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- Bleach - our lady by theyellowvespa - I've been hoping that eventually some Isshin/Masaki fic would get written and I'm so very, very glad to see a fic like this, it's lovely and exactly what this pairing would call for. The way you can feel the love between the characters, between all the members of their family, the way the family revolves around Masaki in that wonderful way they have (making the coming tragedy all the more painful) is beautifully captured in this fic. The descriptions of this fic are wonderful and now I want more of these two. *__* (Isshin/Masaki.)

- Bleach - the greatest love story ever told by Eree - [Note: There is a spoiler in the author's notes for those only following the anime, as well as the story going slightly AU considering recent revelations.] It's stories exactly like this one that make me horribly sad there's not more Isshin/Masaki fic in the world. There's just... such a weight to the characters here. They're brilliant and fascinating and they can be silly or heartbreaking, but they always live up to the focus given to them there. They're a couple that has so much to be done with them and this story does a marvelous job of covering so much ground, even with just twenty short slices of moments from their lives. Some of them make me laugh (13 is especially a favorite), some of them make me wibble (telling Ichigo bedtime stories or looking at pictures against the afternoon sun or stealing the covers so she'll curl up with him?), and some of them make me want to curl up in a ball and never come undone because of the too-soon loss of Masaki. But they're all just absolutely beautiful and so them. (Isshin/Masaki.)

- Bleach - untitled by tokyofish - [Note: There will be vague spoilers for anime-only fans.] The prompt for this one was Isshin. Masaki. Porn. Read that as you will. and I love what the author did with it. Especially with bonus Urahara at the beginning and Isshin being... well, Isshin when in the human world for one of the first times and perusing a book store and then there's Masaki and... oh, oh, oh, the ending of this was brilliant. I would like to believe it happened just like that. ♥ (Isshin/Masaki.)

- Bleach - Isshin Explains It All by memlu - This fic starts out with: "Ichigo," began Isshin five after six on Monday morning, "it is time. Time! for us to talk." / "Not while I'm eating," said Ichigo, picking up his cereal bowl and moving two seats over. and is it even possible not to love a fic with that title that starts out like that? It's NOT, I tell you. The fic may be short, but every word positively drips of genius. And, OH MY GOD, that ENDING. I... I-- Yes. ♥ (No real pairings aside from some Isshin/Masaki implications. Warnings... well, it's Isshin.)

- Bleach - but it is hardly suitable for delicate boys by Tal - Isshin/Masaki fic! HARTS. Especially because it's this lovely moment, the writing has this really pretty intimacy or immediacy or something like that that made me feel like I was in the middle of the scene with them. There are these little turns of phrase that make such lovely imagery as well, the final paragraph of this piece particularily beautiful. (Isshin/Masaki.)

- Bleach - Always Have, Always Will by shinigamikender - This was a really sweet Isshin fic, as he talks to Masaki's grave about the kids and how Ichigo is growing up. I like that it's almost subdued in tone, at least for Isshin, yet you could still see how very Isshin he is. He's still crazy, but there's an actual person in there who obviously loved Masaki a lot and misses her, but still loves his family a great deal. It was a nice read, especially since I haven't seen Isshin/Masaki fic in ages. ♥ (Isshin/Masaki.)

Bleach: Double Take by ArtemisRae - A lot of times I feel like I'm fond of the idea of Isshin and Urahara interaction, but something about it just doesn't quite do it for me in fic. Except with this one, I adored the hell out of this one because the author just totally nailed the characters and got everything that made the two of them so hilarious around each other. I love it. I love it. How much they... sort of understand each other, sort of don't, and as;ldkfjaslkj the scene with Urahara and Yoruichi where Urahara has been roped into making a gigai for a wedding present for Isshin and Yoruichi's reaction and the parallels and-- yes plz, this was great. (Some implied Isshin/Masaki, Urahara/Yoruichi, neither are precisely the point.)

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