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- Code Geass - Huge [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I stumbled over this site by randomly clicking banners and it started off with a pretty Suzaku image and then immediately followed up with--and did me in by--a lovely, lovely Shirley illustration. It's actually more of a yaoi/shounen-ai-friendly site, but since I have no pairing preferences in Geass (except maybe a slight bent towards Lelouch/Shirley), I'm open to pretty much anything. Which means I don't freak when there's really, really pretty Lelouch/Suzaku or insanely lovely Lloyd/Suzaku fanart. There's not a ton of art here, but what is here is really gorgeous, the stand-alone stuff is fabulous and I'm definitely looking forward to more if the artist draws it. (Several yaoi pairings, no single theme.)

- Code Geass - Locus11 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't know if I was going to recommend this site, I wasn't quite taken with the first couple of images I saw. Then I got to this one of C.C. with the flattest look on her face that was fabulous and I was immediately won over. I think the art gets a little better from there on out--or maybe I was just more willing to come onboard after that--and the artist really can do some very nice things with her art. She's good with detail and creating a style that's almost cel-esque, though I do wish she'd done the girls more often because I think her style is more suited to them. At any rate, it was an interesting site for early on in my Code Geass fanart searching. (Some Suzaku/Lelouch.)

- Code Geass - MT [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a lot of art here, but I was particularly charmed by how the fanart was of various characters, not just the two main male characters, it was nice to see some C.C. fanart and even one of Cornelia or Lloyd that was really cool. I admit, after browsing through a lot of yaoi sites, it's nice to find something like this site, but it's not just that, the art really is good and I'd like to see more from this artist. The style is very solid and came along at just the right time to keep me going with j-fanart sites. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Code Geass - 7G Stealth [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This pairing isn't really my favorite, but the art was so awesomely adorable that I was instantly won over. The curren top illustration of Suzaku and Euphemia next to a snow-covered tree is quite possibly the cutest Code Geass fanart I've seen hands down. The artist is also totally, totally awesome at drawing any character she puts her hand to, there are some gorgeous Suzaku images in the gallery and some fabulous chibi Lelouch images and more. It's a good general site and I hope the artist does more! (Some Suzaku/Euphemia, some gen.)

- Code Geass - NC [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Again, not my pairing (I mean, for starters, Suzaku would have to have a personality beyond a carbon copy of Syaoran), but cute art is cute art. And I am totally enamored of the Cornelia and Euphemia fanart that is totally adorable. I love the artist's colors, they're almost like watercolors the way they're so light and airy, which works really well with a character like Euphemia. It's also sort of impressive how well the artist makes those fuschia and pink colors go together without burning my eyes. Totally cute art here and even the occasionally very, very lovely piece. ♥ (Some Suzaku/Euphemia, some gen.)

- Code Geass - coltroll [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's only a small handful of fanart here, but I don't care because it's gorgeous stuff. The Suzaku illustration is just... lovely, I'm really hoping that the artist is only just getting started because I definitely want more from her. Her Lelouch is beautiful as well, she's got this way with both solid lines and gorgeous colors and beautiful details, pretty hair and pretty eyes and pretty faces, so that everything comes together to be the kind of art that totally revs my engines. Want. Moooooore. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Code Geass - GLDG [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay, now this site was just totally fun, the artist has a lot of talent and can draw really great, solid art with cel-style coloring that totally works and looks rather professional. But then she can totally have fun with the art, drawing Suzaku and Lelouch in girls' uniforms and Millay in the boys' uniform perving on them and I'm all XD XD XD instead of the usual clicking away. Plus, I really love that the artist draws the female characters as much as she does the male ones and the Lelouch&C.C. ones are totally hot. Oh, oh, and the Lelouch and Nunnally one is adorable and one of the best images I've seen. Great, great site. ♥ (Some yaoi implications, some het implications, some gen.)

- Code Geass - Mosso [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The thing I really like about this site is the stand-alone character art, the artist is really cool about drawing most of the main characters and her girls look fantastic. The site has some of the prettiest Kallen I've seen and a beautiful Euphemia and good lord her kidlet!Lelouch is adorable. There's a real solidity to the art, along with pretty coloring and a very nice, warm, friendly feeling to the art. I love that there's enough to be satisfying on the site, a good way to wrap up (for the night) my Code Geass fanart hunting. Definitely worth a look through! (...nothing I'm going to count.)

- Juuni Kokki/Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here for the 12K art (which I suspect I've recommended before, but shhhhhhhh, I can double rec if I want to!), but wound up staying for the Code Geass fanart as well, since there are only a handful of illustrations (maybe only four or five *mourns*) but it's some of the best stuff I've seen from the fandom and would totally want more from this artist. There's a solid quality to the art, I'm not quite sure if I'd call it "practiced", but something about it seems very... well, just solid and satisfactory. Add in a lot of details and pretty clothes for the 12K characters and how you can see the artist get even better over time, it's a nice little site. And, wow, the artist's Youko is so very, very hot. ♥ (No real warnings.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here from a Tales of the Abyss site and was just randomly going through the galleries to see if I recognized anything when I happened over a Code Geass pic of C.C. that looked really kinda pretty. Intrigued enough to continue through that section, I kept clicking and just... was quietly won over with how much I liked this artist's style and what she was doing with the illustrations she'd drawn. They're not super-flashy, but they're really solidly good, there's a certain sense of the length of her lines and body types that reminds me of the original series but still has her own flair. Perhaps I'm just easily impressed by Geass art because I've seen so little of it that I liked, but this was a solid site for me that I'm glad I visited. (Maybe a little Lelouch/C.C., but a lot of gen, too.)

- Code Geass/Rozen Maiden - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, I tried to resist this site, I really did. But I'm weak to the first two beautifully detailed Rozen Maiden images and then the site followed that up with some utterly adorable sketches and beautiful colors in the art and just... I couldn't help it. Every so often I'll see Rozen Maiden fanart on a site, but it's usually only one or two images, not enough to really make me stick around just for that, but this site... it reminds me of why I loved the show so much, why the dolls were just so beautiful and adorable and how I actually really want to have dolls like that. Really, really fantastic and lovely site, the artist really knows how to pull me in with that certain something the best fanartists have, even when some of the images might look rather simple, they're so much fun As for the Code Geass fanart, much of the same applies--so many of the images are basically sketches with some light coloring, but because the artist puts such life into her drawings, even though there's really only a handful, I had to recommend the site. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - God knows what I was even looking for when I hit this site, probably Odin Sphere art or something. But whatever it was that brought me here, I pretty much got immediately distracted looking at the gorgeous Code Geass art. When I first started poking around for Geass art, it was tough to find art that really did much for me (it doesn't help that I'm not that attached to any particular pairing, despite liking the impossible-to-last Lelouch/Shirley--this site caught my attention early on because there's an image of them and it's so rare to find anything for them, much less something this pretty ♥), but these days there are some sites that are really awesome. And this artist is amazing, her level of skill and detail are to die for, she could easily be a professional artist. Her art makes me interested in anything she would have drawn for the series, it's just that much better that I really like Euphemia and the way the artist draws her. Just. a sfdl;kjasdlkj amazing site and totally makes me feel warm and fuzzies for the Suzaku/Euphemia pairing, you can feel how much she loves the pairing. (Very Suzaku/Euphemia-centric, but half of the images may still be worth going through for gen-only fans.)

- Code Geass/Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - HOCHOCO [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I see a lot of Code Geass fanart on various websites, but rarely is there very much or art that's very good and also appeals to me. It's not that I don't like the series, I do. I just don't really have a pairing preference (besides a vague fondess for Lelouch/Shirley and you can tell I totally screwed myself over there XD), so finding sites that really hit me hard doesn't happen often. But I saw the link for this site and had to wander over because it looked like the art could be really beautiful and I was absolutely not disappointed. The colors and lines and everything on this site are really beautiful, the characters are often adorable and the artwork often looks completely professional. But it's also that the art makes me happy, looking a little tiny kidlet Lelouch in his little tuxedo or the kids curled up together on the floor in an exhausted pile or Lelouch kneeling against Nunnally's chair or the utterly adorable Lelouch/C.C. chibis, it all makes me smile. Though, as much as I loved the Geass art, the real delight on this site for me was the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni art. I've seen a few sites here and there, but nothing with enough art where I could properly rec, especially with art as beautiful as this. And gorgeous the art is, looking at each illustration was a delight The colors are gorgeous, the poses are alternately sweet and horrifying, and it all does fantastic justice to the series. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember what got me started on Code Geass art this evening, probably looking for Bleach fanart and wound up on a site or something, but I'm glad I got off on this kick because this site has some really stunning art. Euphemia does tend to get some of the most gorgeous stuff in Geass fandom, which makes me happy because she was one of my favorite characters from the series. This artist uses these really clean lines and a solid amount of detail, combined with frequently light, pastel colors so that it looks damn near on the same level as official art, except maybe prettier. Especially when she starts using a more cel-style coloring, some of them seriously just totally nail the canon style. And you can tell how much the artist loves Euphemia, how much she loves drawing all that pretty hair and the flowery clothes and dresses she puts on the character or how much attention she paid to the Britannia uniforms she draws on Euphemia and Suzaku. This is one of those sites that makes me love the Geass fandom and envious of it at the same time, because this is such gorgeous stuff. (A lot of Suzaku/Euphemia, but there's some gen, too. Watch out for the NSFW illustrations towards the bottom of the gallery.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Admittedly, the art starts off being a little bit pointy and off with this site, but the artist has lovely colors and I was curious about how much she would improve, so I kept clicking through the gallery. She uses these warm, frequently pastel colors that fit the series so well, especially characters like Shirley and Euphemia, but then she went and drew adorable little chibis! Her Euphemia is especially fantastic, you can tell how much fun she had drawing all that hair on her--the one of her and Suzaku under a blanket with a lantern is especially gorgeous. Same for the series of the female characters all holding letters while in different poses, they were such lovely images. ♥ Plus, well. I'm a sucker for pretty Shirley fanart--which there's not a ton of, but there's a handful of images here and a couple of really, really pretty Lelouch/Shirley illustrations and that made totally happy this morning. :D<3 (Some Suzaku/Euphemia, a smidge of Lelouch/Shirley, some gen.)

- Code Geass - drop* [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art here and it's much more sketchy and in progress than the last couple of sites, but I was so delighted to find cute Lelouch/Shirley that I had to recommend it anyway. It's actually not that focused on them, it's a site with several various characters (the Euphemia illustration is especially pretty) and the artist really improves quickly, I would love to see more from her. The more recent stuff is especially cute and I love what she does with the characters' hair, which is all I need to make me happy. XD (Mostly gen, with a smidge of Lelouch/Shirley.)

- Code Geass - Clover [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a ton of art on this site, either, and a lot of it is comics instead of regular illustrations, but it's such cute stuff and Lelouch/Shirley is such a rare pairing! The site totally started me off in the right mood with the cute little chibis of the two of them, then giving me some softcore porn with the third link, and then the fifth link was Lelouch and Shirley in the bath being cute together, and I was pretty much sold right about then. I like the muted, slightly darker than usual colors, it works well for the artist's style--though, I have to admit the second half of the gallery, with the lighter colors, does work even better for me. Toss in some super cute chibis, some wonderful poses/concepts (Lelouch and Shirley underneath the shade of the tree! so cute! him pulling her school tie off with his teeth! yes plz), and the occasional porn? I loved this site. It's really cute and there's the occasional super-pretty illustration and I am slightly more satisfied with Code Geass fandom. *__* (Lelouch/Shirley, occasion slightly NSFW content.)

- Code Geass - Cloud 9 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - More Lelouch/Shirley! \o/ The most current illustration at the time I visited this site was of them in uniforms, Shirley's like a black version of her school outfit and I was charmed by how canon Lelouch looked and how adorable Shirley was. The site was off to a good start, I felt. Then the third image had naked kissing and it was really off to a good start then. And with each successive link that I clicked on, I came to like the site more and more--the artist does really well with the colors of the series, all those pinks and peaches that work for a character like Shirley and draws her SO CUTE. I don't know if the style will be for everyone, but I enjoyed it tons. I'm partial to it, I'm sure, because it was my favorite pairing, but I really think her Lelouch is solid and it's a darling little site. ♥ (Lelouch/Shirley.)

- Code Geass/Harukanaru Toki no Nakade - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - After stumbling over this site, I almost don't even want to touch the Code Geass fandom anymore, because nothing can ever be more fantastic than this site was to me. It's my favorite style--the soft colors mixed with pretty almost-shoujo-style lines, almost airy with how they often trail off in long sweeps, each illustration getting prettier than the last. I love the sunshiney style that the artist often uses, I love when she does a more anime-cel-style image because she does great with that, too, but mostly I love how pretty the art is. It starts off cute, but it's towards the current stuff where it gets really lovely and every time I see the image of Shirley flying into Lelouch's arms in the pretty pink and peach-colored image, I have to stop and admire. So, I loved this site a lot already. I loved the lineart and shading and detail in the gorgeous comics. But the site wasn't content with just that. No, it gave me porn, too. *__* Really, really pretty porn that wasn't just one or two images, either. And, yes, a lot of the effect of this site was a cumulative one--the more I saw, the more I was charmed, but I really did love it whole-heartedly. This is what I wanted from fandom. *___* As for the Harutoki art, it's mostly Harutoki2 and a little older, so Karin looks kind of off sometimes, but she is so SUPER CUTE that I found it hard to really complain. I love that the artist totally did a great job with the colors for her, too, making this a really delightful site. (Lelouch/Shirley, with a NSFW gallery as well. Everyone/Karin for Harutoki.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I hesitated over this site... the art is very cute, but I generally don't go for that much Code Geass art unless it really knocks me off my feet or is a particular character/pairing that I'm craving. But this site was cute enough for me to keep going and be quietly charmed by it... and then I got to a really pretty illustration of Lelouch and Euphemia, which is something I don't see that often in fanart. After that point, I really enjoyed this site, the level of detail seemed to go up and the artist drew the characters really well and their eyes are so pretty and then there was a really nice one of Shirley that made me happy and the artist's Lelouch is gorgeous and the group illustrations are kind of amazing and her Suzaku looks great and just. It wound up being a really nice site. (A smidge of Suzaku/Lelouch and maybe a little other, but it's mostly gen.)

- Tales of the Abyss/Code Geass - Color Season [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not a whole lot of art on this site, but what's here is kind of fantastic. I was only three or four clicks into the gallery when the art started taking on this really clean, professional look, the colors are solid and anime cel-style and the proportions are good and, yes, you can still tell it's fanart, it's the really good kind. *__* Plus, okay, I'm weak to Guy in a bartender's outfit. The site does have a lot of pairings I don't see often (though, I wouldn't mind seeing more of Jade and Nebilim, at least not in a gen way) and I was kind of surprised to stumble over the Jade/Guy illustration, but... well, hell, any site that gives me pretty fanart of Tear and Natalia standing back to back, ready to fight, is A+ with me. XD As for Code Geass, there's even less art here for that series than there is ToA, but it's the same solid, nearing professional-level stuff that looks really pretty. Even with the sketches, you can tell the artist has a strong grip on the characters, which is nice. <3 (Some pairings, some gen for both series, there really aren't any recurring themes.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was innocently minding my own business on pixiv the other night and happened to stumble across a Lelouch/Shirley image. I clicked through some of the other Geass art, because, well, I was bored. And then I started following more links. And suddenly I was here! And it's one of those sites that I'm probably fonder of because it's my favorite pairing and because it's a rare pairing, but the artist really did some very nice stuff with soft colors and a lot of peaches and oranges that fit Shirley's character so well. But there's also this one of Shirley and Lelouch walking along, smiling and holding hands, and it's just so. a;sldkjfal;skj SO FREAKING CUTE and just what I want from fandom after the series. Not that it's all about them, but that's why I went here and why most people would, I think. Just. It put me in the right frame of mind again tonight. ♥ (Some Lelouch/Shirley, some other.)

- Code Geass - Sweet Pain Kiss [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that I stumbled over because I was in the mood for Lelouch/Shirley and the site was super adorable and cute and just what I was looking for from the fandom. Not everything is perfect, there were some illustrations that I glossed over, but there were also a lot of them that were really cute or you could see how much time the artist had put into them. And, okay. I was really, really fond of the wedding picture, even aside from that it was a wedding picture because the artist made it lovely and captured CLAMP's style with the series well enough. ....but also kind of blended it with a shoujo style. Which I love, shut up, okay. The early art is a little rough, but give the site a little time and by the end, it's solid work. I genuinely enjoy it a lot, just for the art's sake alone. ♥ (Lelouch/Shirley.)

- Code Geass - Honey More [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know there's not a ton of art here, I really only intended to whirl through the site and onto another series after this, but. The art was really solid and super cute and I loved the bright, solidly done colors, so I caved. Also, well, I'm weak for Shirley in cute clothes or only in a white shirt or being adorable with Lelouch. ♥ It's also one of those sites that has a bunch of other series on it, so I had a lot of fun looking around and it gave me my OTP fix and, well. That's all I ask of a site a lot of times. :D :D :D (Lelouch/Shirley.)

- Code Geass - Clear Moon [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's just something about this artist's style that I really love. In some illustrations, it's rather 90s-style and I don't know well that'll work for everyone, but in other illustrations the artist has a certain look to the art that's just... really lovely. The colors used are very pretty as well, very strong and vibrant at times. And, yeah, okay, the favorite pairing definitely helps win me over, but the art is strong and just... I'm at a loss to how to explain it. A lot of it, I suspect, is in the individual images, like Lelouch's head in Shirley's lap when she has angel wings or cute scenes of them in the grass. There's a certain something that charmed me in them that I just can't convey in text. Well, whatever reason, I enjoyed this site. <3 (Lelouch/Shirley.)

- Code Geass - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the Gundam 00 fanart, but saw there was a Geass section as well and just... couldn't quite resist clicking on the link. And the artist has a really clean, anime cel-style look to it that she does amazingly well, but it's also the focus on the female characters of the series (I'd say possibly more than half of the images here, even?) really made me sit up and take notice of the site. The art is very nicely done in the same style as the anime and the colors are really bright and vivid and it's got art of CC and Kallen together by themselves! Not as much as I'd have liked, but there really wasn't a lot of pairing art (there was some, but it's not the focus of the site) and it was more about the gen aspect and I'm all for that. (Nothing frequent enough to warn for.)

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