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- DCU - An Unusual Mission by Adrian Tullberg - For the longest time, I didn't really care about Wonder Woman; she seemed really cool, but there was no real draw to her for me. Then I read the first part of 'An Unusual Mission' (Back when it was still 'The Date') and I was utterly floored by how good it was. This story is everything I could possibly ask for--it's funny, it's well-written, it's infinitely readable, it's goddamned funny, it's true to the characters, it's sexy, sweet, and romantic, and it made me a total Batman/Wonder Woman 'shipper. (I also tend not to read a lot of Bruce-centric fic, because while I find him fascinating, there's rarely a lot of room to play around with him, since he's so rigid a character.)

I know it's an unsual pairing, but even if you don't like them, you should read the story. Some of my favorite parts are with the supporting characters (my two favorite scenes: Dick and Cassie talking while out on patrol, and when Artemis and a couple of other Amazons visit Bruce and Diana at Wayne Manor) and Adrian Tullberg is one of the best writers out there. (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU - Inbetween by E Kelly - One of the other truly wonderful Bruce/Diana fics out there, I absolutely love the characterizations in this one. Diana's thoughts are fantastic, you can see her gentle, teasing side along with the warrior side of her, and they blend together, rather than looking like she has MPD. Bruce's gloomy and creepy attitude are also present, but tempered with a bit more humanity so that I believed everything he said and did here. Not only were the characters spot-on, but they sparkled, the opening scene at the fundraiser is one of the best scenes I've ever read for them. And the little details--Diana thinking about her role in Man's World, the descriptions in the scene in the garden--were wonderfully woven in, everything coming together in a gorgeous little story here. Oh. And the other thing that impressed me? A good het sex scene--no badly used terms or overly graphic descriptions or implausible actions, it was really well-written. (Bruce/Diana, graphic content.)

- DCU/Justice League - Tell Me Lies by Ugly_Girl - (Parts 01&02.) Amanda pointed this one out to me and it was a nice little JL:TAS read. First of all, I had two main problems with the story--one was that it was based on JL:TAS so the comic references and more adult matter (like Hawkgirl snarking about men's penis sizes and their cars, etc. and the reference to Vesper Fairchild) felt really out of place. Two, the characterization of Bruce was rather off, he seemed too... unsteady, unsure of himself, I guess. Not something I'm used to. They both fell in love rather quickly as well. However, that was about the extent of my problems, the rest of the fic was pretty damn golden. The author's take on TAS Diana was excellent, she really just nailed the portrayal of this amazing woman with the spirit of a fighter, a sharp, intelligent mind, a caring soul, and just the right amount of naievete in Man's World. I could hear everything she said and was just so impressed by the little details of Diana's reactions to everything. The author also did a great job on the interaction between Bruce and Diana, really capturing what it is that makes me adore this pairing so very, very much. *sparkles* All in all, the fic could use some polishing, but it entertained me, made me *squee* happily over all the right bits, and when I read what was available... I wanted more. That's really everything a fic needs to accomplish in my book. ^_^v (Batman/Wonder Woman.)

- DCU/Justice League - Darkest Knight by Steel Magnolia - Eeeeee! Such good Bruce/Diana fic, the kind that gives me a special high that I don't get nearly enough. In addition to the gorgeous, intelligent, clever writing, what I loved about this fic is the sparkle in the interaction between the two characters. Both of them are such amazing, intelligent, witty, noble characters, both of them surprisingly complex in their own ways, and both of them were done such marvelous justice in this story. The dynamics between them were gorgeous, you could feel the chemistry and I just... god, as much as it was painful to watch sometimes, I loved that Bruce could be a bastard when he needed to be. Yet... at the same time... he could be a wonderful person, someone you can see why Diana would be so attracted to him. My favorite things in the stories were the phone conversations, all the little details from both their lives (like Steve's influence on Diana's life, Dick's influence on Bruce's, etc.)... just wonderful. I need more of this fic. +_+ (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU - Possibilities by Artemis - I admit, I was a little confused by the shifting scenes in this story, what was supposed to be real and what wasn't, and I wished it could have been tightened up a little (though, it eventually becomes clear, so I'm not really bitching about that), but I was really won over by the characterization of Bruce and Diana--one of the things I adored most was Bruce's thoughts after waking up from a dream induced by a magic artifact given to him by Manitou and how much he hates magic: Manitou claimed this stone showed "possibilities," a vague statement in and of itself, but that seemed to be expected among these individuals-couching their predictions in words intentionally vague, so the results could be interpreted as fulfilling the alleged prophecy, when in fact, any number of results could "fulfill" the prediction. All in all, it was a solid Bruce/Diana fic that I was glad to read, the characterization solid, the writing was quite nice, I was amused by Manitou's actions, and it was a good read. That doesn't happen nearly enough. ^_~ (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU - You Never Forget... by Mara Greengrass - ......son of a bitch, I knew I shouldn't have read this fic. Because I knew I was suseptible to Bruce/Diana fic and I knew Mara was a good writer, but I didn't know this was going to be so wonderfully sensual, just in the little movements Diana makes (it's a different take on her than some would write, a lot more knowledgeable, but it WORKED for me here, so very, very much) and in the light touches of humor with Bruce. And Bruce. Oh, man, this is my Bruce. Still a little screwed up, but knows it, and yet with this woman... somehow because it's her, he can make it work. And the beautiful thing about that? The author doesn't have to tell it to me, NOWHERE in this fic does she say anything remotely like it, I just GOT IT all on my own. Beautiful writing, stellar characterization, just a hint of sex/sensuality, and this fic totally hit all my Bruce/Diana buttons. I love them for exactly what this fic put forth. (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU/Justice League - Escape Artistry by David Hines - I had high hopes for this story when I sat down to read it, because the author seemed to be writing things I was interested in, his FFNET bio was funny, and from what little I could tell, he seemed to be well-received in the fic community. I had no idea just HOW much I would enjoy this story, because... dammit, THIS is what I'd been pining away for. A story that had Bruce/Diana tension and UST in it, but had a PLOT in it as well. Oh, god, DCU-plot just makes me shiver with geeky hapiness, it really does. Not only that? Character insight! Fantastic writing! BEAUTIFULLY hysterical one-liners! God, there were scenes in the story that literally had me having to stop just so I could laugh with how funny the writing was; the author's comedic timing is grand. And, jeez, Bruce and Diana were just perfect, all their complexities and layers to both of them. And! And! It was woven into the plot! How often do you get that? AND action scenes? Squee, yo. But it was more than that, it was just... such a cohesive whole that it deserves a far better rec than this, but I'm still fangirling over getting Bruce/Diana AND an honest-to-god plot that could have come straight out of the series itself. And, oh, man, Wally. He gets the best lines in this, he really does. ....yes, this rec deserved all those italics. >:P (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU/Justice League - Wonder Woman and Batman Spend Some Time in the Real World by Josephine - This is one of those fics that I read a long, long time ago, back when I was first still teetering on whether or not I liked the Bruce/Diana pairing, especially because there wasn't much well-written stuff out there. And the story does have a bizarre concept (Batman and Wonder Woman are accidentally transported to the "real world" until they find a way back to their own), but it actually really worked, I thought. Their dillemma of helping people or not (they want to, but they're not going to be around forever and this isn't their world, they can't let themselves be superheroes here) was nicely done, very touching and rather poignant. It's one of those stories that I just... I have really fond memories of and I thought was an interesting character study (given how Bruce and Diana differ on things, how they disagree, yet still showing why they work so well together and pull through together *sparkles*) and was one that helped win me over to the pairing with the pretty writing, so I wanted to put it on the recs page. (A little bit Batman/Wonder Woman.)

- DCU/Batman/JLA - Building Bridges by Neptune - I realize that I may be giving favoritism points to this story because... well, this is almost exactly like something that I would want to write myself. The Bruce/Diana hints, playing with the Bruce - Dick issues, having Dick and Diana interact... this is all the kind of stuff I go for, only without the work of having to write it myself! ^_~ Now, perhaps I enjoyed it so thoroughly because it was hitting my buttons so hard or perhaps not, but either way... there was a lot I really, honestly enjoyed about this story. I liked that there was a plot, I liked that the author had fight scenes, I liked the basic tone and pacing of the story. But I had to rec the story for the Nightwing/Wonder Woman interaction, which made me all wriggly happy. I. Want. The. Next. Part. Of. This. One. (Faint Bruce/Diana hints, but more gen than anything.)

- DCU/JLA - In Darkest Light by Meljean Brook - I remember reading the first half of this story many, many moons ago and... admittedly, the writing could use a little polishing, but, at the same time, it's one of those stories that helped further my love of the Bruce/Diana pairing because it came along at just the right time and I think it well deserves to be one of the classics. The characterization and thought put into the story is top-notch and really well-done, there's an actual progression to the relationship, woven around their actions and cases/fights/etc., that goes beyond just romantic machinations as well as merging details from both characters' histories. While I grant that I felt the characterization was a little easy (or perhaps I should say "light" or "too fast", bordering on a little too... *waves hand* fanfic-y-type-romance-angst) at times, I also think that this author has a very solid grasp of the characters and clearly loves them both, making them both fully realized, vivid characters. Diana's background was very well spread-out in this story, the details of her mythology backgrounds mixing very well with Batman's world, with one of his rogue's gallery.

There's also an actual story here and, yes, it's used to further the relationship between the characters, but it's still interesting for its own sake. The author doesn't forget that Diana is a warrior and a peace maker. She doesn't forget that Bruce's emotions are a complicated thing or forget that he does have other important people in his life--some of my favorite scenes in this story were of Dick and Babs interacting or that fabulous conversation between Dick and Donna where it wasn't all about How Much History We've Shared, but that sense of history was still there while they worried over the people they cared about. And I love when an author can present a feeling of that she adores both characters, rather than clearly favoring one and short-changing the other.

This story is rather long (being over 70,000 words) and may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for me... it was one of those stories that helped me dive into this pairing, really sink my teeth into the characters and their interaction to see if this pairing would work for them/me. It also dealt with all the issues it needed to deal with, the author didn't just want to just pluck them out of their worlds and throw them together in a void, she brought both worlds together and that helped me along tremendously. I think, at the end of the day, this story worked for me because there were so many of those little moments woven into the story that made it come alive for me (I still remember little things about Diana's modified bat-costume or the aforementioned conversation between Dick and Donna or Diana's confrontation with Eris that I liked so much or Batman and Wonder Woman fighting side by side in battle) and made it a pleasure to read. (Bruce/Diana, R-ish content.)

- JL:TAS - Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by SelDear - There was a chasm of difference between affection and desire, and another chasm between knowing what she wanted from him and being able to let him give it to her. Wow. I am going to go totally fangirl over this story, so you, uh, may want to take a few steps back. This is Bruce/Diana smut like I didn't even think there was a chance of getting--so vividly in character and beautifully written that it took my breath away to see the sharpness of these character portrayals. Such gorgeous sex that started off as insanely hot kissing and UST before progressing into sex that wasn't just tepid romance novel style psuedo-pr0n, it wasn't flowery and bad euphasims, it was genuinely hot sex. The author's language was brilliant, not shying away from more graphic terms, but not being over the line or crude about them. And never ONCE was this not Bruce and Diana, never ONCE was this not about their issues, all the complicated tangles that that entails. Gotham's demands on Bruce, his own sense of control, Diana's innocence/inexperience, yet lack of naivete, the sense of being vulnerable to a man, yet still being her confident self, yet nothing was ever forced between them. I felt the attraction, I felt the emotions here, everything was brilliantly natural and detailed and just... it could have been plotless porn, but the sheer character insight made it so, so much more than that. This is why I love the pairing, this is why I am so solidly a fan of these two. Plus, holy hell, the smut. *___* ....hey, I said it was going to be fangirly. Hmph. (Bruce/Diana, NC-17 content.)

- JLA - Dreaming True by SelDear - Normally, I tend to avoid Elseworlds fics quite stringently, they're just not my thing. But I'd fallen head-over-heels for the author's writing style, so I had to give this one a chance, especially since it wasn't too terribly long. It was shockingly good, capturing the sense of the characters, keeping true to who they are and what kind of people they are and their relationships with each other, while still putting them in a sort of medieval setting that worked. Again, the characterizations and writing are so sharp and clear, Batman's (and I'm just going to call him Batman for the sake of clarity) feelings for Diana and his friendship with Superman (again, for clarity's sake) were just so... there and intense, not feeling forced at all, instead I believed every inch of this story. The slight hint of mythology (or perhaps fantasy?) with the discussion of dreams was tied very well into the story, the minor roles of characters like "Alford", the insights into the characters (the differences between Superman and Batman, how they each handle being responsible for people), all of it was just... wow. Excellent fic. (Batman/Wonder Woman, background Superman/Wonder Woman.)

- JL:TAS - Drabbles by SelDear - Again, normally, I don't often read an aspect a story has (this time, an original character, the daughter of two canon characters), but because I love the author's writing so much, I decided to go ahead and give this one a shot. It also helps that the chapters are all short little ficlets... actually, I really wanted more, the author's writing is strong enough to carry me past the OC angle (it helps that the focus isn't really so much on her as it is about discovering pieces of the history that brought them to this point) and the latest one left off in a REALLY interesting point. ....okay, this isn't really saying why anyone should read, so I'll just say that instead: GO READ. Intriguing execution of a concept that could have been really bad, but is instead something very much worth reading. (Background Bruce/Diana.)

- JLA - When Arrogance Met Adorability by DC Luder - This was an interesting follow-up to The Obsidian Age storyline--while I'm not entirely with the author on the characterization and the writing has a hint of stiffness to it, what I did like is that it played well with the effects of what had happened to them in that time. The first half of the story really does a good job of showing just how badly their deaths affected them all, it gets across the power of what they went through, why the League changed so much after that. It dovetails nicely with the second half, which is Bruce and Diana dealing with their growing feelings and attraction to each other... and I have to admit, my inner fangirl was smiling over the flirting and the dealing with the issues between them. Nice little fic that I quite enjoyed. :D (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU/Justice League - Keeping a Straight Face by Smitty - I think the thing that impressed me most about this story is that Zatanna was written so delightfully well here that you didn't have to know anything about her and she was still wonderful to read. Her interaction with Diana, the conversation they had about Bruce, just sparkled with beatifully sharp dialogue that wove between a serious discussion on the difficulty of Batman (Zatanna's friendship with Bruce was a lovely, lovely thing here), of trying to be in his life, and the more light-hearted moments. There was even iced mocha! And you have no idea what a treat it was for me to read a Smitty-written Bruce/Diana-friendly piece. *shimmers* (Bruce/Diana-ish.)

- DCU/Justice League - Aspire to Touch the Sky by Betty - [ part 01 - part 02 ] - It's been so long since I've read any comic-based fic, partially because my interest comes and goes, partially because little fic has caught my attention. I've read drabbles and shorter fics by the author previously, thought she was quite talented, but I didn't jive as much on most of her pairings. So seeing she wrote a longish Bruce/Diana? I pounced as soon as I saw it, sat down to read, and didn't look away once while doing so. The story is marvellous on a technical level, the writing is clean and smooth and almost has a soft quality to it while still packing quite the punch. Which is entirely appropriate given that it's set from Diana's point of view, it was a marvellous take on her character all the way around. It also did not leave out the background details of Diana's heritage and culture while not overburdening the readers with too much information overload, instead it balanced a faster-paced storytelling/background reimagining with something deep and meaningful like the best of the JL:TAS episodes--the author's description of JLU if JLU had happened differently. is rather appopriate here.

Right from the beginning, with Batman landing on her doorstep to warn her away from a marraige to Bruce Wayne, this story sucked me in with the lovely writing, sharp dialogue, and intriguing characterization. There's actual plot to the story while not leaving behind the emotional aspect of the story--there were moments that left me wanting to press fingers against my mouth for how subtlely touching certain moments were. I know that sounds terribly geekish, but given my love for these characters and the lovely quality of the writing, that's how I felt. I was so caught up in the writing that I even didn't so much as blink twice at the aspect of 'free love' between the characters, because the author wrote it with such a deft and gentle hand that it truly felt like it fit in with the characters' motivations and didn't jar against the world. I still count this story as one of the better examples of why the Bruce/Diana pairing is such an OTP for me. (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU/JL:TAS - Redux by Alli Snow - I'll grant that this story is a little frustrating because it's, you know, not finished and probably not going to be any time soon, so it feels like a lot of build-up that won't go anywhere... except somehow the latest chapter (the fourth one) managed to leave it off at a good place, managed to give me a sense of satisfaction both for the flashback it ended one (which sparkled quite a lot) and for the collection of moments between Bruce and Diana as they're trapped together. What I mean is that, no, you don't get the payoff of the ending yet but the journey there is still rewarding and full of little moments that make it the fun part. The characterization is strong, the author takes her time developing the relationship and the flirtation-slash-tension between them, balancing out both of their strengths and weaknesses with each other. I honestly can't say which character I find more fascinating as they're trapped on a desolate alien world and have to struggle for survival--Diana dealing with the disconnect from her powers, Bruce dealing with relying on someone else for mutual survival. The author balances out plot and characterization very nicely and it's one of those stories that make me glad I've slid back towards these characters. It's just... solid and interesting and I was totally going, "Wait, that's it? No, I want more!" by the end. (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU - The Princess and The Pea by Becca Catherine - You know how there are some fics that manage to hit you at the right time when you're in the right mood so that you're totally left burbling about OTPs and trying to rein your thoughts back in so you don't look like a complete idiot? You know where I'm going with this. There's something about this fic that I just quietly liked. Maybe it's that there was finally, finally some Bruce/Diana kissing and I'd been wanting that for awhile now. Maybe it was the absolutely, sparklingly lovely conversation between Diana and Alfred when she couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the strong characterization of Diana, all the things she is, little things that make her her, and the things she isn't. Something about a sleepless night in Wayne Manor with this author was just... it hit me exactly right tonight. (Bruce/Diana.)

- DCU - A Decent Proposal by Becca Catherine - [Note: This story is a sequel to The Princess and The Pea, which would help to read first.] A follow-up to the previous fic and this just... completely and utterly scratched that itch for this pairing that I had. Much as I consider the comic versions my home now, I started with JL:TAS and that's where my fondness for the pairing was born and I adore those versions of the characters and this author does a fabulous job of writing them. The thoughtfulness of Diana's character, the absolutely fantastic Alfred characterization, the strength of Bruce's character, even the cameos by Dick showing up later on, the sheer chemistry between Bruce and Diana here... it was all such a wonderful read. I love that the fic was refreshingly free of break-ups and angst while not ignoring that there would be problems, especially how Diana of Themyscira would have trouble being seen publicly with Batman or Bruce Wayne. It wouldn't be easy, but the author had the characters sure of what they wanted, hesitating for a moment here and there, but when they set a course for themselves, they were ready. They wouldn't have gone there if they weren't. I really liked that.

It's also the sense of family and that there's room for another sequel should the author so choose (there were a few questions/possibilities left unanswered, but the fic didn't need to answer them this time around), the sense of things just beginning that I really liked. There was a satisfaction upon finishing the fic, a resolution that was nice to get while still leaving the door open for later events. ....okay, this is turning out to be a really lame rec, but I can't figure out how to describe what I liked about the fic (solid writing, sparkling characterization, a really wonderful relationship dynamic with Bruce and Diana, etc.) without sounding like I'm as excited as I would be reading the phonebook. It was good! You should read it! I had fun! I totally got the squeeful-omg-yaaaay-otp thing from the fic! ....yeah, I'm done now, promise! (Bruce/Diana.)

- Justice League:TAS - Till You've Left It by Mara Greengrass - You know, every time I think I might have a problem with JL:TAS, along comes a fic that reminds me of why I liked it so much in the first place. This is a lovely little 'between the frames of canon' piece during "Once and Future Thing", a look at Batman being trapped in the past and how that had to have been driving him a little crazy. The author handles the inner POV very well, doesn't go too far into cliche in either direction, instead it's this nice little piece where I can practically feel him twitching even as he's respressing the urge to do so. ....I'm writing this badly. It's a cool fic, one that I clearly should have read years ago. ^_~ (Blink and you'll miss it, Bruce/Diana. It's mostly a gen piece.)

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