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- Young Avengers - Wrong Person Right by kphoebe - This is one of the first YA fics I stumbled across when I'd finished reading the issues and there's something about it that made me laugh. I think it may have been this line: "My BOYFRIEND is in the thirtieth century learning how to be a time-travelling HOMICIDAL MANIAC, is what!" Cassie yelled, putting her head through the door way. It expanded as they watched. "And itís VALENTINEíS DAY and that SUCKS." The fic is one of those that totally plays up the dorky teenagers with powers aspect, but because it's done with a sense of humor and some genuinely cute/clever little moments, I wound up being quite fond of it. The author has a solid sense of comedic timing as well, watching the characters fall all over each other and make gooey, dopey comments because one of Billy's spells goes wrong is actually quite hilarious, I was practically burbling with delight at watching Eli and Kate trip all over each other even when half of them was ready to kill Billy something because of it. Just. So much fun. Hee. ♥ (Teddy/Billy, Eli/Kate, some other that I won't spoil.)

- Young Avengers - So You Think You Can Dance by dorksidefiker - Okay. Okay. Billy teaching Teddy to dance shouldn't be this cute. It should have made me roll my eyes and click on the back button. But they're such cute dorky boyfriends and the writing is pretty solid and Tommy is such a little brat and Billy is... oh, Billy. You dork. I love you. Half cute fluff and half humorous piece, this one totally managed to just hit the right notes for me somehow. ♥ (Teddy/Billy.)

- Young Avengers - Back Scratcher by dorksidefiker - I admit. It's the last two lines of this fic that were what really got me. Because you know that had to have happened. It would have happened just like that. I mean, I love the image of Billy having an itch in the middle of his back and trying to get at it and Kate looking at him with that My teammates are all insane. look and Teddy eventually coming along to get the right spot. But they're such... teenage boys and that would so happen. I still giggle. Shut up. (Teddy/Billy.)

- Young Avengers - A Proposal: Three Drabbles by clayin - I love when a set of drabbles comes together like this, especially when it gives me the pairings I really want to see. But it's more than that, they're all fun and cute and clever and made me laugh and I honestly don't know which one is my favorite. I mean, I want to say Teddy/Billy is my favorite, because OTP and all that. And put-upon!Teddy, how can you resist that? But then there's Kate and Eli bitching/snarking at each other and that's really hot. And then there's Cassie and the Vision and a line that totally wins. So! No deciding which is my favorite for me. ♥ (Teddy/Billy, Eli/Kate, Vision/Cassie, maybe a little Tommy/Kate.)

- Young Avengers - Trapped in a Closet by dorksidefiker - Okay, see. I have this strange thing (that is also Noel's fault) for Eli/Kate/Tommy, even if I don't know how the hell that would work out. So I was wary when clicking onto this fic, but curious as well, and it ended up being just the right kind of thing to read. Because there is something so much fun to play with between the three of them and Billy would completely lock them in the closet until they did something about it and then the situation would end EXACTLY LIKE THAT. I'm a sucker for that one moment where I go, "OMG, YES, THEY WOULD DO EXACTLY THAT. EXACTLY LIKE THAT." and this fic totally delivered. (Eli/Kate/Tommy... sort of.)

- Young Avengers - More Than Bitterness by mizzmarvel - This is a story idea I've never seen used with Young Avengers before, a possible aspect of Teddy's childhood and his abilities that's intriguing. Then it's put together with absolutely lovely Teddy/Billy relationship cuteness that's not so much cute as it is cute AND meepy-inducing. It might be a short little thing, but it's lovely and packs quite the punch. (Teddy/Billy.)

  - Young Avengers - [ English Fanart Site ] - [ The artist's y!gallery account as well. ] I'm not sure what got me looking for Young Avengers art again this morning, but I was site hopping around and re-stumbled over the artist's fantasty style piece of Billy and Teddy and her Twins of Fate image of Billy and Tommy and her mid-air Teddy/Billy smooch image and I was back in love with the art style all over again. The fantasy costumes she draws for them are just gorgeous and they're definitely why I came to her account. But I found that I enjoyed the adorable kidlet art just as much, I adored the characters in their canon costumes, I enjoyed the tropical kiss image a lot, and she's one of those artists that's a must-see in this fandom. The lines are clean and polished, they're recognizable as the YA characters even out of costume, the situations she puts them in are fantastic fun, and it's everything it needed to be. ♥ (Teddy/Billy, some NSFW content on the y!g account.)

Young Avengers: grab a blanket, brother by Traincat - Holy shit, this fic was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I honestly could not have asked for a better Tommy fic in the fandom! Of course, now I want more, but I know they will not measure up to how perfect this fic was for me--it was hilarious in all the right places, it did an amazing job of touching on all the shit going on with Tommy and how he has trouble fitting in and never really has to spell it out for the reader, instead the author makes me feel that jarring, twitchy feeling he goes through when he goes to stay with the Kaplans. The fic is a gorgeous balance between Tommy's own stuff, the Young Avengers stuff, and the Magnus family stuff that all just sort of winds together in the way I wanted it to, each and every interaction (from Tommy and Billy to Tommy and Teddy to Tommy and Clint Barton to Tommy and Billy's family to Tommy wanting to know about Wanda and the rest of his maybe family to even the background Billy and Teddy) is pitch-perfect, both in hilarity and in all those things that are in the undercurrents. It's not about happy, shiny, perfect families, but it is about good things and SO MUCH LAUGHTER, and I just-- I can't even tell you how many times I practically had glee fits because of how much I loved this fic. And for how well it expanded those relationships--Tommy and Teddy's scenes were cry-worthy hilarious, but oh Billy and Tommy and everything between them was just so amazing here. I now and forever want more with Billy and Tommy, like I need it to live, okay. Basically, this fic reignited my Tommy love, because it crawled inside his head and gave the most fantastic tour ever. (This is mostly gen, with some background canon pairings.)

Young Avengers: Three Times Tommy and Billy Felt like Brothers by lilpocketninja - This was such a cute, fun series of scenes with Billy and Tommy, whom I'm glad are getting at least some attention in the fandom. It's their usual way of interacting with each other, Tommy's sharp comments and rough edges, to Billy's heart on his sleeve and not quite sure how to handle things, which is a big part of their interaction, but it's not... it's not entirely uncomfortable, it's still somehow good and sweet and they're such brothers to each other in these scenes. Toss in some cute lines and it's a charming little fic that gave me my YA fix this morning. (Some background Teddy/Billy, but it's mostly gen.)

Young Avengers: The Only Permanent Tenderness by victoria_p (musesfool) - This is a cute, sweet fic about a future where Billy and Teddy move in together and where they are at that point in their lives. It's got touches of the shit they've been through, but it's mostly a fluffy piece that feels all warm and fuzzy to read. Very sweet. (Teddy/Billy.)

Young Avengers: The Problem With Coming Out by boywonder - This was another delightful fic with Tommy and Billy, full of those moments that are sharp and jagged, but also surprisingly touching and sweet. There's such an important relationship here, but neither really quite knows how to deal with it, and yet they're just obviously so naturally brothers. Tommy's teasing Billy is always a delight, especially when he teases him about his relationship with Teddy, but it's not in an unaccepting way and that is the best kind. This wound up being one of those fics that just... quietly made me happy and that much more satisfied with the YA fandom. :D (Some background Teddy/Billy, but it's mostly gen.)

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