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- Teen Titans - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, see. This fanart was just hilarious and one of the first I stumbled over when I did a search for Nightwing art on deviantART and I laughed and laughed and laughed and then decided to browse the artist's gallery. The artist does these awesome images that I flap and flail my hands over, the kind of art that's just so professional looking because everything is so smooth, but still detailed and the colors are bright without being gaudy and just... everything is so likable. The concepts for each image are terrific, very much in the spirit of the cartoon itself, but they're actually also very pretty--Cyborg and Jinx surrounded by sakura petals shouldn't be something I coo over, but with this artist? I totally did. And it made me fall to the idea that, hey, okay, maybe some Titans fanart wouldn't be such a bad thing to poke around on dA for.... (Hints of some pairings, but they're pretty evenly spread around. It's more gen than anything.)

- Professor Layton/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, so. Foster's is not a series I go looking for art from very often. I've done a search or two on devART and never managed to hit on much that really caught my attention. But I was looking for Layton fanart and then this artist also had some Foster's stuff and it's really kind of totally awesome stuff, slightly different styles and a lot of the background characters (like Eurotrish or Chuck or Bendy) or the main characters (a;lksdjfalskj Bloo being cute or Eduardo with the pink elephant or Madame Foster on the skateboard, awesome), it's all just really great stuff. The Layton sketches are adorable, they're a bit rougher than some of her other work, but they still capture that sense the game had and I love the morning routine stuff and older Luke and Flora being cute and--! ♥ (No warnings/pairings for either.)

  - Freakazoid! - [ English Fanart Site ] - I know there probably should have been a bit more Freakazoid! art on this account before recommending it, but... it's Freakazoid! art, I've hardly ever seen such a thing! You can find it by browsing the Freakazoid-Baybee tag, of course, and I think... what really won me over was this really kinda awesome one of Freakazoid and Steph on their anniversary and it was just so damn cute and perfect. Well, that one and the Freakazoid Spotlight image, which captures the style of the cartoon nicely. Not that all the art doesn't capture the style of the cartoon, because it really does, which I love. I love the Freak/Steph OTP and omg omg omg Freakazoid and Cosgrove high action pose as they dive bomb for snow-cones. My life, IT IS COMPLETE NOW. ♥ (Some Freak/Steph, some gen.)

  - Rainbow Bright - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, I wish there'd been a bit more than just the single-character portraits, but! It's Rainbow Brite fanart and you don't see much of that at all, much less stuff that's this damn gorgeous. You can find the images under the artist's Rainbow-Brite tag, of course, and the art is just... I really like this artist's Sailor Moon stuff and the art for this series is just as fantastic. The characters all look amazing in their older forms here, the details on their faces and clothes and hair are great. But mostly this is just... NEAT, I really love it and it makes me nostalgic all at the same time. Just... neat omg. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

  - She-Ra - [ English Fanart Site ] - Well, as long as I was browsing devART for cartoon art, apparently I was destined to stumble over this She-Ra site and it's really kind of fantastic art! My favorite are the She-Ra ones, of course, but that the artist does art for the other characters is great--and I think they're based on actual dolls from the toy lines? For some reason that struck me as awesome. I wish there'd been a bit more art here, but it definitely got me started on a She-Ra kick just by being really kinda cool. :Db (No warnings/pairings.)

  - Freakazoid! - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, not that there's a ton of art here, but! I was browsing around devART, happened to stumble over this Happy Anniversary image with Freakazoid and Steph, couldn't resist clicking on the artist's account and... well. I can't help it if I got sucked in by really kind of awesome looking art and the nostalgia factor! And there's Freakazoid and Cosgrove, too! And they look awesome! It's one of those things where you probably have to be a real nerd for the show to get as geeked out as I did, but... man, I loved that show and this art was pretty fantastic, so I'm happy today, shut up. :D (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

  - Toy Story - [ English Fanart Site ] - Once again, I was looking for something else and somehow wound up on something completely different and couldn't help getting drawn into an artist's account--well, okay, I was looking at Disney art and that's not very far removed from Pixar art, but still. Even after Toy Story 3, I never really felt a super strong urge to go looking for art; I glanced at a few images here and there when they were popping up frequently, but didn't pay too much attention overall. And then today... somehow I stumbled over this amazingly lovely Woody/Bo image and just kind of quietly fell in love with the artist's style. Her Woody/Bo art is probably the best overall in my opinion, but she does have some really adorable Woody/Jessie and Buzz/Jessie art tucked away here and there, too. But, yeah, my favorite is definitely her Woody/Bo art, it's just so damn cute and adorable! If I were going to be an active fan in this fandom, I think this might have pushed me towards them a little more. ....though, my ultimate favorite is this image of all four of them and I dare you not to find it super, super adorable. (Woody/Bo, Woody/Jessie, Buzz/Jessie, a little Bo/Jessie, maybe a little other. An occasional darker tone warning.)

  - Toy Story - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oh, hell, as long as I'm looking around at Toy Story fanart, I couldn't resist stumbling over one more account. And I'm just utterly charmed by this artist's style, her delicate lines and soft, light, almost pastel colors that look like very detailed sketches (....that's not quite what I want to say, but whatever) are just lovely. I mostly came here for the realistic sketches of the characters and the Woody/Bo art, but I actually thought the Buzz/Woody art was really cute, too! It's all very delicate and warmly colored and charming, which is a really neat style to put together with Toy Story, so I had a lot of fun. <3 (Woody/Bo, Buzz/Woody, some gen.)

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