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- Cardcaptor Sakura - Say You Love Me by Chelle - I cackled the whole way through this, it was so perfect. Fujitaka having a mild nutjob streak in him, the way he nearly revelled in baiting Sonomi... it was brilliant. I love this Fujitaka. I'd marry him if I could. And Sonomi was hysterical!

And damn him for wearing that suit. He couldn’t make this easy on her, could he? Oh, no, Kinomoto had to go and wear the suit that she liked best - the dark one with the vest that emphasized his lean waist and solid chest. Of course, with the overcoat that nearly matched his burnt caramel hair and eyes he seemed even…. She scowled as she realized where her train of thought was going. Bastard. Stupid, tall, broad-shouldered, pretty-faced bastard. She’d kill him, see if she didn’t.

It's writing like this that can get me to be really quite fond of these alternate pairings. (All the usual Chelle pairings--FujitakaxSonomi, EriolxTomoyo, SyaoranxSakura, TouyaxYuki, etc. Most are just hinted at, FujitakaxSonomi being the focus of the fic.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Birthday Wishes by Ann - Aww, a cute, sweet li'l CCS fic. I adore Syaoran and watching him blush is just so much fun. Reading about him getting teased by his sisters is also a lot of fun. But the scene I liked best was when Sakura and Yukito came to wish him a happy birthday and to give him presents, it was... lovely and sweet. (Hints of Syaoran+Sakura.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Valentine's Gift by Honooko - Yes, yes, I'm obviously going through the drabble_me comm to look for new fic to read, but I like the comm because it gives me little ficlets like these ones. Ones that aren't quite a thousand words, that are just right for my attention span some mornings and are really quite cute. Syaoran and Sakura are adorable and this fic was just... it was sweet and fluffy without being too sweet and fluffy. It had some really nice little touches in the details of their class' decorating for Valentine's Day and the ending was very sweet. <3 (Syaoran/Sakura.)

- Cardcaptor Sakura - Things Forgotten by bell - This was 279 words of beautiful, lovely ow. Perhaps I shouldn't rec such a small fic, but it's one of the few fics from the anti-OTP meme that I could bring myself to read (because I am not the type of fan to often indulge in depressing myself most of the time, shut up ^_~) and it's just... so pretty and so good at hurting a fangirl's heart in such a bittersweet sort of way. (Implications of Syaoran/Sakura and Tomoyo/Sakura.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: A Presence Within by Chisis - Okay, this was really adorable. Syaoran, minding his own business, being the serious-faced kind of guy he is, suddenly senses a presence in the house that he's not sure about, instantly suspicious. It's a bit obvious where the story is going, but that's not the point of it--instead, the charm is in Syaoran's totally adorable reactions and the sweet (without being too sugary) interaction with Sakura he has, when he tries to protect her from whatever new prensence is in the house. Awww. ♥ (Syaoran/Sakura.)

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