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- DCU/Justice League - A Riot of Relaxation by Mara Greengrass - You know how sometimes a fic can really capture the feel of a particular version of characters? I can't see this for the comic versions, but it did an excellent job of giving the feel of the Justice League animated series (which is the continuity it was set in) and just... it sparkled, it really did. From the various different kind of vacations each of the Leaguers had as kids to the way they told their stories to the others to the way everyone reacted to the pacing of the story. It all felt RIGHT and it was a wonderful story--sometimes sad, sometimes heartwarming, all exactly what it was supposed to be. Plus, the ending made me giggle and thought that that was really something JL:TAS!Batman WOULD say. XD (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/JL:TAS - The Fuzzy End of the Lollipop by Merlin Missy and Constance Eilonwy - Amanda pointed this one out to me awhile back and I mentally ear-marked it for reading because Constance Eilonwy did some of the most FANTASTIC B:TAS fic I ever read and I'd heard good things about Merlin Missy, so I was curious about their take on JL:TAS. Then I got a little lazy/wary because genderswaps rarely, rarely do anything for me, no matter how well they're written, but, but, but! Don't let that scare you off this fic if it's not normally your thing, either, because this fic did exactly what it needed to do with it, with the rammifications of being put into a body that's not your own, not even your own gender, but without being preachy about it. Each person struggles differently, each person has to find a way to deal with this for the three months they'll be trapped this way, and, god, they're all just brilliant. The sheer amount of perfect writing, pacing, and characterization just made my teeth ache, because the authors clearly had a tremendous knack for getting to the heart of what's best (and most interesting) about these characters... ....which is a roundabout way of saying that they just nailed JL:TAS' style when it was at its best, possibly even better.

I love that it took its time with the premise, but didn't linger, either. Each scene was perfectly paced, each chapter gave screen time to a different Leaguer, each showing how they dealt with things, even how relationships within the League were affected by this (even as much as I hate the Green Lantern/Hawkgirl relationship, even I had to grant that it was fantastically done here) and, good god, some of the scenes just... I came dangerously close to squee'ing over them. (Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I squee'd madly at Bruce going home and his family helping to retrain him or when Clark still found a way to interact with Lois in some of the most gorgeous scenes for them or Diana's attempts to deal with being male now or John's less-than-perfect handling that his girlfriend is now his boyfriend.) I love that it didn't pull its punches on dealing with gender issues, but didn't wallow in them, either, it just... it had a story to tell, told it, and made one hell of a fantastic ride. I'm just sorry that they haven't written more. (Anything that was in JL:TAS canon will be here.)

- JL:TAS - Iron to Iron by SelDear - Wow, this is another story that just did not feel as long as it actually was, because I was so drawn into the story and entranced with the beautiful writing. There were lots of little touches I loved to the story, especially the fine hints of Bruce and Diana's relationship, but the real, real joy of this story was the brilliant interaction between Diana and Shayera. It so utterly captured who these two women were, where they were in their lives post-"Wake the Dead", how they had been raised, and what they meant to each other. It was breath-taking to see Diana struggling with potentially forgiving Shayera, to see Shayera struggling with whether she had earned forgiveness or not, to see them as the warriors that they are, brilliantly mixed with the women that they are. I love, love, loved that it wasn't all about the Grrrl Power, it was simply who these characters were and it never wavered from that. Gorgeous story, gorgeous characterization, gorgeous fight scenes, and gorgeous writing. I'm star-struck. (References to canon pairings, but not the point.)

- JL:TAS - Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by SelDear - There was a chasm of difference between affection and desire, and another chasm between knowing what she wanted from him and being able to let him give it to her. Wow. I am going to go totally fangirl over this story, so you, uh, may want to take a few steps back. This is Bruce/Diana smut like I didn't even think there was a chance of getting--so vividly in character and beautifully written that it took my breath away to see the sharpness of these character portrayals. Such gorgeous sex that started off as insanely hot kissing and UST before progressing into sex that wasn't just tepid romance novel style psuedo-pr0n, it wasn't flowery and bad euphasims, it was genuinely hot sex. The author's language was brilliant, not shying away from more graphic terms, but not being over the line or crude about them. And never ONCE was this not Bruce and Diana, never ONCE was this not about their issues, all the complicated tangles that that entails. Gotham's demands on Bruce, his own sense of control, Diana's innocence/inexperience, yet lack of naivete, the sense of being vulnerable to a man, yet still being her confident self, yet nothing was ever forced between them. I felt the attraction, I felt the emotions here, everything was brilliantly natural and detailed and just... it could have been plotless porn, but the sheer character insight made it so, so much more than that. This is why I love the pairing, this is why I am so solidly a fan of these two. Plus, holy hell, the smut. *___* ....hey, I said it was going to be fangirly. Hmph. (Bruce/Diana, NC-17 content.)

- JL:TAS - Drabbles by SelDear - Again, normally, I don't often read an aspect a story has (this time, an original character, the daughter of two canon characters), but because I love the author's writing so much, I decided to go ahead and give this one a shot. It also helps that the chapters are all short little ficlets... actually, I really wanted more, the author's writing is strong enough to carry me past the OC angle (it helps that the focus isn't really so much on her as it is about discovering pieces of the history that brought them to this point) and the latest one left off in a REALLY interesting point. ....okay, this isn't really saying why anyone should read, so I'll just say that instead: GO READ. Intriguing execution of a concept that could have been really bad, but is instead something very much worth reading. (Background Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU/JL:TAS - C is for Coffee by mtgat and dotfic - I admit, this fic started out a touch slow and I wasn't sure it rang right for me. But by about a page into the fic, I was seriously ready to sparkle like a good fangirl at the authors. The parallels between Roy, Dick, Ollie, and Bruce were wonderfully done here, the authors did a fabulous job of not beating the comparisons/contrasts into our heads, it was never even commented on, it was just there. Roy and Dick's friendship compared to Ollie and Bruce's not!friendship, the way both interact with their mentors, the way some things are so damn similar and some things are completely different, all topped off with little moments of characterization that are brilliant. It's one of those fics that satisfies that craving for something solid and well-done in fandom, the kind of post-episode coda that actually accomplishes something. This is why I still go back to DC fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

- Justice League:TAS - Till You've Left It by Mara Greengrass - You know, every time I think I might have a problem with JL:TAS, along comes a fic that reminds me of why I liked it so much in the first place. This is a lovely little 'between the frames of canon' piece during "Once and Future Thing", a look at Batman being trapped in the past and how that had to have been driving him a little crazy. The author handles the inner POV very well, doesn't go too far into cliche in either direction, instead it's this nice little piece where I can practically feel him twitching even as he's respressing the urge to do so. ....I'm writing this badly. It's a cool fic, one that I clearly should have read years ago. ^_~ (Blink and you'll miss it, Bruce/Diana. It's mostly a gen piece.)

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