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- DCU/B:TASverse - Monopoly and Life by bk - *squee's happily* Oh, my god, this was perfect! Just absolutely perfect. It's such a... simple, uncomplex idea (the Bat-group playing Monopoly as part of a celebratory night), but it's pulled off with such heart and cleverness and intelligence that it makes me melt. Everything was just perfect, from the way they argued, the way Babs was just utterly into the game, the little details with the pizza and the monopoly pieces, the way they teased each other, everything. I could not stop grinning like a loon the entire time I was reading--and dude. The thing with Babs' pizza was wonderful. So much love I have. XD (Some very slight Dick/Babs, not really the point of the story.)

- DCU/B:TASverse - The Night The Lights Went Out In Gotham, The Summer of Her Discontent, and Thirteen Hours by Constance "Eilonwy" Cochran - In my continuing quest to go through some of my backlog of fics to rec that I've read in the past (which is why so many of the sections on my site are empty--because I didn't start rec'ing until well after I'd read a lot of DCU fic) that are still among my favorites for the series. This set of stories... the writing just blew me away, it was sharp and funny and clever and just SO perfectly in tune with the characters and was everything I wanted. There was plot, there was UST, there were grand character insights, there were hysterical moments, and just... all in all, this is one of those stories that kind of made me half-wonder why the author was writing TAS fic since most of the truly awesome fic authors went with the comics. Not that I'm complaining, not at ALL. Because this author captured the essence of what made me fall for TAS!Dick and TAS!Babs in the first place--a gorgoues relationship between the two of them and just... dude. Go read it. Now. (Some Dick/Babs.)

- DCU/JL:TAS - C is for Coffee by mtgat and dotfic - I admit, this fic started out a touch slow and I wasn't sure it rang right for me. But by about a page into the fic, I was seriously ready to sparkle like a good fangirl at the authors. The parallels between Roy, Dick, Ollie, and Bruce were wonderfully done here, the authors did a fabulous job of not beating the comparisons/contrasts into our heads, it was never even commented on, it was just there. Roy and Dick's friendship compared to Ollie and Bruce's not!friendship, the way both interact with their mentors, the way some things are so damn similar and some things are completely different, all topped off with little moments of characterization that are brilliant. It's one of those fics that satisfies that craving for something solid and well-done in fandom, the kind of post-episode coda that actually accomplishes something. This is why I still go back to DC fandom. (No warnings/pairings.)

- DCU/B:TAS - I won't suffer, be broken by Merlin Missy - This is a breath-taking piece of fic set in the Batman Beyond timeline (though, it's about the B:TAS characters) and I have to say, I'm impressed with all the details that were woven into the story in a way that didn't make me run away screaming. The author knows the universe very well, which shines through, but in a way that isn't an info dump, it's instead used to show what Barbara's lost as each little piece of her life falls away from her. The heartache and sense of feeling lost and ready to fall apart that Babs goes through in this fic, the way you feel everything with her, even as she's such a strong character still on the verge of falling apart, the final moments of the fic that had me practically aching with her... it's all gorgeously done. The writing is beautiful, the pacing is lovely, and everything about it is just... gorgeous. (Some implied Dick/Babs, some implied Bruce/Babs.)

- Batman Beyond - The sun is rare, and the moon is green by Boz - I don't know if I'd have read this fic if Amanda hadn't recommended it to me. I've been burnt by DCU fandom too often lately and I'm just getting... tired. But this fic... I'm giving it a cautious thumbs up despite that I have rageful issues with the Batman Beyond timeline--which is totally at odds with that's where I write all my Batfic, I know, wtf. Ahem. But the story is beautifully written and has an almost understated tone to it that makes the events hurt like hell. All the things that TAS!Dick goes through, all the hurt with Babs and Tim and Bruce and the circus, the way everything starts out with so much promise and potential and the spirals into these aching places, these bitter places that work for TAS!Dick, and then... something like peace at the end. That's pretty much exactly the way Batfic should go. And, to be fair, while I hate certain aspects of the BB-verse, the fic actually dealt fantastically well with them. Yes, I'm looking at the Bruce/Babs pairing, which was totally retarded, but the way the fic used it hurt like hell and that's a good thing. (Implications of some het pairings, but it's not really the point.)

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