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- The Little Mermaid - Filling the Silence by Yochan - So, I was browsing through the Yuletide archives again and stopped back on this fic, because The Little Mermaid was one of those stories I fell in love with as a kid and I was terribly curious. This fic... is probably not going to be for everyone, it does move the characters from being a Disney cartoon to being slightly more realistic/adult (in the sense that they've got sex drives--even if nothing really happens!--and references to body parts), but I found that I didn't mind it so much. It wasn't too over the line and the author captured this sense of... something between Eric and Ariel, the attraction that's there even before he really knows it, in a way that I felt was much like the movie. I think... I just liked the way Eric looked at her, the way she wasn't like the other women he'd known, the way there was something almost etherial (my word, not the author's) about her, that glowed almost... which appealed to the OTP fangirl in me. <3 (Eric/Ariel.)

- xxxHOLiC/The Little Mermaid - Professional Courtesies by Aishuu - You know, for all that Aishuu labels this crack, it's really sort of not, given the themes of wishes and what you trade for them that's present in both series. I adored this story because it's got this great balance between all this fantastic imagery and letting it overpower the story (which this fic doesn't do), because even such little things as Yuuko's hair swirling about her underwater or Ursula pressing a hand to her own chest, they just formed beautifully in my mind. The crossover is seamless, the worlds just smoothly fit together in Aishuu's hand and the ending is just absolutely right. I seriously think HOLiC could be crossed with anything in the right author's hands. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Little Mermaid - Melodies by bell - I believe it was aki_omoi who pointed this out the other night and, oh, Erik and Ariel and no matter what else I think of Disney, when they create an OTP for me, it never quite goes away. The author writes them so beautifully here, too, it really has that sense of a fairy tale mixed with an almost lyrical sort of style... which I can't put my finger on why, but it's something about the way I could picture the animation of it, something about the imagery used, of waves and solid ground. But mostly, yes, it's that I threatened to melt into a gooey pile because I love these two. *wibbles* (Erik/Ariel.)

- The Little Mermaid - seeing your world from the outside by Northlight - I recently got the urge to go looking for The Little Mermaid fic, since I've always loved that movie (and seen it more times than I should have) and I remember liking a lot of the fic Northlight has written, so I gave this one a chance. It's a more melancholy, deeper look at the series and what it meant for someone like Ariel to give up the sea for a new life on land. It's not completely unhappy, there are moments of real love here and sweetness, but it's not an easy piece, it's truly what the title says--seeing your world from the outside isn't an easy thing. The language of the fic is lovely and evokes all the emotion the author intended. (Eric/Ariel.)

Aladdin: A Whole New World by Roga - One of the other awesome things about Yuletide is that it'll get me to try fics that are in fandoms I wouldn't have ever touched otherwise. Not that I have anything against fic in them, but I wouldn't have thought of seeking out Aladdin fic of all things. But this one looked really promising (among a crapload of reviews XD) and a;sldkfja;lskj wow. What a brilliant Genie voice, it's so manic and yet there's something very real and emotional there at the same time. I was so impressed by the way it wove together the Disney fairy tale quality of the movie together with Genie in the future and the way things aren't always so happy and bad things do happen, but ultimately, he has a home now, too, and it's so wonderfully bittersweet. The writing is amazing and the last few paragraphs of this were just... what a punch they packed. (No warnings/pairings aside from canon.)

The Little Mermaid: a sea called styx by lesaut - The language of this one is beautiful and it's... I love Eric and Ariel, I think they were happy and loved each other, but sometimes seeing a different view on them can be interesting. Especially when it's a more heartbreaking take on the characters and their situation, how Eric knows what he's stolen her away from and what each of them truly loves most in their heart. It's a sad piece, but a beautiful one and I enjoyed it a lot. (Eric/Ariel.)

The Little Mermaid: The Span of a Year by angel_gidget - So, I have this thing for The Little Mermaid and I can never quite let it go. I keep having to read fic for it. But then I get adorable pieces like this one, where it's a short piece about the changing of seasons over the course of a year and Eric's worry for Ariel and how she adjusts to them and the first time she gets a cold and how Ariel is just so... Ariel. Somehow I could just see this with the two of them and the ending is the most cutely adorable thing ever. (Eric/Ariel.)

Beauty and the Beast: Bittersweet by isabeau - Now, I love the end of the Disney movie; I wouldn't change it at all. But this story is about what if Belle hadn't made it in time, well, what then? It's a heartbreaking and bittersweet look at how their love was real and how Beast actually had changed and he was a different person now, but... that last petal had fallen. It's a simple story, but the emotion of the piece comes through so very well, both characters are just wonderful here. The Beast's more gentle nature and his maturity in being willing to let her go, in having seen what he was doing to her. Belle's fierce determination was so perfect for her. And, as painful as it kind of was to read, I don't think I'd have changed a thing about this fic either, it was a beautiful and bittersweet look at these two if Belle was just a few more seconds late. (Beast/Belle.)

Beauty and the Beast: Rose Without Thorn by Spooki - Oh, this was lovely as well. Belle was one of my favorite Disney characters because she was so full of life and spunk and sensiblity and adventure, all wrapped up into one fantastic package! So, how does life go for her once the castle is restored to normal? Once the kindgom has its proper prince again and royal behavior must be properly attended to? It's not easy for her, you can feel how trapped she feels, how frustrated and upset she is that things have changed from what she fell in love with--both the simple life she'd settled into with everyone there and the man/beast she'd fallen in love with. I love that it's not easy for her, that she almost wants to run away, until she talks to Adam and can see the person she fell in love with in there again, even if that's not perfect, either. But it's better. The author did a lovely job of capturing the emotional rollercoaster ride and yet giving it a wonderfully satisfying ending. This is what I read Disney fic for. (Beast/Belle.)

The Princess and the Frog: Conjugal Rights by mithrigil - So, I'm wary of stepping into the fandom for this movie, because it's still so fresh and so perfect and so charming. (Which is the same reason I want fic RIGHT NOW, sigh.) But this little piece was sort of the perfect stepping stone for me because it has a beautiful voice for Naveen, I didn't even have to try to hear him saying/thinking everything he did in this fic. And, oh, the reveal. I am still laughing. This was perfection. (Naveen/Tiana.)

The Princess and the Frog: Skill Set by David Hines - I think I may have squeaked a little at the ending of this fic. ....shut up. It's just that it's such a lovely piece, where the rest of the Disney princesses descend on Tiana's restaurant to all help out in their own ways. I adore the way they each contribute something and the way it ties various movies together, it feels like one of those extra things Disney puts out now and then as fun little extras. And this is all on top of how much fun both Tiana and Naveen are here, they're both absolutely charming and wonderful. I loved this. ♥ (Some Tiana/Naveen, but it's not really the point.)

The Princess and the Frog: From the Heart by Luc Court - I think, if I hadn't had to keep one hand on the page down key, I may have been in danger of clasping my hands to my heart and going Awwwwww!! at this fic in a truly sickening manner, that is how perfect it was and how much I loved it fiercely. Naveen is one of those characters that I feel can be difficult to genuinely capture in text but, oh, this fic does a pitch-perfect job of getting his attitude and tone of voice and just the whole entire spirit of his character onto the page. His relationship with Tiana and the recipes and his own lack of cooking ability that he doesn't let stop him and the way he finds out how to show Tiana how much she means to him, all of it was lovely. I couldn't ask for a better coda to the movie. ♥ (Naveen/Tiana.)

The Princess and the Frog: Meet Me in the Middle by Aishuu - Well, as long as I was catching up on my fic read/a bunch of Aishuu's fics, I could hardly resist this one. And, oh, I really liked this short little piece! It really nicely captures the dynamic that Tiana and Naveen found themselves in--a little bit of push and pull from both sides, how they balance each other out with (too much) hard work vs (too much) lazing around. I was just delighted by this piece. (Naveen/Tiana.)

Enchanted: Before It Breaks by michellek - Part of me was a little heartbroken by this fic, despite that I knew what I was getting into when I clicked onto it. The summary is: "I think we need some time apart," she says. so how can it be anything but painful to go through? And it's all about Giselle in the real world with a real relationship and real heartbreak and real love. It's very far from perfect, but it's... it's also very much Enchanted and Giselle. It's a beautifully written piece and fits with the movie and has exactly the ending it needed. I couldn't ask for more. Even if I want tons of comfort fic now. (Robert/Giselle.)

Enchanted: This Tired World Can Change by ordinarygirl - Oh, man. This fic--! It's Giselle getting lost in a bad neighborhood post-movie with "unsavory types" and being so... Giselle about it, that I think I nearly clapped my hands over my fangirl heart with utter love for her. It was a short piece, but was just utterly delightful and so completely true to the movie and how Giselle interacts with the real world around her that I'm just over the moon for it. It was perfect. (Slight Robert/Giselle, but it's not the point.)

The Little Mermaid: Cast Your Soul by allira_dream - Like a lot of people, I have a special fondness for The Little Mermaid and these characters, so I'm always curious how nostalgia vs reading fic so long after watching the movie as a kid will pan out. This fic is utterly wonderful--it's slightly AU, if the ending of the movie had gone just a little differently, if Eric and Ariel had both lived but been separated by the ocean again--but it really only sort of deepens how much they loved each other. And, oh, the longing on both sides is lovely and the ending is sheer perfection. I think I'm with the commenters in that I love it even more than the original. (Eric/Ariel.)

The Little Mermaid: Wife by cuethe-pulse - I have this thing about The Little Mermaid and the Eric/Ariel relationship. It makes me smile ridiculously when they're being adorable because I love them so damn much--which this fic captures wonderfully. I love Eric being such a moron over Ariel, just because she's his wife now and he loves her that much. There's a moment of seriousness, but it's dealt with in a Disney way--no less meaningful for it, but it's a happy piece. ♥ (Eric/Ariel.)

The LIttle Mermaid: But It Is Not Right by Steve Zissou - This is a really interesting piece about Eric and when he was engaged to Vanessa, the way that nagging feeling of something being not right warring with the fever-like feeling of the spell he's under. It's not a long piece, but it's not something I've seen done a lot, what he must have been going through during that time, and it's a very intriguing piece for it. (Implied Eric/Ariel and Eric/Vanessa.)

Calvin & Hobbes/Lilo & Stitch: What I Did On My Summer Vacation by amazingly_me - I try not to get too attached to crossover interactions, because it's not like there's going to be a ton of them or they'll ever happen on any sort of screen besides in fanfic, but. Sometimes they're just so amazing and perfect and wonderful that I can't help but be wistful. Lilo and Stitch running into Calvin and Hobbes, the perfection of these strongly defined kids playing together, including their weird animal friends, is just as delightful as the premise promised. It's just. Sheer fun and happiness and delight, it totally gives you that same bouncy feeling as when you're watching one of the movies. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

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