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- Code Geass - ...For a different sort of man. by izkariote - ....I generally don't read a lot of Code Geass fic, but this one jumped out at me because of the very first line: “Lelouch,” C.C. said to her sometimes unwilling partner, in a flat and totally serious voice. “There is an alarming lack of pornographic material in your quarters.” a;sldfjasl;kj ahahahaha naturally that promised gold and the fic was really funny, it had some really good comedic timing and the ending was delightful. I ♥ this C.C. kind of a lot. (....maybe some implications of Lelouch/C.C. but it's not really serious.)

Code Geass: Saving the AntiHero by Defining Aerith - [Note: There will be some spoilers in this fic for mid-season 2 of Code Geass.] After all the Lelouch/Shirley art I've been going through lately, I wanted at least one fic to go along with it, so I started scouting through FFNET and stumbled over this really lovely piece. The writing is really pretty and bittersweet and starts out so happy and remains so... positive even when things hurt so much because Shirley doesn't quite make it and it's such a really wonderful take on her personality and how she fell in love with Lelouch and how she saw everything that happened around her. The writing is almost... it's not quite dreamy, but there's a sense of it being very emotional without the author having to tell that to the readers, it's shown through the way Shirley's thoughts sort of whirl around and come out only half-finished sometimes, creating this really excellent atmosphere. And, oh, the final scene. ;__; (Sort of Lelouch/Shirley, but on the level of canon.)

Code Geass: The King by haphazard_mind - [Note: There are spoilers for mid-season 2 in this fic and this rec.] You know, when I was first watching the series, I was pretty instantly in love with Shirley and her feelings for Lelouch and the possibility there, but it hasn't been until recently that I've gone back to the fandom (because I like the series, but that was the one thing I wanted fanworks for, despite kind of thinking that it'd never get much attention, with all the bigger pairings out there) and, well, of course they do that to my favorite character, but. I liked this fic for how Lelouch finally saw Shirley and what she was to him--someone who saw him as Lelouch and loved him for that, despite everything. The King/Queen themes with the fic were also lovely and heartbreaking. <3 (Lelouch/Shirley.)

Code Geass: Token of Affection by Cal-Reflector - Man, I really did shoot myself in the foot liking this pairing, didn't I? Hardly anyone writes it! But, I suppose, that makes the occasional piece sweeter. And this was cute, just a simple piece about how Shirley has things she can't quite make sense of, something that feels a little off, but goes about her life as usual anyway. Her interaction with Lelouch (and his interaction with her in return, the way the readers know what's going on with him, even if Shirley can't see it) is sweet as well and you can see the ending coming, but it's adorable anyway. <3 (Lelouch/Shirley.)

Code Geass: Scheherazade by vicious_lullaby - Oh, this was a really lovely fic about Shirley (and Lelouch/Shirley) set from her point of view and it's got this really... almost creepy feeling to it, this sense of things being not right or strange or just wrong somehow, and I really love that... what could have been just a sweet, fluffy, pointless pairing actually had some depth to it, which this fic plays nicely with. (Lelouch/Shirley.)

Code Geass: when the morning comes, there you'll be by sandy_rain - Honestly, I picked this up from 31_days simply because it was Lelouch/Shirley, so I wanted to give it a shot just for that. But I actually got a really lovely little piece as Lelouch watches her die and how he reacts to it, it's beautiful and sad at the same time. The writing is lovely and its pieces like this that make me a little more okay with the way things unfolded in the anime. (Lelouch/Shirley.)

Code Geass: Waiting For A Happy Ending by ypaladinofchaos - Every so often I get the urge to read Code Geass fic, usually when a new Lelouch/Shirley fic has been posted, and then I get really wonderful pieces like this one. It doesn't shy away from all the bitterness and sadness of their stories, both separately and their story together, how sad and tragic it was. But somehow it manages to pull up a bittersweet ending as well and this is one of my favorite takes on Lelouch and his feelings, because it's only half about the relationship itself so much as how it motivates Lelouch, how deeply it affects him. The language of this piece, the way each scene sets just the right tone, is all very lovely, really one of the best fics for these two just about ever. ♥ (Lelouch/Shirley.)

Code Geass: like loosened threads by aetherae - I was browsing through 31_days and happened to see a Shirley piece and... well, I couldn't resist it. Not when it's as lovely as this one is, which manages to capture so much in just a few words! Even after her memory is gone, something still lingers in her when she looks at Lelouch and she can see the pain on his face as well. And just. Yes, this is everything about them that I loved so dearly. (Sort of Lelouch/Shirley.)

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