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- X-Men - Fruitloops, Nutcases, and Prophets by Diamonde - Oh, my god was this fun! So very, very hysterical and Scott! And Remy! Getting along! And Scott with a sense of humor! Funny, funny lines, creative delusions for poor Scott (I liked the fairy best), and priceless reactions from the others. This indulged both my need for funny, well-written fic and Scott-fic. So good. (Some Scott/Jean.)

- X-Men - A Certain Kind of Light by likeadeuce - I think one of the reasons I was so willing to pick up this fic despite that it's Astonishing-era fic is because I very much like the author's take on the Scott/Jean/Emma thing, Jean isn't just conveniently forgotten but she's not lingered on, either. I can deal with that. I can even love that in a fic that's so absolutely pitch-perfect that I refuse to believe that this didn't happen somewhere between the pages of Astonishing. On the surface it's about something simple--the X-gang being dragged out for some fun because they needed it and that just happens to include karaoke. But underneath that, underneath the brilliant characterization and witty lines that had me in stitches (seriously, the mocking of Scott in good humor had me practically crying with laughter), there's an actual story here, there's actual emotions and issues being dealt with. Scott Summers is not an easy person to love, no one's more aware of that than this group of people, and the author deals with it wonderfully. I especially adore her Hank, whom I just want to hug and never let go for being such an amazing person. His conversation with Emma was a highlight of this fic, it was... everything it needed to be. (Canon pairings, mostly Scott/Emma, Piotr/Kitty, and references to Scott/Jean.)

- X-Men - 20 Things You Might Not Know about Scott Summers by likeadeuce - Oh, god, Scott. The author is incredible making me love the character even more than when I started, using the "twenty things" format to gorgeous effect here. Some of them are funny, some of them are interesting/insightful, some of them brilliantly show off what a family the X-Men are, and the final few hit me straight in the fangirl heart and leave me aching. I adore the author's geeking out of Scott's character, but done in a way that fits with him just so incredibly perfectly, the way he's so much more than you'd think just to look at him, the way it fits with all of what we know of the character, but gives him even more depth. #18 is just all kinds of brilliant and any fic that contains these lines has to be fabulous: He just thinks having a nemesis named "Magneto" is embarrassing because it makes his already ludicrous job sound that much more absurd. (Scott/Jean, but it's not really the point.)

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