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- DCU - The Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and his Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra by Kerrie Smith - There were times while reading this that I actually had to stop for half a minute to just laugh, because I couldn't read and giggle that hard at the same time. Dick and Babs get into a fight and Tim makes it his mission over the next few weeks to get them back together in order to Save Christmas, and in the process is extremely cute with Cass. I *heart* Tim/Cass vibes. But the funny is why you must read this story. And if you don't crack up laughing at the party scene, you are not human, not even close. (Dick/Babs, and mild Tim/Cass vibes.)

- DCU - Scar Tissue by Smitty - *sigh* I really am running out of ways to describe Smitty's fics, because they all have that same sparkly feel to them that I associate with the characters at their best. Scar Tissue capitalizes on both their angst and their light-heartedness without dragging either out too long. It's not pure fluff and it's not wallowing in angst; it's... just one of those quieter moments that define how a relationship will go. (Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - Holiday (Drop) Ins by Smitty - More pure, unadulterated fun. I honestly can't decide who I like best in this story, because they're all terribly amusing. Though, I think, I have to give the most props to Dinah, whom Smitty obviously enjoyed the heck out of writing. Though, I wanted to hug Cass to little bitty pieces, too. ^_^ (Dick/Babs, li'l bit Bruce/Dinah.)

- DCU - A New Year to Remember and Family Reactions and To Catch a Killer by Terri Hayes - Once again, let me start off with my 'problems' with the (first two) fics--they're very exposition-y, they almost felt more like character essays than fic, and while that's hardly a bad thing, it's just not the same as fic. That aside, Terri's takes on the characters are wonderful, very solid and much in agreement with my own. The writing is smooth and readable and "To Catch a Killer" is an excellent case story. Actually, that one doesn't 'suffer' (a word I hesitate to use) from the same problem the other two do and is easily my favorite of her writing. It's one of those rare stories that actually weaves an interesting case and keeps my attention on it, and does the idea justice. The little details were wonderful, as well as the characters' reactions. And Alfred! Dude, Alfred rocks. (Fair amount of Dick/Babs in the story.)

- DCU - Holiday (Drop) Ins by Smitty - More pure, unadulterated fun. I honestly can't decide who I like best in this story, because they're all terribly amusing. Though, I think, I have to give the most props to Dinah, whom Smitty obviously enjoyed the heck out of writing. Though, I wanted to hug Cass to little bitty pieces, too. ^_^ (Dick/Babs, li'l bit Bruce/Dinah.)

- DCU - Scar Tissue by Smitty - *sigh* I really am running out of ways to describe Smitty's fics, because they all have that same sparkly feel to them that I associate with the characters at their best. Scar Tissue capitalizes on both their angst and their light-heartedness without dragging either out too long. It's not pure fluff and it's not wallowing in angst; it's... just one of those quieter moments that define how a relationship will go. (Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - Letting Go by Dannell Lites - I've actually read this story before and I remember hurting the first time I read it, and it didn't get any easier this time through. I was browsing through Soft Spots, reading the recs GenX had written and randomly decided to give this one a reread. Through the first two parts, my heart hurt for the characters, for the loss of Bruce, for everyone's pain--it's not many stories that can do justice to the aftermath of Bruce dying, but this story accomplishes it beautifully. But it was the epilogue that actually brought tears to my eyes--I'm not saying I bawled like a littlebabysissygirl, but my throat hurt and there were definitely tears in the corners of my eyes. And I don't cry easily, it has to be done just right, and this story was beautiful in the almost... well something akin to a lyrical tone of voice used. (Li'l bit Dick/Babs, death warning.)

- DCU - August by Chicago and Smitty - I admit, it took me a bit to get into this one, because of how it starts out with newspaper articles instead of the typical fic, but after I sat down to read (with no distractions), I read this puppy all the way through in one sitting. The style was a really interesting one, little bits and pieces, snippets of scenes spread out across three or four days, all from various characters' POVs, and each of them showing their reactions to the situation. I loved that despite the huge cast in this fic, you still got drawn into their reactions. Despite so much happening (the main plot with Dick being hurt, Babs' and Spud's reactions, Bruce going more than a little bit nuts and working to take down the bad guys, Tim, Cass, Dinah, and Alfred not exactly sure what they should be doing and having their own reactions, Leslie, Superman, the Titans going through much the same, Dick's partner and the other cops...) all of it was worked in there and it never felt overly crowded to me. The writing itself was fantastic, there were at least two points where I physically hurt for the characters (especially the scene towards the end with Spud and Bruce). I also loved that the ending wasn't anti-climactic, which can happen so easily with stories like this, where everything is building and building and building--I really liked the way it ended. ....I'm done fawning now, honest. ^_~ (Spudverse and all that that entails.)

- DCU - For Her by Lyssa - You know, every time I start to forget about how much Dick angsts sometimes, how much guilt he carries around with him, it's a beautiful story like this that brings it rushing back to me. In a lot of ways, he is just like Bruce, blaming himself for things that aren't really his fault and even intellectually knowing that. With a lot of authors, I might have rolled my eyes at the story, but with Lyssa, I found my heart aching for the poor boy all over again. (Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - Rite of Passage by Lyssa - Oh, jeez, ow. I never quite know how to feel on such wonderfully sad and painful takes on the Robin/Batgirl (Dick/Babs version) relationship when they were younger. Because Dick was so much more mature than other kids his age, because he was so smart and clever and charming and wonderful, but he was also still a child and Barbara was so much older than he was. (At that age... six?... years makes a big difference.) This story captures the situation perfectly, makes me hurt for the both of them, even knowing how things eventually turn out. Wah. (Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - There's Got to Be a Morning After by Vicki Napier - In an odd bit of coincidence, I was just thinking about this story yesterday (but I couldn't remember which one it was, just that Dick came back to Babs' apartment after the fight at Blackgate, and she was pissed because Bruce didn't even blink at all the damage he'd taken) and when I was checking mail, someone inquired about this very story, with a response to where to find it. It was good to reread this story, because even I was miffed at Bruce sending Dick into Blackgate without even any backup, and I'm always up for Bruce being forced into being a little more human and Dick angsting about things that are Not His Fault But He Blames Himself Anyway. ^_~ The grammar is a little touch and go, and, sure, Bruce is a little overly sappy for a NML-era fic (but, hey, he wasn't far out of character, and I have ridiculously tough standards and set characterizations that not everyone agrees with), but it's hardly detracting and sometimes this is exactly what I want. I adore this fic because it gave me exactly what I was looking for and I enjoyed the hell out of it. (Li'l bit Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - Yes Virginia series by Vicki Napier - Well, after reading There's Got to Be a Morning After, I had to reread the "Yes Virginia" series as well. Exploring the idea of what if Huntress had gotten pregnant after her fling with Nightwing?, this is an adorable little series that has some wonderful Bruce/Dick father/son stuff (a little more emotional than I'm used to, so I had a bit of trouble with it, but these are emotional circumstances, so there's a lot of leeway to be taken), some wonderful Dick/Babs schmoopy stuff, and a strong, caring, likable Huntress. My only real complaints would be that the Dick/Babs relationship was given a little too much weight given the circumstances and I kind of missed the harder, angrier edge to Helena. However, when Dick misguidedly proposed to her and she turned him down flat, saying that both of them deserved better than that, I could not have loved her more. The characters cry a little too often for my liking, but I'm giving them the emotional circumstances thing again. There are some really cute lines and this is a nice fix-it fic for when the more uptight and frustrating comic book character don't just frigging deal with their problems and admit their feelings. ^_^v (Dick/Babs, mentions of the Dick/Helena fling.)

- DCU/B:TASverse - Monopoly and Life by bk - *squee's happily* Oh, my god, this was perfect! Just absolutely perfect. It's such a... simple, uncomplex idea (the Bat-group playing Monopoly as part of a celebratory night), but it's pulled off with such heart and cleverness and intelligence that it makes me melt. Everything was just perfect, from the way they argued, the way Babs was just utterly into the game, the little details with the pizza and the monopoly pieces, the way they teased each other, everything. I could not stop grinning like a loon the entire time I was reading--and dude. The thing with Babs' pizza was wonderful. So much love I have. XD (Some very slight Dick/Babs, not really the point of the story.)

- DCU/B:TASverse - Home Again by bk - I have a very special fondness for TAS!Dick, because... part of it is that Dick is my boy. He is, and probably always will be, my favorite fictional character ever. But part of it is also that TAS!Dick is such an intriguing character because he's so much angrier and angsty than the comics Dick (which is a surprise, usually it's the other way around ^_~) and that is wonderful fun to play around with as an author. And, ohhhh, how I love an author that plays with Dick's issues towards Bruce and the whole Bat-thing, the way Bruce seems to not give a damn, the way he was so easily replaced, etc.

Okay. This fic... could have used a little polishing, especially towards the beginning I found myself skimming a bit, just catching the highlights of the fic. But as it goes along, it gets better and there are some absolutely priceless scenes in here--any time Babs and Tim interact, I immediately sat up and paid attention, because the author nailed their TAS voices. The Bruce - Dick reunion scene got off to a rocky start, but halfway in, it started to rock. The angst is laid on rather heavily and the characters are a little overreactive/melodramatic, but, hell, I'm sure as hell not one to talk about that. ^_~ (And the author was hardly bad about it, I agreed with a lot of the directions she took the characters.)

But... when I read my way through all that's been posted (it isn't finished yet)... I genuinely liked what I'd read, I genuinely liked the way Babs wasn't going to let Dick off the hook for being a jerk, I genuinely liked the way he was a jerk, but eventually realized it and apologized (that's my boy *sparkles*), and I genuinely liked the way they were slowly coming back together. They didn't just fall right back into a relationship, the author was building them there. So it was a good read and, man, I miss those TAS characters sometimes--it's fics like this that remind me of that. ^_____^ (Some Dick/Babs.)

- DCU/B:TASverse - The Night The Lights Went Out In Gotham, The Summer of Her Discontent, and Thirteen Hours by Constance "Eilonwy" Cochran - In my continuing quest to go through some of my backlog of fics to rec that I've read in the past (which is why so many of the sections on my site are empty--because I didn't start rec'ing until well after I'd read a lot of DCU fic) that are still among my favorites for the series. This set of stories... the writing just blew me away, it was sharp and funny and clever and just SO perfectly in tune with the characters and was everything I wanted. There was plot, there was UST, there were grand character insights, there were hysterical moments, and just... all in all, this is one of those stories that kind of made me half-wonder why the author was writing TAS fic since most of the truly awesome fic authors went with the comics. Not that I'm complaining, not at ALL. Because this author captured the essence of what made me fall for TAS!Dick and TAS!Babs in the first place--a gorgoues relationship between the two of them and just... dude. Go read it. Now. (Some Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - A Little Slice of Heaven by Indigo - One of the things I always liked best about Dick/Babs stories is that they so often had this sparkle to them that I was just enamored with--light-hearted and fun and showing how much they care and depend on each other, even in the worst circumstances. After Blackgate, Dick's a pile of bruises and passes out on Babs' balcony and this is a really short little piece about Dick coming in and out of consciousness and I like that... it wasn't too heavy (as some of the fics after Blackgate were, not that I mind those, 'cause I was pretty pissy with Bruce after that), but it wasn't frivolous, either. It was just exactly the kind of thing that Dick needed to get back on his feet, even if the focus wasn't really on the care so much. I just... I love the way he looks at/thinks of Babs, I really do. *sparkles* (Some very light Dick/Babs.)

- DCU/Batman - The Sanctity of Snow by Gen X - Have I never rec'd this story before? Shame on me. This is the first story of Noel's that I ever read and the one that was so fantastically written that I went, "....holy shit, that was GOOD!" and the one I kept thinking about when I would think, "....why is she talking to ME again?" whenever we had a conversation. This was... I remember the ache my heart went through when Dick was wounded and as much as I wanted to scream and rage against hurting my darling boy and to "FIX IT FIX IT NOW!", I appreciate that Noel didn't back down from the story she was telling here. The writing is lovely, the hurt very well-done, it's not just brushed off (I still remember the awkward conversation with Babs in the hospital and how much that hurt), and just a lovely story that helped to set the tone for my fondnesses in the fandom. He leans down and we kiss. It's not perfect. In reality, it's a little bit awkward. However, it doesn't take away from the tenderness or the sweetness of it. I love this story. (Dick/Babs.)

- JLA/Nightwing - Fill in for JLA #69 by Amanda - Hmm. Who knows if I'm supposed to rec this or not. But, hell, she wrote it for me and I love it, so I'm totally going to pimp it out 'cause wheeeeeeeeeee! As anyone who's listened to me ramble on about comics for more than five minutes knows that I have a deep and abiding love of The Obsidian Age storyline in JLA because it was just SO GOOD and came along at a time when I was just getting back into comics and I'd desperately, desperately wanted fic on it because... dude. NIGHTWING. LEADER OF THE JLA. PICKED BY BATMAN. Fic-writer's dream, right? And Amanda capitalizes on it beautifully, the balance between scared kid in a cape stepping up to something huge and the guy who knows he's ready for this. The two conflicting sides were balanced perfectly so that I completely believed the way Dick was portrayed here. And then there was Babs and the way she was supportive without being hand-holding. Just... a perfect balance all around and something that feels so perfectly right to me, with the given situation, I can't imagine that this DIDN'T happen exactly like this in canon, that's how pitch-perfect it was for me. (Not actually Dick/Babs, but I'm putting it in that catagory anyway.)

- DCU/Nightwing - One of Those Days by Batgrrl - How, how, how did I miss this story? How have I never read this one before? It's just... you know how sometimes there are stories that just HIT exactly what you're looking for, even if you didn't really know that you were craving it quite as badly as you actually were? That's what this story was--I didn't know quite how badly I was pining for some Nightwing fic (much as I love the Batman/Wonder Woman or JL:TAS fic, Nightwing is and always has been my darling) until I read this story, which has utterly hilarious moments and utterly, heart-tuggingly perfect moments. Dick and Tim's interaction was just... holy shit, I had to stop for a minute and just delight in the way they were such twerps to each other (Dick using Babs' voice software to call Tim was honest-to-god funny enough to have me laughing so hard that I couldn't read for half a minute and the conversation in Dick's apartment the morning after he sleeps off the flu? BRILLIANCE. I flail in my gleeing over the classic Bat-boys interaction.), but then you've got Bruce tossed in occasionally (and, wow, did I glee over his role in this, too--such the worried parent, but in such a Batman way about it, eeeeeee!) and the beautiful, beautiful Dick/Babs interaction that just... *happy sigh* this is what I want. I could read this kind of fic forever. Plus, poor Dick. He really does have some of the worst luck just about ever. Though, really, if he weren't so entertaining about it, authors wouldn't inflict it on him. ^_~ Note: This story is unfinished and I mention this because it's one of those that's good enough (and developed a plot about halfway through that's actually really interesting!) that I'm sad it probably won't ever be finished. (Some Dick/Babs-ish hints, but no actual smoochies.)

- DCU/B:TAS - I won't suffer, be broken by Merlin Missy - This is a breath-taking piece of fic set in the Batman Beyond timeline (though, it's about the B:TAS characters) and I have to say, I'm impressed with all the details that were woven into the story in a way that didn't make me run away screaming. The author knows the universe very well, which shines through, but in a way that isn't an info dump, it's instead used to show what Barbara's lost as each little piece of her life falls away from her. The heartache and sense of feeling lost and ready to fall apart that Babs goes through in this fic, the way you feel everything with her, even as she's such a strong character still on the verge of falling apart, the final moments of the fic that had me practically aching with her... it's all gorgeously done. The writing is beautiful, the pacing is lovely, and everything about it is just... gorgeous. (Some implied Dick/Babs, some implied Bruce/Babs.)

- DCU/Nightwing - untitled by Corinna - I wasn't really that hopeful of finding any new (for me, anyway) Dick/Babs fic when I started poking at the DCU fandom again, but somehow I managed to stumble over this and it was one of those short little fics that's all about the quiet moments of happiness and flirtation of the Dick/Babs relationship, set at the end of the Shrike storyline. The writing is quietly lovely and the kiss at the end is really quite beautiful and I just... it's the kind of fic that makes me sigh happily and burble about OTPs. (Dick/Babs.)

- DCU - Dress Blues by Corinna - Okay, this is what I've been missing from fandom. Dick and Babs and gorgeous writing and all that chemistry between them, all that love between them even when things are hard and they're apart and I actually really love the author's take on both characters. It's hard to explain what this kind of fic does for me, in the way it satisfies because the writing was just so right on the money for the characters. Dick's optimism even when he's hurt or upset, Babs' strong personality even when she's afraid, all of it. Just fabulously characterized and lovely writing and it's the kind of prose that I don't even notice because I'm too busy having these perfectly clear pictures of the scene in my head. The level of sheer personality the author manages to convey without me even being able to point to any specific thing and go, "There, that's when I noticed this particular aspect of the character!" is sort of awesome. ....I maybe be in a really, really fangirly mood today, but this fic totally warranted it. ♥ (Dick/Babs.)

- Batman - Refracted by voleuse - Sometimes it's difficult to know how to label things, whether to simply put this down as B:TAS or to label it as Batman Beyond since it deals with events in Return of the Joker, but it's about Dick and Babs in current time... mrrrff, difficult to decide. Anyway. There is something very elegant about the quiet, straightford, decepitively simple writing that communicates so much emotion around the terrible things that have happened, how much weight there is between these two characters who have such history together. There's a... quiet power to the writing here that I really liked. (Sort of Dick/Babs, but it could be gen, too.)

- DCU/Batman - Kings and Cabbages by Alli Snow - I was clicking around the archive to look for Bruce/Diana stuff, but happened to stumble over a short fic with Dick and Babs instead and promptly squeed a bit too much over it, I suspect. It's just. It's sharp and the voices feel so right for the TAS versions and there's a smooth, clean quality to the writing that just zips right along, and there's that fabulous chemistry between the characters. Barbara trying to tell her dad about how she's Batgirl after the events of "Over the Edge" and the conversation with Dick later, all that awkwardness still there, too. The two sides of her life and trying to balance them and it's just... just completely squeeful and a great coda to that episode. (A little Dick/Babs, but mostly gen.)

DCU: Freeze frame by minimum_calibre - al;sdkfjalsjk oh I have missed Dick/Babs so very much. This wasn't a long fic, but it didn't really need to be, it was just a short piece in the middle of some nameless case with Freeze (the details aren't important or the focus of the fic) while Babs works on everything she can and Dick is... well, Dick in the background. This is the kind of piece that reminds me of why I love both of them a lot. ♥ (Dick/Babs.)

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