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- Marvelverse/Cable-centric - Start Spreading the News by Andrea - After reading many, many, many profiles and summaries and poking Amanda for information about Cable and X-Force and all that, I think I have a basic grip on the Cable-related characters, so I actually got the majority of the references in this fic! (Not that there were all that many, but still! I understood!) *ahem* This story cracked me the hell up, just... amusing as all hell. Andrea covers a lot of different characters in the Marvelverse, making each and every one of them hysterical in their reactions to the news. And the ending...! *giggles* One of the most fun fics I've read in awhile. (Cable/Domino.)

- X-Men/Cyclops/Cable - Take Me Out To The Ballgame... by Alicia McKenzie - I actually read this story a long, long time ago, way back before I knew what the hell was going on with the whole Summers family mess. Err. Not that I know now, but I have a semi-understanding at least. Alicia's writing is wonderful as always, doing marvelous things with the relationship between Scott and Nathan, touching on issues that need to be addressed, writing genuinely touching scenes, and then weaving bits of humor and lovely details (I especially liked the description of the mutant artist's work) throughout the story. (No warnings.)

- X-Men - The Shi'ar Coffee Story by Alicia McKenzie - *laughing* Oh, I'd read this a long time ago, but it's so much funnier now that I'm more aquainted with the characters. Obviously Alicia writes a fantastic Cable, and this story was no exception--even if he wasn't really acting like himself. To be polite, he was a bit... out of it. "Where'd Logan go?"

"Why?" Scott said carefully.

"Because I'm bored, and I want to hit something. And he's fun to hit--he keeps getting back up and coming back for more." That continues to crack me the hell up. (No real warnings.)

- X-Men - Lounging by ALC Punk! - Ever since Cable & Deadpool sucked me in so hard, I've had a newfound interest in Cable. Which meant hunting down Cable/Domino fic. Which meant heading for authors I like and poking at the fandom. And this was just delightful because one of the best things about the relationship is that they're so... so... so... well. Such freaks, really. But entertaining ones and special in their own way. Usually somehow involving a lot of guns. But, really, any fic that starts out like this: The kids called it movie date night--except for Tabby, who called it "Dom and Nate have sex everywhere" night. Domino didn't give a crap what they called it, so long as they went away somewhere. I had to read. Very fun and very cute, I need more of them. ♥ (Cable/Domino.)

- X-Men - Between Battles And Blankets by Alicia McKenzie - I was in the mood for something cute and fluffy with Cable and Domino, so this fic was a nice little piece to read. There's just enough snark and bitching to be them, but still make me go, "Awww." at the cute. I have a weakness for in-the-morning fics, especially when there's sleeping and morning irritability involved. (Cable/Domino.)

- X-Men - From Baaad to Worse by Andrea - I admit, the beginning of this fic starts out a little "" but I have great fondness for the author and the way she weaves these little lines in that are timed perfectly so I can't help giggling. The whole thing is fun, great little indignities for poor Nathan after his unwilling "transformation" here, but it's the last hundred words that sent me into fits of laughter because, yeah, that's just about how poor Nathan's life would go. Right down to just who was making his life hell this week. Very, very funny, I totally ♥ this fic. (A little Cable/Domino if you squint, but it's largely gen.)

- X-Men - Slumber by BJ Carlson - There's something really lovely about the language of this fic, the way it uses imagery to so perfectly capture Domino's personality. It's not so heavy that it feels like wading through mud to read it, but there's something very quietly pretty about the fic, something signifigant even while it's about something so simple as Cable watching Domino sleep. I'm a sucker for fics that show what harsh, shitty lives the characters have been forced to lead--and this one is especially good at getting across Domino's hard life--without getting mired in all of that. Because that's not what the characters should be about when it comes to Marvel and this fic wonderfully captures the frustration and irritation of Cable/Domino, yet there's love there, too. <3 (Cable/Domino.)

- X-Men - To Have and To Have Not by Diamonde - Okay, I wasn't sure a fic about Domino and Sam going to a costume party where they run into Cable was going to be something I would enjoy that much, but I've enjoyed the author's other work and figured what the hell. It was cute and fun at first. And then Cable got to the party. And someone tried to guess his costume. And I could not stop laughing because making fun of Cable is one of the world's greatest passtimes. It also features Cable and Domino being retarded in the way they should and an adorable Sam: To be honest, he couldn't really imagine them apart. In his mind, Domino being alone meant that Cable had gone to the bathroom. Also, there is kissing and not quite a happy ending but the promise of one someday, which is as it should be. (Cable/Domino.)

- X-Men - A Little Change by Lise - I swear to god I'm not looking for fic that makes fun of Cable, I just keep stumbling across it! If he's not being turned into a goat, this time he's being turned into a chick. And having to deal with that. And having X-Force have to deal with that. I loved it because it didn't linger on any one particular aspect too long, it never lost the sense of humor about the whole thing even when it was touching on the serious repurcussions of 'what if this is permanent?' without getting stuck on wallowing in it, and I didn't feel too badly for Cable because he was just so... Cable about it. The rest of the team's reactions are made out of pure gold, the relationship between Cable and Domino is the same as ever and awesome, and this is quite possibly my favorite genderswap fic ever. Seriously. (Cable/Domino.)

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