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- D.Gray-man - THOLOS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It only took two illustrations into this site, despite that there's not a whole lot of art here, to know that I was going to really like this site. The detail and color put into the images make them look so pretty, they're just so richly and lushly done. Some of them are a little darker, like the one of Allen in the rain that's so pretty to look at, and some others are done in these light, pastel-friendly colors and I love both styles. It's not a perfect site, but it's certainly one of the better ones I've seen and totally worth it for the adorable kitty!Kanda/Allen/Lavi image. It actually makes me like Kanda/Allen again, reminds me that some artists can still do it so that it looks really beautiful. And the sketches of the stand-alone characters are just gorgeous, all soft lines and soft colors. And any image the site has of Allen by himself? asdlfkjasldkjalsk so hot. And the handful of Rinali illustrations! Omg, so pretty. *__* (Some Kanda/Allen, some Lavi/Allen, some Lavi/Kanda, but worth it for the gen if you step carefully, I think.)

- D.Gray-man - mossgreen [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a really cool little site with a lot of really sharp illustrations. The colors are very bright and vivid, the concepts/poses are solid, and the whole entire site is very strong. Occasionally, the artist tries something different (there's a really cool one of Allen looking bone-white on a dark blue/black background, just a splash of green for the tie around his neck and I sort of love the style of it) but mostly it's just a really well-drawn site, the b&w sketches showing off the artist's basic skills. The site is most worth visiting for the b&w poster-style illustration of the major players of the manga, the detail is just fantastic and it really fits the tone of the series. Some of the art is just gorgeous on this site and I'm so glad to have stumbled over it this morning. (No warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man/Katekyou Hitman REBORN! - 1369 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that's not going to appeal to everyone, I wasn't even going to recommend it at first, I was barely even halfway through the Reborn! art when I was about to give up. But... the D.Gray-man gallery is what really caught my attention with this site, the artist's style (which is very stylized, something that's not going to appeal to absolutely everyone) was kind of quirky and interesting, something that suited DGM really well. And I decided to include it in the REBORN! section as well because the artist does Dino/Hibari and it's somewhat intense art, which suits them. And, you know. Dino's tattoos are hot when drawn by this artist. That's a point in their favor. <3 It's not perfect, but it's interesting at least. The site makes for a good stop in a fanart hunt spree, I think. :D (Dino/Hibari for REBORN!, mostly gen for DGM, maybe a little Lavi/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - pack [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here for the Reborn! fanart (though, there wasn't enough for me to justify a recommendation just yet, despite some absolutely beautiful pieces), but wound up staying more for the D.Gray-man art because the artist had been doing that series for longer, apparently. The artist does these beautiful illustrations, these really rich, slick colors with sharp lines and amazing shading and I just go for this sort of thing. They're also very creative images/poses, some of them are really lovely to even just look at, rather than being all fangirly because they're pretty Ravi or Ravi/Allen images. I enjoyed this site a lot! (Ravi/Allen, but worth it for the gen if you step lightly.)

- D.Gray-man - A.B [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't really intend to stick around for more DGM fanart this morning, but something about this site just quietly caught me. The art started out a little shakey, but then the artist started doing these really cool individual illustrations of the characters, these b&w sketches that looked really fantastic, they're almost simple except the artist is really good at putting all these little details into them. And I swear I was adoring the hell out of this site even before I ever got to the Kanda/Rinali kiss illustration that's so pretty... but I also wasn't complaining. ♥ (A little Allen/Rinali, a little Kanda/Rinali, a little Ravi/Rinali, a little Ravi/Miranda, maybe a little other, a lot of gen.)

- Final Fantasy VII/D.Gray-man - 0:end [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I originally came here for the D.Gray-man fanart, but got sidetracked by the Final Fantasy stuff instead, which has some really lovely stuff. The site has two of the prettiest FFXII scribbles I've seen so far, though, my only complaint about that section is that there's not enough for me to really recommend yet. I'd love to see the artist do more. Her FFVII stuff is fun as well, there are a lot of oekaki images of characters like Cloud and Zack and Reno and a;sdlfkjasdlkfaslk I love her Zack so much. And her DGM fanart is in much the same vein, it's these almost rough, scribbly lines in the oekaki art, but somehow this winds up working for her characters, especially whenever she draws any of the Noah family. The artist's Rhode is especially fantastic, that combination of almost pretty and kinda creepy blending together very nicely here. The later pages of art are really getting just fantastic, the artist's Tiki is kind of gorgeous and her Noah-family images are just about perfect, yet still fun. An enjoyable little site. (Some Zack/Cloud that is probably more then than anything, a lot of definite FFVII gen. Mostly gen for DGM, I'd say.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was a bit hesitant about this site at first, it had potential, but the first couple of illustrations made me think it was more cute than anything else. Then I got to the third one or so and it was this really, really pretty fanart of Anita and I was just totally charmed. The art on the site is still more cute than anything, but it's an adorable sort of cute and a nice stop on a fanart hunt spree. Plus, you know, the cute chibi-esque Ravi/Rinali doesn't hurt my feelings at all. There's even an adorable one of Allen and Rinali holding hands and looking up at the snow falling down on them. I'd label the site primarly a Rinali-friendly site, but occasionally some nice Kanda or group illustrations would show up as well, so it's potentially worth it for the gen as well. (Some Allen/Rinali, some Ravi/Rinali, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Half of what I wound up really liking about this site is the way in which the artist displayed her art as much as I liked the actual art itself. So many of the images were set to a full background and were just the right size to make that look really cool. But I also really like the sharp, crisp black & white, clean illustrations she often does, it works for characters like DGM and some of the detail in the background is really kind of amazing. The one of Ravi sitting at a small table in a brick-walled room looks fantastic for all the detail put into it, that's the kind of thing that makes me love sites like this one. (No real warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man - MIRACOM ON!! [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Kanda/Miranda is not a pairing I ever really thought about, much less expected to find art for that I really liked, but... well, she draws both characters so lovely that I couldn't help going through the entire gallery. I did get a little frustrated with the layout constantly resizing itself (I hate not having my browser maximized), but I was willing to forgive the site for it because the layout is really kind of cool and I'd love to design something like that myself. There are some gorgeous stand-alone illustrations, mostly of Miranda (you can tell how much the artist really likes the character), but occasionally some of the other characters as well. Miranda dressed up like Ravi was a particular favorite of mine, but so many of them are really fantastic and worth visiting the site for. (Some Kanda/Miranda, some Ravi/Miranda, some other het, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I almost gave this site a pass, not because it wasn't pretty (it's got some really lovely art!), but because there were only six links in the gallery proper at the time of this rec. And while they were very nice, I couldn't quite justify it. Until I got to the log/sketches pages and there were several on each page, but they were so well done that they could have almost been in the gallery proper itself. The illustrations of the Noah family especially were very detailed and often times really gorgeous to look at. And even the actual sketches/scribbles were very nice, making it just satisfying enough for me to have really had fun here. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out shakey, but about halfway through each section, it gets kind of really good. The Rinali illustrations get just pretty and kinda hot, the Ravi/Rinali is really sweet/cute, and there's even Kanda/Rinali, too. I never tire of artists liking both pairings. ♥ There's also some Tiki/Rinali has a couple that were surprisingly nice. It's not a huge site, but the artist has a lot of potential to get really good and I'd love to see more from her in the future. ♥ (Ravi/Rinali, Tiki/Rinali, Kanda/Rinali, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man/Inuyasha - STAN [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really sort of debated on this site for a bit, I wasn't quite sure it was hitting me right since I'm strange about the Noah family art I like. But I kept going through the gallery and, the further I got, the more I was quietly won over to the site, the artist really does a good job of keeping that slightly Halloween-esque/Tim Burton-ish style of the characters, which is something I really like with DGM art. Plus, Tiki and Rhode did look pretty good in a lot of the images, I'm also weak to that sort of thing. It's not really my pairing, but if I squint I could probably pretend it was gen or familial type stuff and that's worth it to me for some good Tiki fanart. And then, when you add in the Inuyasha fanart, it's much in the same style, and maybe it's just that I haven't looked at Inuyasha fanart in ages, but I really had fun with the Shichi'nintai fanart here, especially the Bankotsu/Jakotsu ones. (....possible Tiki/Rhode, possible gen Some Bankotsu/Jakotsu.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn/D.Gray-man - HYS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, now, this site is just cool, I love the style that's almost messy, where the illustrations almost look indestinct a lot of the time, but it creates this really kinda cool stylized feel to the images. Plus, you know, it helped that one of the first images I saw was Chrome and Tsuna leaning against each other and I... it's not that I ship them so much as I thought the idea would be cute for a couple of seconds. Then the site followed that up with some fantastic Hyper Dying Will mode Tsuna illustrations and then with some pretty Gokudera/Tsuna. The style is slightly rough, but it just makes the art look hotter, I felt and the comics are especially hot, especially the Gokudera/Tsuna moments. The DGM fanart is in much the same style, it starts out with some really cool, slick, almost glowing colors in these really intriguing concepts, almost like paintings of the characters and reflections of themselves, and the followed it up with some lovely shippy stuff and Lee siblings art. ♥ A cool little site. (Some Gokudera/Tsuna, some Mukuro/Chrome, some gen for KHR. Some Allen/Rinali, some Kanda/Rinali, some gen for DGM.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is one of those sites where the art is very... it's a lot of sketches or sketch-like illustrations and maybe that's not going to be for everyone, but it sort of delights me with with WJ series. It's not always perfect, but characters like Ravi or Kanda or Allen look really nice in the artist's style, you can especially tell how much she likes Ravi, she does really well with him. And every once in awhile, the artist just totally nails the image she's going for and creates something fantastic. There's a good amount of art on the site and it was one of those that put me back in the mood for DGM stuff again, I liked it enough just for that. ( real warnings/pairings? Implications of some, but no real themes.)

- D.Gray-man - AZZ [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site has some really cool Noah family illustrations, the Alice in Wonderland-based one is just... it's bizarre and surreal and beautiful and kinda perfect. All the illustrations have the same amount of amazing detail and beautiful colors in them, though, it's such a treat to look at the group illustrations each and every time. There's not a lot of art here, but it's so well-drawn and so pretty that I felt justified in the rec. I'd have loved a bit more art to the site, though, or to be able to get at the log pages. (No warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man - ALPHA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site has some damn fine sketches, they look fantastic even when the artist doesn't really "finish" them. I'd love to see more from her that took the time to do proper illustrations because she obviously has a lot of talent and draws in a style very similar to the original manga, which makes the characters look so hot. Her use of color (sometimes used very sparingly) also works for the style and when she does a more "proper" image with full color and all? Gorgeous work. Her Allen (as well as her Cross) look just utterly amazing and-- well, hell. Every character she draws, whether Allen or Kanda or Cross or Rinali or Ravi or Tiki, looks amazing. (Some potential pairings, both het and yaoi, but no real themes.)

- D.Gray-man - Carmine Cross [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out a little shakey, but by about a quarter of the way through, I could see the artist tightening her work up and starting to show a lot of potential. By about half of the way through the gallery, she was producing some really pretty stuff. It'll probably still only appeal to fans of the Kanda/Allen pairing and not everything works for me, but there's enough art here that I really liked a lot for me to be satisfied with the site. The colors are very bright and vivid, very CG, but when the artist really puts a lot of effort into the illustrations, they look almost like they could be poster-style art for the anime series. Worth a look if you like the pairing, I think. (Some Kanda/Allen, some other, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wish there were a bit more art on this site, because the artist really has a lot of potential to do some great images and has gotten really good since the beginning of the gallery. I love the way she does Kanda's hair especially, you can tell how much she really likes the character. Much of the time, she doesn't use that much color, but that just shows off how hot her basic lineart can be... however, sometimes when she does, she can do some really smoking stuff--there's one of Kanda with his cloak around him, the image mostly dusky purples and tans and then the brighter blue of his eyes and it looks fantastic. I really enjoyed this site. (Kanda/Allen, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really tried to avoid caving on this site, because I didn't think the style was for me, but I was skimming around, just randomly clicking links and flipping through the pages and there were some really cute little illustrations. And the colors were really pretty. And there was a lot of Kanda going ~_~ while Allen grinned annoyingly at him. I'm... I'm weak to that sort of thing in the right artist's hands. Plus, the colors are really pretty, that soft kind that are nearly glowing combined with fine lines and Kanda's hair looking really pretty as it spills over his shoulder and that's the kind of thing I like so much. Probably definitely not going to be for everyone, but if you like the pairing, you might find a few illustrations you like here, there are some cute ones. There are some really adorable little!Allen illustrations (so cute omg ;__;♥) and some cute Lavi and Rinali illustrations occasionally tucked away amongst the others. (Kanda/Allen, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - Billion [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It did not take me long at all to fall for this site, the art is really pretty and the colors are really shiny and bright, which is a style I like a lot. The artist does that thing where their hair is several different shades blended together so it looks like highlights and you wouldn't think, say, pink would look good in Rinali's hair (though, it's still obviously black, of course), but in a sunset illustration, it looks really kinda pretty. Even the sketches are soft and pretty, even the oekaki is cool, there's a series of much of the main cast as Noah family members that I really liked a lot, too. Topping all of that off, the comics on the site are beautiful, the artist's b&w lines look fantastic and I actually find myself wishing there were more of them. (Maybe a few pairings, but the site is overwhelmingly gen, so I'm not going to note them.)

- D.Gray-man - Lunatic Labratory [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took me a bit to warm up to this site and it's definitely more cute than anything else, but... the colors are soft, pretty pastels that I like and there's a handful of cute Rinali art and then and adorable group illustration of the main four, all things that totally win me over. I'm not sure how others will react to the site, but I really liked it, especially the Rinali stuff--which had a lot more than I was expecting, even from a gen site. There's not a ton of art in total, but it made a fun little site to visit this evening. <3 (...nothing I'm going to warn for.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/D.Gray-man - 316 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I suspect this site might not be for everyone and I'll admit to skipping over a few of the illustrations myself, but what made this site really fun and interesting for me was the artist's use of those almost glowing CG colors and every so often she'd do something really fantastic with the characters. Her Dino/Hibari was really well done--you can see in the b&w lineart illustrations that she actually does some really solid drawings--and her Mukuro was pretty damn hot. These are all things that I cannot ask for much more than from a site. <3 As for the D.Gray-man fanart, her Ravi is fantastic especially, but her Kanda is pretty damn hot as well. Her b&w lineart is actually my favorites of her work with this section, they're her strongest pieces. The color almost-glowing CG style doesn't seem to work quite as well on DGM characters, but it's still really lovely art. Very worth going through for both series, I think. ♥ (Some Dino/Hibari and some gen for REBORN!. Mostly gen for DGM.)

- D.Gray-man - thanatos [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I'm not sure if this site is going to be for everyone, I might not even have stuck around for very long if it had been for another subject matter, but as a Noah fansite, the artist's style (which is that sort of gothic look that's vaguely Tim Burton-esque) really works for me here. The characters are kind of very, very skinny, to the point of exaggeration often times, but it's part of the style, same with the messy lines and toned down use of color. It's cool to see a mostly b&w illustration, except with just a splash of orange for Ravi's hair to make it really stand out. The style works well enough for the artist overall, and I enjoyed the site. (Some potential Tiki/Rhode, some Tiki/Ravi, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman REBORN!/D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - My only disappointment with this site is that the images were a little too small for my taste, they were so pretty that I would have loved to have seen them at a higher resolution and be able to take in more of the detail. There are times when the illustrations are rather scribble-like, but when the artist focuses in on the image a little more, she draws something really skillfull and professional looking, if obviously still a sketch. Her characters look really fantastic and, again, I kind of mourn that the images aren't bigger, because this could have been one of the great sites of the fandom, especially with both the stand-alone art and some the really super-hot couples art she drew. As for the DGM art, it's pretty much the same--lots of gorgeous, gorgeous art, whyyyyy couldn't they be bigger? *__* (A lot of gen, a random smattering of yaoi pairings, especially some Squalo/Yamamto. A lot of gen for DGM, a bunch of yaoi pairings, especially Ravi/Allen.)

- Kateyou Hitman REBORN!/D.Gray-man/Hikaru no Go - Gyarandoh [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, right from the moment I stepped onto this site, I knew I would probably like it tons. The current top page's background looked fantastic, all the fine detail and neat use of that special CG style (that I tend to see more often on Korean sites, but I've seen it on several j-sites as well now) and the whole cast and just... it's so pretty. The artist takes a bit to get her regular illustrations up to the same amount of detail all over the images, but she starts out strong from the beginning and draws some really beautiful stuff. I can't decide whether I like her Tsuna or her Mukuro better, they both look so gorgeous! ALSO! Her comics are fully colored and as;dlfkjalskj yes that is so very rare to find, especially when the colors are so beautiful like on this site. As for the DGM art, it's much the same style, all these pretty colors and amazing details (holy crap some of them are kind of amazing for that!) and gorgeous to look at. Just about every single illustration in the DGM gallery looks like it must have taken forever, like it could be a fully realized poster for the series. And her Allen is gorgeous to look and I just-- I loved this site. *__*<3 And, finally, the Hikago art is in much the same vein as the first two, if a bit older and so not as detailed. (Though, the later ones start to become really pretty awesome.) But still worth a trip through the site if you're in the mood for a lot of AkiHika art. (Mukuro/Tsuna for REBORN!, Kanda/Allen and a smidge of gen for DGM, Akira/Hikaru for Hikago.)

- Bleach/D.Gray-man/Air Gear - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't think this site is going to be for everyone, the art is very much the cutesy style, but what won me over is what I hope will appeal to others as well--namely that it's a Bleach site that's actually focused on the girls! Orihime and Rukia are the two most common and while there's not a ton of art, I'm just pleased as punch that a site like this exists. The chibi-esque art is something I've grown to really kinda like over time and I was just really fond of this site. The D.Gray-man art on the site is balanced out a bit more and I'd actually say it's stronger, the artist has clearly improved tons over time. There's an occasionall Allen or Rinali or Lala or Kanda or group picture that looks really fantastic. Not everything is perfect, but there was enough here that was really cute or the occasional truly lovely piece (oh, man, I'm so looking forward to anything this artist adds from now on!) that I loved it a lot. Plus! There were so many random series that had just one or two illustrations on them! There was Kamen Rider Den-O fanart omg. And it was super fucking cute. ♥♥♥ (Nothing I'd really warn for.)

- D.Gray-man/Howl's Moving Castle/Amatsuki - tooi [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've been to this site before, but I can't find the link on my lists, so I'm just going to assume that I've been to similar sites before. (Or else it moved and then, ahahaha, good luck to me for narrowing it down.) Anyway, it's a bit of an acquired taste, it took me a few links into the gallery to really get into the groove of it, but once I did, I loved this site, because the detail was amazing. The colors are incredibly bright almost to the point of being a little blinding, the artist is very fond of the burnt colors look (or something along those lines) but when I look at the detail and the strength of the basic lines, I'm just impressed as hell. There's also so much art here so that even when the HMC and Amatsuki art isn't nearly as much in comparison to the DGM art, it's still enough to justify a rec. I love that the artist covers such a wide variety of the DGM characters, too--I mean, where else am I going to find a really pretty illustration of Kanda and Miranda together? I don't think everyone is going to have the same reaction to this site that I did, but it really wound up charming me a lot. Especially because there is a DGM tarot card series. *gleed over that* As for the Amatsuki art, there's not as much there, but there's something about the style that just worked SO WELL with the Amatsuki manga style that I would have recommended it for that alone. ♥ (....nothing I'm really going to warn for.)

- D.Gray-man - pack [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really debated on whether or not to rec the site for the DGM art, but eventually leaned in favor of doing so--although, separately from the REBORN! art, which I like more. I feel like the artist experimented more with her work with these characters, so not everything worked as well as it could have for me, but that it was really interesting to look at (which sounds like such a vague thing to say, I know, but I don't mean in a bad way or anything!) and certain illustrations really are lovely. I like her traditional styled art the best, the ones that are the cleanest and least like a semi-realistic style. But I also think the way she plays with colors and styles makes her stand out a little more, so I'm kind of up in the air about it. Though, you can tell how much she clearly likes Ravi and he gets some really especially nice artwork for him. (No real warnings/pairings.)

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