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- Bleach - Exchange by tin - You know, I've sort of been waffling back and forth on the Renji/Rukia pairing--I hadn't seen enough, but they seemed like fun, but I didn't know them well enough, but Renji so clearly cares about her, but I'm not sure I know Rukia well enough, but etc. And this was one of those stories that really just sort of... helped tip me over towards them a little bit more, simply because it wasn't trying too hard, because the characterization was so perfect that it made my teeth hurt, because it caught Renji's complex ball of reactions to Rukia beautifully, because the writing was lovely, because it captured that thing between them. ....dammit. Now I'll have TWO pairings that I'll be consantly craving after that I won't get enough of. ^_~ (Not really Renji/Rukia, but focused on their friendship/whatever.)

- Bleach - Bedtime Story by puruu - Oh, jeez, this story just sort of sucker-punched me somewhere in the middle and didn't let up while Renji was telling Rukia the story about Rapunzel and just... it's one of those things that I could see slipping right into the series itself, because it's so deceptively bittersweet and heart-breaking. Lovely, gorgeous dialogue and characterization on both Rukia and Renji's parts, you could feel Renji's feelings for Rukia, the way they came out with all those little gestures and words, but you can understand how they're not obvious, either, just like the series itself. And the story's parallels to the storyling with Rukia locked in the tower were beautifully drawn and just... god, I knew I was slowly falling for this pairing (not that the fic is really a pairing fic, mind), but this just sort of sent me over the edge with them. I cry for them. ;___; (Not really Renji/Rukia, but deals with them.)

- Bleach - Gestalt by sasori - Oh, this was absolutely lovely and very nearly sent me into orbit, because it never had to say anything about Renji and Rukia's relationship, instead it showed everything through the sketch she had done. It was gorgeous for the way it started out, those little details that nearly made me feel the pencil in her hand and the paper under her fingers, to the way she thought about Renji and what defined him, the way the tattoos set him apart and how those affected the way she was drawing. I loved this. More than I can say. (Faint Renji/Rukia if you're squinting?)

- Bleach - And Now For Something Completely The Same by Moonsheen - I ♥ Renji/Rukia and stories like this are exactly why, because, even when they're such fun and snarling at each other, there's still such a weighted feeling between them. Yet, it doesn't always drag them down, instead this story was great, especially when Rukia would launch herself at him in an affronted way or the impact of their actions and words at the end. Such love for these two that I wish I could express more properly. <3 (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Child and Rain by derlirum - Oh, there's just something so... I don't know. It's brilliant writing, brilliant characterization, but even beyond this, there's something about the interaction between Renji and Rukia here that touches me, because it hit this perfect tone with them. It's happy and sad and hopeful and depressing and so very much everything Renji and Rukia are, even just in something so simple as walking through the rain. It's beautiful. (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Dissecting Rukia by Sunfreak - How have I never read this fic before? Sunfreak writing Renji/Rukia? Eeeeee. It's probably a little short to write an entire rec for it, but... I ♥ the author and I ♥ the pairing, so. It has beautiful imagery, from the way Renji looks at Rukia, the way he sees her as so beautiful and elegant and the way everything paints these lovely pictures in my mind. Plus, the ending lines are absolutely lovely. *shimmers* (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - awkward! by memlu - Heeheehee! Okay, so Rukia is a tiny little midget and Renji is an insanely tall freak in comparison and I love, LOVE the balance between... love and mocking in this fic. Because it's crack, but it's still Renji/Rukia-style crack and it's just sparklingly fun and because I laughed like hell at Renji's solution to the problem and then beamed like an idiot fangirl at the ending. *beams* (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Housebreaking by Moonsheen - Ahahaha, omg, the request for this one was genius and I'm so glad Moonsheen wrote it because... hahahahaha, poor Rukia. I mean, the whole thing is beautiful, right down to the simple way she drinks her tea or the way Byakuya looks at her. And, god, the ending. ♥ (Renji/Rukia implied?)

- Bleach - Duel by Lacewood - Renji! Rukia! Sparring! A sparring match late at night, sneaking out to get in a bit more practice before Renji's exam and snarking at each other, the weight of everything they're not saying pressing between them almost to the point of discomfort. Rukia with the sense of honor of a rat, Renji grumbling and bitching at her the entire time! And then an aching, inevitable ending because this is Renji and Rukia and how else could it go? (Hints of Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Lull: Promise by Branch - [Note: There will be spoilers for chapter 181+ in this fic and this rec.] *shimmers* See, I'm so, so glad to see this author getting into Bleach, because a) she wrote some of my favorite Prince of Tennis fic and b) she's writing Renji/Rukia that attempts to fit them together in the style of the manga and without ignoring the issues of the politics of the world. And this fic is kicking that arc off and I'm so looking forward to it, because this one just... reading Rukia's three conversations in this fic, one with Ukitake, one with Byakuya, one with Renji, each of them had this distinct feel to it that I'm hard-pressed to explain why it's sending me into flailing fits. Because this is what I've been looking for, what I've been craving, the way Rukia's feelings for her brother, for Renji, for the people in her world, they're all so subtle and have this beautiful elegance to them that makes me love the character just as much as ever. The characterization is fabulous, especially Rukia who is just nailed by the author, the way she loves and respects her brother so much, the way she'll give up her own desires because that's the way things must be in the Kuchiki household, yet she is not a doormat, she still has that determination, and the discussion of love and people's reactions to it and the way I could see her expression so clearly and... god, I'm descending into incoherency over here. Just go read it, it's a beautiful fic. (Hints of Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Stare at the Sun by Branch - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for chapter 181 and above.] *happy sigh* Another piece of the Lull arc that Emily is building slowly up, where each piece moves the characters forward a little more and shows a little bit more insight into their lives. And, omg, I love her Renji, the way she captures the gruff side of him that is totally covering the smooshy insides. I love her Rukia, who reminds me of absolutely everything I loved about the character in the manga, who reminds me of why I loved this kick-ass character in the first place, and actually lets her be kick-ass without cutting corners on the character. But what else I love, besides Renji watching Rukia and seeing the way she's back, in more than just physically returning to Soul Society and the aching sense of everything between them, is that she can take a conversation between Renji and Ukitake and make it feel like it could have come straight out of the series itself. ♥ (Hints of Renji/Rukia, but you have to peer closely to see them.)

- Bleach - Chocolate and Flowers by Branch - [Note: This fic contains spoilers for chapter 181 and above.] So I've mentioned how much I ♥ Emily's Byakuya, yes? Because I do. Especially when he's watching Rukia and seeing the way she's coming into her own again, the way you can feel that he's proud of her and he cares about her without going over the top about it, the way Renji is coming into his own as well, the way the two of them interact and it's just so... Byakuya. But, again, one of the reasons I love this arc of Emily's so much is because the relationship between brother and sister is what I've been craving since the end of the Soul Society arc, wanting to see the way Byakuya knows what Rukia is giving up for him, not for the House. Plus! Then there's Shunsui coming to talk to Byakuya and, eeeeeeeeee, it's great because both of them are so fabulously themselves and the hints of what may be brewing in the future? More with the eeeeeeeeeeeee! from me. ♥ (Some Renji/Rukia implied.)

- Bleach - at most, flowers by lacewood - This was... I wish my brain weren't sucking like a great big sucking thing on the creatively worded insights recently, because I would very much like to have written something intelligent and thoughtful about this fic. It's lovely and heartbreaking and the characterizations are just breath-takingly right. Renji is Renji and Rukia is Rukia and their childhood is so damned difficult and you can see the tempered steel that each of them has, you see what makes them the kind of people who could survive in a place like Rukongai, all without really having to be told about. It's all in the lines of Rukia's shoulders or the way Renji looks at her and it's just... it's beautifully painful. Or painfully beautiful, I haven't figured out which yet. (It could be Renji/Rukia, but it reads more like gen to me.)

- Bleach - Resolve by Branch - [Note: There will be some spoilers for the end of the Soul Society arc in this fic, as well as that it is part of a larger arc and should be read in order.] I... just... I love the way Byakuya handles the Renji/Rukia relationship in this fic, the characterization of him is so damned perfect the way Emily writes him. The way he and Rukia have both learned to handle each other, the way he cuts through so much of the crap between her and Renji, yet still is so... Byakuya and so rigidly traditional about it. And yet! And yet! The way he brushes his fingers over her hair as he's leaving the room, such a simple, subtle gesture that's almost lost amongst the rest of the events stands out in such a way that makes my heart ache because it's so perfect for these characters. And eeeeee! Renji! And Rukia! Engaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaged! *squeaks happily* Plus, god, how much do I love this stronger Rukia? ♥ (Some Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - for the holy days by Neo - ....ah, shit, okay, I give. I was totally won over by the random 11th Division amusement, as Yumichika, Zaraki, and Yachiru blithely make Ikkaku's life hell. I actually laughed out loud because I really liked the author's Yumichika, the characterization and even his 'voice' and Zaraki's final reaction was just... LOL. Perfectly timed. Plus, the more I read of the fic, the more I settled on her take on Renji and the final scene with Rukia was just... *happy sigh* The story works better, I think, when I got what the author was going for, a scene that was... almost quiet and routine, despite the antics and hijinks of the cast. The tone was lovely, there was a certain lovely crisp winter feel to the entire piece, I wound up adoring the characterizations, and there were some genuinely clever, funny, sharp lines. A nice fic to come back to in the fandom. ....and I mentioned the Renji/Rukia that made me sigh happily, right? Right. (Implied Renji/Rukia, Yumichika/Ikkaku.)

- Bleach - Eligible by infinitefirefly - I didn't mean to get caught up in this fic, I just meant to skim the beginning because it looked decently written but not the kind that would drag me back into the fandom, and then... I just never quite put it down, because there was something about the pacing of it that was just damned good. In the sense that I couldn't stop reading because each scene flowed into the next, because the humor was actually really engaging (I had gigglefits at least twice during the fic), because Rukia's characterization was really solid (the way she respects her brother, the insanity of Soul Society without making it a parody, the way Matsumoto was just genius in her Matsumoto-ness), the Renji characterization was lovely, and it played on so many of my favorite relationships in the series. It had Renji and Rukia working together, the fic was really all about Rukia and Byakuya, but there was Soul Society antics all over the place (Renji's mad dash through Soul Society about three-fourths of the way through the fic was golden XD), and... I dunno. The whole thing unfolded neatly in my mind's eye and it was just fun. (No real pairings, it's entirely gen. You could read a little Renji/Rukia or Byakuya/Rukia into it, but it's still gen.)

- Bleach - untitled by Chevira Lowe - I was lured into this fic by the promise of Renji/Rukia, but I totally stayed for the 11th Division retardration, because they are beautiful here. From the first moment of Yachiru dragging Renji out of bed on his birthday (where I started smiling a little because there were cute moments) to go be greeted by his former comrades in the eleventh division and Rukia (where I started to giggle a little more) and then it just got funny (where I started cackling quite loudly) because the 11th division is just so... them and Renji totally fits in in his own way. The birthday gifts were lovely because they weren't over the top and um. I think I may have sprained something with the way I squeed at the ending. Because, yes, that is totally how Renji/Rukia fic needs to go. Snarky and bitchy and an awesome use of rabbits and dogs and it was perfect. This was awesome. ♥ (Renji/Rukia, but worth reading for the 11th Division.)

- Bleach - untitled by Chevira Lowe - This is actually a post with two fics, both of which are very short, but since they're combined together, I can rationalize a proper rec for them. The first one is a Byakuya/Rukia fic that... I can see where the author professes to have trouble with it, but I think I like what she's doing here. Byakuya/Rukia is one of those pairings that are complete on their own, yet not complete on their own. They're platonic, yet so very not platonic. Hisana's ghost is always there, even as Rukia is very definitely not Hisana, and the author's writing reflects this, the graceful quality of Byakuya and the Kuchiki household and, man, Rukia. The second is an absolutely gorgeous Renji/Rukia piece in their early days, when Rukia is obviously thinking about something and Renji is thinking about Rukia and they're so young and it's not quite bittersweet, except it is, because you know what happens with them. The imagery for both pieces is just gorgeous and I'm so looking forward to more from this author. (Byakuya/Rukia in the first one, Renji/Rukia implied in the second one.)

- Bleach - untitled by Chevira Lowe - A series of little short fics for various Bleach characters and, holy shit, there is so much love here. Urahara and Yoruichi and Benihime and fighting and hotness and slinking and practically purring and there was something so sleek and perfect about the first one. And then 11th division retardation and then there was Renji/Rukia not-quite-porn but it was hot and it was perfect because I was laughing, sparkling, and practically humming from how hot they'd be together, all at the same time. And then. AND THEN. Ikkaku and Yumichikia in the human world in a coffee shop and there was something so perfect about these last two Ikkaku/Yumichika drabbles, the way both characters were such love, the way they were both perfect that... I. Um. Thinking I maybe might want more Ikkaku/Yumichika. Shut up. And everyone seriously needs to read the last one with Zaraki and Yachiru. Five lines of brilliance. XDDDD (Some Urahara/Yoruichi, Renji/Rukia, Ikkaku/Yumichika, and some gen.)

- Bleach - untitled by Chevira Lowe - One of the things I love so much about this author, beyond that her Renji voice is lovely here, is that everything is about Rukia, it somehow always comes back to her... without making Renji less of a character in his own right. I love Renji and ficsnippets like this remind me of why, of why I actually like the dog imagery because it fits him so damn well here. But it's also the last line of the second snippet, the way Renji looks at her, the way he holds onto what moments they have together now, the way he holds onto those moments. That last sentence is everything about Renji and Rukia summed up--I love the way this piece feels almost a little disjointed because it's in such a way that it reminds me all the further of Renji. I adored this piece. (Renji/Rukia implied.)

- Bleach - untitled by Mina Lightstar - Okay, okay, I know. A ficlet more than a fic, but I wanted to rec it properly for a few reasons. One, it's good Renji/Rukia. Two, it's vaguely smutty. Three, because it's Mina and I wuffles her. But, yes. There's a certain something to Renji here, the way he's such a giant marshmellow underneath the the sharp and jagged exterior, the way Rukia nearly undoes him just by being Rukia, the way his jittery nerves are almost tangible, even while he's being so very Renji and... yes, I can see why that last line would haunt the author. XDDDD (Renji/Rukia, maybe a very, very light R?)

- Bleach - Forever Young by white_aster - Renji/Rukia fic! Man, for a pairing OTP as hard as those two, I don't really read that much fic for them, so when I do find something I like, there's a special little thrill with it. I love the almost... easy way these two have, the way they slide into being in each other's lives, the way they're such brats around each other even when they're probably, like, eighty years old each. They're tempered with age, there's a sense of being apart from the kids around them because of it, which Rukia reflects on, but... at the same time, there's still that certain something that makes them Renji and Rukia. Plus, the scene that the author built the fic around, with the can of juice? Perfection. Such beautiful perfection. XD (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - untitled by mercuriosity - I am constantly watching for Renji/Rukia fic... for a pairing that is my OTP of the series, I don't really read that much fic for them, I'm not sure why. But this was... this was lovely and sharp and solid and depthful and all the things I desperately want out of Renji/Rukia fic. They're just... they're laughing together and they're all those sharp angles with each other and he's so completely gone on her without losing what it is that makes him Renji (because so much of Renji is how he feels for Rukia) and there's kissing and there's a brilliant ending. The way Renji looks at Byakuya and thinks he knows but he can't tell and there's a complicated mix of feelings there and then we know how it'll turn out once the series starts and it's just... oh. My heart. (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - I need you so much closer by luvinaoshi - This was... I've mentioned a few times ( that I have a vague sort of dissfaction with the Bleach fandom, for the lack of fics that have really grabbed me, for all that there's tons of talent swimming through the fandom. This is the kind of fic that makes me a hypocrite over that statement, but I find that I can't care because it's Renji and it's Rukia and there's this connection between them and it's dull and it aches and it's so bittersweet, even when we know how that particular story (the Soul Society arc) will end. The writing is absolutely lovely, the turns of phrase have a certain quality to them that... I don't know what it reminds me of, poetry perhaps, lines that should be pretentious but somehow work the way the author intended them. This is the kind of fic that will keep me in the Bleach fandom for quite some time, I suspect. ....this may also have to do with how I love the relationship between these two, but that doesn't take away from the loveliness of the fic, either. (Renji/Rukia... in a vague sort of way.)

- Bleach - Firebird by Annwyd - I admit, I was coaxed into reading this one for a couple of different things--there's Ichigo/Orihime and implications of Renji/Rukia. Squee. But it's also the beginnings of something with actual plot, even if it's only the first chapter of it for now, even if it's been awhile since it was updated, it's more satisfying than a lot of the other Bleach fic I read. I'm curious to know where this one is/was going, I'm intrigued by Ichigo and Orihime being married (...okay, that part was mostly goofy smiling because they're such a cute couple even when viewed through other people's eyes) and the way Orihime is wonderfully characterized, the way Rukia and Renji somehow come across so clearly even in such a short scene. Also, the final scene makes me curious to know what's going on, what's about to start unfolding in terms of plot... it's a good, interesting, strong opening chapter. That doesn't happen nearly enough in this fandom. */grousing* ^_~ (Ichigo/Orihime, implied Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - we will not be lovers by luvinaoshi - Do you know how good this fic is? It's so good that I can't even complain that it's not a happy fic, because that would have ruined the mood of the piece and it would have been unrealistic at that point. But this. God, it's just beautiful. Rukia going to Renji after Kaien dies and there's something so raw and aching about this piece that my chest positively hurts for it. The language is beautiful, the imagery is beautiful in that way that the best Bleach fics are, the characterization is subtle yet hits like a freight train (so much like KT's style), everything about this is gorgeous and effective. I cannot say it any more coherently than that. (Renji/Rukia, a light R rating.)

- Bleach - untitled by feather_down - This was a fun, cute Renji/Rukia fic. I liked it because they're always fighting/sparring just that little bit with each other, even when they're kissing and Rukia's being bossy and Renji is trying to keep kissing her, dammit, and she's saying they're going to fall out of the tree. Mostly I liked it because it gave me that happy feeling for this couple, how much I adore them, and then it went and had a great ending. I just. That would so happen. Just like that. Yes. ♥ (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - A dragon by feather_down - I'm not sure what it was about this fic that appealed to me quite as much as it did. Sure, Renji/Rukia fic (with a kiss even! ♥) is always good and there's even a hint of an action scene (I have a great weakness for anything with actual fighting in shounen manga-based fic), but... I dunno. Maybe it's that there was a dragon in Karakura and Renji's going WTF? at it even as he's going IMMA KILL IT ANYWAY. That tickles me for some reason. :D (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - why rukia was never allowed to have a hamster by moonsheen - I may have clicked onto this link because it promised Ichigo/Orihime and I've obviously been flying rather high on them lately and I was curious since I was also sort of told there was Renji/Rukia in it and, well. Weak to the double-whammy OTP am I. And just. Yes. I couldn't possibly have asked for more from this fic. Not with brilliant dialogue or brilliant characterization or lines that made me laugh out loud. Not with the relationships between all the characters, not with how perfect Rukia was or how brilliant Orihime's lines were or how much I love Renji/Rukia or how I think Orihime would make an completely awesome teacher. I just. So many details. Why is not all Bleach fic this awesome? (Ichigo/Orihime, Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Transition by miss_ayachan - I go back and forth on the characterization of these short scenes, sometimes I think it's lovely, other times I find myself on the other side of the fence. But the author did a couple of things really well--one, it's porn. Really good porn. Renji/Rukia good porn! I would have loved it for that alone. And, two, the writing is very nice, the fic kept me interested the entire time, the different ways they touched each other, the uses of the theme, it was all very solidly written. There are little moments in the fic that seemed very right to me, especially the way Rukia isn't just a passive little thing in their sex. And I mentioned the whole hot!good!Renji/Rukia!porn thing, right? ♥ (Renji/Rukia, NC-17.)

- Bleach - snow white rose red by luvinaoshi - For all that I've been going nuts with TV fandoms as of late, Renji/Rukia fic will almost always pull me back because I love those two bratty kids just so damn much. And the author captures that here, Rukia's stubbornness, Renji's attitude that covers up how much he cares when she's been hurt, the sense of life being so damn hard for them back in the day without beating that into the reader's head too much... all it came together in a gorgeous little fic here. (Renji/Rukia, sort of.)

- Bleach - A Song That No One Sings by Sintari - I was enjoying this fic, as I do most Renji/Rukia pieces, thinking it a sweet little fic that had some very pretty language to it. Renji and Rukia and a lack of clothing and touching always makes me happy, this fic certainly being no exception. <3 Then I hit the last few lines and it was just... it packed quite the punch and... yeah. Exact reaction the author wanted me to have. (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Lesson Number One by libekory - As I was reading this, I was a little unsure about the timeframe, since it's set during the Academy days and I didn't think that Renji and Rukia would have been so close at that point, even while they were obviously dancing around each othere here or that she would use his sword. But what I liked about this fic is that I was won over by it, that I wound up ultimately not caring because Renji and Rukia are very much themselves, Rukia's stubbornness to prove herself and Renji showing his caring through snapping and foul language, the way they interact as he's helping Rukia train against Hollow dummies is just right. I could easily see the two of them and the author made her creative ideas work in the fic, so this was a very readable, enjoyable little piece. <3 (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Searing Insights by Kay Willow -;dflkjasl;jasld I think I may have shrieked with laughter a couple of times during this fic. It's. It's-- Renji and Orihime talking over food about the various love lives of the Bleach gang. I-- falsdkal;kjs this could have been such a flat fic, but it came off beautifully. Orihime with her incorrect impressions of those around her, Renji with his... well, Renjiness and some really killer lines. Because Orihime + spazzing!Renji? A thing of beauty. Her inner thoughts as she says stuff before she really thinks about it and then Renji reacts and-- w-well. It's not really parody or crack so much as it is humor, because I can totally, absolutely see this happening in the actual series itself. And it's LOL-worthy. (Implied Ichigo/Orihime, Renji/Rukia, and... Ishida/Rukia?)

- Bleach - Yuki Matsuri by Katsu - And, of course, I followed the author back here from her FFNET page and see that she's writing Renji/Rukia fic. I like Renji/Rukia! I start clicking on links! And this is an adorable little ficlet with the two of them walking through a snow-covered maze and just being adorable together, the little details of Rukia's outfit so much fun. Plus, the accompanying art is fantastic. (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Tanabata by Katsu - This is another short fic, just a moment between Renji and Rukia as they lay back on a hot roof while waiting for the fireworks to start one night, just being their doofy selves and still somehow so totally adorable with each other. Again, it's the little details of the scene, especially anything regarding Renji's shirt, that really make the fic. W-well. And the very, very nice (hot) artwork. Yes, plz. (Renji/Rukia.)

- Bleach - Fever by Katsu - I really liked this story, it was kind of a simple little story, one set back when Renji and Rukia were kids, trying to find a way to survive on the streets of Rukongai, when Rukia gets a fever. But the joy of the fic is in all the little details loaded into the writing, the way Renji views all of the rest of their gang, the way he views Rukia, the way he's so rough around the edges, but still obviously cares a lot. It's not a nice world that they're growing up in here, they know way too much for kids their ages, but the author doesn't infodump that too much, it's just part of the way Renji views the world now. Add to that a sweet scene as he watches over a feverish Rukia and it's a really lovely little fic. (Renji/Rukia implied.)

- Bleach - Sakura Matsuri by Katsu - I think what makes this story work for me--other than the very nice mental images it produces, which I really liked a lot--is that even when Rukia is open and Renji is more settled and secure in their relationship, she's still grumpy and kicks at him and he's still a total eager puppy for her. So there's less fighting than normal, but I can buy that once in awhile, especially if Renji's in a good mood and there at a better place in their relationship. And, really, the descriptions are lovely and the accompanying pic is totally excellent. (Renji/Rukia.)

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