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Journey into Mystery/Thor: My Treasure by silverspidertm2 - I was browsing devART and stumbled over kid!Loki curled up into bed with Thor and saw there was fic to go with it and I was like, "....well, that just hit all my buttons, now didn't it." and had to go read. This is one of those simple pieces, where kid Loki can't sleep because of the snow and wind and ice howling outside, so he seeks out his big brother, who drops him into the bed to help him sleep, and I just totally fucking melt because, oh, big siblings and little baby siblings, my heart can barely take it. The author does such a lovely job of portraying both of them, the absolute care there is between these two characters, and how desperately, completely adorable this is. I could barely contain one of those ridiculous sighs from escaping me by the time I was done reading. (No warnings/pairings.)

Journey into Mystery/Thor: Hands to Heal by silverspidertm2 - I actually left off somewhere in the middle of "Fear Itself" and I've not yet read JiM properly, but I've seen enough panels and reactions on tumblr to have a basic grasp of the characters and the situation, enough to read about a potential aftermath of that crossover event and how precious kid Loki is. Just. Oh, my heart. It gives me so many feelings for how much Thor loves his little brother, how he stays with him and protects him and believes in him, even when the rest of Asgard is still wary of him, and Loki would do anything in return for his big brother. It could have been sappy or too over the top, but instead the author writes it just perfectly, so that my heart was practically turning over with love for everyone and everything because of them. (No warnings/pairings.)

Journey into Mystery/Thor: Thicker than Blood by silverspidertm2 - Goddammit, I didn't mean to get sucked into more JiM fic, but... it was sitting there in an open tab... one more wouldn't hurt... and here I find myself again. And it's such a warm and fuzzy piece, but without being saccharine. Instead, it's kid Loki trying to fit into Asgard, some of the same old problems haunting him, except things aren't quite the same, either. I adored the conversation between Loki and Balder, how it wasn't an instantaneous connection, but neither was it unwelcomed. And then Thor finds Loki and it's just-- as;dlkfjal;k more brotherly affection and I want to curl up and wrap this around me and stay warm and fluffy forever. (No warnings/pairings.)

Journey into Mystery/Thor: Second Chance by holls - Oh, my heart. Thor takes bb!Loki to an amusement park because the kid needs to just have some fun, rather than having all the Asgardians just waiting for him to revert to his previous self and, oh, it's so good. My face hurt from all the smiling, because it was so perfectly adorable and the little details of culture clash between Asgard and Midgard were beautifully done, Loki's enjoyment of all the different rides and foods and games was just pure joy. And, of course, my heart grew yet another size at how much Thor loves his baby brother and wants to protect him and do the right thing for him, giving him a better life and I could almost just about cry at how touching the ending was. SO MANY FEELINGS. (No warnings/pairings.)

Thor/Journey into Mystery: To Be Worthy Of The Road Not Taken by chinae - I definitely have a weakness for Thor and Steve interaction and, oh, this fic definitely hit me in the feelings. Precious baby Loki is one of the greatest things to come out of comics lately and I love second chance stories and I love that the author had Steve and Loki bonding here, because Steve would totally take a kid under his wing and find common ground with them. And I love how bb!Loki just totally idolizes his big brother Thor and, even if Thor's not perfect, he loves that kid so much and Steve just kind of falls in love with him, too, because he's trying so hard and just. UGH FEELINGS. Warmth and sunshine and happiness and laughter by the end but SO MANY FEELINGS on the way there. (No warnings/pairings.)

Thor/Journey into Mystery: Walking in Shadows by Xparrot - Ugh, at this rate, I'm going to end up reading Journey into Mystery sooner than I intended (I wanted to spend more time with the movieverse characters first) because bb!Loki is just the most precious thing ever. And this fic does a gorgeous job of playing on all the feelings that bb!Loki brings out, the mischievous lilt to everything he says or the way his eyes shine, the way he's trying and yet it's heartbreaking to see so many people around this young kid who are just waiting for him to fail, it's fascinating to watch him walk a line between having a better heart this time around but also being too smart for his own good sometimes, how his motivations are not always what he says and it's understandable why it's hard to trust him. It's all the more so because this fic is set from Sif's point of view, which gives amazing insight into her character and really does justice to her character, as much as it does to Loki's! Any scene where Loki talks about himself is just brilliant, especially his dreams and how he sees himself and the shadow of the person he used to be. In the bigger picture, the fic is about a mysterious foe kidnapping Thor, so Loki and Sif and the Warriors Three set off to find him, which involves Loki and Sif spending a lot of time together and it's a really gorgeous look at their dynamic, these two people who love Thor so very much, who have their own history as well, and how it's not easy, but maybe it's getting better, a little bit. What's really wonderful about the fic is the way it has an actual plot here, even beyond the wonderful building of a relationship between Sif and Loki, it has magic and adventure and ancient villains and even some action! So, by the time you get to the climax of the story, when Sif has to react to everything that's happening in those moments, it's just so wrenchingly good. It is all the things it needed to be, right down to the way it made my heart turn over at all the right moments. Just. Ugh, so good and so many feelings. For all of them! (Some Thor/Sif, but it's not really the point.)

Thor/Journey into Mystery: Tarnished by noblesseoblige - There were at least two points in this fic where my eyes started to do that misting and burning before I managed to blink it away, because this fic is designed to rip out my heart. Oh, it ends well, and the characters and their relationships are stronger for it, but it hurts along the way. In that moment, at the end of Fear Itself, when Thor grabs a terrified bb!Loki by the neck, things turn out okay, but what if they hadn't? What if Thor, in his rage and mistrust, had snapped Loki's neck, killing him? That's what this fic deals with and it's beautifully written, when Loki is reborn again, when he comes face to face with the Avengers again, not knowing who they are, not knowing who the giant among them is, but fear clawing at him even above the love he feels, all of it is soul-wrenching to me. I put this fic off for quite awhile to read because I had to be ready for it and I'm glad I did that, because it wasn't for a day that caught me by surprise. I love what the author did here, I adore her bb!Loki characterization, both before he regains his memories and after, and, oh, her Frigga is gorgeous as well. And this fic is about Thor being brought down in a lot of ways by the guilt of what he's done, which isn't usually my thing, but there's also great affection for Thor here, I don't think this was about punishing Thor, but instead these brothers dealing with tragedy and mistakes and trying to learn from them, learning to make themselves better. It's wrenching, but such a good, satisfying read and, oh, the ending with Thor and Ikol was perfect. (No warnings/pairings, accidental child death.)

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