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- Freakazoid! - Donut Feed the Animals! - Okay, this is hysterical.

Mrs. Douglas: Dexter, hun, could you run to the donut shop and pick up a few things for me?

Dexter: Mom, Iím busy.

Mrs. Douglas: Oh, itís not good to stay in this room all day long, doncha know. You could get cancer.

Dexter: Mom, Iím not gonna get cancer.

Mrs. Douglas: Or heart disease.

Dexter: Mom, Iím already on my computer 18 hours a day and I havenít gotten heart disease yet.

Mrs. Douglas: Thatís because itís a slow, painful death spanning several decades.

Dexter: All right, Iíll go, Iíll go.

Hee! The rest of the fic is really good, too! It's weird, whacky, zany, loopy, looney, crazy fun, just like the series. And any other 'kooky' adjectives that you can think of.

See! I told you I'd find a good Freakazoid! fanfic!

- He-Man - Identity by Mandolin - Okay, wait, wait, wait! Before you roll your eyes at me or skip away from this entry, let me just say that I didn't expect to be rec'ing this either. Hell, I don't even know what made me click on the story in the first place, or what posessed me to wander into the He-Man section in the first place. Morbid curiosity, I suppose. Then I started reading and... damn, this story was actually good. It covers the issue I'm really even remotely interested in with He-Man--the duality between He-Man and Adam and where is that line drawn? I absolutely adore Mandolin's take on the situation and Adam's thoughts/feelings about becoming He-Man and what that does to him. My worldview is all askew now. Good, thoughtful, intriguing He-Man fic. The world is not the place I knew it to be. I'm frightened. (No warnings.)

- He-Man - Mind Games by Mandolin - GAH! If she doesn't quit this writing good He-Man fic thing soon, my worldview is never going to be the same. This one is longer and deals with the possibility of Teela finding out that Adam is He-Man, and how it's not exactly a pleasant reaction. I absolutely loved this story because it stays very true to the He-Man (2002) characters (it continues to surprise me how she gets the feel of the series down so damn well in the writing) and explores all the issues that such a revelation would bring up: Teela's feelings of betrayal that her best friend never tolder, that her father knew, too, that they just let her half-crush on He-Man continue, and just being unable to get one's mind around the idea at first. Another one that I really, really liked.

Also, this fic is one of those that resulted in a serious discussion between Amanda and myself, about the nature of He-Man and why Adam of all people was chosen. I love that we're nerdy enough to actually think about stuff like that, and I love that this fic got us thinking. (No warnings.)

- Invader ZIM - Wind Facing Lightning by Tiamat's Child - I don't read much ZIM fic because I would be incredibly fussy about--I don't want to read something that's too silly, but neither do I want to read something that's overly dark and pretentious, because a part of the show is still a silly cartoon. This... was a really, really nice balance between the two, wrapped up in a characterization I can believe and it was about Gaz! I love Gaz. I really do. And I adored this fic because I could just see her doing this and her thoughts running this way, and just... everything was just right for this fic and I can't express it any better than that. >_> (No pairings/warnings.)

- Jem and the Holograms - Into The Mirror by Voleuse - My initial reaction to this story? And I quote: "....Jesus Christ. Decent Jem and the Holograms fic that makes me hate Rio a little less. WTF!" Which is pretty much the summation of whatever I could say about this story--other than the usual, mind. Good writing, good details, solid characterization, really does a good job of writing a readable, believable story. *mutters* Can't believe she made me almost like Rio, for god's sake. I always hated that jerk who could never effing decide between Jem and Jerrica and, ARGH, CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE WROTE A PLAUSIBLE EXPLANATION FOR RIO. *stomps off* (Jem/Rio/Jerrica.)

- The Incredibles - The Interview by Moonsheen - You know, the movie was such a complete thing that I really don't feel a terrible drive for fanfic, especially with the main family, but there's something about a background piece for Mirage like this... that's somehow so incredibly perfect, that it strides that brilliant line between too complex for the kids and too simple for the adults, that gorgeous space in the middle where the movie and this fic reside. Because, for all the point the fic makes, there's such an intense presence to this fic that's fabulous. I could totally and easily believe this as background for the character. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Little Mermaid - Filling the Silence by Yochan - So, I was browsing through the Yuletide archives again and stopped back on this fic, because The Little Mermaid was one of those stories I fell in love with as a kid and I was terribly curious. This fic... is probably not going to be for everyone, it does move the characters from being a Disney cartoon to being slightly more realistic/adult (in the sense that they've got sex drives--even if nothing really happens!--and references to body parts), but I found that I didn't mind it so much. It wasn't too over the line and the author captured this sense of... something between Eric and Ariel, the attraction that's there even before he really knows it, in a way that I felt was much like the movie. I think... I just liked the way Eric looked at her, the way she wasn't like the other women he'd known, the way there was something almost etherial (my word, not the author's) about her, that glowed almost... which appealed to the OTP fangirl in me. <3 (Eric/Ariel.)

- The Incredibles - Therapy by rosehiptea - I'm not sure what made me stop on this fic, especially since I'm not as familiar with the extras as I would like, but the opening few lines caught me and I found that I didn't want to stop reading. Even if you're not really extensively versed in the movie's extras, I'd still suggest giving this one a shot, the narration has this fabulous flow to it and the lines just sparkle. She makes the character interesting, even when I knew nothing about him, the details worked beautifully into the story in the background so that you got a sense of the world and you could feel the personality coming off the character without having to be told about them and it just... it's feels so much like the movie itself. Really good fic. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Teen Titans - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, see. This fanart was just hilarious and one of the first I stumbled over when I did a search for Nightwing art on deviantART and I laughed and laughed and laughed and then decided to browse the artist's gallery. The artist does these awesome images that I flap and flail my hands over, the kind of art that's just so professional looking because everything is so smooth, but still detailed and the colors are bright without being gaudy and just... everything is so likable. The concepts for each image are terrific, very much in the spirit of the cartoon itself, but they're actually also very pretty--Cyborg and Jinx surrounded by sakura petals shouldn't be something I coo over, but with this artist? I totally did. And it made me fall to the idea that, hey, okay, maybe some Titans fanart wouldn't be such a bad thing to poke around on dA for.... (Hints of some pairings, but they're pretty evenly spread around. It's more gen than anything.)

- xxxHOLiC/The Little Mermaid - Professional Courtesies by Aishuu - You know, for all that Aishuu labels this crack, it's really sort of not, given the themes of wishes and what you trade for them that's present in both series. I adored this story because it's got this great balance between all this fantastic imagery and letting it overpower the story (which this fic doesn't do), because even such little things as Yuuko's hair swirling about her underwater or Ursula pressing a hand to her own chest, they just formed beautifully in my mind. The crossover is seamless, the worlds just smoothly fit together in Aishuu's hand and the ending is just absolutely right. I seriously think HOLiC could be crossed with anything in the right author's hands. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Little Mermaid - Melodies by bell - I believe it was aki_omoi who pointed this out the other night and, oh, Erik and Ariel and no matter what else I think of Disney, when they create an OTP for me, it never quite goes away. The author writes them so beautifully here, too, it really has that sense of a fairy tale mixed with an almost lyrical sort of style... which I can't put my finger on why, but it's something about the way I could picture the animation of it, something about the imagery used, of waves and solid ground. But mostly, yes, it's that I threatened to melt into a gooey pile because I love these two. *wibbles* (Erik/Ariel.)

- Xiaolin Showdown - Friends and Enemies by Scribbler - One of the things I like about the show (aside from the sheer WTF of the series and the cuteness of it) is that I have surprisingly strong emotional reactions for such a young show. Oh, I might not be bawling buckets or anything, but I care about the characters more than I would have thought. That's one of the reasons this fic--the only fic I've found that I can read more than a couple of lines of, much less one that's written really, really well--hit me so hard, because it shows why these kids are so likeable, the way their friendships with each other are genuine. It hints at some of the hard things Omi in particular has to work through after "Time After Time", the way the things he saw hurt and won't leave his head until he deals with them and finds a way to accept them. My fangirl heart ached for the kid in this fic, it wasn't truly about black & white good vs evil, we can see hints of that every time Chase Young shows up. It's not simple. It's not always easy. This fic doesn't make things too dark, but it shows why it can be hard sometimes and was lovely for that. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Jem and the Holograms - Wednesday's Street by voleuse - Sometimes, when you take a cartoon series from the '80s and try to write fic about it (that's not blatant sillyfic or what have you), there's this weird quality to it, a disconnect between original content and the tone of the fic. But this? Somehow hits that right tone for me, the light-hearted quality of the series mixed with the small part of me that took the characters seriously. It's about rivalling bands, friendship despite that, and music. A simple scene of Kimber and Stormer's friendship that makes me want to rewatch all of the scenes they ever had together and then try to read every fic ever written. Yes. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Nightmare Before Christmas - Skeleton in the Long Black Coat by Mollyscribbles - I was browsing FFNET and checking out favorites pages and happened to stumble over this one. I admit, I clicked on the link because omg Jack and Sally with a kid eeeee! But it was actually a really charming little story that fit so well with the universe--the Halloween theme, the adorable idea that their kid would feel the need to prove himself because of living in the shadow of his famous father and his parents' famous romance. All of it was pulled off with just the right sense of fun that I loved it. (Implications of canon, but it's not the point.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - A Bit of Advice by Laurus Nobilis - You know, it might have been weird to see a series like CCS crossed over with something like Foster's... but the way this is written, it seems so natural a thing for them to cross dimensions. I love so many little details here, I love Frankie's reactions to having tea with her grandmother, Clow, and the Guardians. But mostly I love that Madame Foster and Clow would be fantastic tea partners, I love the way Madame Foster slips seamlessly into the world here. (No warnings/pairings.)

- The Little Mermaid - seeing your world from the outside by Northlight - I recently got the urge to go looking for The Little Mermaid fic, since I've always loved that movie (and seen it more times than I should have) and I remember liking a lot of the fic Northlight has written, so I gave this one a chance. It's a more melancholy, deeper look at the series and what it meant for someone like Ariel to give up the sea for a new life on land. It's not completely unhappy, there are moments of real love here and sweetness, but it's not an easy piece, it's truly what the title says--seeing your world from the outside isn't an easy thing. The language of the fic is lovely and evokes all the emotion the author intended. (Eric/Ariel.)

- One Piece/Tiny Toon Adventures - Pets by Icka! M. Chif - There are just some crossovers that you are so completely not expecting that you have to click on the link, especially when done by an author you like. And this. This. This is beautiful. I was laughing the entire way through because the One Piece characters with Elmyra would go exactly like this and the ending was absolutely, utterly pitch perfect. Both for Luffy and from everyone else. Just. Brilliant. \o/ (No warnings/pairings.)

- He-Man Universe - Hope Grows (Greener Than Grass Stains) by sheepfairy - Of all the things to be reading from last year's Yuletide, I never expected to be clicking on the He-Man Universe stories, much less a potentially femslash one. But I had a great love of watching the reruns when I was a kid and the summary sounded intriguing, so I went ahead to click on it. I'm very glad I did because this is a fic set not that long after Adora joins the Rebellion and it's got a lovely, softness covering steel tone to it that fits the character so well. The way she watches Glimmer and wonders at someone who can be so cheerful and strong even in the middle of a war as they are, the way she still has lingering effects from her time with the Horde, all of it is a really lovely, lovely story. (Potential Adora/Glimmer, but it could also be gen.)

- He-Man Universe - The Distant Silence by Leyenn - I am not precisely sure what to think of this fic, as it's unhappier and more hopeless than I would usually go for with this series and these characters. And yet I cannot resist the temptation of darker fic for this series, especially one as well-written as this one was, the way things aren't quite right for Adam after the war with Skeletor finally ends. I think the worst thing is the way his marriage to Teela is awkward and uncomfortable, I always kind of quietly shipped those two even before I knew what shipping was. But, again, I can't fault the writer for that, the fic is beautifully written and, as much as it's bitter and unhappy, it also feels like it does justice to the series and the characters. (Some pairings, but it's not really the point.)

- The Simpsons - Green-Eyed Homer by Person - So. The reason I decided to read this fic is a touch convoluted--bell had done some recs for The Simpsons fics from the 2007 Yuletide, but the authors hadn't been revealed yet (which I don't read because it would be too much of a pain to go back and edit all my recs) despite that I was really quite intrigued. So, instead, I was browsing through the 2006 Yuletide fics I hadn't yet read and saw there was a couple there and picked one at random to read. And what I got was really sort of brilliant. I was also talking with bell about how the show didn't really get much fic, for various reasons, and it was hard to imagine how a series like it would translate to fanfic form, but... somehow this fic did it and did so brilliantly. Homer's perspective in this is fantastic, it is both hilariously funny and emotionally moving, he is very obviously not bright and a cartoon character, but there's a real person there. And Lisa just shines in this fic, her enthusiasm for all her pursuits and her intelligence, and the connection she has with Patty's new girlfriend and Homer's jealousy over it and his relationship with his daughter, all of it amazingly done. Even when the author lightly touched the fourth wall (as the show is often wont to do itself), it was fantastic. This was just brilliant all the way around. I-- I could really go for more The Simpsons fic if it were like this. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- Professor Layton/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - [ English Fanart Site ] - Okay, so. Foster's is not a series I go looking for art from very often. I've done a search or two on devART and never managed to hit on much that really caught my attention. But I was looking for Layton fanart and then this artist also had some Foster's stuff and it's really kind of totally awesome stuff, slightly different styles and a lot of the background characters (like Eurotrish or Chuck or Bendy) or the main characters (a;lksdjfalskj Bloo being cute or Eduardo with the pink elephant or Madame Foster on the skateboard, awesome), it's all just really great stuff. The Layton sketches are adorable, they're a bit rougher than some of her other work, but they still capture that sense the game had and I love the morning routine stuff and older Luke and Flora being cute and--! ♥ (No warnings/pairings for either.)

Aladdin: A Whole New World by Roga - One of the other awesome things about Yuletide is that it'll get me to try fics that are in fandoms I wouldn't have ever touched otherwise. Not that I have anything against fic in them, but I wouldn't have thought of seeking out Aladdin fic of all things. But this one looked really promising (among a crapload of reviews XD) and a;sldkfja;lskj wow. What a brilliant Genie voice, it's so manic and yet there's something very real and emotional there at the same time. I was so impressed by the way it wove together the Disney fairy tale quality of the movie together with Genie in the future and the way things aren't always so happy and bad things do happen, but ultimately, he has a home now, too, and it's so wonderfully bittersweet. The writing is amazing and the last few paragraphs of this were just... what a punch they packed. (No warnings/pairings aside from canon.)

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