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- X-Men - The Alchemy Arc by Dandelion - Oooh, good, thoughtful, insightful, and respectful Jean/Remy fic. Dandelion's take on the characters is perfect, just beautiful in getting them spot-on. Jean and Remy's relationship isn't easy just for itself, much less when you add in the other X-Men, but it's good for them, and it's real. Old ghosts aren't forgotten or disrespected--Scott still hangs over their head, and old relationships and rivalries are not forgotten or swept easily aside. Plus, the writing is just damn good, funny in the places it needs to be, sad and bittersweet in others, touching in all the right spots, and sweet where it should be. (Remy/Jean.)

- X-Men - Two Pair by L.M. Griffin - One of the things I love most about X-fiction is that all these possibilities are played on. It's not just the standard pairings and friendships, authors have different characters connect in ways you never thought of, but when the stories are written, they make so much sense. Such is the case with Two Pair--a Remy/Jubilee series. They connect as friends, two people who've been abandoned by people they care about, two people who can't really connect with the other X-Men. On the surface they're so very different, but you dig a little deeper and they have a lot in common. The writing is great, both Jubilee and Remy have their usual sharp tongues, and the story develops their relationship naturally. I wouldn't have thought I would like such a relationship, but it really, honestly works. (Eventual Remy/Jubilee)

- X-Men - Looming by mizzmarvel - As is frequent with me, I don't even remember how I got onto looking for Northstar fic, just that I have this occasional urge to fall back in love all over again with him. So, I started poking around just a teeny bit and happened to stumble over this fic. It's actually a Bobby fic, you have to squint to read the (rather one-sided) Jean-Paul/Bobby into it and that's not really even why I liked it so much. It was just... it was a really good, solid Bobby piece, especially after he's been put through the wringer so many times lately. The fic does a lovely job of not overstating his angst, his loss, his frustration, his sadness, same as it doesn't overstate the connection with Lorna or Jean-Paul. It's just... the author played it with a lovely, deft hand and makes me like Bobby again. (Some implications of Bobby/Lorna, Jean-Paul/Bobby.)

- X-Men - In Vino Veritas by ALC Punk! - I definitely fall on the Pete/Kitty side of the fence, so when I was browsing around for Marvelfic to read after recently falling back into comics, I stumbled over this little gem. And, hey, hetporn! There's never enough of that to go around! But it's more than that I loved this fic for being hot (which it was--not too graphic, but not glossing over the detail too much, either, it was a very nice balance), I also loved it for having this sharp, not quite gritty edge to the characters. I love the back and forth, something that's almost harsh but not quite, the way every little detail, right down to the sensation of the cold railing pressing against her or the way she's noting the details, it says so much about these two. There's a chemistry there, a sharp attraction mixed with the dulling of edges that comes with alcohol. And, again, hot has all get out. (Pete/Kitty, NC-17.)

- X-Men - Means to an End by sionnain - I was extremely hesitant to read this fic because I'm a die-hard Gambit/Rogue fan and this fic kinda fucks with that, but also because I'm still pissed about the whole Death thing and not taking it seriously. Also, I'm way behind. But. I'd just finished reading the author's Astonishing-based fic and thought it was fabulous, so I wanted to see her take on Rogue. And this was fantastic, the writing is so sharp and clear, both in characterization and in showing what Rogue's going through at the moment. She's tough as nails when she needs to be, even after being dealt a devestating blow like she's just been through. And I actually wound up liking the take on both Rogue/Remy and Rogue/Sabretooth, they both felt right for this moment in time. I really can't express how well this was written, how clearly I could see the characters (in Bachalo's beautiful pencils no less) and how chemistry-laden, how charged the conversation with Sabretooth was. Every line of this was gorgeous. (Implied Remy/Rogue, references to Sabretooth/Rogue.)

- X-Men - A Certain Kind of Light by likeadeuce - I think one of the reasons I was so willing to pick up this fic despite that it's Astonishing-era fic is because I very much like the author's take on the Scott/Jean/Emma thing, Jean isn't just conveniently forgotten but she's not lingered on, either. I can deal with that. I can even love that in a fic that's so absolutely pitch-perfect that I refuse to believe that this didn't happen somewhere between the pages of Astonishing. On the surface it's about something simple--the X-gang being dragged out for some fun because they needed it and that just happens to include karaoke. But underneath that, underneath the brilliant characterization and witty lines that had me in stitches (seriously, the mocking of Scott in good humor had me practically crying with laughter), there's an actual story here, there's actual emotions and issues being dealt with. Scott Summers is not an easy person to love, no one's more aware of that than this group of people, and the author deals with it wonderfully. I especially adore her Hank, whom I just want to hug and never let go for being such an amazing person. His conversation with Emma was a highlight of this fic, it was... everything it needed to be. (Canon pairings, mostly Scott/Emma, Piotr/Kitty, and references to Scott/Jean.)

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