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Cardcaptor Sakura: falling down with your name in my mouth by reversedhymnal - So, as I've mentioned before, I have this thing about Touya/Yue and how desperately I want it because I think it's a natural extension of the canon, blah, blah, blah, and also it is so hot. Especially in fics like this where... you pretty much do have to pin Yue down to get him to just listen and yet it's not forceful, he can leave any time he wants. And I love how clear it is that Touya loves him, even as it's just as clear how much Touya really wants to fuck him. I really like the balance between hot pwp and fluff this manages to strike. ♥ (Touya/Yue, NC-17.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sake and Strawberries by Ryuu no Tsubasa - Okay, this one was really kind of just fun to read. Touya and Yukito are out in Roppongi and decide to get a little drunk with each other (maybe more than just a little) and they're in a happy, jovial mood together and it's very sweet. And then it starts raining and they're too out of it to find their way home and then Yue comes out and it's even more fun, because he's a total wet blanket and Touya can't help teasing him just a little. But mostly it's a sweet fic about how much Touya cares about both sides of them, it's not a huge moment, but it's an important one, Touya and Yue out in the rain, when he can't resist kissing the guardian. It's nicely written and, yeah, I'm pretty sure I could read this kind of fic forever. (Touya/Yukito/Yue.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Starlight by eternata - This is just a short piece, but it's a lovely one full of pretty imagery and a blend of Yukito and Yue that I really liked. It's a bonus that it's not quite porno, but it's not precisely work-safe either (it's vaguely described, but they are in bed together) and was a fun read this morning. (Touya/Yukito/Yue, a smidge nsfw.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Reunion by cygna_hime - I wish I'd paid more attention to the CCS fandom, because I might have found this fic earlier and been not quite as cranky at the series for the way the Amamiya storyline was handled. (Though, upon a reread it wasn't as frustrating as I remembered it, honestly.) Because this fic is about how the Amamiya family ignored Nadeshiko's first child and then came around once Sakura ran into them and it's... hard not to be a little hurt on Touya's behalf. This is the kind of fic that, admittedly, hits me exactly so close to home, so of course I was going to be a little more emotional about it than most people, but it really kind of knocked me for a loop. The execution is lovely and very powerful, almost hard to read because of how understated yet intense everything is in the writing. This is one of those fics that makes the fandom that much more complete for me. (Some Touya/Yukito, but it's not really the focus.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Concentric by Aegis - [Note: There are bonus ficlets in the comments as well!] So, one of the things that I am frequently fascinated by in this fandom is the question of just how much Yukito and Yue look alike, since Touya and Sakura both remark on how they're the same. On top of that, there's an obvious connection between the two and I really love the way the author touches gently on that, the way Touya is around both of them and everything just feels... comfortable and natural. I really adore the author's Touya, who doesn't have to be an explosive character to still have that intense presence he does and his interaction with both sides is spot-on. It's hard to write a rec for this series of scenes because I kind of just want to keyboard mash over them--it has Yue being coaxed into curling up on Touya and it works. Be still my fangirl heart. (Touya/Yukito/Yue.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Balancing the Moon by Aegis - This fic starts off with the line: "So," the stuffed bear says in a manner of great import. "If he doesn't feel weird, that power transfer totally failed.", which is an excellent indicator of what's to come with it. Granted, I'm biased because it was written for me and my crappy days lately and my preferences with the CCS manga post-canon, but this is honestly one of the best fics I've read in the fandom and certainly one of those that's made my face hurt from all the grinning and shrieking I did. The author has an amazing way with the characters, both in balancing the major cast members that Touya interacts with and in absolutely nailing each and every one of them, making them not only IC but shriek-inducingly funny. Her Kero-chan is especially a delight, but there are moments with Fujitaka, Eriol, Syaoran, Sakura, Yue, Yukito, Dark, Mirror, and more that are just as amazing to read. It's post-manga where Touya gets his power back and there's magical theory worked into the fic and her Touya is spot on, with the way he's so gruff with everything and yet you can still pick up on how much he cares, which was fantastic. I'm honestly not sure what I love most about this fic, I just kind of... want to explode all over it, in a shower of sparkles and love, because it's exactly what I have always wanted, like it was made just for meeeeeee! (Implied Touya/Yukito, Touya/Yue, but it's not the point.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Dessert Deficiency by Aoife-hime - Okay, I'm a sucker for Touya and Yue interaction. The premise is cute--the idea that somehow, despite being amazingly good at everything else, Touya just can't bake to save his life, and Yue is condescending about it and Touya is half-amused at the faces Yue makes and half-supremely patient boyfriend--is delightful. It's just a cute moment between them, very laid-back and peaceful even when they're not quite bantering back and forth, mostly because Touya never really gets annoyed or Yue never really goes beyond making faces over everything. Instead, it captures the CCS feel nicely, which I adored about it. (Touya/Yue.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Card Master Touya by moonstone glows - I'll admit upfront that the beginning of this fic is rather rough and I can't say I was buying the characterization or reactions Touya had to everyone else in the first few chapters, but... honestly, I wasn't reading for that. I was reading it because it was completely Touya-centric and one of those ideas (the Cards and the Guardians are passed on to Touya and he becomes their new Master, after tragedy strikes Sakura and Fujitaka, he inherits the magic they left behind, which is enough to vault him into the stratosphere magic-wise) that I ate up with a spoon with nary a hint of irony about how delicious I found it. Yue and Keroberos as Touya's Guardians! The Cards being loyal to Touya now! Touya as one of the strongest magicians in the world! Completely Touya-centric! What is not to love?

By the midway point, though, once the Harry Potter crossover kicks in, the writing gets a lot stronger (though, I admit, I skimmed the HP-only scenes, I was here for CCS) and everything smooths out--there's even actually a plot going on! There are other CCS characters showing up (Eriol and Syaoran mostly, but Sakura's ghost appears in later chapters) and, while it's unfinished and unlikely to be picked back up, while I wish I could read the rest of the fic, I found that what was really satisfying. I think you need to go into this fic with the mindset of reading for Touya-glorifying, but it turned out to be immensely satisfying for me, given what a Touya fangirl I am. Though, I really do think the second half of the fic stands really well on its own, even aside from that! I would love to see where this author would have gone with this one. (Touya/Yukito/Yue.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: A Guardian's Heart by Morgan D - Since many of my CCS recs are embarrassingly old (and cringe-worthy to read when I go back over them), along with how I've been rereading them simply to enjoy them again, I'm going to re-rec a lot of my old favorites, starting with A Guardian's Heart. This is one of the first fics I read that dealt with the Touya/Yue side of the whole situation and it really vaulted me into a fascination with the whole Yukito/Yue & Touya dynamic, because there was such potential for internal conflict and such potential for fun with both sides of him. And that's what still stands up about this fic even years after I first read it, that it takes all these various elements (Yue's feelings of abandonment, the fear he has for the future, the relationship he has with Keroberos, the way Touya has to kind of drag him out of his shell) and picks up right before the very end of the series (before the tea party the next day) and... it doesn't neatly solve everything, but it gets Yue's head screwed on a little straighter and certainly helps things settle a little better. It's one of those fics that... it combines all the elements and character interactions that are right inside my wheelhouse, that I'll keep rereading it as long as I'm in the CCS fandom. (Touya/Yue.)

Cardcaptor Sakura: asking for the taking by torch - Touya/Yue! It's been forever since I've read Touya/Yue fic! And I liked the way there were small, tiny parallels and similarities between Yukito and Yue here, the way Touya doesn't quite see them as the same thing, but they're not separate people, either. I love the way Yukito and Yue are part of each other, what one side feels, so does the other, and that's sort of the point, but sort of not. And I really do like how... feline Yue is here, it suits his character well. ....blah, I am writing a terrible rec, but this was a really lovely fic! Touya/Yue and itchy feathers and scratching Yue's back and Yukito being darling and sweet and Touya really loves him and, ugh, my CCS feelings are back now, too. (Touya/Yukito, Touya/Yue, slightly NSFW.)

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