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- Bleach - Thunderstorm by Nueva Yui Maxwell - So I sort of drift back and forth between the idea of Urahara/Yoruichi and Yoruichi/Soi Fong, but I sort of expected that I'd never find Urahara/Yoruichi fic, so finding this story... it was a treat just for that. Plus, it was really kinda cute, I liked the way they interacted, I liked the last line of the fic, and it just... it left me feeling warm and fuzzy. I don't ask for much more. :D (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - Fluidity by autophanous - *__* This is what I was looking for with wanting to read Urahara/Yoruichi, that spark to them, a certain amount of fiery sexual tension/appeal, not quite fighting, but they're not exactly sweet, either. Oh, I'm going to be completely unable to describe them or the dynamic between these two characters, but THIS is the kind of fic that's just... so absolutely perfect for them that I can't imagine them any other way, that these bits and pieces fit so easily in between the pages of the manga. Just... so them. ♥ (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - fade into you by Zau - How happy am I to see Urahara/Yoruichi fic? So happy. Especially with the way Zau writes the characters, there's this beautiful atmosphere to the piece, this weighted and heavy feeling between them, it's dark and not easy at all, it's painful in a lot of places, and there's this sense of something like being underwater, of drowning throughout the whole thing. Like I could almost feel a cold rain or feel heavy hands pressed against my own wrists--when an author can get me to almost physically feel something, that's when I get terribly impressed. The imagery is lovely and there are these wonderful turns of phrase and I'm going to go flap my hands quietly in the corner now. Complicated, messy, aching, but not depressing Urahara/Yoruichi? I didn't know how much I wanted it until I read it. *__* (Urahara/Yoruichi, a little Yoruichi/Soi Fong.)

- Bleach - the places where i will not follow by theyellowvespa - [Note: This fic may contain spoilers if you're anime-only. I have no idea where it's at anymore.] *happy sigh* More lovely Urahara/Yoruichi fic, the kind that has this lovely sensuality to it without being overly graphic, even just the way Urahara runs a finger down her arm or kisses her neck, it feels right, it builds this gorgeous sense of attraction between them. And, oh, the characterization was lovely as well, the way they're both so... independant in their own ways, even when the other means something very important to them. But, yeah, read this fic for the beautiful way the author describes the characters, it's so pretty and gentle. *__* (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - Homecoming by Technoelfie - [Note: This fic may contain spoilers if you're anime-only. I have no idea where it's at anymore.] I believe I picked the link up for this fic off of zauberer_sirin and I've been meaning to read it for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't been reading much fic and... well, okay, no one cares, I know. Anyway. ZOMG, URAHARA AND YORUICHI THAT'S NOT ONLY WELL-WRITTEN, BUT IT SPARKLES, TOO. I just... the way Yoruichi is written is fantastic, the way she's that blend of missing something that she doesn't know what and strong, sleek, willful fighter and Urahara has that demented side to him that so few can see beneath, but Yoruichi is one of them and the way they meet up again here... it's beautiful and clever and right. Plus, you have to, HAVE TO love Urahara's reaction to seeing Yoruichi again for the first time. It was classic. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - Hourglass by Technoelfie - [Note: This fic may contain spoilers if you're anime-only. I have no idea where it's at anymore.] He did not respect her for more than who she was; she did not place him on a pedestal even though his brilliance was occasionally blinding. They trained together, defining the spaces between by what they did not say. This is a lovely look at Urahara and Yoruichi, both individually and together, how they somehow blend together, but never lose who each of them is in this story. There's a certain attraction or tension here, through all of the moments they share together, through the dinner they have together (Urahara's thoughts on Yoruichi's back was especially nice for the way you could feel the attraction there), all put together with almost lilting words that create these lovely, elegant images. I liked this a lot. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - A Game of Tag / An Ordinary Daydream by nutty_scribbler - [Note: I'm not sure if there are spoilers in this or not? I have no idea where the anime is.] Wow. *__* I loved both of these shortfics, both were just... they have this elegant sort of writing to them, the way I just see the Bleach characters and the Urahara/Yoruichi relationship in particular, when I read them. The first one is just... you really get the sense of how incredible both of these characters are, of just why Yoruichi's relationship with Urahara is special, because he really is just that damned brilliant. Somehow, throughout the entire thing there's also this beautiful grace to Yoruichi, too, even as she simply thinks about how hard and fast she runs sometimes, it does beautiful justice to the relationship. And then the second fic just... it breaks and warms my heart at the same time. Because I can so easily see Yoruichi on Urahara's rooftop daydreaming about what they would be like if they had been ordinary, just for a moment, and it's so beautifully in character. ♥ (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - happy birthday, you bastard by eree - I should probably have put this in with the other shortfic, but there's something so very, very amusing about this story, something that just strikes me as being terribly clever, that I had to put it in with the other proper recs. I just. It's just. I love the "present" laid out on Urahara's doorstep and just... the whole ease of both characters and the relationship between them, even in such a short fic. (Urahara/Yoruichi implied.)

- Bleach - My Feline Valentine by Sophia Prester - [Note: There might be one little spoiler implied in this fic if you're anime-only.] Oh, my. Urahara, Yoruichi (naked Yoruichi), chocolate, Valentine's Day, and cat imagery all in one fic? Why, yes, I did quite enjoy this, especially the light, teasing air between Urahara and Yoruichi that was half flirting and half threatening to rip limbs off each other. Well, one threatened, one was an obnoxious bastard, who had great characterization. I really did like the details of this fic, Urahara was especially well-written in that... way he has, when you're not sure how much he's bullshitting and how much he's deliberately being a bastard and how much he's just naturally kind of a jerk and even when it seems like he's just being weird, there's always the implication of quite a lot of thought underneath it all. Plus, hey, Urahara/Yoruichi sexy fun with cat toys. I totally want to see that happen. ♥ (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - untitled by Chevira Lowe - A series of little short fics for various Bleach characters and, holy shit, there is so much love here. Urahara and Yoruichi and Benihime and fighting and hotness and slinking and practically purring and there was something so sleek and perfect about the first one. And then 11th division retardation and then there was Renji/Rukia not-quite-porn but it was hot and it was perfect because I was laughing, sparkling, and practically humming from how hot they'd be together, all at the same time. And then. AND THEN. Ikkaku and Yumichikia in the human world in a coffee shop and there was something so perfect about these last two Ikkaku/Yumichika drabbles, the way both characters were such love, the way they were both perfect that... I. Um. Thinking I maybe might want more Ikkaku/Yumichika. Shut up. And everyone seriously needs to read the last one with Zaraki and Yachiru. Five lines of brilliance. XDDDD (Some Urahara/Yoruichi, Renji/Rukia, Ikkaku/Yumichika, and some gen.)

- Bleach - Asymmetry by Luc Court - Oh, how to explain the tight feeling I get while reading this? It's not a story that's particularily sad or particularily happy, it just sort of is, but in that way that's so Urahara and Yoruichi and subtle, unsaid things between them that it somehow made me ache. The writing is brilliant, both characters are beautifully themselves here, but it's more than that, more than clever lines or good technical writing. Every time Yoruichi takes a little longer to come back, every time Urahara sets up his shop or Yoruichi goes exploring, every time that connection is still somehow there, it's... I can't tell if it's happy or bittersweet, I can't tell if Urahara minds the set-up, wishes it were different somehow, or if Yoruichi feels the same. Which is what is absolutely brilliant about this fic for me because it's the same sensation I get from them in the manga itself. This is definitely one of the best fics post-Soul Society, pre-series start I've read for them, it's clever and sparkling and just a little harsh and all around beautiful. (Urahara/Yoruichi implied, maybe.)

- Bleach - collision repeat by luvinaoshi - So, after enjoying the author's Aizen/Hinamori fic, I was curious as to how she would handle an Urahara/Yoruichi fic and, omg, squee. I'm not sure if it's the way Yoruichi feels so very feline in this fic, the way it matches her personality and movements in the series, rather than trying to make her into a cat-girl, or if it's the way they interact, the give and take teasing that you're not sure if it's friendly or if there really are barbed comments underneath it, except that there's certainly something like friendship or more there, or the light pr0n that was very, very hot. This is the way I like Urahara/Yoruichi, the way I want their sex to be. I'll refrain from purring now, honest. ^_~ (Urahara/Yoruichi, some light graphic content.)

- Bleach - doing europe, doing each other eree - Urahara and Yoruichi all over Europe and stopping to have sex whenever they please and being something like philosophical while they do it? Fabulous. There are so many style elements in this short piece, so many things that make up this character, the sophistication at times, the virtual immaturity at others, the high-class taste mixed with free-spirit anytime-anywhere, the high culture of Europe and how they both fit in and don't fit in at all. I know I'm being vague, but... that's the sort of thoughts that run through my head when I try to pin down what I liked about this fic. Or else I suppose I could just go with, "It was shiny!" That better? ^_~ (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - untitled by kay_willow - I've read a few one sentence fics that I've liked before and while I would prefer whole scenes most times, there are some authors who can accomplish a lot with a style like this. And I really did like the portrait of Urahara and Yoruichi's relationship that the author painted here, the way they're both so smart and dangerous and full of bizarre little quirks that make them so very much who they are, but my favorite... my favorite was actually any reference to Aizen, the way Urahara was obviously always thinking about him, always trying to figure out a way to win this upcoming war that they cannot avoid. There's something very... true to the complexities of these two characters that I liked a lot. (Urahara/Yoruichi, references to a few other pairings.)

- Bleach - Colourblind by Sahara Storm - I was all set to dig into a bunch of Chad/Karin fics tonight, but I got distracted by this short little Urahara/Yoruichi piece instead. It's a short fic set before they leave Soul Society together and I like it because there's so much unsaid about the whole situation... but it honestly doesn't need to be said here. It should be complicated, but somehow it's not. That fits wonderfully for them and I love the use of kaleidoscopes and shades of black&white the author used for imagery/metaphors here. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - A Gentleman's Weakness by Sahara Storm - This was a short little piece on Urahara and Yoruichi and, despite the short length, it captures what I really love about their relationship--the casualness even when they're not that casual yet, the grace and intelligence and confidence and sexiness they both exude even when they're just standing around in a room. I really liked the dialogue between them in this fic, it was a nice little read when I haven't read much for these two lately. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - Shameless by kay_willow - What I really like about this ficlet--aside from readable Urahara/Yoruichi and how often does that happen?--is that they're both very in character, both in terms of characterization and the senualized atmosphere here. They're both deceptively lazy, with a sort of lethal grace and knowing what they want with each other and having fun, even when it's something as simple as Urahara wondering where Yoruichi's clothes have gotten off to. It's just so easy to picture. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

- Bleach - Walking Into It by ArtemisRae - This is a really short little piece with Urahara and Yoruichi, while they're relaxing in a field, but it's such a perfect little content fic, the kind that I can see them in so easily and I love the use of the theme "Idiots will be idiots." The writing is clean and smooth and the fic says all it needs to say. <3 (Urahara/Yoruichi, but it could be entirely gen, too.)

- Bleach - Something on the Surface by ArtemisRae - Ahahahaha, okay, this was delightful. Yoruichi in a (very short) conversation with Jinta isn't something I would have thought up myself, but it seems so perfect here, especially since it's so... Bleach, in the way that Yoruichi doesn't really want this conversation and in the way she deals with it. Plus, the ending totally got a laugh out of me. XD (Maybe implications of Urahara/Yoruichi, maybe entirely gen.)

Bleach: Watched For and Seen by Liralen - I was randomly in the mood for some Urahara/Yoruichi, so I'm glad to have stumbled over this fic, it was a lot more than I was expecting to find. It's set during that first battle of the Hueco Mundo arc, the battle against Yami and Ulquiorra, starting from the point where Urahara and Yoruichi show up. Often times, I'm just not a fan of novelizing moments in the canon, there's not much an author can add, but this fic... somehow the author made it interesting, the focus on the fight of it and the adrennaline rush that Yoruichi goes through and trusting Urahara to have her back, both of them such lethal, dangerous fighters, I really quite liked it. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

Bleach: shadows of the future by incandescens - I really liked this take on Benihime, especially because there's a lot of mystery to the zanpakutou and it's from Yoruichi's point of view, and so much of everything isn't really said here, it's just sort of... hinted at. The way Yoruichi feels about Urahara, the way she knows him (which I found spot on, her observations of Urahara) and the way she looks at Benihime. The hints of the fight taking place and the way she watches over it, it's so easy to put it together with what we know of canon and easy to see in my mind's eye. Excellent fic. (Maybe a little Urahara/Yoruichi implied.)

Bleach: Out of Sight by ArtemisRae - Oh, this was really lovely. It's two scenes, one set in Soul Societ while Urahara and Yoruichi are still there, the other set just after they've left, and the theme of leaving and goodbyes and how they play with these two characters is really well done. Part of what I love about this fic is the teasing banter between two such powerful characters and the way they touch each other and flirt with each other, but even more than that it's... the way the author gets into Urahara's head and how he sees her and how there's something really deep that's there, but they're never going to be the attached at the hip kind of pairing. The way it's so many unsaid things and implications and everything they should be. (Urahara/Yoruichi.)

Bleach: Double Take by ArtemisRae - A lot of times I feel like I'm fond of the idea of Isshin and Urahara interaction, but something about it just doesn't quite do it for me in fic. Except with this one, I adored the hell out of this one because the author just totally nailed the characters and got everything that made the two of them so hilarious around each other. I love it. I love it. How much they... sort of understand each other, sort of don't, and as;ldkfjaslkj the scene with Urahara and Yoruichi where Urahara has been roped into making a gigai for a wedding present for Isshin and Yoruichi's reaction and the parallels and-- yes plz, this was great. (Some implied Isshin/Masaki, Urahara/Yoruichi, neither are precisely the point.)

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