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- Powerpuff Girls - [ Japanese Fan Art Site ] - Okay, this is one of those sites that I stumbled across completely by accident, not really even sure how I got on this kick, but was totally blown away by the art that I just had to rec it, despite it being outside of my usual parameters of stuff I look for. The art is just... absolutely darling and just perfect for the PPG that I have the same reaction to it that I do the series itself--I want to go *squee!* and huggle the girls to tiny little pieces. The colors are fantastic, the poses just absolutely adorable, and... just... such good art!! XD XD XD (No warnings.)

- Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi [ Webcomic? English Fanart? ] - Di-chan pointed me towards this comic one day and made me read it (which I dragged my feet on forever, despite the cool-sounding premise) but now that I'm finally catching up on it, I had to chuck it into the webcomics recs section (and cartoons section) because... it's REALLY EFFING COOL. The thing I love about it is that it clearly has a genuine love for all the Cartoon Network original series--like the Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack and Dexter's Lab and even some other non-CN North American cartoons. And the style of the doujinshi/comic really fits and yet isn't just like retreading the same ground. The art is fantastic--it's bright and colorful, just like the series themselves are, but it adds in a little bit of extra spice to give it its own feel., this rec is really sucking, but I want people to go read this thing because it's fun, because it's cool, because seeing all these cameos of characters I recognize or seeing the way they fit into the storyline (the Powerpuff girls transfer to a new school and Dexter is a classmate there, Samurai Jack is a teacher there, etc., etc.) is actually really engaging and telling a good story along with the whole "HAHAHAHA COOL!" factor. The little references (like the side story with the anime references--which cracked me up) and that the characters are actually well-written... there's nothing that's not interesting about this comic/doujinshi, I don't think. Much love for it. Especially the Invader ZIM crossover. GIR = ♥♥♥! (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

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