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- DCU - The Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and his Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra by Anonymous - There were times while reading this that I actually had to stop for half a minute to just laugh, because I couldn't read and giggle that hard at the same time. Dick and Babs get into a fight and Tim makes it his mission over the next few weeks to get them back together in order to Save Christmas, and in the process is extremely cute with Cass. I *heart* Tim/Cass vibes. But the funny is why you must read this story. And if you don't crack up laughing at the party scene, you are not human, not even close. (Dick/Babs, and mild Tim/Cass vibes.)

- DCU - Lengthwise by Kerrie Smith - Oh, my god is Cass adorable sometimes! So very, very adorable! I really liked the way this story played out, Cass having a great time by herself while Tim's out of town, enjoying having the whole bed to herself, being able to keep the apartment as cold as she wants to, etc., and the way she acted when he finally got back. It said so much about their relationship without having to be all sledgehammer-y about it, and I love that. ^_^ (Tim/Cass.)

- DCU - The Deed by the Seitz - Wow, I really, really liked the writing style used in this fic, it fits Cassandra so well. It isn't something I would have thought of, but feels so natural for the character, as well as some great writing and character insights and Tim/Cass! This is one of those stories that really shows why they're so wonderful and good together. (Spudverse, but mainly Tim/Cass.)

- DCU/Batman - untitled Cass and Tim thing? by Karen - So, I was searching for Good Omens fic, building up a pile of stuff to read and I happened to notice a memory with the name "DCU. Cass&Tim" and I thought, oho, I must read that! And I'm very glad I did because this was utterly lovely in that way that Cass and Tim have--so many bruises from training, the way its routine for them, the way it skirts that line between messed up and really messed up, not too far into either, the way they all just sort of understand each other and what's required of them for this, what drives them for this, all wrapped up in wonderfully subtle writing that gets its point across without having to bash me on the head. And the characterization is fabulous. For both of them. Ooh, and the description of Tim winding bandages around Cass, quietly examining the bruise patterns was perfectly done. This was a very nice treat for me to find. <3 (Not romance at all, but I'm sticking it in the Tim/Cass section anyway.)

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