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Batman Movieverse: The Nestling by Philippa - So, I spent the last couple of days just about OD'ing on The Batman and this has given me an extreme craving for Batman stuff again. I was originally going to see if I could find fics in that verse, but I remembered there was a Nolanverse series of fics that introduced Dick to the movieverse and I was hungry for origin/year one-esque stuff for him. So I decided to start in on this one. And I couldn't put it down! All 15,000 words of how this author would introduce Dick into this universe, how she would build up his background and how he would start forming connections with Bruce and Alfred and how he brought a little light into their lives again and just. The author did everything right. I really loved this new spin on his character, I love watching him go from this quiet kid to someone slowly opening up after the loss of his family and finding this new one. I love that the author sets this all from Bruce's point of view, balancing out the dark sides of his character with the beginnings of the mentor/father figure he could be, I love that she knows exactly what I want to read when Dick runs away and needs rescuing because he's just eight years old and just. a ;sldkfjasl;kj it was such a satisfying fic that I cannot even tell you. (No warnings/pairings.)

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