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- DCU/Nighting/Titans - Time and Consequence by Jim Greeno - Augh! No! Stop with the non-Kory-hating stories! *cries* What happened to me? Why can I no longer hate her with a seething intensity? Why? *ahem* That said, a part of me, when reading Jim's take on the Dick/Kory relationship, kind of wants them back together, even knowing how wonderful Dick and Babs are today. That's just cruel.

On the bright side, I *heart* Wally and Donna and wish there were more Titans stories out there focusing on the characters' friendships, because it's stories like this that have made me genuinely love the Titans as a group. (Only mild Dick/Kory vibes.)

- DCU/Nightwing/Titans - Golden Sunset, Eagle Rising by Brian Doyle - I admit, I have no idea who Golden Eagle was, but I found that didn't really matter. The writing is as wonderful as all of Brian's other stories, the little details placed all through the story amazing (I was especially fond of the mentions of the Ninth metal and how Dick used those in a previous Nightwing costume), and just all-around terribly enganging. (No real warnings.)

- DCU/Titans - Gotchoo by SKH - I could swear I rec'd this story before. I'm sure I have, because it's one of my favorites--the first time I read the story I laughed my ass off and it's one of those ones that I go back and reread every few months because it just hasn't stopped being funny. I love the way Sarah portrays Dick and Roy's friendship here--they're such guys, and they revel in trying to one-up the other, and then the situations they get into.... Anyway, yeah, go read. It's hysterical. (No real warnings.)

- DCU/Nightwing/Titans - The Green Eyed Monster by Brian Doyle - Why? Why can't I hate Kory anymore? *SIGH* She was really kinda neat in this story--as was Clancy. I wouldn't have believed I could enjoy a story about a conversation between Kory and Clancy would be so enjoyable (for me) or nicely done, but damn this was fun. Sharp, smart, insightful, fair to all the characters, and enganging and clever. Even if you don't care for the characters much, you should read, because this was nice. (No warnings.)

- DCU/Titans - Amongst Friends by Jim Greeno - One of the things I miss in fanfiction is Dick and Wally's friendship, and I'm not sure why that doesn't get written about enough. Maybe Wally's a tough character to understand or write or maybe it just doesn't fit into most fics well. For whatever reason, I miss it, (though, I freely admit, it wasn't until I started branching out more from the current Bat-titles that I started to see and fall in love with the friendship myself) so it's nice to see a fic once in awhile that not only fixes a lot of the distance between the two, but manages to be so good at the same time. I absolutely love Jim Greeno's writing, because it makes me fall for the characters all over again, fixes things, and is a hell of a good read along the way. Oh, and have I mentioned? I *heart* Wally. (No warnings.)

- DCU/Arsenal - Call of a Lover by Lyssa - There is nowhere near enough Roy-fic in the world and I crave more of stories just like this one. The writing is gorgeous as always with Lyssa and such a poignant moment with Roy, showing both his vulnerability and his strength and one of those fics that made me fall in love with him all over again. (No warnings.)

- DCU - That's My Girl by Indigo - I've mentioned the lack of Harper-fic out there, right? Well, this helps ease the itch a little bit. Sort of a 'day in the life' type of story, this shows why I like the character so much, why she's such a little sweetheart and why she already is a wonderful character. Oh, and I love Roy, too. (No warnings.)

- Titans/Nightwing - Jigsaw by Lis - This is another one of those short little stories that's not about a moment in canon, it's about a moment in a "What if this element were tossed into the Titans' lives...?" and how the characters would deal with it. This time, Roy has cancer and things have gotten a bit complicated--I admit, this would have worked out better as a long story (it felt very, very short), but I didn't really mind, as it was a nice, light read. I really liked it because it had some great character interaction between my three favorite Titans--Dick, Donna, and Roy, the characterizations solid and the writing wonderful. I... *stomps foot* want more! (Some mentions of Roy/Donna.)

- DCU/Titans - Between Hello and Goodbye by Lis - This is one of those short little stories that doesn't really fit into canon anywhere (at least that I know of, though, I am admittedly woefully unaware of a large portion of comic happenings), but is one of those stories that doesn't need to, because it's just... it's one of those "What if this happened...?" and the reaction to it. Donna dies. Roy grieves. What happens right after. And it's one of those stories that slices at you, sharp and fast, making you hurt for the characters, but in a bittersweet way, because it's not depressing-as-all-hell. And really, really good writing. *sniffle* (Some mentions of Roy/Donna.)

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