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D.Gray-man Doujinshi (scanslated) - Whose Room Will She Go To? - So, I was browsing the Kanda/Rinali comm (asdl;kfjaljks apparently I'm really craving this pairing again orz orz orz) and saw there was a scanslated doujinshi and I was curious. This is just a really cute, adorable little thing where Allen and Ravi are arguing over who Rinali should stay with, because she can't stay in her own room, eventually ending up with her in Kanda's room. It's fun and just a light-hearted little thing with cute art and the guys kind of all scrambling after Rinali (which, if it's not your thing, I would understand, but I was fine with it because I ship both Kanda/Rinali and Ravi/Rinali) and not very long, but just. Fun. Especially if you like the main pairing in it. (Kanda/Rinali, implied one-sided Ravi/Rinali and Allen/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man Doujinshi (scanslated) - LIMIT - I suspect that this doujinshi is one that you have to be a fan of Kanda/Allen already to enjoy, you'll probably have to like the idea already before going in for this to work for you. And it is doujinshi, but... well, as much as I'm sliding over to the het side of things with DGM, I do still enjoy this pairing. And I always enjoy prickly Kanda and he was the best part of this doujin for me--he obviously has feelings, he doesn't really deny that so much as he's genuinely setting them aside and not getting hung up on them, but neither does he ignore them. It's... ehh, I'm explaining this badly, but I did like the way he was written in this one and that made me enjoy this book. :D (Kanda/Allen, somewhere around an R rating, but pretty NSFW.)

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