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- X-Men Movieverse - The Great Marriage Boondoggle by Mara Greengrass - I admit, I started reading this one because I'd been craving good Scott/Jean, but I wound up really liking it for the funny stuff with the students. *sigh* Movieverse fic. Have I really sunk so low? ^_~ Scott and Jean try a little experiment with the kids--pretend you're married, and lots of troubles and hijinks ensue. It surprised me that so many students were balanced (I think there were about five teams, two kids each) and none of them were really pushed too far onto the backburner. The little details of the school project were wonderful (Kitty being Jewish and not wanting to get married in a Catholic Church, Rogue's reaction to the children problem, the bit with the romance novel and how it tied into what they were trying to teach, and the interaction between the 'couples'.) and just a lot of fun! (Some Scott/Jean.)

- X-Men Movieverse - My So-Called Teaching Career by Troll Princess - I was giggling my way through this story (I *heart* Scott.), but I totally lost it at: On Monday, I caught Peter Rasputin helping Bobby build a giant ice sculpture of all of us adults. They used the flagpole to support my sculpture. Trust me, I didn't appreciate it. What I love about this story is that it isn't just one or two funny lines in a little oneshot, it's a whole slew of them packed into the fic, not overcrowding each other, paced just right, making it funny as all hell. (No real warnings.)

- X-Men Movieverse - All Foam, No Beer and Witches' Parking -- All Others Toad by Troll Princess - Okay, I admit, I had a few problems connecting the dots with this story a few times (I wasn't sure why characters were suddenly doing one thing or another), and normally I can't stand original characters, but... Troll Princess has this knack for humor that I just adore. Her writing is smooth and easy to read and I read both of these stories in one sitting. (Well, what's been posted of them. ^_^) For movieverse fic. And I'm not the greatest fan of the movieverse. ^_~ Anyway, I'm kind of getting away from the point. Funny. Very, very funny. I genuinely and honestly like the original character. And poor Scott. ^_~ (No real warnings.)

- X-Men Movieverse - Repair by penknife - Ever since stepping back into the Marvelverse, I've been dying for Scott/Jean fic. Since the comics aren't giving it to me and comics fandom is making me a touch grumpy and I recently watched the movie, I've started poking at the movieverse fandom. This was just a short, clever little story that says so much about their relationship, both humorous and the punch that it packs, all of it really amazingly well done for just 400 words. (Scott/Jean.)

- X-Men Movieverse - Rumor Has It by ridesandruns - As mentioned, I recently finally knuckled down to watch the second movie and, okay, I'm weak to James Marsden, all right? I liked Movieverse Scott. And the idea of Movieverse Jubilee being a motormouth like she is here just fills me with delight, especially when I could not stop laughing the entire way. It takes a certain kind of talent to write a Jubilee like this, where she goes on and on and on, but it feels natural for her, there's a really great comedic flow/timing to this piece. It's like. You know how some fic falls flat when it tries to pull off one character chattering away, the other vastly uncomfortable and trying to interject? This one is sharp and absolutely pulls it off. I also mentioned the laughing hysterically until I hurt, yes? Okay. Because as soon as I got to Jubilee saying that everyone knows Dr. Grey is a total MILF, I just lost it. (No real warnings/pairings beyond canon.)

- X-Men Movieverse - Twenty Random Facts about Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters by penknife - There are certain authors that make this format--the one of "twenty random facts", that is--work for them, filling in the details of the world and the characters' background that makes the place a richer, more vibrant place. This fic has that quality in spades, little details that fit so brilliantly and illuminate the characters and why we love them, but also has an undercurrent of sadness, loss, and heartbreak set after X2. It's not a depressing fic, but it does hurt in places to read, even as they continue to live their lives and the whole thing is just... gorgeous, really. (Implications of canon pairings, but nothing enough to count.)

- X-Men movieverse - Two Households by likeadeuce - I've liked the author's X-Men fic before, so I was very curious as to how she would deal with Alex and Lorna, without realizing at first that this was a movieverse fic. Still curious, I clicked to read and, obviously, am very glad I did so. Part of it is the introduction of Alex's relationship with Scott and the introduction of Lorna into the movierse, which I have such the soft spot for when done like this. But it's also the author's talent and sparkle coming through in her writing that leaves me a pile of fangirl mush. Not to mention the fabulous, fabulous characterization, the whole Two Houses theme, and the idea of Magneto's kids in the movierse. I may have sprained a little something with the fangirl squee. Ahem. (Implications of Alex/Lorna.)

- X-Men movieverse - Twenty Things that Might Have Happened at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters by Musamea - I was browsing through the Scott/Jean comm and noticed this one, having a weakness for the whole "twenty things" format when it's done well. These were lovely pieces of potential background details/story for the movieverse, frequently taking aspects from the comics and winding them into this alternate canon in an interesting way. I love that it wasn't just about Scott and Jean, it was about all of the characters and their time at Xavier's school, about showing them to be the family they are. Lovely read, this was. (Scott/Jean and implications of other popular pairings.)

- X-Men Movieverse - Personal Statement by likeadeuce - OMG, *FLAIL*. I've always liked Scott/Jean, but I couldn't really grasp on why or do much with it, because fandom never really clicked with me. So it was just a quiet, "Don't break up the marrieds! D:<" thing with me for awhile. But then canon came along and then I watched the movieverse and Scott/Jean was so utterly wonderful there and then I started ninjastalking this author and suddenly Scott/Jean is an active pairing for me, rather than just quietly liking them. She makes them sparkle here, shows how cute and adorable they are when Jean's trying to write her paper and Scott's trying to distract her for once and the beautiful, beautiful characterization. And, god, I love her Jean. She's perfect without being obnoxious about it. And Scott! Oh, Scott. I wish I could write a half-decent rec for this fic, but instead all I got is mad flailing over being all the more in love with these characters after reading the fic. (Scott/Jean.)

X-Men Movieverse: Running by cold_queen_5 - Well. Pretty much since seeing the Wolverine movie, I have been itching to see Remy and Rogue interaction and this is one of the first ones I found. It's a short piece, just an initial meeting and a quiet connection, but it fit nicely with their characters in the movieverse. I really liked the parallels and constrasts drawn between them, it really made them work as these characters, rather than just because Gambit/Rogue is the assumed pairing. The insights were nicely done and I liked this a lot, I definitely want more now. (Gambit/Rogue.)

X-Men Movieverse: These Fragments, Against Ruin by Lys ap Adin - [Note: There are spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] As much of a hardcore OTP shipper as I am otherwise, the Wolverine movie certainly gave me a strong desire for Logan/Remy fic. And this one was pretty much pitch-perfect for the characters in the movie and where they both are at the end of it, it was so easy to see these versions of the characters. I love that it stayed true to both of them, I love that it got the characters, I love that it was this great coda to the movie, a bridge between then and whatever happened next, and then was kind of really hot on top of all that. *___*b (Logan/Remy, R-rated/NSFW.)

X-Men Movieverse: Overture to a Train Wreck by CatBru - [Note: There are possibly spoilers for the movie in the fic and this rec.] So I really am trying to find Logan/Remy fic to read after having seen the movie. And somehow I find myself on Remy/Rogue fic anyway. But it's hard to complain because I really liked the idea of this fic, even if it's just a short thing that I wish would be expanded--it does stand well on its own, though. I adored the banter between the two of them, I loved seeing it through Logan's point of view and there's almost a vibe of something like he's too old for this shit and it's kind of hilarious to think about. But it's the way the banter and the intriguing way Gambit could be re-folded back into the movieverse post-X3, that's what really got me. This was really delightful. (Remy/Rogue.)

X-Men Movieverse: Evasive Techniques by Lys ap Adin - [Note: Just go ahead and assume there are spoilers for all the movies in the fic and this rec.] I keep refreshing the porn battle post because I keep running into fics like this one and it's satisfying my need for a lot of different fandoms and needing more Wolverine-based fic, especially one that's set during the later movies and bringing Gambit back into that storyline. But what I really loved about this one was the fantastic characterization for both of them, it's got a really great Logan voice and the way he sees Gambit, what he can see right through, is fantastic. I love the idea of Gambit in trouble this time, the reversal of the movie, it has so much potential, even if it doesn't go very far in this fic. But it stands really well on it's own, so it didn't need to. (Logan/Remy, somewhere between R and NC-17.)

Speed's Perception by Sandaun, pietro & erik + charles + other x-men, 1k
    A short one-shot, set after breaking Erik out of the Pentagon and before getting on the plane. Quicksilver's abilities don't just make him fast, but perceptive, and he has a question about Charles and Erik.
    I enjoy this sheerly for the use of Peter's powers and the utter adorable hilarious asshole he is, where the apple clearly did not fall far from the tree on this one. The whole thing is about Erik & Peter interaction and that is everything I want in this world, especially when the fic captures the sheer fun of these characters!

Swimming Home by sasha_b, erik/charles + hank, 2.6k
    The mansion and Charles provide a safe haven for Erik. Post DOFP.
    What I liked about this fic is the way everything felt messy and chaotic and in pieces between Charles and Erik, the way the movie left them. It's a story that provides some closure, some resolution, to the events of the movie, but not too much, nothing permanent, and so it really worked for me on that. They're still not in a great place, but there is hope now, which is just right!

My Mom Once Knew a Man by TheGreatCatsby, pietro & charles, ~1k
    There were a lot of things Charles was expecting as fallout from the Washington DC incident. One of them was not finding Pietro Maximoff lounging on his desk, looking through his books.
    Another short fic but one I really liked a lot, where Peter goes looking for Erik, starting with Charles, and is just so... Peter about it. I love the tone of this, what he does/doesn't expect, and the excellent final line was charming as hell!

Divergence Day by manic_intent, erik/charles + other x-men, canon divergence, some nsfw content, 27.9k
    The room that Charles is held in is simple, and underground, a concrete bunker of a place hewn into a cube, with a simple white cot for a bed. There's a small black and white television set, plugged to the wall within hand's reach of the bed, and an ensuite bathroom attached to the chamber. They're somewhere in the Nevada desert, as far as Charles dimly remembers, one of Erik's many boltholes. There's no one else in the entire facility, and Erik's mind is closed to Charles from the helmet. The silence is both blissful and excruciating.
    I picked this one up because I've been seeking out every post-DOFP fic with Peter in it, no matter how small, and instead got a really enthralling Divergent Timeline, where that encounter at the White House went very differently. The fic does beautifully with everything it goes for, where the Erik/Charles relationship is central and gorgeously in character, right now to all the good and bad things between them, how it's not easy after all that's happened. But the fic is about putting them in a situation where they have to work together and how this dynamic slowly, maybe heals because of it. The fic also includes a large cast that's well-balanced, keeping it firmly in this new timeline but still echoes of the past and future echo wonderfully here. My only complaint is that I'm dying to know if it'll be revealed that Erik is Pietro and Wanda's father or not, because they are a joy in this fic, even as the fic finished without touching on that. But also, shit, there are a lot of Erik/Charles feelings and then Jean feelings and I would have read another 100k of this!

I Saw You Tried to Kill the President by TheGreatCatsby, erik & pietro + charles, 1.5k
    "Erik is in New York City," Charles said. The words were barely out of his mouth when Pietro disappeared.
    I want all the awkward Erik & Peter conversations and really terrible communications, which is why this fic is a delight. The use of Peter's powers and how much of an adorable asshole he is are perfect, plus bonus dad!Erik feels, even just for a moment are delicious. ♥

Running for Cover by RemoCon, peter + erik/charles + other x-men, 3k
    Peter wasn't really looking for more family.
    Another amazing Quicksilver fic to add to the collection and it captured Peter Maximoff beautifully, as well as the whole DOFP world. The way Peter zips around, the constant stream of thoughts and hilarious (and asshole-ish) observations and use of his powers and then wee!Kurt, all of it was a gorgeous character piece. But then add in the reveal of Erik as his father, the tailspin that puts Peter in, the brief and ouchy mention of Wanda, and this was a new favorite of mine!

fathers and sons by M_Leigh, erik/charles + peter + hank + alex, humor, x-men dofp spoilers, 6.4k
    “I have an – interest – in Peter Maximoff,” Erik said, somewhat grudgingly, glaring. “A – familial – interest –” Everybody stared at him. “In that – mutantkind is one – large – family –” Erik said valiantly, if pathetically. “Oh, shit,” Alex said. “No way. No way.”
    This is it. This is the fic I desperately wanted when I walked out of the theater and was like, yeah, no, Pietro is totally Magneto's kid in this universe and apparently being a pain in the ass runs in the family. This fic is the kind that is gorgeously written because it's touching in all the right moments but, more importantly, is funny in all the right moments, that it absolutely embraces what assholes all of these people are and loves them even more for it. The way this fic writes Peter is sheer perfection, I couldn't not see him in every line he had and I was practically tripping over myself to get to the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next page, because the fic built up the reveal so perfectly and I wanted so desperately to see the resolution of it. Every inch of this fic is perfect and everything I have wanted out of life since forever. Now I have it and I want everyone to read it with me.

smacked upside of the head by the harsh daylight by paperclipbitch, peter & wanda, x-men dofp spoilers, 2.5k
    “Bad idea,” Wanda sing-songs. “I haven’t had a good one since nineteen sixty-three,” Peter replies.
    This is the other fic I wanted from the moment I got out of the theater, the kind of fic that answers the, "Where the hell was Wanda??" question and does so in a way that fits with the setting of the movie and this incarnation of the characters. I love how these two fit together, how they're practically in their own little world even as this isn't the same desperate feeling to it that other incarnations have, it feels happier. And I love the uses of both their powers, I love the way Peter's speed is so casual here, I love the way so much happens in between one moment and the next for other people, I love the way this feels like an expansion of what we saw in the movie and that it doesn't jar against that or try too hard. This felt like Pietro and Wanda to me, in a really lovely way.

Cat's in the Cradle by Nicolas_Mayfair, erik/charles + peter, x-men dofp spoilers, 2k
    Erik and Peter show up at the mansion. Once again; Erik is asking a favor from his "old friend" Charles Xavier. This takes place roughly six months after the events of Days of Future Past.
    I'm pretty determined to read every post-DOFP fic with Peter in them and so naturally I picked this one up and, while the Charles pov is a little rough, the Peter stuff felt good to me and I enjoyed every scene he was in and what a pain in the ass he is and I am over the moon for the idea that he would be part of the school and the interaction between Charles and Peter was totally charming. A delightful read!

Hope by daymarket, erik/charles + kitty + hank + ororo, x-men dofp spoilers, 8.9k
    A near-decade of hatred can't be wiped out with a single summer, no matter how eventful that summer might be. When Erik shows up uninvited at the mansion, Charles is just barely civil enough to not throw him out, but that doesn't mean he'll let him stay.
    I am slowly being won over to the Erik/Charles ship, especially coming right off the DOFP movie (and finally having finished XMFC) and this was a really good fic to have, where it picks up after the end of the movie and deals with so much of the anger and bitterness there, but the hope between them just as much. I love that both sides are full of so many sharp edges, both of them felt pretty spot on to what I saw in the movie, it was entirely easy to see all of this playing out in my mind's eye and it felt like a natural extension of the movie. I loved the use of Kitty here, the way Charles interacted with her and the way she fit into the greater themes of the story, that was really about Charles and Erik's relationship at its heart. This is a beautifully written fic full of some very sharp lines and lovely moments and it's a perfect fic for those who are just getting into the pairing or have just seen the movie (like me) or if you just want a really lovely fic for these two.

Days Last Forever by fengirl88, erik/charles + peter + hank + logan, ~1k
    The world is way too slow when you’re as fast as Pietro Maximoff.
    This may be a short fic, but it does a lovely job of getting into Peter's pov during the movie and what it's like when all this weirdness drops into his life and how he just kind of rolls with it. It's short, but it has a lot of thought put into it, several insightful or interesting lines and was surprisingly satisfying for the length of it! I really enjoyed this one a lot.

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