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- Ultimate X-Men - Why Did the Ganders Cross the Road? by Mara Greengrass - ........there are a number of reactions I had while reading this story. Admittedly, I read it because I didn't realize it was Ultimate (I have this thing against Ultimate. One, it's like the X-Men meet trailor trash from what I can tell, two, I'd have to put up with Logan/Jean and AHAHAHA NO, and, three, I'm still pissed about Remy. But I kind of hate this author for... well, if she sees enough in the series to write such good fic about it... maybe it's worth checking out. >_<), but even after I'd realized it, I'd gotten far enough into the story that I was hooked. It was just... it was funny and it was clever and the characterizations were so sharp and perfect that I couldn't put it down. Scott - Logan interaction is a favorite of mine in whatever incarnation--which still boggles me because I used to be unable to STAND both of them. But this was just... and the more serious, dramatic moments were woven in perfectly and Scott's such a fantastic smartass here and the jokes were FUNNY and the tone was perfect and the writing lovely. Okay, my recs suck tonight, but this was good. Go read it. (References to Logan/Jean and a little one-sided Scott/Jean.)

- Ultimate X-Men - untitled? by azurine - Wow. Sometimes UST in a fic can be hotter than full-blown porn and this author impressed the hell out of me with her ability to write something so hot without ever leaving a PG-13 level. Logan's hand just touching Piotr like that--and, sure, I was liable to be more favorable since I have a kink for Piotr's feelings for Logan, but omg still!--was hotter than a hot, hot thing. I love that it doesn't forget the fight, the blood and the dirt and the grime, but still makes it hot. Definitely glad I read this as one of my first Ultimate X-Men fics. *g* (Some Logan/Piotr.)

- Ultimate X-Men - A Helping Hand by azurine - I am not a person who needs to read about Logan's sex life. Just not my thing, 's cool. But I have a great love of Piotr in the Ultimate X-verse and there was fic set around the time of the Weapon X program and I said to myself, well, I'll just read a little bit and see if I can handle it. Somehow this one caught me and wouldn't let me go and it's quite possibly the hottest handjob I have everseen written. It also has a great Logan voice (another thing that I don't usually seek out in fic but was really sort of great here) and totally hit my kink of Piotr's unrequited feelings being under the surface without bubbling over. It's also a scenario I can really believe, which, again, not usually my thing but this fic's writing was really great. That's such a backhanded compliment when I don't mean it to be, it really was a well-written story that I enjoyed, period. (Logan, Scott, and Piotr, NC-17/graphic content.)

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