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- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's too bad that there's not more art on this site, as it's one of the first I've seen for D.Gray-man that I've really liked a lot--the artist does a fantastic Kanda, really. The 215.jpg one is just so cool for the intense look on his face, the dramatic sweep of his hair, the small splash of color of his face constrasting the black and white of his hair and uniform. Or the one of Komui! I LOVE the oekaki (?) of Komui or the one of Allen and Kanda fighting back to back that's gorgeously detailed or Rinali looking cute in her uniform or a bunch of others. Mostly it's the Kanda art you want to go here for, the artist draws him really well, but it's also a nice site for all of them. Really fantastic lines and I'd love to see more from her. ♥ (No warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man - kotonoha [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was running very favorably to this site right from the first illustration of Lala that drew her hair so well (especially since that's about the point I started to really warm up to the art in the manga as well, when all that dirty hair of hers still managed to somehow look so pretty) and then was pretty well won over by the creepy Rhode illustration and the really kick-ass one of Allen with his anti-Akuma weapon, but I had definitely fallen for the site when I got to the one of Kanda and Allen sitting side by side on the sidewalk that's mostly blue and gray tones and just has this really good level of detail, I love their clothes and hair so much. But, really, all of the illustrations are worth checking out, as the artist really keeps that creepy feel to the art that's so much fun in the manga and no matter which character you like, there's probably at least one neat illustration of them on the site somewhere. <3 The same is true of the FMA stuff--eventually, I just had to be won over because the artist does some really fun illustrations and no matter what you like, there's probably a little something tucked away into the galleries for you. Though, I have to admit the FMA summertime one with the cast in casual summer clothes was probably my favorite one for that series. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

- D.Gray-man - AYA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - On the heels of ALPHA, I am definitely feeling a DGM fanart high, because this is another site with just lovely art. I'll grant that the artist does start off a little shakey, but when you see her b&w sketches, you see how skilled her lines actually are and as she goes along, you can see her color art getting stronger and stronger. She does very well with CG-style coloring, the crispness and detailed uniforms of Kanda and Allen looking just terrific. But I still think it's the b&w sketches that are the highlight of the site--Kanda looks gorgeous, all beautiful, elegant lines. Allen looks adorable up against those sweeping lines of Kanda's character and OMG PRETTY RINALI. And I love that there are even a few risque illustrations with her character, the lines of her body, especially her legs and breasts look beautiful. The art of her all dressed up from the way she looked in the Rewinding Town? I'm starry-eyed over how pretty she was. And the Kanda/Allen... half the time it's their usual snarky type of interaction, the other half of the time, it's a bit more serious, but I love all of the art, it being one of those sites where the sum total of the site just made me flap my arms in delight and sparkle at the hints of lime/lemon. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Kanda/Allen, some gen, some not work-safe content.)

- D.Gray-man - PDS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It's amazing what a pretty Kanda or pretty Rinali illustration can do for me--I love their dark looks, the sweepings of their hair, the intense or sweet eyes each of them have, and I really like it when an artist can do them right, to my mind. The art can often border on cutesy for the site, but the artist also has a really good grip on her lines and details, so that the characters look good and EEEEEE THERE IS KOMUI FANART, YAY! Ahem. Anyway, this site appealed to me because the artist hits the right notes many times--the pretty hair and serious expression on Kanda's face, Rinali's delicate loveliness, Rhode's creepiness, Allen's adorableness, Komui's cheerfulness, Lala being so pretty despite being so dirty, broken, and dissheveled. I love a site that hits so many different notes like this one does, but does many of them well. Much fun was had here. :D (No warnings/pairings.)

- Kyou Kara Maou/D.Gray-man - Fermion [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came here originally for the SEED fanart of all things, but ended up liking the MaruMa fanart more than anything--I did sit on the fence about the site for awhile, but there are four or five MuraKen/Yuuri illustrations that are really well-done enough that I was won over. (Well, and the sketch of Gwendal, Konrad, and Wolfram didn't hurt, either.) In that handful of illustrations, the CG style and coloring really works well for the artist and the characters look good and I really liked the backgrounds she gave the characters. Now, I think the D.Gray-man art is probably a little stronger, but that might just be because I really like the way Allen came out in the two illustrations of him she's done, the jewel-toned eyes and CG coloring working far better than I would have thought. Also, because I'm weak towards Komui fanart and she has one of the best of the character I've seen. <3 (MuraKen/Yuuri, no DGM pairings/warnings.)

- Bleach/One Piece/D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh! Oh! This site! I was going to have been so pissed if I couldn't find it again (when Word crashed and took all my recs with it) because it had a couple of the coolest One Piece illustrations I'd seen in awhile--there's this absolutely awesome one of Smoker in action that I love to tiny, tiny pieces. There's also a fantastic one of Ace that's one of the best I've ever seen for him. The artist also does an absolutely fabulous job with the Bleach characters, she really has this sort of rough-edged style that meshes so well with Kubotite's style, it feels like Bleach, especially when she draws Renji (she likes his hair down a lot or having him practically shirtless... I agree whole-heartedly ♥). And I have mad, mad love for her Ukitake or that one oekaki of Byakuya and there were a couple of Shunsui/Ukitake illustrations that totally made me happy. Plus, I had to include it in the D.Gray-man section 'cause, despite there not being a lot of art for the series, there was that one of Komui that was fantastic. <3 (Lots of Other/Renji shounen ai, maybe a little Shunsui/Ukitake.)

- D.Gray-man/Fullmetal Alchemist - Rainbow River [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I know it's been ages since I've recommended much when it comes to FMA fanart, but... I have this extreme love for Korean artists, who have this particular style that just... something about it makes me go all starry-eyed over it. I love, love the way Ed looks, the messy bangs hanging into his face, the beautiful eyes, the gorgeous lines of the face and body... but then you add in those colors? The way they do something that I don't know how to describe? I just go *___* over it. Plus, omg, the one with all the chibis surrounding Ed? Winry and Al on one shoulder, Roy on his hand, the others floating around? SO FREAKING CUTE. And then there's the DGM fanart, which was how I got to the site and I love this style for the series. It's just that hint of spooky and beautiful so that, even if there are only two illustrations now, I am totally keeping an eye on this site. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings, I wouldn't say.)

- D.Gray-man - Sham Tears [ Korean Fanart Site ] - I am developing a strong fondness for Korean art, there's a certain style to it when done right, a certain level of detail and beautiful coloring that just makes me go starry-eyed with love. This artist is no exception, the way her colors are so vibrant, the way it feels like no part of her image hasn't been carefully gone over to put in all the necessary little touches of detail, the way there are ribbons or flower petals or hair or other background details in... it just makes me go *__* at it. Plus, man, her characters are so cute! It's not the best site I've ever seen with this sort of style, but it was certainly pretty enough to make me spaz-flail over it. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Bleach/D.Gray-man - Shi-Ki [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something really nice and clean about the fanart here that occasionally goes into just super-pretty--I first noticed it with one of the Byakuya fanarts, where the style just felt so Bleach for the character that I was impressed... but it was the one of Yoruichi half-hidden in shadows (that was just utterly hot like Yoruichi fanart should be) that really convinced me I adored this site. As you get further and further into the gallery, the artist's style gets stronger overall... and some of the illustrations have this incredible sort of detail to them that I have trouble trying to describe, except with vague hand gestures and assurances that, yes, some of them are really pretty. The DGM fanart is pretty much in the same catagory, except maybe a little stronger, because the artist starts out really well. I like that the lines are solid, the coloring is really good, and there's a nice variety. Some of the later DGM fanarts almost could be professional for the level of detail and pretty coloring (there's one of Rinali that's just gorgeous) and... admittedly, this is a generic rec, but I really did like the site a lot. ....actually, let me stop to finish this rec up by saying, after having gotten further into the DGM section of the site, this might just be one of the best sites I've seen for the fandom. *__* (No real warnings/pairings themes. Some hints, but not enough to warn for.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't going to rec this site at first, it wasn't bad (it's actually got some really cute art on it), but nothing jumped out at me immediately... and I'm not really sure when that changed, but somewhere along the line, I was won over by the pretty Kanda fanart. The deeper I got into the gallery, the more impressed by the solid lineart I was, by the clean, smooth coloring and the really cute poses the artist puts the characters in. Plus, yes, okay, I'm easily swayed by Kanda/Allen, shush. Not that that's the only point to the site, it's probably more single-character illustrations and I don't know that spotted too much definitive yaoi/shounen ai, but. And, really, I think the site is totally worth it for the illustration of the whole cast in semi-chibi form gathered around Kanda's birthday cake, because, omg, SO CUTE, EEEE. ♥ Just... yes. Pretty and cute art, one of those sites that made me happy to go through, that just put a smile on my face. It's hard to figure out what to say about the site, but. If you're a fan, I think you'll be okay with the site. (Lots of gen, some Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really didn't plan to rec this one. I'd only saved a few of the illustrations (though, I really liked the one of Allen flipping over Kanda's head), but it was good enough to keep clicking through because the artist was showing a lot of potential. The art is very clean and I liked the lighter colors and the comics were actually pretty good. And then I spotted the two-page comic with Rabi/Rinali and that is my darling pet pairing that'll never be, based on, like, three panels they had together. I was pretty well lost after that, given how easy I am on my pet pairings (especially the rare ones). To be fair, though, the comics actually are quite good, the artist has some talent for laying her pages out and drawing in a lot of really solid details and, god, the expressions on her characters' faces are great. Now, the Naruto fanart, on the other hand, impressed me straight away, the first link to a SasuNaru fanart is just beautiful--Sasuke leaning over to kiss Naruto in the rain? Swoon. I'm not as wild about the rest of the art, but it's a really good, really solid site and probably definitely worth visiting for SasuNaru fans. :D (Kanda/Allen, a teensy smidge of Rabi/Rinalli, a lot of gen, and Sasuke/Naruto for Naruto.)

- D.Gray-man - Manna [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site isn't perfect, but I'm easier on my beloved pairings and the group illustrations really actually sort of impressed me. (Another thing I'm easy for, when there's a lot of detail with a bunch of different characters. <3) But the artist really does have a lot of talent, you can see it in the smoothness of her characters' faces or their hair (there's one of Kanda and Allen leaning towards each other that keeps drawing my eye between the lines of their jaws and hair, there's something about the coloring and the fine lines that just do it for me) and... it's not quite a textured feel to the images, but something along those lines, something that gives the images a hint of depth that I like. Her black & white art is almost even better than her color stuff and... yeah, it wound up being one of those sites that I'm glad I stopped by, it helped give me my DGM fix for today, and I think it was solid. (Some Kanda/Allen, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - 33hz [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not very much art on this site, even with the oekaki section containing probably twenty or thirty images (that I really liked), but I was impressed enough with the art in the gallery proper that I had to cave with the site. It's also kind of remarkable to see how much the artist has improved, even in less than ten illustrations--she starts off a little rough, but solid. Her illustration of Allen in the rain is beautiful, the dark colors really bringing the tone of the picture home and, a few images later, there's this beautiful one of Ticky with a sort of purple glow and surrounded by his black butterflies and I had to swoon just a little. The artist has... it's not quite a sketch-like style, but there's a hint of those whispy lines (...that's probably a bad way to phrase that) that just somehow does it for me. Combine that with a nice selection of all the characters and some very hot kisses between Rabi/Allen and Kanda/Allen and I'm onboard. <3 (Some Rabi/Allen, some Kanda/Allen, a little gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. The series of the characters dressed in outfits like Komui's? So totally owned me that it only took about five illustrations in before I was all sparkling and ♥ing over everything. It helped that the one of Rinali had the clothes a little too big for her, so it looked like she was wearing her brother's coat and I think I melted at the sweetness of the Lee sibling waff. But it's more than just squeeing over the art (though, that certainly helped a lot), the artist is also really good at making her b&w sketches very intense or her colored stuff just adorably cute. Allen tripping over Kanda and dumping books all over the both of them, while Kanda stares down at him in a lovely WTF?? expression? So much adorable fun. And, omg, do I ever want more from this artist. ♥ (A lot of gen, a little Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I knew this site had potential, just from the image on the index page (a beautifully colored Allen that does the CG style so well) and on the top page (a gorgeous one of Kanda with his hair fanning out around him that manages to still be remarkable somehow, instead of blending with all the other times I've seen that concept before), but clicking through the actual gallery... yeah, Komui & Rinali WAFF? I am so there. The early art isn't perfect, the artist has a ways to go to tighten the style up, but Rinali wrapped up in ribbons and hugging her brother's arm? Awwwww. ♥ And once the artist gets into her CG style, the art just becomes... not perfect, but there's something so captivating about it, the fine level of detail to the characters' hair, the way it feels like there's a little depth to some of them, the way the artist draws the characters' clothes (Allen in a cross necklace, the chain looped around his neck several times? Shouldn't be that innovative, but somehow I wind up staring at it anyway.), the way the artist uses the not-quite-jewel-tone coloring? It all just works for me and makes the art look so cool. Plus, hey! Little character favoritism! Aside from Allen, but that's to be expected. ♥ Oh, and! Older!Allen is just so damn neat, I'm utterly in love with the way the artist pulls it off, the longer hair is gorgeous. (No real warnings/pairings themes, except for maybe a hint of Cross/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - Victim [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that I debated on a bit, because the early art isn't as strong, but something about the site kept me clicking links and I could see the artist growing in strength as she went along. It helps that I'm totally in a mood for this kind of site, both for the Ravi/Rinali pairing that the artist seems to like and there's just enough stylization to make it interesting. The one of Rinali standing before a long, shadowed pathway was really kinda cool. The one Kanda/Rinali kiss illustration is is just gorgeous for all the soft, sketchy detail. There are a lot of interesting patterns laid over Ravi's clothes in other illustrations. There are some really pretty agnsty!Rinali images and some really creepy Noah family ones. There's a really pretty Eliade illustration, too. It's one of those sites that I'm really glad I stuck around with because some of the art is really fantastic and has the perfect atmosphere for a DGM fanart site. (Ravi/Rinali, a little bit of Kanda/Rinali, some other, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - utaka [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site started a little shakey, but I kept going because, you know, my darling pairing and all, I wanted to see if the artist got better. Which she absolutely did, by the time I was getting to her more recent stuff, she'd started adding more detail and using stronger lines and I really liked her CG-esque style. I did come here for the pairing stuff and I think that's the artist's strongest point, you can tell how much she likes the Ravi/Rinali pairing, but I actually also liked her standalone character art, her Rinali is really pretty and she does a great job with Ravi. The one of him in mid-attack with the fire surrounding his hammer, that image is gorgeous, especially for the colors. And, oh, man, the hit art! So pretty! I loved this site. *__* (Ravi/Rinali, a little other/Rinali, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - conviction;if [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site took a few images to grow on me and I was kind of reluctant to let it, because I'd been on such a het kick for most of the day, but... the images are really cool, they've got this great style to them that fits the tone of the series very nicely. I waffled on the first dozen illustrations or so, but by about the middle of the gallery, there were really beautiful images in there and I am positively weak to a pretty Tiki image. She also puts these really cool patterns over her a lot of her images, which gives them a really neat effect and her oekaki art is really cute. I liked this site a lot. (Some Tiki/Allen, some Ravi/Allen, some other, both het and yaoi. Some gen, too, I suppose.)

- D.Gray-man - Parts. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just randomly clicking around, I never actually intentionally set out to find Kanda/Rinali sites, but somehow I wound up here anyway. I initially stayed for the novelty and because I really do like the idea of this pairing, but I stuck around even longer because the artist got really kinda solid at her art. Her current stuff is very pretty and I love how beautiful both Kanda and Rinali are together. I don't know if the site would convert someone who wasn't a fan of the pairing, but for those who kinda like the idea... this is really nice. And, omg, the oekaki image where Rinali has a hold on Kanda's ponytail and he's giving her a look? So great. Same for the >_> look as she's doing his hair in another oekaki image. The site was totally worth going to (for me) just for those images right there, never mind that a lot of the art is honestly lovely. ♥ (Kanda/Rinali, some gen.)

- D.Gray-Man/CLAMP - Pied a Terre [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I definitely originally came to this site for the Ravi/Rinali art, which has become my pet pairing as of late. And some of the early art is probably the kind that mostly would only win over fans of the pairing, but... as the artist goes along, she starts to get really kinda good. Her black and white images of Ravi and Rinali get really lovely, they're full of detail and this really fantastic sharpness that really charmed me. Even her colored art gets really quite nice and very solid as she continues to draw, so I hope it has a wider appeal than just those who are already fans of the pairing. I mean, her Ravi and Rinali are so adorable together! ♥ The CLAMP stuff is also lovely and I was actually fond of the artist's TRC art, her Syaoran/Sakura is very cute and sweet, and there was even a Kurogane/Tomoyo-hime fanart tucked away in the gallery. There's probably more KuroFye art on the site, but I really appreciate an artist who can like both. ♥ And omg! There's even a really cute Horitsuba fanart! Excellent. And Kobato fanart! KOBATO FANART. ♥♥♥ (Ravi/Rinali, Syaoran/Sakura, maybe a little other, a lot of gen, too.)

- D.Gray-man - Pcube [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty sure I was going to like this site right from the beginning and the group illustrations of the four main Exorcists pretty well confirmed that. They were adorable and I love, love, love group stuff. But then there was a really adorable illustration of Komui and Rinali, which there is not nearly enough art for. Then there was art pairing Rinali up with all three of the main boys and, well, I'm a sucker for a lot of those pairings. I'm easy for any Ravi/Rinali art, especially when it's cute, but I was officiall sold in the series of Rinali pairing art when she had her hair up in a ponytail just like Kanda's while he gave her a >_> look. SO. CUTE. And that's what really sold me on the site--while the artist is very good, her characters are very cute and her b&w sketches+comics are pretty awesome, it was how much she was clearly having fun with the characters that I loved. The group illustrations alone are totally worth a trip to the site. ♥ (Some Kanda/Rinali, some Ravi/Rinali, some Allen/Rinali, but it's also very much a gen site.)

- D.Gray-man - 4.2 Joule [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's something kind of artistic and creative about this artist's style. It's almost kind of simply done, almost sketchy, except that's not quite it. But the artist focuses on Crowley (and how often does that happen?) and has an interesting, neat style that goes well with the series/characters she's drawing. I mean, I'm all for traditional anime-style fanart as much as the next fangirl (I crave it, really) but sometimes it's cool to stumble over a site that's just a little bit different. (Some gen, some Ravi/Crowley.)

- D.Gray-man - that day [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was in the mood to look for more Ravi/Rinali fanart, despite that I wondered if I'd seen all of the good sites for them already, when I stumbled over this site. The first couple of illustrations were more cute than anything--and several of the illustrations on the rest of the site would be described the same way, I think--the site quickly started showing these really beautiful images. I wound up liking the gen stuff as much as the Ravi/Rinali stuff, there are some gorgeous Rinali pieces, there's a really lovely gen poster-style illustration and you can look at the artist's b&w sketches to see how fantastic her basic lines really are. They're so sharp and clean when she's really concentrating on the images. The artist also seems to have snuck in a Kanda/Rinali illustration or two, not enough to count as a theme for the site, but just enough that it made me kind of stupidly happy. ♥ And, oh, my god, the comics with Noah!Rinali are gorgeous and creepy and perfect. The one with Komui meeting her again is heartbreaking and one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Totally worth the site alone right there. *__*♥ (Ravi/Rinali, a little other, some gen, too.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't sure I should recommend this site, there's only about ten illustrations in the gallery proper not counting the sketches/diary art, but... they're such clean, pretty illustrations that I couldn't resist. This artist's Allen looks fantastic and her Rinali is very pretty, the Allen/Rinali art on the site some of the best I've seen around in the fandom. And the sketches do start out a little, well, sketchy, but the artist quickly improves, so the second page of them looks really, really very nice, all these clean, pretty lines and light, soft colors. Very nice. (The site is half-gen, half-Allen/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Aurora [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site without a ton of art in the galleries, but what's here is so clean, sharp, and beautiful that I couldn't resist it. The artist does such fantastic things with characters like Rinali or Kanda, all that pretty hair streaming around them or a really lovely use of white space in an Allen image. And it was a lot of fun to go through the rest of the galleries, especially the hit galleries, to see the Gintama art or the gorgeous couple of Reborn! illustrations she has here. (....nothing I'm going to warn for.)

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