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- D.Gray-man - ALPHA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - *___*!!! Oh, my god, I loved this site, the artist draws some really awesome art! Her Cross is just... wow, he is absolutely gorgeous and her lines are fabulous, his hair is gorgeous, and he's just... all-around attractive/beautiful. I mean, every character she draws is stunning (there's a beautiful one of Kanda early on or the lovely one of Allen looking melancholy with only the one wing or an adorable one of Allen and Rinali or the gorgeous illustration of Rinali that looks almost like a painting or--), but you can tell how much she really loves Cross by the way she draws him frequently and in such hot poses--nearly shirtless and the hat tilted over his face at the rakish angle? Yum. And, hell, I mean, I would have thought the idea of Cross/Allen would have freaked me out, that I would have run screaming, but the way she draws it... it's so pretty, Allen is so adorable, Cross is so gorgeous, the poses are so... they're the kind that not much has to be happening, yet it's terribly intimate and touching. Cross can just be touching Allen's face or there's just a certain look on the character's face. And, god, the comics are just insanely gorgeous in spots (the one between Cross and Rhode was stunningly drawn and inked, I think) and I was even squeeing like mad over the oekaki, just... everything on the site is so worth going through. (Mostly Cross/Allen, but a little other shounen ai with various characters can be found. Most major pairings are somewhere on the site.)

- D.Gray-man - root 666 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm always sort of wary of the Cross/Allen pairing because I can't quite figure out how I feel about it most of the time. Aside from my one weakness for Kanda/Allen, I don't really like any pairings in DGM, but I do love the characters and I love pretty art of them. So a site with actually shiny Cross fanart? Where Cross looks actually hot and there are some great sketch-like illustrations of Allen? Oh, hell, sure, why not. Right from the very top illustration of Cross with a lazy-eyed look that was hot as hell, I knew I was going to be very fond of this artist's lineart and every single time she draws Cross, I am so not disappointed. There's a certain strength to the lines that just appeals to me, a certain way the character stands or the boldness with the lines, just something that I can't put my finger on that works for a character like Cross. I think that's a lot of what won me over, honestly, that the artist's style matches her character, so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts sort of thing. (Cross/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew this site had potential, just from the image on the index page (a beautifully colored Allen that does the CG style so well) and on the top page (a gorgeous one of Kanda with his hair fanning out around him that manages to still be remarkable somehow, instead of blending with all the other times I've seen that concept before), but clicking through the actual gallery... yeah, Komui & Rinali WAFF? I am so there. The early art isn't perfect, the artist has a ways to go to tighten the style up, but Rinali wrapped up in ribbons and hugging her brother's arm? Awwwww. ♥ And once the artist gets into her CG style, the art just becomes... not perfect, but there's something so captivating about it, the fine level of detail to the characters' hair, the way it feels like there's a little depth to some of them, the way the artist draws the characters' clothes (Allen in a cross necklace, the chain looped around his neck several times? Shouldn't be that innovative, but somehow I wind up staring at it anyway.), the way the artist uses the not-quite-jewel-tone coloring? It all just works for me and makes the art look so cool. Plus, hey! Little character favoritism! Aside from Allen, but that's to be expected. ♥ Oh, and! Older!Allen is just so damn neat, I'm utterly in love with the way the artist pulls it off, the longer hair is gorgeous. (No real warnings/pairings themes, except for maybe a hint of Cross/Allen.)

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