibiRisu-chan - While I was reading the author's Naruto short fics, I figured, what the hell, I'll stop to read her fic about Ichigo and Ishida and, ahahahaha, omg, I loved this. The dialogue is sharp and smart, the whole little short fic just rolls right along and it's got that sense of fun that I love so much. And, oh, how much I love Ishida in this, he's such a dork in such a fantastic way. ♥ (Ishida/Ichigo.)

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