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- CCS - What People Say by SaturnOolaa - I think I'm one of only about three people who likes Kaho. I liked her with Touya (Though, Yuki's his soulmate, and I'll kick anyone who says differently. Hard. Probably in the head.), and I like her with Eriol. And while EriolxTomoyo can be so amazingly well-done, it's just so... nice to see good EriolxKaho stories. This one was short and bittersweet and perfect. Just a quick glimpse of Kaho and Eriol's life after they went back to England and how hard things are for Kaho and, as the author says, how brave Kaho is. Wonderful. (EriolxKaho obviously.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - When We First Met by Vikki - I have a strong affection for EriolxKaho fics, because... well, I'm not sure why that relationship appealed to me at first, all I know is that I was drawn towards it and that it wasn't written nicely nearly often enough for my taste. I really, really like what Vikki's put forth here, the way she writes Eriol and Kaho's first meeting (and, I admit, I forgot that Eriol is much older than he looks, that he almost assuredly chose to remain at that age for his own purposes, so on the first time through with this fic, I was -_-'ing just a little, which it didn't deserve), the way they interacted, and how you can see what brought these two characters together. I adore the soft, gentle writing that's so perfect for CCS and I loved the way the fic flowed from one moment to the next, never staying too long in one place, so that you could better see how the relationship grew over time. *sparkles* I had much fun reading this. =^_^= (EriolxKaho.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - one thousand and one nights by Bethany Ten - From the looks of it, she would remain twenty-something forever, and he discerned this not from the flare of moon magic that cradled her like the arms of Somnus, but from the twinkle in her pale-pale eyes, like a star that flares brightest just a hairsbreadth from dying. She walked on the air and drew patterns in the cloudless sky. I was immediately pulled into this story for the beautiful, beautiful imagery the author weaves, the kind that fits with the CCS manga beautifully because it's all these beautiful, sweeping lines and soft colors and elegant movements that this pairing really calls for, in my view. It's not just that the author writes a lovely image, it's that the writing itself compliments the descriptions, it's soft and pretty, evoking a tone that feels right for Eriol and Kaho. Plus, I just... I felt the magic between them, corny as that sounds, both in the sense of their power and the chemistry between them. I thought this was befitting CLAMP in general and these two in particular. *coos* So pretty~ *__* (Eriol/Kaho.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Anno Mirabilis by derlirum - Again, I know, I should put this in the drabbles section. But because Eriol/Kaho fic is so rare and... well, because this one had an ending line that knocked me on my ass and made my fangirl heart turn over... well, I had to include it here. Just... so lovely and so perfect. *__* (Eriol/Kaho.)

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