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- D.Gray-man - AYA [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - On the heels of ALPHA, I am definitely feeling a DGM fanart high, because this is another site with just lovely art. I'll grant that the artist does start off a little shakey, but when you see her b&w sketches, you see how skilled her lines actually are and as she goes along, you can see her color art getting stronger and stronger. She does very well with CG-style coloring, the crispness and detailed uniforms of Kanda and Allen looking just terrific. But I still think it's the b&w sketches that are the highlight of the site--Kanda looks gorgeous, all beautiful, elegant lines. Allen looks adorable up against those sweeping lines of Kanda's character and OMG PRETTY RINALI. And I love that there are even a few risque illustrations with her character, the lines of her body, especially her legs and breasts look beautiful. The art of her all dressed up from the way she looked in the Rewinding Town? I'm starry-eyed over how pretty she was. And the Kanda/Allen... half the time it's their usual snarky type of interaction, the other half of the time, it's a bit more serious, but I love all of the art, it being one of those sites where the sum total of the site just made me flap my arms in delight and sparkle at the hints of lime/lemon. ♥ ♥ ♥ (Kanda/Allen, some gen, some not work-safe content.)

- D.Gray-man - scapegoat [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Some of the illustrations on this site could use a little work, but there are enough here that are really good that I was terribly pleased to have come across this site--the artist is especially good at individual illustrations of Allen. Sometimes he's cute and adorable, other times there's a sense of tragedy/depression to him, in his posture and expression, that's even more lovely with the way the artist keeps to the feel of the D.Gray-man style of art. But! Her Kanda is often just lovely and her Kanda/Allen illustrations are very much worth checking out and I can't help but appreciate how pretty her Ravi and Ravi/Allen are and there's this one group illustration that's just fantastic and... yeah. Lots of neat art here that helps scratch the itch I have for more fanart for this series. :D (Some Kanda/Allen, some Ravi/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - Zeolite [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Ooh, pretty Kanda! Right from the very first illustration I saw of a shirtless Kanda sitting on the ground and looking cranky pretty, I knew I was going to like this site and it certainly did not disappoint. The artist does a lovely job with Kanda, the lines of him looking just so very pretty, his hair looking really great, and just... yeah. I flap my hands in an inability to come up with better descriptions. I think my favorite has to be the really good 100,000 hits kiriban, as the detail of Kanda's uniform and the creature on his arm are just fantastic. But... well, yeah, I'm kind of a Kanda/Allen fangirl, so any time they were together, I was pleased as well, because the artist draws them really well. Blah, blah, blah, all the usual things, the artist keeps the feel of the manga art, the characters are pretty, scratches the itch, good fanart site, etc. *wry grin* Also, the comics were much fun and show off the artist's skill really well, I thought. (Some Allen/Kanda, maybe a little Ravi/Kanda?)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site where I don't know that I loved all of the images, but that there were enough really, really pretty ones of Kanda or Allen or Ravi that I couldn't help putting this site on the list. The artist also has that style that fits well with the manga and the characters--there's a series of the main characters in b&w that look just terrific, really cool poses/emotions coming through in the work there. I tended not to be as much of a fan of the colored stuff, somehow the style just works better in b&w and it seems like those where the ones that had more time taken with them, I suspect it's a combination of the two. Anyway. Very worth going to see the individual illustrations of the characters, especially Kanda and younger!Allen and that really neat one that's the current (as of the time I'm writing this rec) top illustration. :D (Some Kanda/Allen, maybe a little other shounen ai.)

- D.Gray-man - Frozen Cherry [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It was the current top illustration on this site that caught my attention first, as it looked amazing, the lines and the softener filter used beautifully together, so I had high hopes for the site right from the beginning. Now, the artist actually starts off a little shakey, but she had some nice detail and with a little practice... well, as you go through the gallery, working your way towards the more current stuff, you can see the art improving. Her coloring gets even better, her lines and proportions strengthen up, and she's drawing a gorgeous Kanda. She does an awesome job with the sweep of his hair especially and the intensity of his eyes and I'm really looking forward to more from this artist, since there's only a small handful of art up right now. (Some Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - Imitation [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Another site that I originally wandered over to for the G-SEED fanart, but wound up liking the DGM fanart better instead. There's not a lot here, probably only six illustrations or so (as of the time of this rec, anyway), but the artist did such a lovely job with her line-art, faint colors, and the feel of the style that I was won over anyway and definitely want to keep an eye on the site in the future. I mean, there's this one of half of Allen's face, almost b&w, except with hints of color splashed across it and his red eyes that's just... it's lovely and I suspect I would have rec'd the site for that one alone. Well, that and the one of Kanda where he's whirling around and his hair flies out and looks shhhhoooo pweeeeeeeeetty~~ XD (Maybe a little Allen/Kanda?)

- D.Gray-man - FLAT*9 [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, D.Gray-man, you're already getting so much beautiful art, which makes me so happy~ This artist just... there are a few that don't quite knock me over, but they're all very solidly good, and there are a handful that are just... the kind of art that takes my fangirl breath away. Allen leaning against Kanda, both of them sleeping, just the right amount of softness and intimacy, without losing that sort of D.Gray-man edge, doing justice to both of their hair or their faces... man, I go all flailing-happy over that sort of stuff. The artist does a terrific job with Kanda especially, his hair and eyes are gorgeous and any time Allen has puppy ears, it is absolutely adorable. <3 There are a ton of cute little illustrations tucked away in various corners, too, making the whole site definitely worth going through. ♥ (Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - TOKYO ROX [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I realize that I'm sort of easy when it comes to my favorite pairings, especially if the artist manages to hit a particular vibe that I like... which this artist did, I think. I knew I was going to be sunk at the illustration of Allen helping to tie a grumpy Kanda's hair back, because it was both pretty and a great little concept for an image. The artist draws them both beautifully, there are a lot of whites and grays and blues that are almost purple and it really works for these characters. The lines are often lean and long, which helps with Kanda's hair and the lovely way the artist makes their eyes look. There are also sometimes these pretty faint blue-gray highlights to Allen's hair that made me really like the way he looked as well. Just... it's an overall really pretty site and reminds me of why I liked these two characters in the first place. (Allen/Kanda.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't going to rec this site at first, it wasn't bad (it's actually got some really cute art on it), but nothing jumped out at me immediately... and I'm not really sure when that changed, but somewhere along the line, I was won over by the pretty Kanda fanart. The deeper I got into the gallery, the more impressed by the solid lineart I was, by the clean, smooth coloring and the really cute poses the artist puts the characters in. Plus, yes, okay, I'm easily swayed by Kanda/Allen, shush. Not that that's the only point to the site, it's probably more single-character illustrations and I don't know that spotted too much definitive yaoi/shounen ai, but. And, really, I think the site is totally worth it for the illustration of the whole cast in semi-chibi form gathered around Kanda's birthday cake, because, omg, SO CUTE, EEEE. ♥ Just... yes. Pretty and cute art, one of those sites that made me happy to go through, that just put a smile on my face. It's hard to figure out what to say about the site, but. If you're a fan, I think you'll be okay with the site. (Lots of gen, some Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really didn't plan to rec this one. I'd only saved a few of the illustrations (though, I really liked the one of Allen flipping over Kanda's head), but it was good enough to keep clicking through because the artist was showing a lot of potential. The art is very clean and I liked the lighter colors and the comics were actually pretty good. And then I spotted the two-page comic with Rabi/Rinali and that is my darling pet pairing that'll never be, based on, like, three panels they had together. I was pretty well lost after that, given how easy I am on my pet pairings (especially the rare ones). To be fair, though, the comics actually are quite good, the artist has some talent for laying her pages out and drawing in a lot of really solid details and, god, the expressions on her characters' faces are great. Now, the Naruto fanart, on the other hand, impressed me straight away, the first link to a SasuNaru fanart is just beautiful--Sasuke leaning over to kiss Naruto in the rain? Swoon. I'm not as wild about the rest of the art, but it's a really good, really solid site and probably definitely worth visiting for SasuNaru fans. :D (Kanda/Allen, a teensy smidge of Rabi/Rinalli, a lot of gen, and Sasuke/Naruto for Naruto.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Not everything on this site is perfect, but when the artist really puts her mind into an image? She can produce some really gorgeous works--the stationery stuff is just beautiful (And the chibis! The chibi stationery! Omg, SO CUTE!), her group illustrations are just lovely, and her Kanda/Allen artwork does make me smile happily. There are occasionally must-see images on the site, like the chibi one of the scientists and Rinali that is the cutest thing ever, or an utterly beautiful one of Rhode or... well, any group image, really. I wound up going through the entire site and snatching just about everything up, so I think that's good enough for me to rec it, I'd say. ^_~ (Mostly Kanda/Allen, but a lot of Allen/Everyone.)

- D.Gray-man - Manna [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site isn't perfect, but I'm easier on my beloved pairings and the group illustrations really actually sort of impressed me. (Another thing I'm easy for, when there's a lot of detail with a bunch of different characters. <3) But the artist really does have a lot of talent, you can see it in the smoothness of her characters' faces or their hair (there's one of Kanda and Allen leaning towards each other that keeps drawing my eye between the lines of their jaws and hair, there's something about the coloring and the fine lines that just do it for me) and... it's not quite a textured feel to the images, but something along those lines, something that gives the images a hint of depth that I like. Her black & white art is almost even better than her color stuff and... yeah, it wound up being one of those sites that I'm glad I stopped by, it helped give me my DGM fix for today, and I think it was solid. (Some Kanda/Allen, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - 33hz [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - There's not very much art on this site, even with the oekaki section containing probably twenty or thirty images (that I really liked), but I was impressed enough with the art in the gallery proper that I had to cave with the site. It's also kind of remarkable to see how much the artist has improved, even in less than ten illustrations--she starts off a little rough, but solid. Her illustration of Allen in the rain is beautiful, the dark colors really bringing the tone of the picture home and, a few images later, there's this beautiful one of Ticky with a sort of purple glow and surrounded by his black butterflies and I had to swoon just a little. The artist has... it's not quite a sketch-like style, but there's a hint of those whispy lines (...that's probably a bad way to phrase that) that just somehow does it for me. Combine that with a nice selection of all the characters and some very hot kisses between Rabi/Allen and Kanda/Allen and I'm onboard. <3 (Some Rabi/Allen, some Kanda/Allen, a little gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Okay. The series of the characters dressed in outfits like Komui's? So totally owned me that it only took about five illustrations in before I was all sparkling and ♥ing over everything. It helped that the one of Rinali had the clothes a little too big for her, so it looked like she was wearing her brother's coat and I think I melted at the sweetness of the Lee sibling waff. But it's more than just squeeing over the art (though, that certainly helped a lot), the artist is also really good at making her b&w sketches very intense or her colored stuff just adorably cute. Allen tripping over Kanda and dumping books all over the both of them, while Kanda stares down at him in a lovely WTF?? expression? So much adorable fun. And, omg, do I ever want more from this artist. ♥ (A lot of gen, a little Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - THOLOS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It only took two illustrations into this site, despite that there's not a whole lot of art here, to know that I was going to really like this site. The detail and color put into the images make them look so pretty, they're just so richly and lushly done. Some of them are a little darker, like the one of Allen in the rain that's so pretty to look at, and some others are done in these light, pastel-friendly colors and I love both styles. It's not a perfect site, but it's certainly one of the better ones I've seen and totally worth it for the adorable kitty!Kanda/Allen/Lavi image. It actually makes me like Kanda/Allen again, reminds me that some artists can still do it so that it looks really beautiful. And the sketches of the stand-alone characters are just gorgeous, all soft lines and soft colors. And any image the site has of Allen by himself? asdlfkjasldkjalsk so hot. And the handful of Rinali illustrations! Omg, so pretty. *__* (Some Kanda/Allen, some Lavi/Allen, some Lavi/Kanda, but worth it for the gen if you step carefully, I think.)

- D.Gray-man - Carmine Cross [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out a little shakey, but by about a quarter of the way through, I could see the artist tightening her work up and starting to show a lot of potential. By about half of the way through the gallery, she was producing some really pretty stuff. It'll probably still only appeal to fans of the Kanda/Allen pairing and not everything works for me, but there's enough art here that I really liked a lot for me to be satisfied with the site. The colors are very bright and vivid, very CG, but when the artist really puts a lot of effort into the illustrations, they look almost like they could be poster-style art for the anime series. Worth a look if you like the pairing, I think. (Some Kanda/Allen, some other, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wish there were a bit more art on this site, because the artist really has a lot of potential to do some great images and has gotten really good since the beginning of the gallery. I love the way she does Kanda's hair especially, you can tell how much she really likes the character. Much of the time, she doesn't use that much color, but that just shows off how hot her basic lineart can be... however, sometimes when she does, she can do some really smoking stuff--there's one of Kanda with his cloak around him, the image mostly dusky purples and tans and then the brighter blue of his eyes and it looks fantastic. I really enjoyed this site. (Kanda/Allen, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really tried to avoid caving on this site, because I didn't think the style was for me, but I was skimming around, just randomly clicking links and flipping through the pages and there were some really cute little illustrations. And the colors were really pretty. And there was a lot of Kanda going ~_~ while Allen grinned annoyingly at him. I'm... I'm weak to that sort of thing in the right artist's hands. Plus, the colors are really pretty, that soft kind that are nearly glowing combined with fine lines and Kanda's hair looking really pretty as it spills over his shoulder and that's the kind of thing I like so much. Probably definitely not going to be for everyone, but if you like the pairing, you might find a few illustrations you like here, there are some cute ones. There are some really adorable little!Allen illustrations (so cute omg ;__;♥) and some cute Lavi and Rinali illustrations occasionally tucked away amongst the others. (Kanda/Allen, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out very shakey and I might not have stayed with the site, except I started out clicking on the more recent art (before going back to start over from the beginning) and the artist quickly gets really pretty good. It takes maybe five or six illustrations before she's drawing some cute stuff and her Kanda gets much, much better. ♥ It'll probably mostly appeal to those who are already fans of the pairing, but I liked it a lot and it was worth the trip through it. I feel like maybe I'd been to the site before, but I couldn't find it in my pile of recs, so I might just be hallucinating. (That tends to happen more lately, since I've been trying to catch up on art recs.) And even if it is a re-rec, it's a site that was fun to go through again. (Kanda/Allen.)

- Hikaru no Go/D.Gray-man - Electric Chair [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I don't even remember how I got to this site (possibly through looking for DGM sites?), but it's one of the first Hikago art sites I've looked at in ages and it was really kinda fun again. I especially liked the way the artist draws Akira, he looks almost a little bit older and it's a nice look. The softness of the artist's style is nice and goes so well with the soft, hazy, almost jewel-tone colors that she occasionally uses and I'm just really easy for that sort of thing, okay? As for the DGM fanart, it's a similar style, a lot of long, fine lines for their hair and clothes, a lot of softness in the art style. I really like the way the artist uses purples and greens and blues for Kanda's hair highlights sometimes, it has a cool effect and looks good with her style of art. Mostly, though, I love those shades of blue she uses. ♥ (Akira/Hikaru for Hikago, Kanda/Allen for DGM.)

- Kateyou Hitman REBORN!/D.Gray-man/Hikaru no Go - Gyarandoh [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, right from the moment I stepped onto this site, I knew I would probably like it tons. The current top page's background looked fantastic, all the fine detail and neat use of that special CG style (that I tend to see more often on Korean sites, but I've seen it on several j-sites as well now) and the whole cast and just... it's so pretty. The artist takes a bit to get her regular illustrations up to the same amount of detail all over the images, but she starts out strong from the beginning and draws some really beautiful stuff. I can't decide whether I like her Tsuna or her Mukuro better, they both look so gorgeous! ALSO! Her comics are fully colored and as;dlfkjalskj yes that is so very rare to find, especially when the colors are so beautiful like on this site. As for the DGM art, it's much the same style, all these pretty colors and amazing details (holy crap some of them are kind of amazing for that!) and gorgeous to look at. Just about every single illustration in the DGM gallery looks like it must have taken forever, like it could be a fully realized poster for the series. And her Allen is gorgeous to look and I just-- I loved this site. *__*<3 And, finally, the Hikago art is in much the same vein as the first two, if a bit older and so not as detailed. (Though, the later ones start to become really pretty awesome.) But still worth a trip through the site if you're in the mood for a lot of AkiHika art. (Mukuro/Tsuna for REBORN!, Kanda/Allen and a smidge of gen for DGM, Akira/Hikaru for Hikago.)

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