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- DCU/Batman - Spin Control by Arlene - Ahhh, I love a good humor fic that's both hysterical and yet containing wonderful character insights. I love a good humor fic where Bruce can be all Bat-bastard-y, yet still a human being. There were so many little touches to this story that I just sparkle over them all--I think the thing that made me laugh the most, though, was Superman's role in the story. I agree with Bruce, though--Superman sucks. XD XD XD *ahem* Anyway, I probably shouldn't rec this story because I've rec'd so many of Arlene's by now and I'm just repeating myself, but... funny! And a concept that isn't stretched beyond its limits, just in perfect proportion to how much potential was in it to how much was written out! I love that! Plus, you know. Wonderful writing and much laughter. Now go read. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Young Justice - Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up? by Arlene - Oh, just, hee! I *heart* Robin, I *heart* the way the author shows how smart and talented he can be, despite not having any super-powers, I *heart* how Bat-bastard her Bruce is, and I effing *heart* how funny the writing is. It's just a perfect combination of factors--the clever writing and humorous bits combine to make a perfect Tim-fic, especially interacting with Young Justice. And I still die laughing at that kitchen. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Teen Titans - Loser Takes All by Arlene - Eeee! Dick+Babs fluff! Yay! I love! I, of course, adore Arlene's writing and it was great to get to read a nice, sweet, chemistry-filled Dick/Babs fic plus! Dick and Roy interacting in that way that guy friends do that I love so much! This fic had both things I love about the author's writing--wonderful, wonderful humor and sweet, touching, gentle moments. Oh, and the ICness and gorgeous writing. ....I've been up too long so my recs are getting quite crappy. Just go read, giggle at the funny and smile and coo at the sweetness. (Some Dick+Babs.)

- DCU/Young Justice - Friends by Arlene - Okay. So. Um. I know it wasn't, like. Intentional or anything. That it was. You know. Parody and all. But. I admit that I kinda like Tim/Kon, so the parody bits in this fic had me laughing hysterically--though, I also admit that I liked it on the level it was presented as. A funny little fic about Tim's friendship with the other YJ'ers, Kon especially. It's so easy to forget that Tim is a Batboy, which means he's got problems and issues out the wazoo, that just because he usually juggles everything with seeming ease, doesn't mean that it doesn't get to him sometimes, too. Combine that with some truly hilarious writing, some great comedic timing, and you've got a wonderful, adorable little YJ fic that made me sparkle to read it. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Young Justice - Cancelled by Arlene - *bounces* Good Young Justice fic! *sparkles* I don't get to read enough of it is because I don't troll the YJ section for fic (as I'm not an obsessed fan, I just really, really like the series), so this was a wonderful treat. These are my three favorite YJ'ers--Tim, Kon, and Bart, and it was wonderful to see them in a cute little humor fic with lots of great lines and nice little bonding moments. Well. And Tim spazzing. That was fun, too. XD (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - It's Today by Arlene - ....this is the kind of fic that I dream of being able to write--one of those ideas that's rather simple at its base premisis, but when written with a talented hand, it turns into a gorgeous fic. Various Christmases in Bruce's life--some good, some hurtful, seeming to oscillate back and forth, but when all is said and done... the good seems to outweigh the bad and the fic becomes so touching for that. Even though there are moments that made me go ;_;, when I was done with this fic, I was... quietly touched at the moments in Bruce's life, the sweetness of how things turned out. (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - Another Year Wiser by Arlene - There are two things I admire Arlene for--one is that she can make me laugh so hard I actually have to stop reading just so I can laugh for awhile. The other is that she can make me see the fluff--with the Bat-clan, Bruce in particular, I have a hard time seeing lighter moments, 'cause he's a big mopey-head and all that, but in her stories I can just picture and hear all of what happens. In this one it was also really great to see all of the Bat-crew having their moments, especially when they were just flat-out hilarious and such gorgeous, gorgeous comedic timing., these recs suck. Go read anyway. Now. (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - Fatherhood by Arlene - *spazzes* I had to rec this fic because oh. my. god. The cuteness! It wounds me with its delightfulness! Bruce and Roy watching Dick and Lian playing in a rather quiet moment off, just a light-hearted thing, and it was a gorgeous ficlet because the writing was beautiful, it was lovely watching everyone be... happy, and because it was funny as all hell watching Dick and Lian play together. Plus, it's always wonderful when two characters who normally don't interact too much get a chance to have a moment together. But, really. It's all about the Dick - Lian stuff that cracked me up. XD (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - A Difference of Opinion by Arlene - *sigh~* I realize that the point of a recs page isn't to do reviews, but to offer pointers to fics I liked, and just rec'ing one or two of an author's work will get the point across... but I can't help it! I feel like I must say something about each fic I liked and, sure, that's a bit egotistical, but, hell, my site. Oh, this was just wonderful fluff--and after reading the previous "A Butler's Touch" I definitely needed some good fluff. Alfred is such a wonderful character and I adore it when he gets fic that's this wonderful written about him, especially when it's got some good old-fashioned head-butting between Bruce and Dick in it. It wasn't the ouchy kind of argument, just... boys being boys and that made it all the more wonderful for it; I had the doofiest smile on my face the entire time I was reading it--I love that. XD (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - A Bulter's Touch by Arlene - And we go from spastic giggle-inducing fic to a story that just completely and utterly ripped my heart out and then proceeded to crush it. It's so easy to forget how despite his incredible iron will, Bruce is such a wounded soul--his tragedy and the angst it causes him are ever-present, but it's easy to forget how much it hurts him. And in a story like this... it cut straight through me because it was so painful to see Alfred watching over him, unable to take that hurt away, to watch Bruce knowing how much pain he was in but never admitting to it. Just... ow. ;__; (No pairings/ouchy warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - Things You Really Don't Want to Know and Things They Didn't Need to Know by Arlene - So, Amanda is bad for me. Because she makes me all geeked up about comics again and then we start exchanging fic links, quoting stuff at each other, and seeking out more fic. Which is how I stumbled over Arlene's stories and randomly chose one to read and started giggling like crazy. I, of course, started quoting at Amanda (which earned me an "....i hate you" that I'm still proud of ^_~) and promptly decided I must read everything of Arlene's. Because her sense of timing in these stories was just bloody perfect, it had me laughing so hard I was in danger of wheezing--and the sequel was even funnier, because... oh... Bruce... just... so funny... and then Dick and Tim... oh, just go read and laugh your ass off. (Some Alfred/Leslie.)

- DCU/JLA - Aftermath by LM - I admit, I was wary of this fic because of the summary that read like it was going to be a Flash/Wonder Woman story, but I gave it a shot anyway, because what I've read of the author's previous work, I've enjoyed immensely. And... HEE! I cackled my way through the entire story so far, laughing my ass off at the hilarious reactions from the cast, the wonderful, smooth writing, the fantastic humor, and... just... how much fun this fic was. It's one of those that's a joy to read because it made me giggle the entire way and yet was still so wonderfully in character. *hearts* (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU - World's Finest Something by scriviner - Okay. I really resent this fic for making me like the idea of Kon/Cass so much, because... it was just so clever, intelligent, heart-warming, snappy, and well-written that I couldn't help but fall in love. And such gorgeous characterization of Kon: He groaned and looked up, hoping to address the Creator, whoever he/she or it was. "Why do all the women in my life have to be so damned hot? Answer me that one!" And I liked that the fic wasn't about settling anything, just showing what's going through Kon's mind, making him such a human character... and damn if it didn't make me warm up to the idea. >_< (Some Kon/Cass.)

- DCU/JLA - Trinity - Anchor by Tracey Claybon - I'm having a tough time coming up with the words to describe why I liked this story, beyond just saying that I liked the author's take on the characters. Which is what hit the most about this story, the way Bruce sees both Diana and Clark, the way they've touched his life and the way he's touched theirs. These three characters are DC's Big Three and they all have a special relationship with each other, these three are the characters that are the epitome of their various 'families' and are the most iconic of all the DC's characters. They have a fascinating relationship with each other and what I liked about this story is that it captured so many of those dynamics they have, the way Batman figures into the eqation--as the author herself says, so many times his influence is ignored on their lives. Plus. Yay for very light Bruce/Diana hints! (Very light Bruce/Diana hints, but they're not the point of the story.)

- DCU/JLA - Trinity - Deepest Secrets by Tracey Claybon - I find myself unsure of what to say about this fic without going all, "I don't usually like this kind of fic/pairing, but blah, blah, blah." because, usually, if you have to announce you don't like something, you've got a chip on your shoulder about it. But, hell. Chip, chip, chip. ^_~ I am not fond of the Clark/Diana relationship as a romantic one, but I liked the way this fic played off because the author was going for something bigger storyline-wise and she did not forget about Lois and how much Clark loves her. And I liked this humanizing of Clark, making him more fallible rather than just the perfect do-gooder, and I liked the way these three characters were tied together again. (Some mentions of Clark/Diana.)

- DCU/JLA - Trinity - Reflections of Truth by Tracey Claybon - This may be my favorite of the author's series (at least of what I've read so far), because it largely references the Tower of Babel storyline and the way Diana comes to view what Bruce did there and the way the relationships and friendships between the three of them have changed and solidified over the years. And I adore this story because the author catches Diana's voice so very well, showing the bits of warrior, princess, philosopher, goddess, and ambassador all wrapped into one package, but without having to comment on it. It's just her. Lovely little set of stories. (No real pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - Jason and Me by David Hines - This was... honestly? I expected to not care for this fic because Stephanie and Jason are two of my least favorite DCU characters (except for the seething hatred I have of Aquaman and John Steward!Green Lantern) and I'm reeeeeeeeally not crazy about the idea of Stephanie as Robin, but... damn, this is one of those stories that just knocks a person on their ass and doesn't let go of you until the end. THIS is the kind of Stephanie that I could be interested in, THIS is the kind of story that makes Bruce's decision make a little more sense. The writing is incredible, the characterization just... awesome. I rarely use that word, but it fits here. Stephanie's trip to see and talk to each of the Bat-clan members to understand a little more about Jason Todd was just incredibly done, each of their takes on the situation, each of their reactions to her being in the costume now... it was a gorgeous, multi-faceted story that nailed me to my seat and wouldn't let me get up until it was done. ....dammit. (Canon pairings, so not the point of the story.)

- DCU/Batman - Measured Out in Coffee Spoons by David Hines - .....Jesus. Every once in awhile there's a story that comes along that's not... it's not the kind that makes me want to cry or makes my heart hurt so much as it leaves me feeling like I've had the wind knocked out of my lungs with a two-by-four. The entire time I was reading this, I was just... entranced by it in that way that I just COULD NOT look away from it. And the ending... this was truly deserving of the word masterpiece, I think, because I've read so few fics that can shake me as much as this fic shook me. The writing is beautiful, the characterization and little details are just amazing. Everything was absolutely perfect, I'm just... awestruck right now. I say no more because I refuse to spoil, but this is a MUST READ, I think. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Batman - New Year's Kiss by David Hines - You know, by the time I'd read this fic, it was about the fourth of the author's I'd read and you'd think I'd have learned to expect that whole having-the-wind-knocked-from-my-lungs feeling while reading the fics, but I expected fluff here... and got some of that (beautiful, beautiful fluff, though), but also got a story of Cass and Alfred finding common ground that neither wished they had. The writing was just... nothing was touched on too long, the premise wasn't over-stretched or too graphic, that would have been OOC for these characters, I think. Instead, their troubled pasts were only touched on just enough to get the point across and that was so them and so heart-rending for both of them and just... dammit, this fic was incredible. Fantastically written and the kind of character insight/portrait fic I DREAM of writing. Just... powerful is the word I think I'm looking for. (A very light content warning.)

- DCU/Batman - The Last Temptation of Alfred by David Hines - *wipes away tears* This was beautiful. Truly. Just... wow. The first half of the fic, while Alfred is at a Butlering Convention, is very amusing, but it's the last two scenes that had my abs hurting from trying to restrain my giggles so I didn't look like a loon laughing at the computer screen. ^_~ This was... HEE! One of those perfect executions of comedic timing and not stretching a concept beyond its limits. Also? So much with Teh Funneh. It was just... man, it was perfectly timed and the jokes were brilliant and the kind of story that's not one zinger after the next, but instead a scene where... *waves hands* it's just... everything is built up just right. Plus! It has Alfred in it! As the main character! That does not happen often enough. And, god, when Dick and Tim lost it, so did I. XDXDXD (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Batman - Regions of Sorrow by E. Kelly - This was... it's one of those stories that's so sharp and cutting that it's... almost depressing to read, in a way, because it illustrates the horribleness of characters like the Joker or Two-Face or any of the other insane characters Batman deals with every night... and does it from the perspective of someone who's not in the thick of it. This is one of those ideas that could have come off sounding cliche--an unknown (to us) young girl in Gotham and her visiting cousin who's fascinated by Batman and his foes--but because the author never stepped over the line, because she wrote it fantastically, it winds up being one of those fics people want to emulate rather than the emulation itself. In a way, it's a very simple story, it's not an overly grand epic or action-packed, but instead it tells something quieter, but just as devestating for what the people of Gotham might go through every night. Add in a fabulous sense for the writing have that... looking in from the outside feel to it and you've got a very powerful story here. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Batman - There Is Only the Dance by Mara Greengrass - This... isn't a concept/pairing that I would have thought of, but I can't quite bring myself to be disinterested in, because... despite this fic's brevity (and it is very short), the dynamic is one I really like. Two incredibly strong characters in their own rights, rather than one as an extension of the other. Also, this fic sent a lot of flashes of that fight/dance through my head, dark and beautiful and deadly and terrible and seductive and painful, and I just... it was interesting and well-written. (Not telling.)

- DCU/Justice League - A Riot of Relaxation by Mara Greengrass - You know how sometimes a fic can really capture the feel of a particular version of characters? I can't see this for the comic versions, but it did an excellent job of giving the feel of the Justice League animated series (which is the continuity it was set in) and just... it sparkled, it really did. From the various different kind of vacations each of the Leaguers had as kids to the way they told their stories to the others to the way everyone reacted to the pacing of the story. It all felt RIGHT and it was a wonderful story--sometimes sad, sometimes heartwarming, all exactly what it was supposed to be. Plus, the ending made me giggle and thought that that was really something JL:TAS!Batman WOULD say. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU - Father's Son by Amanda Sichter - I could swear I've rec'd both this one and "Voices in the Light" and "Interlude in Bludhaven" before, but they're not showing up anywhere on my lists. So. This is one of those stories that I read a long time ago, but every once in awhile I come across it again and I still remember this one. The way Dick looks at the two "fathers" he has in his life and how they've affected him. It's a short little story, but still very, very interesting and well-done for how it doesn't shortchange one influence over the other. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU - Voices in the Light by Amanda Sichter - This is another one of those stories I read early on, when I was just a wee li'l lass discovering the wide, wide world of DCU fic and still floundering to find a grip on the characters. This is one of those stories that... looking back on it... to be perfectly honest, my tastes/opinions may have changed a little, I may not quite buy Bruce's character as I once did (Keep in mind, that the Bruce that lives in my head is probably a lot darker than most people's, possibly more than he frequently is in canon, even.), but the emotion of this story overrides any other complaints I may have. You feel the connection all of these people have with Dick, how much they hurt when he's wounded and may be taken away from them forever. The array of characters that show up to see him, because they can't NOT come to see him, because he means too much... is just wonderful. No matter what else, I'll always love this story for being one of the first to hit me with that emotional two-by-four, you know? (No real warnings/pairings.)

- JLA/Nightwing - Fill in for JLA #69 by Amanda - Hmm. Who knows if I'm supposed to rec this or not. But, hell, she wrote it for me and I love it, so I'm totally going to pimp it out 'cause wheeeeeeeeeee! As anyone who's listened to me ramble on about comics for more than five minutes knows that I have a deep and abiding love of The Obsidian Age storyline in JLA because it was just SO GOOD and came along at a time when I was just getting back into comics and I'd desperately, desperately wanted fic on it because... dude. NIGHTWING. LEADER OF THE JLA. PICKED BY BATMAN. Fic-writer's dream, right? And Amanda capitalizes on it beautifully, the balance between scared kid in a cape stepping up to something huge and the guy who knows he's ready for this. The two conflicting sides were balanced perfectly so that I completely believed the way Dick was portrayed here. And then there was Babs and the way she was supportive without being hand-holding. Just... a perfect balance all around and something that feels so perfectly right to me, with the given situation, I can't imagine that this DIDN'T happen exactly like this in canon, that's how pitch-perfect it was for me. (Not actually Dick/Babs, but I'm putting it in that catagory anyway.)

- DCU/Batman - untitled Cass and Tim thing? by Karen - So, I was searching for Good Omens fic, building up a pile of stuff to read and I happened to notice a memory with the name "DCU. Cass&Tim" and I thought, oho, I must read that! And I'm very glad I did because this was utterly lovely in that way that Cass and Tim have--so many bruises from training, the way its routine for them, the way it skirts that line between messed up and really messed up, not too far into either, the way they all just sort of understand each other and what's required of them for this, what drives them for this, all wrapped up in wonderfully subtle writing that gets its point across without having to bash me on the head. And the characterization is fabulous. For both of them. Ooh, and the description of Tim winding bandages around Cass, quietly examining the bruise patterns was perfectly done. This was a very nice treat for me to find. <3 (Not romance at all, but I'm sticking it in the Tim/Cass section anyway.)

- DCU/Batman/JLA - Building Bridges by Neptune - I realize that I may be giving favoritism points to this story because... well, this is almost exactly like something that I would want to write myself. The Bruce/Diana hints, playing with the Bruce - Dick issues, having Dick and Diana interact... this is all the kind of stuff I go for, only without the work of having to write it myself! ^_~ Now, perhaps I enjoyed it so thoroughly because it was hitting my buttons so hard or perhaps not, but either way... there was a lot I really, honestly enjoyed about this story. I liked that there was a plot, I liked that the author had fight scenes, I liked the basic tone and pacing of the story. But I had to rec the story for the Nightwing/Wonder Woman interaction, which made me all wriggly happy. I. Want. The. Next. Part. Of. This. One. (Faint Bruce/Diana hints, but more gen than anything.)

- DCU/Batman - The Next Best Thing to Normal by Merlin Missy - Okay. Normally, I'm not that crazy about RotJ-related fics, simply because I have great, big issues about the whole BB timeline, but... wow, this was just too lovely a story not to absolutely love. The writing is gorgeous, the details fantastic, the characterization wonderful, but even more than that... I loved the sense of... it's hard to explain without making it seem more cliche than it was, because the author tackled a story using the various Bat-verse females with an incredibly deft hand. Each scene was a beautiful way to show the impact of one of the women's role in the central character's life, but even more than that, it also... it showed so much insight into each of the characters. When Harley would take care of her kid, when Ivy would help him out sometimes intead, when Selina would come over, when Batgirl would help out, and so on. Each of these women was different, but there was a coherent theme and was fantastic for all that it wasn't screaming, "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar." It just... was a good story, with wonderful interaction, and just... *flails* okay, I'm totally sucking at this, just go read it! (Maybe a little f/f, but could also be gen.)

- DCU/Batman - Christmas in Bludhaven by Smitty - Sure, sure, it's not Christmas anymore, but I hadn't finished reading the relevant issues until around the time of Christmas and thus didn't read it until recently. (Note: There will be spoilers for Identity Crisis, War Games, and maybe a little current Robin and Batgirl issues.) And I love that Smitty is still around and writing fic because she writes such fantastic characterization that isn't just sharp or clever (though, it's that, too), but that it... it reminds me why I love these characters so much. Her writing touches the cores of these characters that makes me never, ever want to leave them because they're so good. As for the writing/story itself... it's, of course, lovely, but it's the... quiet hurt (without being melodramatic about it) that the characters go through, all the little moments that build towards something bigger, this is what the Bat-family should be. Dick, Tim, and Cass (and Kon a little) in Bludhaven and just... all these moments that are startlingly sharp and heart-tugging. ....I gush, yes, shut up. (No warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say?)

- DCU/Nightwing - One of Those Days by Batgrrl - How, how, how did I miss this story? How have I never read this one before? It's just... you know how sometimes there are stories that just HIT exactly what you're looking for, even if you didn't really know that you were craving it quite as badly as you actually were? That's what this story was--I didn't know quite how badly I was pining for some Nightwing fic (much as I love the Batman/Wonder Woman or JL:TAS fic, Nightwing is and always has been my darling) until I read this story, which has utterly hilarious moments and utterly, heart-tuggingly perfect moments. Dick and Tim's interaction was just... holy shit, I had to stop for a minute and just delight in the way they were such twerps to each other (Dick using Babs' voice software to call Tim was honest-to-god funny enough to have me laughing so hard that I couldn't read for half a minute and the conversation in Dick's apartment the morning after he sleeps off the flu? BRILLIANCE. I flail in my gleeing over the classic Bat-boys interaction.), but then you've got Bruce tossed in occasionally (and, wow, did I glee over his role in this, too--such the worried parent, but in such a Batman way about it, eeeeeee!) and the beautiful, beautiful Dick/Babs interaction that just... *happy sigh* this is what I want. I could read this kind of fic forever. Plus, poor Dick. He really does have some of the worst luck just about ever. Though, really, if he weren't so entertaining about it, authors wouldn't inflict it on him. ^_~ Note: This story is unfinished and I mention this because it's one of those that's good enough (and developed a plot about halfway through that's actually really interesting!) that I'm sad it probably won't ever be finished. (Some Dick/Babs-ish hints, but no actual smoochies.)

- DCU/Teen Titans - A Night on the Town by Mara Greengrass - Oh, holy crap, this was just insanely fun. I have such fondness for the Young Justice characters (okay, okay, I know they're the Teen Titans now, but I can't call them that with any sort of seriousness, they're still YJ to me) and this was a fantastic way to play with them all. Cassie, Kon, and Bart come to Gotham. To hang out. And have fun. And make Tim's life hell. Not on purpose, mind, but it was unavoidable. And the author never really went over the line with it, never made it too exaggeratedly hellish for poor Tim, instead wove a fun, deft, clever little tale that I thought really nailed both the characterizations and style of them all. Plus, the end! That was great, just an entertaining as hell ride all over. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Batman - Children of the Night by Alexix M. - [ part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - epilogue ] - Oh, man, where to start with this story? Okay, granted, I'm still not quite finished with it yet, I'm still on part three, but I've been reading a little bit every other day for the past week and a half (well, I've stalled in the middle of my current CLAMP and/or DBZ frenzies, but!), so it's about damn time that I made this rec. Though, I have to admit to feeling a little overwhelmed about it, because there's just so damn much I want to mention. I'll also probably do a re-rec once I finish the rest of it, but I wanted to mention it now. This story is... just... wow. The writing is amazing, it's clear, it's clean, it's smooth, it's the kind that pulls me into a story so that I don't even realize the time is flying by because I'm enraptured by the story. Seamless. Writing like this is very rare, especially in a story of this length. I cannot wax poetic about it enough, because it's not overly flowery, but it's not dry, either. It's... perfect, like cool spring wate--*is shot for the horrible metaphor*

It's also more than just that, there's an incredibly complex plot going on here, it fully lives up to the summary's promised epic that spans a gorgeous plot. The story being told here is half case and half drudging up of the past, especially Selina Kyle's past, and it is brilliantly breathtaking, the kind of story that hits me in the gut and doesn't let up until the story is over. The descriptions, the vague impressions you get of Selina's past abuse are horrifying because they're not overdone, they're so powerful because they're real, she feels so fully realized that she could step out into the real world at any moment. The hurts that each of these characters carries around with them are all quietly touched on in turn, each scene springing so vividly to live and the pacing so fantastic that there's never a dull moment in this story.

The balance between personal lives and the case is struck wonderfully--each ties into the other and builds towards something more. Selina's past, Bruce's past, even the other characters' pasts all are brought up and mixed together with the case of the missing abused children. And, oh, is the subject of abuse beautifully done here, I hurt for each and every victim. Not just because it was awful, but because these characters react in the way they should react, I have not one whit of complaint as to the characterizations. More that I'm stunned breathless by them, really. Now, Bruce/Selina is not normally my pairing, but I've never disliked it, and the writing here is so fantastic, their chemistry is just so damn palpable, that even I felt it and was fascinated by the unfolding of this rocky relationship. It has its ups and downs, it's never exactly a smooth path, but, damn, is it good.

It's also the little details, it's the brilliant case that's being built as they all search for clues and answers, the way something so simple as a child's necklace can fit in or the way Selina's parentage can be another small piece in the larger picture, all of it is genuinely good. And, oh, the scenes with Dick or Barbara or any of the other minor characters? I nearly vibrate with glee and happiness because the author gets them, too. She makes each of these characters come alive, makes me absolutely sparkle with her understanding of them and the way she writes the characters. I especially have much love for any scene where Dick and Selina have a conversation, those always seem to become one of my favorites.

This fic is one of those stories that is one of the most finely crafted I've had the pleasure to read, it just hit so many of my buttons exactly right, so that I had the worst time putting it down and not reading "just one more chapter before bed!", the kind that made incredible characters come to life, especially Selina Kyle, who just... she kicks all kinds of ass in this story because she's a match for someone like Bruce, but because she's still so damn human and far from perfect. I'm in awe of much depth this author gives to these characters. ....hence the lengthy babbling, obviously. >___> Still. Just. Wow. Go read. (Bruce/Selina, some content warning, verging on NC-17 in places, dark content, and *everyone* should read it.)

- DCU - Five people Ollie will never admit he hit on, never mind what Roy says by Saone - Okay, I was poking around the author's fic and happened to see this one had been written recently. Oh, I said. It's short and I like those five things fics when done well! I can read it real quick-like. About three minutes later, I am laughing myself sick because it hit me just dead on right, I could just so completely, utterly, perfectly picture Ollie's expression on that last one. They're all fun. #3 amused me nicely. #4 very fun. But #5... just. Yeah. Hit me in the right way at the right time. I laughed. Kind of a lot. (Ollie/various.)

- DCU/Batman - Test Patterns by Alexis - I stumbled over this fic while browsing the author's journal (as I remember her longer work being some of the best I've read in the fandom) and it's not necessarily something I would have read from another author, the premise of Bruce giving himself a thorough physical and cataloguing all the new scars and ways his body is failing him; for all that the Bat-family appeals to me for its darker tone, I'm rather firmly in the "Bruce will be Batman forever, dammit" catagory. But this fic... there's something about the language of it, the hard logic way the narrative approaches it while still packing an emotional punch that I like. The ending line is especially impactful. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- DCU - Learning Curves by Jim Greeno - I'd read half of this story several years ago when it was first started, but it was recently updated/finished and when I saw, I pretty much zoomed over to read. It's set several years in the past, when Cass was first learning to speak and Nightwing was still in Bludhaven, but it's one of those fics I firmly stick in between the pages of canon in my head. Cass wants to learn how to be a partner, how to trust people, so she goes to the person who best knows how to teach it--Dick. Even before this fic came along, this was a story idea I desperately craved, an idea that would bring out so might insights and fabulous moments between both characters and Jim Greeno just nails it. The sense of fun mixed with touching moments, all wrapped up in top-notch characterization. Cass trying to unravel the puzzle (to her) that is Nightwing, such a deadly young girl but still learning so many things she has no clue about. Dick being so open and friendly, the way the different aspects of his skills are unlike anything she's seen before (oh, the perspective from her while watching him move across the city is just gorgeous, just enough action and sense of "omg that was so cool!" for me as a reader), the way the author so clearly understands what makes these characters brilliant and unique and it's just... the kind of fic that immediately goes on my favorites list while I practically have a glee-fit. ....shut up, I like this fic, okay? It's them as this dysfunctional family who have their ups and downs, but they're still family at the end of the day. ....and, yes, I totally squeed at the ending. Oh, Cass. I love her so. Just as much as I love that the fic focused on all of the dynamics between Bruce, Cass, and Dick, that I got the Bruce - Dick relationship out of this fic as much as I got Bruce - Cass and Dick - Cass. This rec is way too long, but I can't help it, okay? (No real warnings/pairings, nothing major enough to mention.)

- Batman - Riddled by BillA1 - I will grant that this characterization is very firmly straight out of B:TAS, very much the older stuff with Batman being a bit more light-hearted, but I actually liked it for that. It's one of those stories that I could absolutely have seen in the series, a fun case with the Riddler that went along at a nice clip and was just complicated enough to work hand in hand with the tone of the story. It brang up a lot of that old affection I have for the series, since B:TAS was where I got my start with DC, lo those many years ago. *g* (No warnings/pairings.)

- Batman - Refracted by voleuse - Sometimes it's difficult to know how to label things, whether to simply put this down as B:TAS or to label it as Batman Beyond since it deals with events in Return of the Joker, but it's about Dick and Babs in current time... mrrrff, difficult to decide. Anyway. There is something very elegant about the quiet, straightford, decepitively simple writing that communicates so much emotion around the terrible things that have happened, how much weight there is between these two characters who have such history together. There's a... quiet power to the writing here that I really liked. (Sort of Dick/Babs, but it could be gen, too.)

- DCU - Probationary Member by Adrian Tullberg - I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this story, I was mostly reading based on reconizing the author's name, especially because of the lack of summary. (Not that I mind, summaries are often easily misleading.) What I found was... something that I'm not quite sure how to summarize myself. It's a story about the Justice League and a new member who doesn't quite fit the usual image. It's a story about things that aren't so neat and clean in life, that's just... completely not what I expected and sort of swept me up and wouldn't let me down until the fic was done. I read the entire story in one sitting, didn't even get up for a bathroom break or anything, I barely noticed the time going by, because the writing of it is just... the kind that sucks me in. It has this incredible flow that keeps rolling along from one scene to the next so that I couldn't ever quite put it down. And that's a lot of what I loved about it, but it's not really the main thing. The main thing is... I loved the story, I wanted to know what would happen, how they would deal with the circumstance they found themselves in, how events would play out.

Don't get me wrong, the characterization is utterly fabulous in the story, sharp and clear and good. The large cast is balanced out well, Batman is dark and scary without being inhuman, Superman is strong and caring without being bland, Wonder Woman is intelligent and strong while still being human. The interactions between them--and I'll grant that it was especially between Bruce and Diana that made me sit up straight and sparkle, you can tell the author has much fondness for them--were great, any time Batman had a scene with pretty much anyone, it was great. The way the author contrasted the almost surreal, outlandish life of superheroes against something a bit more normal (such as it is) was really nicely done, the sense of the two worlds being so different came through clearly without the author having to even mention it, it was just there.

For all that the idea is a bit of a strange one, it's a concept that was pulled off well and achieved everything the author was going for, I think. The ending could have felt very cheap, but instead hit me pretty much exactly like it was supposed to. Superman's thoughts, Batman's reactions, the little insights into the characters and what it says about them all, is wonderful. The whole piece was just... man, sometimes I despair that I'll find fic like this anymore, something that actually has a point to it without beating me over the head too much. (Bordering on graphic content for language and disturbing scenes, no real pairings.)

- DCU/Batman - Kings and Cabbages by Alli Snow - I was clicking around the archive to look for Bruce/Diana stuff, but happened to stumble over a short fic with Dick and Babs instead and promptly squeed a bit too much over it, I suspect. It's just. It's sharp and the voices feel so right for the TAS versions and there's a smooth, clean quality to the writing that just zips right along, and there's that fabulous chemistry between the characters. Barbara trying to tell her dad about how she's Batgirl after the events of "Over the Edge" and the conversation with Dick later, all that awkwardness still there, too. The two sides of her life and trying to balance them and it's just... just completely squeeful and a great coda to that episode. (A little Dick/Babs, but mostly gen.)

- Batman - Pound Foolish by stubbleglitter - Good lord, I have so dearly missed getting to read fic like this. Nightwing and Robin being goofy, dorky boys while they mock a particularily lame villain based on a Stephen King character. I mean. That alone was just a great concept, really clever little touches for both humor and making me feel like, yes, these are crime fighters who are incredibly capable. But mostly it's the light-hearted sense of cool Nightwing gives off even when he's being a giant dork (or, perhaps, it's the other way around--I love that the author got that), the way Tim is just so damn likable, the way this was just so damn much fun. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Batman - Season of Such Infinite Labor by Mara - Like several of the commentors, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to summon up the words to describe this delightful holiday fic. It's just so... Batman being so very put-upon and being growly about it and Babs being amused at the entire situation and Tim trying not to laugh and Bruce growling some more and Cass being all, "...?" and it's just great. The timing of the piece is terrific, the moments of humor come at the right times, they're genuinely hysterical (I had trouble not laughing out loud for about the entire second half of the fic), and it's a brilliant fic for inspiring good holiday cheer. I cannot express my love for the fic enough. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Batman/CSI - To Conquer Fear by Mara Greengrass - There are some crossovers that would just never occur to me in a million years but in the right author's hands, the moment I see the headers, I'm all, "Oh, my god, that could be awesome." For all that I usually have trouble mixing live action and ink-based mediums, these two blended together perfectly, the Bat-crew with the CSI cast, as told through a series of e-mails between various members. I love that it's a brilliant way to use two semi-large casts without confusing any particular scene, that the voices for each character comes through shining and vibrant. There's actual tension in the plot--there's a plot! the Scarecrow in Las Vegas! and it was good!--moments where you really felt what the characters were going through. All the way around, it was one of those clever little stories from fandom that is totally the reason I ninjastalk the author. *sheepish* (No warnings/pairings.)

- DC/Batman - Institutionalized by Nokomis - I stumbled over this piece while looking for X-Men fic of all things. But I liked the author's work and I wanted to see how a take on Harley would work out and I was just... impressed as all get out by this. The characterization, the surprisingly subtle for all that Harley is so very over the top, is fabulous, her reasons and why she likes Arkham and why she is the way she is and how she looks at the world. The way she sees both the Joker and Poison Ivy, the two people that are most important to her, is just as brilliant. It's amazing what this fic does in approximately just 400 words. (Whatever you'd get with Harley in canon.)

Batman: So This is Goodbye by boredanddelirious - [Note: There will likely be spoilers for Battle for the Cowl events in this fic and this rec.] I admit, I haven't really been keeping up with the DCU lately, other than occasional columns or interviews about the RIP/Battle for the Cowl storyline, but I knew enough to read this and really enjoy it. I love that it's about Dick and Tim's relationship and how much like brothers they really are and how they can go through a lot of crap and still somehow work. But mostly I love that this was a really good (temporary) goodbye and it was satisfying for that. (No warnings/pairings.)

Batman: Masks by Amara Anon - I haven't read DCU fic in awhile, so this one is a year old at the time I read it, but it still works for me. It's a simple conversation between Barbara and Cassandra about the Batgirl mask that she wears and trying to connect, but not quite making it. The writing is lovely and I really like how almost understated this piece is in the first half. It's not trying too hard. But it's also the second half, when it switches to Cass' point of view, why she wears that mask and why they don't really understand her, that I really was impressed by this fic. It's a wonderful little read. (No warnings/pairings.)

Batman: Gift Thoughts by ASWF - Well. Since I was reading Dick and Tim fic already, I kept wandering around and eventually stumbled over this one as well. And I think I must have grinned my way through the whole thing, it was just... light-hearted and cute enough to balance out all the other angsty stuff I'd been reading elsewhere. Tim trying to think of what to get Dick for Christmas and having a hell of a time at it was adorable and the writing was just punchy enough to keep my attention and it didn't try to drag anything out. It was just super fun. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

Batman/Nightwing: Second Chances by laynee - Okay, see, I have this thing. Where I am kind of totally a ridiculous h/c junkie at times. And that's what this fic was satisfying to me for--Dick gets shot, Dick passes out, Dick has to spend time recovering while everyone hovers over him. It's pretty much exactly what I wanted to read at the time I wanted it, giving me Bruce, Babs, Leslie and Alfred in scenes with him. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

DCU/Nightwing: untitled by miarrow - These are actually two pieces posted together, but theyr'e short enough that I feel I can combine them together. The combination of the two is just... it's like it's just about everything I want from the DCU. I love that the first one just sort of drops you in the middle of the story but you can still feel the numbness of just being... empty, after all Dick and Donna have both been through. I love that it's Donna here, I love that she wants to make things better, but can't. It's a perfect piece between these two, a great capturing of their friendship. And then the second one is a delightful Dick POV piece with Babs on a monitor, so far away, and he wants to touch her so badly and it's flirty and fun and hot. It reminds me of just why they're so great together. ♥ (Gen for the first, Dick/Babs for the second.)

DCU: Offers of Leverage by angel_gidget - You know, I've always had a thing for the Bat/Wonder interactions, but the idea of Tim/Cassie didn't really occur to me until the last year or so and now... I can't seem to quite banish the thought of how interesting it could be. And this fic just makes that all worse because it's not really about shipping so much as it is about this path Tim's taking himself down as Red Robin and (much as I dislike this turn of character, if it provides fic, I guess I can get past it for now) how hard it is to trust people for him now and how Cassie gets that here. It's a lovely moment between them. (Tim/Cassie, but it's not really the point, I'd almost call this gen over anything.)

DCU/Batman: Tradition by SMGriffin - I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I clicked on this link, but I have a weakness for the Dick - Damian dynamic and I was curious. And then. a s;dflijaslkj oh god crying. Dick noticing that Damian has all these ~*new feelings*~ for a certain member of their family and being all serene about it while Damian just wants to throw himself off the building is just beautiful. It's cracky, sure, but I could totally see this happening and just. I am going to consider it a tragedy if DC doesn't draw this same parallel, seriously. (Implications of pairings, but they're not the point.)

DCU/Batman: What's a Nice Girl Doing in a Place Like This? by SMGriffin - Oh, lord. I think what makes this fic work so very well for me is that it's in Stephanie's point of view, that we're seeing everything on the Damian - Tim situation through her eyes and she's such an awesome character here. The author's narrative voice for her is amazing and her no-nonsense approach to dealing with Damian and the little talk that someone needs to have with him is hilarious but also really packs an emotional punch. I crave Damian and Steph interaction like you wouldn't believe now. (No warnings/pairings.)

DCU/Batman: Be Careful Little Eyes by SMGriffin - One of the most frustrating things to come out of the whole Batman: Reborn storyline is where they've taken Tim's character and the distance with his family that's there now. And while I tend to think Dick's doing a better job of not being Bruce than this fic might think, what I love about this is that... there's such hurt between Dick and Tim right now and this fic is very cathartic in dealing with it. I hurt for both of them here, how difficult both their lives and the choices they have to make her. It was a painful read, so sharp and angry, but something that felt all the better for finally coming out. (No warnings/pairings.)

DCU/Batman: Ill-adapted by Quiet Tiger - This is just a brief scene that drops you into the middle of the story and it's not really about resolution or a big fight scene or anything, it's just... trudging through the sewers to try to find Croc. It does feel like it's a piece from a larger story, but I was in the mood for DCU fic tonight and this was solidly written, especially since I wanted Dick and Tim interaction. :Db (No warnings/pairings.)

DCU/Superman: 5 times Superboy knew Superman didn't think he was annoying by xenokattz - Holy crap, I think I wibbled my entire way through this fic. I love Kon a whole lot and I love how much he really wants to be on good terms with Clark, how much he looks up to Superman, and this fic capitalized on that so well. The five different situations that Kon starts to feel like he's annoying or unwanted, but then he gets that he's part of Clark's family, too, were wonderful. The final one with Chris Kent was just... it was perfect and totally tugged on my heartstrings and, oh, Kon. I love him ridiculously. (No warnings/pairings.)

DCU/Teen Titans: untitled by angel_gidget - The more I think about this trio, the more I'm starting to become kind of fascinated by it. I am slowly warming to the Kon/Cassie relationship (it's so damn cute, how could I not like it?) but the way this short fic puts a slightly more painful spin on it and draws Tim into it just... did things for me. It's not exactly a happy fic and that makes it all the stronger. (Kon/Cassie, Tim/Cassie implied.)

DCU/Batman: Five Years by museofspeed - I'm not sure what made me give this fic a shot, since I'm not usually a fan of the pairing. But the unrequited natured of it (and my own ridiculous crush on Dick, shut up) made me curious enough to click on it. And I can kinda see this--it'd be hard not to have a hero worship kind of crush on Dick when you're thirteen and he's super hot. I ♥ Dick a lot for the way he talks to Tim about it and then the quick epilogue where Dick's just. Such an older brother about it, which is one of my favorite things ever. (Sort of Tim/Dick, except not. Implications of Dick/Kory and Dick/Roy.)

DCU: Kindred by Gen X - Sometimes it's the simple concepts--Damian takes in a stray--that work the best, because it takes implications from a potential Damian future (from Morrison's run, I think?) and shows a possible origin for it in current time. But, more than that, it's the hilarity of Damian being Damian about adopting a stray cat (and the hilarious parallels!) and Dick having to deal with Damian being Damian about it. I love how much insight into Damian's character, giving him depth without breaking him of being the little snot he is, was given here, too. This was wonderful. (No warnings/pairings.)

exactly how this grace thing works by irnan, dick grayson + extended bat-family + dick & everyone, de-aged!dick, fluff, 22.7k
    Dick gets de-aged. You'd think this would be a routine thing.
    I haven't read DC fic in ages, I haven't even been interested since the reboot, and I still have no interest in the comics anymore, I just no longer care. But pre-reboot de-aged!Dick interacting with the extended family? Oh, shit, yeah, I'm there for that. And this fic tends toward the fluffy and things working out and everyone is a family, it's very much family fic, but it doesn't sacrifice emotional weight for it, nor does it make everything super perfect. De-aged!Dick doesn't know any of these people, is still freshly grieving the loss of his parents, he hasn't had time to make them his family yet and it highlights just how much Dick is often the very heart of what pulls these characters together as a family, it shows how he made such a huge difference in the formation of it just by being himself, and even shows that Dick actually isn't perfect. But that he's so good at what he does that maybe not everyone realizes that, so it's weird and incredibly difficult for some of them to deal with him suddenly being a ten year old who needs tons of emotional support instead of the other way around. The fic does this absolutely beautifully while still working towards something positive and happy for everyone.

I definitely stayed up too late reading this, but I just could not put it down once I'd started, especially not when it reminded me of all the reasons why Dick is a character that is so central to my fannish heart. And certainly not when he was utterly fucking PRECIOUS with Damian especially and the fic did an incredible job with the Dick & Jason relationship, which is usually the most strained of the lot, and having it make sense that that would be the one that was the most supportive for kid!Dick. The fic also does a lovely job of juggling all the members of the Bat-family without making it feel more crowded than it needs to be, as well as showing kid!Dick struggling with whether or not he even wants to be that strange grown-up version of himself, the sense of all that he doesn't know and the overwhelmingness of it and why it doesn't make sense ot him.

And, oh, I'm not afraid to admit that the fic put a misting of tears in my eyes at least once while reading, because it gets at the heart of this character and his relationships and why they're all individual and all so important. It hit every note and button it needed to, so that this is the kind of fic that would have dragged me back into the fandom, if there were more like it. A fantastic read that will suck you right in if you like these characters and one of those that I just couldn't sit on this rec for long enough to put together a DC recs list, so onto the Marvel recs it goes.

baby wonder by drakefeathers, dick & damian + batfamily, 24.1k
    (baby!damian AU) Bruce dies, Dick becomes Batman. But the Damian that Talia leaves in his care isnít a ten-year-old warrior, heís a ten-month-old baby.
    Wow, did I ever get sucked into this fic, where it's along the same lines/events as when Bruce died for a year or so and Damian came around while Dick was Batman... only, this time, Damian is a baby. The fic does a lovely job of keeping Damian's personality intact, though filtered through being a cranky baby, and I may have cooed a lot over that, but it's also the family dynamics that were so engrossing here! Dick & Damian is the central theme here, but everyone is important and I loved each of them. The writi9ng is great and none of this ever got old, especially not as Damian wound further and further into their lives, as he reacted more strongly to them, and clearly loved them. It's everything a fic like this should be and I only wish I could write a better rec for it, because it's that kind of fic that... well, the thing with me is that I often hare off into fandoms, gather up fic, intending to dive into it, but never really get very far. It's solid fic, but not the kind that lights a fire under me again. This time, though, I totally felt that fire being lit and promptly read half a dozen more fics immediately after this one because I'm just right there again.

call it a draw by irnan, batfamily, 1.6k
    ďIt would appear that Damianís friend Colin likes to skateboard,Ē says Dick blandly. ďAnd when the Boy Wonder here insisted that yes, of course he knew how to skateboard, Colin suggested they meet at the skatepark on Saturday. You know. Since they both enjoy it so much.Ē
    A totally cute and fun batfam fic where Dick gleefully stirs up his little brothers, Damian gets himself in a bit of a tight spot and Tim is put-upon and Cass just watches all of it. It's totally cute and fun family fic that was just a delight to read!

batcoons by drakefeathers, batfamily, 6k
    Jason and raccoons have a lot in common. (Additionally: his so-called family are much bigger pests than the stray animals hanging around his safehouse.)
    Such delightful Batfam fic! With all their soft spots for animals in need of help and the different ways they express that and the ways they interact with each other! Jason trying so hard to keep the rest of them out of his life and yet they just keep coming in anyway, it's a perfect blend of hilarity and family feels. The whole thing sparkles in exactly the way I wanted from a fic with this premise, it was sharp in all the right places and touching in all the other right places, and absolutely everyone in the family was spot on perfect.

while you see it your way by irnan, batfamily + background dick/babs, 4.5k
    Wherein Damian acts his age for once, and - to the astonishment of absolutely no one - it's all Bruce's fault.
    The joy of this fic is in the way Damian is so smart and so sharp and so worldly in so many ways, but he is also absolutely and completely a ten year old kid. A kid who is far too used to getting his way from the universe and is spoiled, who doesn't really know how to express affection in the usual ways. I spent the whole fic both laughing at and feeling so much for that little brat and that's what Damian fic should always be.

Home Is With You by Val_Creative, dick & damian, ~1k
    "Wake up, Little D." He slaps the lump of blanket playfully. Damian mutters venomously, half pressed into his pillow, "Grayson, do that again and I will stab you."
    Sickfic is a thing that will always make me sit up in interest, all the more so when it's cranky Damian unwilling to admit to feeling sick and Dick being amused and concerned in turns. It's short but a delightful read!

Lists by ameliafromafairytale, dick & damian, 1.5k
    "Damian, for future reference? Strangling drug dealers 'til they agree with you is on the Never Okay list." In which Dick jokes about lists of crime fighting rules and Damian believes him.
    This is a little more tell than show but it's a sweet and cute fic with Damian taking Dick's joking suggestions literally and how, rather than being about humiliating him, it's actually kinda pretty useful. That makes it an entirely good-hearted story and pleasant to read!

meet the robins by drakefeathers, bruce & batfamily, 22.5k
    sad little orphan bruce travels to the future and meets the family heíll have one day :) too bad he canít stay forever :(
    I did not know how much I needed bb!Bruce interacting with his future family until I had it. This was a lovely read from start to finish, it's such good ensemble fic and tailors Bruce's interactions with each of them perfectly and is sharp as hell all the way through. It's emotional in all the right places (especially because he's such a lonely kid and so horrifyingly determined) and yet it's warm like all Batfamily fic should be! I ate it up like delicious candy and would have kept reading another 100k of this, had I been able.

four times damian had a merry christmas (and one time he thought he ruined it for everyone) by drakefeathers, bruce & damian + dick & damian + jason & damian + batfamily, 17.2k
    five Christmases in a baby!Damian AU.
    I am so in love with baby!Damian and how he is both completely the same stubborn little shit and yet so much more open, because of being there with them earlier! The difference scenes are all perfectly done, everything is that mix of sharp and clever and painful and good and warm that I want from Batfamily fic! The author is amazing at balancing Damian being precious one minute, terrible and bratty the next, and heart-breaking after that, where these are all part of the larger whole with him. Each of the other memebers of the family are also spot-on and, oh, this was such a good read!

hostage situation by drakefeathers, jason & damian + bruce, 1.9k
    baby!Damian is kidnapped, and Robin!Jason and Bruce have to rescue him.
    A short but fantastic piece with Batman and Jason!Robin rescuing baby!Damian from a kidnapping and, oh, it's a lovely look at all their dynamics but also Jason's growing acceptence of and affection for having a family.

cotton candy, elephants, and circus fun~ by drakefeathers, bruce & dick & baby!damian, 2.3k
    Dick takes Bruce and baby!Damian to the circus! and their trip doesnít end as disastrously as it could have :)
    This was a precious fic with Bruce, kid!Dick, and baby!Damian visiting the circus and making a day of it. The fic balances the painful aspects of all their lives with the way it shows what a family they are, Bruce with his sons, Dick with a baby brother, Damian being a fussy, demanding, adorable baby! It was wonderful all the way around.

the cat burglar by drakefeathers, selina & baby!damian, ~1k
    [from a prompt on tumblr] "I know Selina has popped up once or twice in your baby!Damian verse, and I was just wondering if you would write a fic about their first meeting."
    Selina sneaking into Wayne Manor to steal some things and running across baby!Damian! It's just as cute and adorable as the premise sounds, as well as a nice chance for a semi-outsider pov on the kid. A delightful read!

nightmares by drakefeathers, alfred & baby!damian, 1.2k
    Bruce isnít usually home at night when Damian has nightmares. But, lucky for Damian, Alfred is always there.
    Another baby!Damian fic that's the same blend of heart-warming family dynamic and the tragedies that always haunt them. For all that he's a brat, Damian loves his family and the nightmares he has out of worry are heart-breaking, even when Alfred is there to offer comfort. A lovely read all the way around.

all the other rooms are a party tonight (and you never got an invitation) by irnan, bruce & batfam, 6.9k
    The major difference between Gotham before Bruce left to set up Batman, Inc and Gotham after he comes back is that his children are grown-ups. Well, except for Damian. Still, four out of five's an overwhelming majority.
    You can tell the author isn't very fond of Bruce and this is a fic about him being sorry at all his kids, but despite that it's a really good read, how things could go if Bruce were more emotionally healthy. The large cast is balanced really well and you can absolutely feel the affection between all the other characters and that the author has for them! It's a sharp and clever story, each of the characters shines in their own way, there's such satisfying emotional resolution here, and that combination makes this the kind of fic I would read 100k of and come back for more!

exactly how this grace thing works by irnan, dick grayson + extended bat-family + dick & everyone, de-aged!dick, fluff, 22.7k
    Dick gets de-aged. You'd think this would be a routine thing.
    I haven't read DC fic in ages, I haven't even been interested since the reboot, and I still have no interest in the comics anymore, I just no longer care. But pre-reboot de-aged!Dick interacting with the extended family? Oh, shit, yeah, I'm there for that. And this fic tends toward the fluffy and things working out and everyone is a family, it's very much family fic, but it doesn't sacrifice emotional weight for it, nor does it make everything super perfect. De-aged!Dick doesn't know any of these people, is still freshly grieving the loss of his parents, he hasn't had time to make them his family yet and it highlights just how much Dick is often the very heart of what pulls these characters together as a family, it shows how he made such a huge difference in the formation of it just by being himself, and even shows that Dick actually isn't perfect. But that he's so good at what he does that maybe not everyone realizes that, so it's weird and incredibly difficult for some of them to deal with him suddenly being a ten year old who needs tons of emotional support instead of the other way around. The fic does this absolutely beautifully while still working towards something positive and happy for everyone.

I definitely stayed up too late reading this, but I just could not put it down once I'd started, especially not when it reminded me of all the reasons why Dick is a character that is so central to my fannish heart. And certainly not when he was utterly fucking PRECIOUS with Damian especially and the fic did an incredible job with the Dick & Jason relationship, which is usually the most strained of the lot, and having it make sense that that would be the one that was the most supportive for kid!Dick. The fic also does a lovely job of juggling all the members of the Bat-family without making it feel more crowded than it needs to be, as well as showing kid!Dick struggling with whether or not he even wants to be that strange grown-up version of himself, the sense of all that he doesn't know and the overwhelmingness of it and why it doesn't make sense ot him.

And, oh, I'm not afraid to admit that the fic put a misting of tears in my eyes at least once while reading, because it gets at the heart of this character and his relationships and why they're all individual and all so important. It hit every note and button it needed to, so that this is the kind of fic that would have dragged me back into the fandom, if there were more like it. A fantastic read that will suck you right in if you like these characters and one of those that I just couldn't sit on this rec for long enough to put together a DC recs list, so onto the Marvel recs it goes.

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