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- Marvel/Northstar/Cannonball - Snow Cabin by Sascha - *giggles* This was hysterical! Oh, how I so dearly love that snobby, cranky, half-elf French-Canadian~! Sascha has a gift for funny, funny dialogue, but when I saw Jean-Paul was stuck with Sam in a cabin, I didn't have high hopes, but I kept reading anyway, because I've liked Sascha's writing in the past. And, really, this is just... it's so much fun, and so sparkling that everyone should read it~! (Northstar/Cannonball.)

- X-Men/Angel/Northstar - Toronto by Tangerine - I wasn't sure where to put this, since at the time I believe Northstar was still with Alpha Flight, but he's since joined the X-Men, so... yeah. Anyway. I'll admit that Warren has never been one of my favorite characters, though, a lot of that could well be because I've never had much exposure to him. I don't avoid fics about him, but I don't seek them out, either. But I've been in a Northstar mood lately, and I've read Tangerine's fics before, which were wonderfully good. And this story was no exception--Warren and Jean-Paul are both in the city to gain some peace and quiet and they run into each other, and I have to admit the pairing struck me as a good one. They're both wealthy, arrogant, obnoxious, high-class, cranky, beautiful snobs... and, yes, that is meant to be a compliment. ^_~ Tangerine's writing is lovely as always, she has that sort of elegance to her writing that I'm always going on and on about. (Angel/Northstar, some graphic content.)

- X/Men/Angel/Northstar - The Edge by Tangerine - Second in Tangerine's 'Toronto' series, I think I actually liked this one better, for a variety of reasons. I felt more of Jean-Paul and Warren's relationship here, felt the chemistry and the falling into love feelings, and it just, overall, worked for me better. Also, it was nice to see Warren's friends show up, and the dinner scene was priceless~! Absolutely hysterical. The more pronounced poetic, almost lyrical, style worked really well with this story, with these characters; normally, the 'make love' stuff gets on my nerves (you know what I'm talking about), but it worked for me here because a) Tangerine didn't go overboard with it, she used only what was called for, b) was tempered with typical male stuff in other ways, and c) I thought it was in character for people like Jean-Paul and Warren. So... yeah. I had doubts that this series would work for me, but Tangerine is totally reeling me in with it. I love it when authors can do that. (Angel/Northstar, some graphic content.)

- X-Men/Angel/Northstar - Inside Out by Tangerine - I realize I should probably have put all three stories together in one rec, but what the hell. This is the last of the 'Toronto' series and I really have grown quite fond of the Angel/Northstar pairing and the way Tangerine writes it. What to say about this last one? It's just as wonderful as the others--touching, dramatic, funny when it needs to be, and the wonderful characters are reflected by the wonderful writing. If I had to pick a favorite thing about this series--other than the screamingly funny moments--I'd have to pick how Tangerine makes Warren and Jean-Paul human. They both wear arrogant faces for the world that aren't entirely facades, but at the same time, they're not that cold and unfeeling, and it takes a delicate hand to balance those two sides of them, but Tangerine does it beautifully. (Angel/Northstar, some graphic content.)

- Marvel/Northstar/Angel - Carribean Blue by Tangerine - Everything I said about the first three stories in Tangerine's "Toronto" arc apply to this story as well. Before I get on to the gushing, I do want to mention that I found the ending to be rather abrupt, like it should have continued on for another page or two, but it was hardly a bad ending. Tangerine has taken two of Marvel's most arrogant and obnoxious characters and made them much more human, warm, inviting, and caring people, and done it believably and beautifully. I also admit, that with Jean-Paul joining the X-Men with Uncanny #414, a part of me is disappointed with his crush on Bobby because I've become so attached to Tangerine's stories. Jean-Paul and Warren are so cute when they're being schmoopy. And, no, I can't believe I just said that, either. ^_~ (Jean-Paul/Warren.)

- Marvel/Alpha Flight/X-Man - Alpha by Jane and Te - It took me a little while to get into this story, but once I did, it's almost very dream-like in the way the events happen, almost like having had a little bit too much to drink, and that really lends the story a certain sort of appeal and, well, I don't want to say 'validation', but something like that. I could "accept" it (bad wording) more because of that style--it shows how and why Nate was drawn into the twins' lure like he was. My favorite thing about this fic was the descriptions and dynamics of Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie/Aurora (not really sure which to call her >_>), the way they're referred to as a pack and the way they treat Nate as a result. Well, and the sex was nice, too. ^_~ (Northstar/X-Man/Aurora.)

- Marvel/Alpha Flight - Stellar by Jane and Te - Okay, any story that has the line Because Puck and Wolverine had finally declared their unspoken love. in it is automatically going on my recs list. And, honestly, I think this is the single best Alpha Flight story I've ever read--yes, largely due to Kyle's little fantasy sequence, but also because the writing was great, the characterizations fun, but it was less PWP-ish than it could have been. So much fun!

One more thing. "I need to go. It's not personal, I'm just restless." And he really is. Vibrating, almost. Which probably has something to do with sex, but more the way you can't keep him in a meeting for more than an hour, and how riding in a car with him is hell. Can't sit still. I want this fic now. Alpha Flight road trip! Or, hell, UXM road trip! I don't care about the reason or realism of it, considering how many of them can fly, I just want it! ^_~ (Northstar/Wildchild.)

- Marvel/Alpha Flight - Lion Glass by Jane and Te - Oddly, I think I liked the friendship between Jean-Paul and Walter better than the sex... but, then, I've always been a sucker for well-done buddying around. *taps finger against lips* I'm trying to put into words why I want to rec this fic. Yes, a large part of it is that it's Jean-Paul fic, well-written, and therefore I read it, but that doesn't really do justice to the story, because the transition from friendship to sex was rather well-done here, I bought it. The sex was nice, the little details like the Hanna-Barbera glasses great, and the writing good. I really don't ask for more from a fic for me to enjoy it. However, once again, Jane and Te have a little off-hand remark in the story that makes me want the story that inspired it. "That'd better not be chocolate."


"Because we both remember what happened the last time you had chocolate. Sugar and caffeine together are lethal with you." Jean-Paul on a sugar high? The concept won't leave my mind now. >_< (Northstar/Sasquatch, graphic content.)

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