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- Bleach - three kisses by jellychildren - The beginning of this starts out with a little awkward working, but you need to keep reading, as the fic is really quite perfect for the characters and the ending bit is BRILLIANT. Loved this so much. (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - About the Body by Moonsheen - In my head, I sort of go back and forth, bitching about the various pros and cons of various Ishida pairings, very few really strike much of a chord with me (Ishida/Ichigo being sort of the exception to the general rule) and yet... when I saw the pairing for this fic, something sort of clicked and made me intrigued by the idea of Ishida and Nemu, something... something about it appealed to me. And the way Moonsheen writes it totally lives up to that potential, there's this cool (both in style and physical sensation), stylized tone to the writing that escapes being pretentious and ends up being something much like the manga itself in those creepier moments it has. I had absolutely zero problem picturing this, because somehow the imagery Moonsheen uses fits with the characters brilliantly well. The characterization felt spot on to me, I could actually believe this easily. LOVED this fic. (Ishida/Nemu.)

- Bleach - For Love by poutonly - Heeheehee. Oh, this was such fun. I have a strong love of Bleach crackfic (that's not crack in the sense that you wonder what the author was smoking, because I do really like the background pairing), but I also love it when the entire cast (just about) can fit into the story for a reason. And, oh. Oh, the ending was priceless and perfect and how, how I would seriously consider paying money to see the in-between moments written because it would have been so, so beautiful. I'm grinning just thinking about this story, I love the ending, and everyone should read. ( warnings would be telling. >D)

- Bleach - distance by Pei Yi - .....*squeaks happily* Chad! Karin! Height differences and not-kissing and Karin being so utterly Karin and Chad so brilliantly in character right down to the pauses in his speech and I think I hit those notes only bats and dogs can hear again. Because there's a fine line to walk with this pairing to make it believable, yet this fic does it so brilliantly well, it doesn't push too hard too fast, but neither does it languish around doing nothing. What I mean is that it hits just the right note, with Yuzu growing up and talking about boys and how your boyfriend should only be so much taller and Karin starts thinking about that one guy, only it's not too rushed, because she's still thinking in this utterly Karin sort of way (really, the characterization is just painfully brilliant) and it's not like there's any kissing... and, I'm explaining this badly. So instead I shall just say that it's a squee-worthy Chad/Karin fic and everyone should go read right this minute. (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - Forbidden by Dizzcity - I have this great weakness for Ishida/Nemu fics, one of those ideas that just would not let me go ever since I read those chapters in the Soul Society arc. And this story... something about it, the subtleness, the comparing and constrasting between the two, the way there's so much tension in the atmosphere, yet it's strangely almost calm between these two... it's the kind of writing, the kind of fic that leaves me with a dull ache in my chest for exactly the right reasons. There's something very powerful about this story, all the ways they're similar and all the ways they're not, all the ways they should hate each other or tried to have hurt each other, all the confusion that's still... somehow calm. The atmosphere in this fic really is a thing of beauty, I cannot squee about that enough. ♥ (Ishida/Nemu.)

- Bleach - one liners by eree - So, I've been rather remiss about reading Bleachfic lately. And there's been a lot posted that I'm very curious about reading and, hell, I don't usually even like 1 sentence/line fic things, but... it's light, easy, something I can actually sit and read. I was going along, enjoying several (I was especially fond of the 11th division; rudolph the red-nosed reindeer one), but it was getting to ikkaku/yumichika; milkshake, it was having to put my hand over my mouth because I started giggling out loud and I didn't want to have to explain that to people, that I knew I was rather in love with the way this author was quite brilliant at what she could achieve with a single sentence. (Half gen, half multiple pairings.)

- Bleach - untitled by Zau - When I read a bunch of shortfics together like this, it's easy to see why multiple pairing fics are often so popular, why so many people write so many different things. But it's only the rare fics that actually pull off the style of writing so many different facets of a cast like Bleach's and Zau does it brilliantly. Every single one of these contributed to a larger whole--not in the sense that they're connected in the same storyline, but there's a certain feel, a certain style of imagery that knocks the wind from my lungs. Reading about all these relationships that the characters have with each other, some things I never would have thought possible (the Ukitake/Rukia piece is the one that put a lot of this together for me, because I found it brilliant in her hands, where I doubt I would have in another's) or just new aspects of relationships that are complete OTPs/friendships for me. I adored these, I adored the beautiful language and all the lovely turns of phrase. And, oh, that final one? Beautiful, I felt it. (Multiple pairings, both het and yaoi, as well as several gen pieces.)

- Bleach - The Ribbon by hopechan - I really, really liked this. It's such a short piece that I should probably have saved it for the ficbits list, but Ishida/Nemu doesn't come along nearly enough, especially not fic that has this beautiful sort of... it's a fic based on a popular ghost story and it works incredibly well for these two characters, especially in this author's hands. I think I actually squeaked by the time it was done because... yes, lovely characterization and a concept that fits beautifully. ♥ (Ishida/Nemu.)

- Bleach - Happenstance by eleni459 - I rarely pick up new authors in the Bleach fandom, it rarely proves very satisfying for me. But frequently, I get itches for certain pairings and Ishida/Nemu is one of them, so this fic came along at just the right time. It's a quiet little piece that I'm glad I read, it doesn't push the two characters too hard or make too much of their encounters, but it doesn't dismiss them too easily, either. A short piece, but it scratched my itch nicely. (Ishida/Nemu.)

- Bleach - The Other Stranger by eleni459 - This was a Bleach fic that I'm not even sure how I got to anymore, probably one of the newsletters and seeing it was labelled as Ishida and Nemu. I'm a sucker for their interaction. I like that the author keeps the tension between the characters, there's a certain something there underneath it, but that doesn't take away from how they're most emphatically not on the same side. Just a possible meeting with a lot of potential that could go out from here; I really liked this. (This is gen, but Ishida/Nemu fans might enjoy it, too.)

- Bleach - Ten Minutes by Karlie - Apparently, tonight is my night for finding Bleach fic I like, because this Chad/Karin is pretty much EXACTLY what I want out of fic for these two. It's not very smooshy or sweet, instead it's much more matter of fact and that works brilliantly well for this piece, especially setting it from Chad's point of view. The little details, the way they just sort of fall into a relationship in their own way, Ichigo's reaction, the way their lives unfold in the future, the way they're still so recognizable even so many years into the future, the way the fic ends, all of it is both delightful and really fitting with the Bleach universe. I loved the final scene, I loved how much it said without really saying it, I loved the lives both of them had lived, I loved the style in which the story was told, using the time stamps to show different moments in their lives. Excellent. <3 (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - Not Enough by heron_advocate - I don't know if I would have read this fic if I had known ahead of time that it was going to be a deathfic (it's not really a surprise, it's just that I was clicking links randomly and stumbled over this one), but I think I'm glad I did. It's a moment of quiet, only sort of half-framed with context about how they got there, but it's the moment that's important. The way Chad and Karin connect with each other, even when they're in a heartbreaking situation, the little ways they show their personalities with each other. It was a nice read. (Implications of Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - Diamond Girl by kay_willow - Ishida/Rukia is a pairing that I have contemplated before, they've had a moment or two in canon that has made me think, but nothing ever really came of it (in canon or in fandom) so I sort of forgot about it. (Especially since I like Ishida/Nemu so much.) And then I read this fic and it makes me want to actively ship them, because the dyanmic really works here, the whole fic sparkles and is full of clever little moments that are hilarious and sharp-witted. There's a certain sort of understanding between the two of them, an acceptance of both of their quirks that they don't really seem too bothered by, and after this fic where Ishida asks Rukia to attend a party thrown by Ryuuken (since who else is he going to ask?), about the only reason I'm not shipping it is because it'd break my heart always pining for more of it. Instead, I'll enjoy this fic where it works and be delighed with that. (Ishida/Rukia possible implications, mild blink-and-you'll-miss-it implications of Ishida/Orihime.)

- Bleach - First Date by Sahara Storm - I had noticed the author had written several Chad/Karin fics, so I wandered over to read because that pairing does not get written often enough in fandom. I feel like I generally lean a little more towards the two of them just falling naturally into place and Karin being more matter of fact about it (versus the irritable confusion she feels here), but, at the same time, I found I could picture this pretty easily. I especially liked the author's Chad, who was quiet and reserved, but still had that certain something of Chad in him, that steady quality that never seems to waver. Plus, they are totally adorable in this fic. XD (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - Getting It Straight by Sahara Storm - [Note: This fic follows First Date, so it would probably help to have read that one first.] I like the progression of the Chad/Karin relationship that this author is showing, how Karin is much more straight-forward and knowing of what she wants here and Chad just sort of rolls along with her. It shows why they work so well together for me, because they might be total opposites, but they just sort of fill in the missing pieces of each other. Also, the fic totally had some great imagery with Karin and the poses she was in when talking to Chad, I could totally picture that. XD (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - Things Seen and Unseen by Akuni-A - This was a really sweet little piece that was a nice little peaceful (well, for the Bleach cast) moment of Rukia, Renji, Ichigo, and Orihime watching a conversation take place between Ishida and Tatsuki and it's just... fun to watch them gossiping about the others in their own way. The Ichigo/Orihime stuff is cute, but I swear Renji and Rukia stole the show with their tardery. But it was delightful all the way around. ♥ (Ichigo/Orihime, some Renji/Rukia, and implied Ishida/Tatsuki.)

- Bleach - An Eternity to Wait by Sahara Storm - [Note: This fic follows First Date and Getting It Straight, so it would be helpful to read those first, but I felt it could stand on its own as well.] I wound up not really minding that the author didn't explain what was going on in Soul Society that needed everyone to run off there again (which was a deliberate choice by the author) because it wasn't really necessary to creating this moment in time between Chad and Karin, when she's frustrated that he's leaving and he just lets her spend out her fury, even when it quietly hurts him to leave, too. I really like this Karin because she understands and yet she hates and rages against it, I really like the quiet way they work so well together here. It was a good little fic. (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - Anchor by Sahara Storm - I... I am clearly going through all the author's fic because I've been craving Chad/Karin for a long time and now I finally have some and I'm going to pretty much read it all in one sitting. The author does a similar thing with this story that she did with An Eternity to Wait--it's a tense moment between Chad and Karin after he's been hurt in some deliberately unexplained fight, and I love it because it shows why Chad/Karin is such a fun pairing for me. Especially when Karin is angry, because Chad seems to just absorb it and not be run over by it, but not run her over, either. She understands him well and I love that she doesn't need anyone to protect her and she's not going to let anyone die for her/lose them. <3 (Chad/Karin.)

- Bleach - The Gift by Sahara Storm - You know. I was sitting here and trying to figure out if I wanted Chad/Karin porn (set in the future, when she was old enough for it) or not, when I stumbled over this fic. Which was PG-13 at the most, I would say, and... I'm still not quite sure if I want porn or not, but I think I definitely want more fic where Karin's older and they're making out a lot. Because I'm picturing an eighteen year old Karin and she'd be pretty smoking hot and Chad/Karin would be even more smoking hot. I really liked the dynamic between them in this fic as well, I love that she was waiting through his stupid guilt issues about touching her before then (even if I think the age of consent is much lower in Japan?) and how she just sort of storms in finally. XD (Chad/Karin.)

Bleach: all in good time by Kuroeia - This is a short little fic that disordered_mess pointed out again and I love that it doesn't need to be any longer than it is, Chad and Karin would come together just like this. I really like this being from Chad's point of view, even in just a few words, the author did a nice job of capturing his quiet-yet-not personality. (Chad/Karin.)

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