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- DCU - Tragic Answers by Jim Greeno - Gaaahhh!! This story is so good. I've long been a fan of Jim Greeno's (he and John Westcott write some of the best action-oriented stories out there), and this is one of my favorites of his. The details of the case were woven into the story beautifully, and, dammit, I want to know what happened. As usual, the characterization was solid, it was really cool to see the Titans helping their friend out, Bruce was an idiot, and Alfred rocked. (No real pairings, mild Dick+Babs implications.)

- DCU - Learning Curves by Jim Greeno - This was just pure, unadulterated FUN. It wasn't a parody, there were some very cool insights into the various Bat-characters, but Dick and Cassie's interaction (she goes to him to learn how to be a partner) was light-hearted fun. You don't see too much interaction between these two characters, but despite that, Greeno nailed both their personalities and reactions. One of my favorites of his work. (No pairings.)

- DCU - Dracoverse by Kaylee - Kaylee has a gift for starting universes that are just fantastically cool and carried out so well. This time, it's the idea of, "What if Jason Todd hadn't died...?" She took the idea and ran with it, creating a whole little world for Jason, making him one of the most fascinating "original" characters out there. (And it doesn't hurt that she's an amazing writer.) I can't really say enough good about this series, you just need to read it and see for yourself. (Some slash, but the focus is on Jason.)

- DCU - To All a Good Night by John Westcott - Okay, this was just adorable! A story set from a random child's POV can be a terribly difficult thing to pull off and not sound false and/or manipulative, but this one really worked for me. One of my favorite things about the story? The name of the teddy bear--Big Joe. That seemed like such a real thing for a kid to name their toy. (No warnings.)

- DCU/Birds of Prey - First Impressions by Smitty - Babs and Dinah are two of the coolest chicks in the DCU and I adore their friendship. This is why I was miffed at BoPTV, because all of this coolness was lost. But Smitty never fails at capturing the characters and making them a joy to read about, even when they're hurting. (No warnings.)

- DCU/Nightwing - Kitchen Talk by Smitty - Oh, how I love Alfred. Smitty has captured him perfectly here, those abilities of his that I swear to god must be meta-human. It's just such incredible fun seeing Alfred visiting Dick, which is sorely needed for that poor boy sometimes. He gets to see Babs a lot, and even meets up with Bruce and Tim on cases every so often, but he doesn't spend nearly enough time with Alfred, and it's nice to see it once in awhile. *hearts* (No warnings.)

- DCU/Nightwing - Discovery by Jim Greeno - I admit, the first time I read this story, it read like Jim was going for Dick/Clancy, but on subsequent readings, not as much. I really like the way Clancy finding out about Dick/Nightwing played out, the reactions felt very genuine and, I admit, this is something I wonder about a lot--how would the people in his life react? And, actually, this is one of my favorite stories just for that reason, because it was an incredibly satisfying revelation and subsequent reaction. My only gripe? That we couldn't see more of how this changed their friendship, dammit, there need to be sequels! ^_~ (No warnings.)

- DCU - Father's Day and Mother's Day by John Westcott - A lovely duet of stories from Dick's POV, shortly after coming to stay at Wayne Manor. Each story is insightful into how Dick would see each of his parents--the things he said to his father wouldn't apply to his mother and vice versa. That just jumped out at me as something that rather impressed me about these two stories. (No warnings.)

- DCU/Nightwing/Titans - The Green Eyed Monster by Brian Doyle - Why? Why can't I hate Kory anymore? *SIGH* She was really kinda neat in this story--as was Clancy. I wouldn't have believed I could enjoy a story about a conversation between Kory and Clancy would be so enjoyable (for me) or nicely done, but damn this was fun. Sharp, smart, insightful, fair to all the characters, and enganging and clever. Even if you don't care for the characters much, you should read, because this was nice. (No warnings.)

- Batman - When the Dead, Dead, Robin, Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along by Brian Doyle - It's a rare fic that makes me like Jason Todd, and this is a lovely little oneshot, actually doing Jason and the moment of his dead justice. The little details, especially Jason's training, being subtly mentioned here and there were probably my favorite thing about this story, though, the sense of... something almost like peace was very warming. My favorite line, from the girl who's there to meet Jason and guide him along: She pulled out a watch on a silver chain, and looked at it 'Ooops, I donít think we should stick around much longer. Bruce will be along in a moment. It tends to get rather emotional at times like that and I donít think either of us wants to see Batman cry, itíd just be too weird." (No warnings.)

- Batman - The Other Brother by Brian Doyle - Two chapters, each one from a different characters' POV (Tim and Dick), talking to Robin, filling him in on what's happening in their lives and expressing regret at the tougher things that have happened to them. A cliche sounding idea for a fic? Perhaps. But this story is the reason why everyone writes them, because they wish they could write something like this. This story makes me hurt for the characters, but in a genuine way, not because the writing was overly melodramatic or angsty. The end of the second chapter made my heart hurt for Dick, and that doesn't happen a lot, not really. Just... gorgeous writing. (No real warnings.)

- Batman - Seeing the Sights by Brian Doyle - Can you marry a fic? Because if you can, I suspect I might have to think about proposing to this fic. Damn was this good. Funny, insightful, fantastically written, and, oh, the beautiful violence. I loved it to itty, bitty pieces and desperately crave the rest. It really has absolutely everything I want in Bat-fic: A dark, gruesome storyline, witty dialogue, character insights woven into the fic, details about forensics and fighting styles and weapons (Batman moving through one of the crime scenes was a gorgeously detailed scene, the comments about accents while Robin was watching the kids at Ma Graves' place, the names for various Gotham spots, it all blended amazingly together that I could see this story happening right in the comic books, if they were to ever go in this direction), and non-sappy Bruce/Dick father/son stuff.

I seriously think that when this story is finished it's going onto my top ten list of favorite Bat-fics, because not only does it do both Batman and Vertigo (it blows me away how reminscent of the feeling of Vertigo this is), because the style is damned amazing. I actually enjoyed reading everything in this story, no scenes were dull or boring or pointless, everything contributed to the greater whole, and everything was given equal attention, there were no obvious favorites played. And, ooh, the violence. It wasn't mindless violence, which I am usually bored by, but this violence had a point to it, and I genuinely believed the horrified reactions from the cast. Most of the times I roll my eyes at the melodramatics of characters' reactions, but I squirmed around in some of the more graphic sections and I was just reading about it.

But at the same time it's not unrelenting darkness, there are lighter moments, more poignant moments. The moments with Bruce and Dick are perfectly played, you can tell this isn't some fourteen year old girl writing this story, because it's not the point of the story, but it doesn't get completely laid by the wayside, either. And, dude. I love Jim Gordon.

"No you didn't, the body wasn't found until 10.30am and that's way after your bedtime. You didn't see what I had to see."

"I was there tonight, checking things over."

"Once the body as gone it's always easier."

"I checked the body too, down in the morgue. Believe me, it's not easier."

Gordon sighed heavily, "You treat this place like we just lease it from you sometimes."

And I love Batman. This is the balance between the cold, unfeeling Bat and the human that still remains no matter how much Batman tries to bury him sometimes. This is the Batman I love: (the victim was an underdage male prostitute)

"I checked, and his pimp had no quarrel with him."

"We haven't even been able to find out who his current pimp was!"

"Try the Emergency Room at Bludhaven General... Goes by the name of Sammy Wilkins. I took a little trip over there this evening. He thought I was who ever it was that killed Nicky coming to do the same to him. I decided not to disabuse him of that notion for a while and he kept falling over running away from me."

I know I got a bit carried away with this review, but I was entranced by this fic and couldn't let it go without babbling quite a bit. (Some graphic violence.)

- DCU - A New Year to Remember and Family Reactions and To Catch a Killer by Terri Hayes - Once again, let me start off with my 'problems' with the (first two) fics--they're very exposition-y, they almost felt more like character essays than fic, and while that's hardly a bad thing, it's just not the same as fic. That aside, Terri's takes on the characters are wonderful, very solid and much in agreement with my own. The writing is smooth and readable and "To Catch a Killer" is an excellent case story. Actually, that one doesn't 'suffer' (a word I hesitate to use) from the same problem the other two do and is easily my favorite of her writing. It's one of those rare stories that actually weaves an interesting case and keeps my attention on it, and does the idea justice. The little details were wonderful, as well as the characters' reactions. And Alfred! Dude, Alfred rocks. (Fair amount of Dick/Babs in the story.)

- DCU - A Mother's Touch by Terri Hayes - I have absolutely no idea how to summarize this fic or why I want to rec it. "Dick meets someone he can talk to and misses his mother." sounds so empty compared to the reaction this fic ellicits. Just... it's lovely, sad, heartwarming, and touching all in one quick oneshot. (No real warnings.)

- DCU - Letting Go by Dannell Lites - I've actually read this story before and I remember hurting the first time I read it, and it didn't get any easier this time through. I was browsing through Soft Spots, reading the recs GenX had written and randomly decided to give this one a reread. Through the first two parts, my heart hurt for the characters, for the loss of Bruce, for everyone's pain--it's not many stories that can do justice to the aftermath of Bruce dying, but this story accomplishes it beautifully. But it was the epilogue that actually brought tears to my eyes--I'm not saying I bawled like a littlebabysissygirl, but my throat hurt and there were definitely tears in the corners of my eyes. And I don't cry easily, it has to be done just right, and this story was beautiful in the almost... well something akin to a lyrical tone of voice used. (Li'l bit Dick/Babs, death warning.)

- DCU - Opening Lines by Kerrie Smith - Aww, I love Kerrie's sense of humor, and I love Tim and I love Tim'n'Cass, so I love this story. ^_^v Another one of those stories that cheers me up when I'm having a bit of a bad day, and no matter how many times I reread it, it never fails to make me smile or giggle a bit. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Kindred Spirits by Kerrie Smith - I admit, it took me forever to figure out who the speaker was, but I think that was intended and it really makes it that much cooler. I'm not really sure what else to say, just that it's one of those stories everyone needs to read, because it's very touching. (Spudverse, and all that goes along with that.)

- DCU - Don't Feed the Plants by Kerrie Smith - You have no idea how amused I am that Tim's little pet project ate Spoiler. No idea at all. ^_~ I don't know what amused me more about this story--the actual story within the story or Babs telling the story to Dick and Dinah, both cracked me the hell up. And Cass rocks, I loved how freaking cute she was over the potato clock! (No real warnings.)

- DCU - It All Works Out in the End: A Story Starring Robin's Rear End by Kerrie Smith - Oh, poor, poor Tim. I feel kinda bad laughing at his situation, but it was really, really funny. I absolutely loved the reactions from the other characters as well, and I can't decide if Dick laughing hysterically when he first heard or Cass blackmailing him was my favorite. But, hell, the whole was hysterical. (No warnings.)

- DCU - August by Chicago and Smitty - I admit, it took me a bit to get into this one, because of how it starts out with newspaper articles instead of the typical fic, but after I sat down to read (with no distractions), I read this puppy all the way through in one sitting. The style was a really interesting one, little bits and pieces, snippets of scenes spread out across three or four days, all from various characters' POVs, and each of them showing their reactions to the situation. I loved that despite the huge cast in this fic, you still got drawn into their reactions. Despite so much happening (the main plot with Dick being hurt, Babs' and Spud's reactions, Bruce going more than a little bit nuts and working to take down the bad guys, Tim, Cass, Dinah, and Alfred not exactly sure what they should be doing and having their own reactions, Leslie, Superman, the Titans going through much the same, Dick's partner and the other cops...) all of it was worked in there and it never felt overly crowded to me. The writing itself was fantastic, there were at least two points where I physically hurt for the characters (especially the scene towards the end with Spud and Bruce). I also loved that the ending wasn't anti-climactic, which can happen so easily with stories like this, where everything is building and building and building--I really liked the way it ended. ....I'm done fawning now, honest. ^_~ (Spudverse and all that that entails.)

- DCU - The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship by Lyssa - Okay, I'm not the greatest fan of Spoiler around; she has her moments, and I'm rather fond of the Cass/Steph friendship, but I'm never going to be a big fan of the Tim/Steph relationship, and I'm not getting what makes her bat-clan material... well, to be more specific, what makes Batman think she's bat-clan material. Just call her Mary Sue Spoiler and get it over with, would you? *coughs* However. That bit of irritation is not meant for this rec, because I actually really, really liked Steph here--she was funny and smart without being all Mary Sue-ish about it, and I absolutely loved the way her crush on Nightwing played out here. Oh, and my beloved Dick was perfect here... smart, sarcastic, obnoxious, gorgeous, charming, and thoroughly infuriating at times. If Lyssa had written Spoiler and the Spoiler/Robin relationship, I suspect I'd have liked it a whole hell of a lot more.

Ooh! Ooh! Let me quote a bit and show why I absolutely loved this fic! I couldn't feel his voice through my chest like I could Tall Dark and Grumpy's, but I knew that tone. He wasn't happy with me and if I didn't explain myself or go home with my cape between my legs, or both; I'd get spanked. Hard. And not in the sexy, kinky, Cinemax After Dark sort of way either. (Mild mentions of Robin/Spoiler.)

- DCU - Advice by Maelstrom - For someone who professed to know very little about Nightwing, Maelstrom writes a lovely little oneshot about the character. I liked that it was one-sided, dialogue-only piece, that lent to the atmosphere (or style) of the fic, and it's not all authors who can do that and still make the story smooth and readable. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Impossible Reality by Jim Greeno - When does the student surpass the teacher, indeed. What made this story gorgeous to me was that it respected both the skills and characters of both Nightwing and Batman, why each are at the level they are. Nightwing has long had the same skills and ability Batman has (despite several writers in the comics portraying him as not-that-bright), but he lacks the same drive, the same rage that makes Batman so dangerous an opponent. This story beautifully illustrates the similarities and differences between the two. (No warnings.)

- DCU - I Am Their Rock by John Westcott - Pretty much everyone agrees that Alfred kicks ass, but you don't really see too many fics showing insight into what makes him tick, what it's like for him in this life Bruce has led them all into. This is a bittersweet look at what pains him and what keeps him going at the same time. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Daddy's Little Girl by Terri Hayes - This was a lovely story about Barbara and Jim Gordon and a nice little missing scene from between the panels, about the letter Barbara had had for awhile saying that she was his real daughter, not his niece. Genuinely touching and insightful, it was a joy to read... though, I do admit my favorite part was the under-stated, subtle involvement of Batman and his advice to Jim to not go in angry because she was already afraid she was going to lose her father. Excellent story. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Aging Gracefully...? by Terri Hayes - Another lovely little oneshot by Terri that's mostly humorous, but with a few touches of seriousness. Barbara finds she's not as young as she used to be, but a (very) short talk with Batman makes her feel not quite as badly and not so alone. .....not like that, ew! ^_~ But, seriously, it's one of those stories that's just fun to read. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Jealousy by SKH - There's a delicate balance to writing stories about the first few weeks/months at Wayne Manor after Dick's parents died, it's all too easy to make the characters overly sappy or melodramatic, or even to brush the events off as unimportant, but at the same time, still capturing the magic of what makes their dynamics so fascinating. Jealousy does that wonderfully, including some heartful moments between Alfred and Bruce, showing Bruce's more vulnerable side without being out of character, and showing Dick's turmoil, pain, heartache, and sense of adventure and bright nature all at the same time. Heart-warming is a good way to describe it. (No warnings.)

- DCU/Freeze - Cold Christmas by the Seitz - This was absolutely beautiful. Not a character I usually like to read about and I may not have clicked onto it if I'd known who it was about (it was random that I stopped on it at all), but I'm so glad I did. The descriptions are gorgeous, and the character's emotions come through so powerfully, but without the author sledgehammering us over the head with them. Lovely. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Legacy of Allies by E Kelly - Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne having a quiet conversation during an important event. I absolutely adore E Kelly's writing and wish she would do more of the various Bat-clan members like this. The writing flows so very smoothly and the characterization bits are subtly woven into the writing and... and... and it's just good! (No real warnings.)

- DCU - There's Got to Be a Morning After by Vicki Napier - In an odd bit of coincidence, I was just thinking about this story yesterday (but I couldn't remember which one it was, just that Dick came back to Babs' apartment after the fight at Blackgate, and she was pissed because Bruce didn't even blink at all the damage he'd taken) and when I was checking mail, someone inquired about this very story, with a response to where to find it. It was good to reread this story, because even I was miffed at Bruce sending Dick into Blackgate without even any backup, and I'm always up for Bruce being forced into being a little more human and Dick angsting about things that are Not His Fault But He Blames Himself Anyway. ^_~ The grammar is a little touch and go, and, sure, Bruce is a little overly sappy for a NML-era fic (but, hey, he wasn't far out of character, and I have ridiculously tough standards and set characterizations that not everyone agrees with), but it's hardly detracting and sometimes this is exactly what I want. I adore this fic because it gave me exactly what I was looking for and I enjoyed the hell out of it. (Li'l bit Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - Hereafter by SKH - Okay, I've been trying very hard not to go nuts over every one of Sarah's stories, because it is kind of tacky to rec every last fic an author has written on a recs page, but I just couldn't let this one go by. Only recently have I had a chance to read the Kevin Smith issues of Green Arrow where Ollie was resurrected (which I quite enjoyed, actually, but, then, I'm a semi-big fan of the Kevin Smith) and so it was really neat to see him show up in a fic, even if only sort-of peripherally. This was a lovely oneshot, from Ollie's part in it, to the mentions of Jason, to Bruce's slight, erm, change of heart to the bits of humor and genuine heartwarming moments in the fic. (No warnings.)

- DCU - My Little Girl by The Seitz - Another author I'm trying not to rec every last fic of but I couldn't resist this one; it's a gorgeous Cain story, and while not characterizations I would have believe before reading the story, I totally bought them in the fic. His thoughts on Cassandra and the way he sees her and even the way they interact in this short little story are just everything I could ask for from a fic like this. Well. Except the obvious, "I want more like this one!" of course. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Struck by SKH - *as I'm reading* I'm not going to rec this story, because I've rec'd about a zillion of Sarah's stories by now, the point of these recs is to maybe shove a few more readers in the direction of authors and stories I like, and by now they've gotten the point, so I'm not going to rec yet another of hers, because that'd just be kinda cheesy, so I'm not going to rec, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I'm really, really not, oh, hell, who am I kidding? There were two things I enjoyed about this story. One, the excellent action sequence describing how Nightwing got hurt--I can do action scenes, too, but not ones this good. Two, the last page or so of the fic. So very... "Awwwww!!! *squeak* That's so adorable!" worthy. .....yes, I am a dork. (No warnings.)

- DCU - Emotion and Rational Thought by SKH - Okay, okay, so I have a weakness for stories like this, where Dick spends time at the Manor for one reason or another, usually because Bruce has gotten himself hurt and someone needs to babysit him so he doesn't go making things worse. ^_~ But they have to be done well and Sarah does a wonderful job with the story, the main plot funny and touching in its own right, but even lovelier when put together with Dick's reactions to everything. Plus, the ending still cracks me up. (No warnings.)

- DCU - My Father's Words by DC Luder - Oddly, this fic didn't turn out to be quite what I thought it was going to be. I assumed that it was going to start off with some big event that would propel Dick into a short period of reflection about his own life, and instead it was much busier than that, weaving the reflective moments in between events. At this point in my 'fandom life', it takes a bit more than the usual fic to get me to fawn over Dick introspection, because I've been there and done that. The story has a lovely flow to it, one thought leading to the next and the little details enhancing everything. The scene in the 'Cave towards the end is just... well, cool and made me laugh and anxious at the same time and then there was the scene at the end which was just lovely and I've gotten the gushing out of my system now, honest. (No real warnings.)

- DCU/Nightwing - Revelations: Amy by krtshadow - Part of the problem I had with this story is that recent events in the Nightwing title have only started to show Amy accepting the idea of Bludhaven needing a vigilante, and she also just decided to take the promotion to captain, so it's tough to figure out where to slide this into canon. However, that is hardly the fault of the author and as I was reading I felt myself being pulled into the idea, the writing solid enough that I found I didn't really care about my canon issue. The scene in the convenience store was really nicely done, not too many details to drag the point of the story down, but enough to give the reader a picture of what was going on. And I love that someone wrote a strong, capable, intelligent Amy like this. ^_^ (No warnings.)

- DCU - In the Study by Robin - You know, my hat's off to Robin. Amanda and I spent a lot of time pondering the effects of Bruce's little "There is no Bruce Wayne. Only Batman." fit and how it would effect the other characters around him, but we never touched on the idea presented here (which I won't spoil for you, though, it's mentioned right in the beginning) and, damn, is it a good, fascinating thought. Plus, I love the little details she put in, especially the way Dick views the portrait of the Waynes... also something I wouldn't have necessarily thought of myself. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU - All She Wants For Christmas by Robin - Tacky, schmacky, when Robin writes such cute stories, it's cause enough for me to do multiple recs for one author. ^_~ *hearts* Lian fic! Good and cute Lian fic! I adore that little munchkin. This story was just right--not too long, not too short, just a wonderful, sparkly moment that I thoroughly enjoyed. Plus, it helps that it had Dick and Roy in it. I love those two. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Batman/Justice League - The Host by SKH - I've been ever-so-slowly inching my way back to comicfandom and one of the best things for that is coming across new fic by authors I really like. I know that SKH's writing is always good for a read whenever I see that she's posted something new and I wasn't disappointed. This is a semi-short early Bat-days story, but it's an interesting one, something I don't think I've seen done before--ie, an alien lifeform (not a hostile one, though) takes over Dick's body because it needs a host and Batman and the rest of the JLA have to deal with that. What I found really neat about this story was that even the dialogue and the way the story was worded captured that feel of the earlier DCU, giving it the feeling of something that was truly written for that time period. ^_^v Plus, we all know I'm a sucker for DCU/Dick fics. *sparkle* (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Nightwing/Matrix - Digital Descent by Beth Winter - If you had suggested to me that someone would write a Nightwing/Matrix crossover and that it was good, I probably would have scoffed and not believed you. But I gave this one a shot because I've read Beth's other work and I like her writing a lot and... I liked this crossover. There are a handful of Matrix crossovers that I've genuinely liked and this is one of them, largely because Beth's style of writing with this one... I can't even think of how to describe it or why it worked. It wasn't quite technology-centric, it wasn't quite philosphy-centric, it wasn't quite gothic-centric, but it had just the right combination of these elements to make me be able to see the pretty imagery put forth by the fic. Plus, I really just adored the opening paragraphs. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/Batman - Fear-Based Responses by Arlene - No matter how much I stray sometimes... I think it's these characters who have the ability to touch me the most, the ability to draw me into how much I hurt with them the most. I adore the takes on the various characters in this fic, from Tim to Bruce to Dick to Alfred, the way each of them reacts to a bad night, the way they are such a family, the way they all hurt, but manage to work through it somehow. My favorite thing here is the way Dick's, uh, language would change with each version, depending on whose POV the chapter was from. Well. That and the touching moment between Dick and Bruce, but we all know how much of a dork I am for that father/son stuff. And, ohmygod does this rec suck--but the fic is good, so go read. (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU - Heart of Plastic by Arlene - You know, I keep saying, "Okay, this'll be the last one I rec, 'cause people can just click on the author's name and read all her stories, this is just getting to be rather ridiculous." But then she writes about a different set of characters or those Bat-boys I'm so weak for... and I just cave. Plastic Man... is not someone I generally care that much for, so when someone can make me read a fic about him and wish that there was more of it... damn, that's talent. ^_~ What I liked is that there was humor woven into everything he said, genuine humor that was funny stuff, but there was also a personality and a working mind behind all those quips. The reason the author gave for why he is the way he is... really shed a new light on him, made so much freaking sense that I was impressed as hell. Also? Her Dinah kicks some serious ass. Love her. Especially the way she punched Ollie. Clever girl. XD (Some slight Dinah/Ollie mentioned.)

- DCU - It's Too Darned Hot by Arlene - This was just... fun! I admit, one of the things I liked best about it was that... it was silly, but it wasn't outlandish silly, it was the kind of humor that made me giggle madly, but I could still picture it. The other thing is that there were just a few moments of Dick and Wally being such guys together, being such friends and I really miss that, it doesn't get written about anywhere nearly often enough (in the comics or in fic ;___; ). But I also love the way Arlene weaves all of the characters into the fic and just... reduces me to an incoherent mess when I try to stop bouncing around the room over the good fic. ..... */dork* (No pairings/warnings.)

- DCU/Batman - Rantings of a Sane Man and Lucius Was Right by Arlene - Every once in awhile, there's a story that's not set from the Bat-boys' POV, instead from an anoymous person and every once in awhile that really works for me, as this first story did. The thing, though, that I loved most about the story was that there was this one moment at the end, when the guy goes back to the shed that was just... creepy and cool and, in an odd way, had me with hearts in my eyes. (Oh, okay, so I have my favorite character biases. ^_~) The second story was an interesting little story that so nicely illustrates Bruce's dillemma about keeping his secret from several people in his life. I admit... I wish that the story had been more fully fleshed about, that I now crave a fic about Lucius finding out Bruce's secret and how that affects them--and that's why I'm rec'ing these two stories. Because they great little moments in the characters' lives and left me wanting more. (No pairings/warnings.)

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