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- Titans/DCU - Over Guinness and After Guinness by Reccea. It's all Gen X's fault. *nodnod* It was while talking to her that the subject of DCU slash came up, and which pairings we liked and which ones we didn't. We both agreed that Roy/Dick was one hell of a lot of fun and really cool. Then she pointed me towards these two fics. And they're so fucking good that I just fell in love (well, probably more like 'like' or 'lust') all over again. Reccea is an amazing writer, all the little details she puts into the stories are fantastic--the thing with the darts, Donna playing with her hair, the pretzel bowl, etc. And above all that, I believe the characters would act like this. So much fun. (Arsenal/Nightwing.)

- Titans/DCU - Lost Arrows Meets Little Paws by Gen X and Reccea - *snort!* Oh, my god, this was so freaking cute (not in the overly sugary, sappy way) and so damned funny! Roy and Dick take Lian out shopping and wind up getting dragged into a pet shop. I *heartmark* Roy in this story, he's just... perfectly written.

He was a superhero. Superheroes did not have time for pets. That is, unless the pets had superpowers and saved the world. Hell, the closet Roy could hope for in that respect was a dog that could piss on a tree. At least that way he knew it could aim.

*snort!* That's classic. (Arsenal/Nightwing set in the Guinnessverse.)

- Titans/DCU - Heads, I Win by GenX - Don't let her fool you, Gen X writes very good nookie and wonderful Dick/Roy interaction. I loved both of them so much--Roy being grouchy and crabby as usual when he's irritated, Dick being his usual perfect self that you just can't help loving him all the more for, and the little details that made the story. The kid kicking Roy's seat, flipping the coin throughout the cabin, the counter digging into Roy's back during the bathroom scene.... Join me in pestering her for more. *nodnod* (Arsenal/Nightwing.)

- Titans/DCU - Taking Aim by Kerithwyn Jade - Continuing my hunt for all Roy/Dick stories (*sigh* This had better not turn into anything even remotely resembling an obsession, because I don't think there's enough fic out there to sustain such a thing.), I immediately headed for Kerithwyn's fiction, since she's so damned good. Have I mentioned that I love Roy Harper? Because I do. If you don't love him, too, there is something fundamentally wrong with you. And he's wonderful in this story--snarky as all hell, but genuinely caring about his teammate underneath the smart-ass words and lust. Plus, there's really, really good sex. ^_^v (Arsenal/Nightwing.)

- Titans/DCU - Taking Aim: I Spy by Kerithwyn Jade - Oh, my. This was so funny! The various other Titans members accidentally stumbling over the monitors that are showing Roy and Dick... they were all hysterical and great little insights into the characters. So, so much fun. (Arsenal/Nightwing.)

- DCU/Nightwing/Arsenal - Rough Edges by Bluepizza & Soul Spinner - This fic does have some, erm, rough edges, including the extra expositiony-exposition and the characters a little too slash-fic-type of emotional for my personal taste. However, it was not nearly so much as I expected or anywhere near enough to ruin the heck of a good time I had enjoying this fic. The motivations of the characters were spot on, the interaction genuinely fun and Titans-esque, there were some great lines in here, and Titans movie night! That was excellent. And Roy and Dick's relationship was wonderful and a joy to read. I gush because I love those two so very much. *hearts* (Nightwing/Arsenal.)

- DCU/Nightwing/Arsenal - Leaving Las Vegas and Coyote Love Song by SKH - *blinks* ..... *blinkblink* ....okay, how the hell did I miss these two fics for so long? I have read damn near every last Dick/Roy fic out there, much less the NC-17 ones, I have scoured for them, so how the hell did I miss these two!? Oh, well, anyway. I love Dick/Roy. I love them being such guys while at the same time in a relationship with each other. I love the way the two play off each other, I love the little insights into their characters woven into the writing, I love the humor, I love Dick and Roy on a camping trip so very, very much, and I love the sex., basically, you're meant to get the idea that I kinda sorta liked this story. ^_~ (Dick/Roy, graphic content in Coyote Love Song.)

- DCU/Outsiders - Now We Are Twenty-Four by basingstoke - I have this love/hate relationship with the Roy/Dick pairing because it's something I really love a lot, but can't see as particularily serious. So very, very little fic in the fandom resonates with my view of the characters and when Noel pointed me towards this one... I'll grant that the shifting pov distracted me terribly at first, but by the end of it, I was squeeing a lot more than I was complaining. It's a good, solid take on the characters and, hell, I can't even fault the emo!Dick characterization because it works for the fic here and it's not like it's against character. The author doesn't stray into woobie love, instead it's this sort of... friendship with benefits territory, but not quite as casual as that makes it sound. It's a really good balance and Roy's got a couple of moments in this where I just loved him. There's a line where I have no idea if he's serious or just fucking around with Dick and it's perfect because Roy would so say that. (Roy/Dick, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

- DCU - Cupid Kills by Saone - I'll grant that there was a time or two during this fic when I was a little, "....." over the events. (Especially the whole bit about family and such.) But, at the same time, the characterization and voices for the characters was really, really strong. Roy especially just sounded right to my ear. I kept waiting for that moment when I would cross the line and hit the back button, but it never came and by the time I was at the end of the fic... I was all, "...that was pretty good." Every time I thought I might hit a point where I diverged in opinion with the author, she would put this deft little spin on things that kept me along for the ride. The dialogue was really sharp, the writing was really solidly good, and I even squeed over the couple; it hit all the notes I was hoping that it would hit. Don't get me wrong, I still brought my own issues to the table with this fic. But at the end of it, I look back and think there were a ton of lines I really liked, there was some sharp characterization, and I agreed with the portrayals in this fic. Thumbs up! (Roy/Dick, slight content warning.)

DCU/Batman: Five Years by museofspeed - I'm not sure what made me give this fic a shot, since I'm not usually a fan of the pairing. But the unrequited natured of it (and my own ridiculous crush on Dick, shut up) made me curious enough to click on it. And I can kinda see this--it'd be hard not to have a hero worship kind of crush on Dick when you're thirteen and he's super hot. I ♥ Dick a lot for the way he talks to Tim about it and then the quick epilogue where Dick's just. Such an older brother about it, which is one of my favorite things ever. (Sort of Tim/Dick, except not. Implications of Dick/Kory and Dick/Roy.)

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