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- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is probably not going to appeal to everyone, I imagine I was much weaker to it because I've been kind of dying to find more Ravi/Rinali fanart. But what I wound up genuinely liking about this artist's style is that there's a creepy, vaguely Tim Burton-esque feel to it that I also get off the manga. They're not the same style, but they're similar enough in tone, like an almost gothic fairytale-esque style that I wound up being won over by the site. There's not a ton of art and mostly it's focused on Rinali (there's also a smidge of Kanda/Rinali to be found, which didn't hurt my feelings at all ♥), but that's fine with me, it's this neat little site I stumbled over that I'm happy to have found. (Ravi/Rinali, a little Kanda/Rinali but hardly worth warning for.)

- D.Gray-man - Victim [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that I debated on a bit, because the early art isn't as strong, but something about the site kept me clicking links and I could see the artist growing in strength as she went along. It helps that I'm totally in a mood for this kind of site, both for the Ravi/Rinali pairing that the artist seems to like and there's just enough stylization to make it interesting. The one of Rinali standing before a long, shadowed pathway was really kinda cool. The one Kanda/Rinali kiss illustration is is just gorgeous for all the soft, sketchy detail. There are a lot of interesting patterns laid over Ravi's clothes in other illustrations. There are some really pretty agnsty!Rinali images and some really creepy Noah family ones. There's a really pretty Eliade illustration, too. It's one of those sites that I'm really glad I stuck around with because some of the art is really fantastic and has the perfect atmosphere for a DGM fanart site. (Ravi/Rinali, a little bit of Kanda/Rinali, some other, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - Parts. [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was just randomly clicking around, I never actually intentionally set out to find Kanda/Rinali sites, but somehow I wound up here anyway. I initially stayed for the novelty and because I really do like the idea of this pairing, but I stuck around even longer because the artist got really kinda solid at her art. Her current stuff is very pretty and I love how beautiful both Kanda and Rinali are together. I don't know if the site would convert someone who wasn't a fan of the pairing, but for those who kinda like the idea... this is really nice. And, omg, the oekaki image where Rinali has a hold on Kanda's ponytail and he's giving her a look? So great. Same for the >_> look as she's doing his hair in another oekaki image. The site was totally worth going to (for me) just for those images right there, never mind that a lot of the art is honestly lovely. ♥ (Kanda/Rinali, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - Pcube [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty sure I was going to like this site right from the beginning and the group illustrations of the four main Exorcists pretty well confirmed that. They were adorable and I love, love, love group stuff. But then there was a really adorable illustration of Komui and Rinali, which there is not nearly enough art for. Then there was art pairing Rinali up with all three of the main boys and, well, I'm a sucker for a lot of those pairings. I'm easy for any Ravi/Rinali art, especially when it's cute, but I was officiall sold in the series of Rinali pairing art when she had her hair up in a ponytail just like Kanda's while he gave her a >_> look. SO. CUTE. And that's what really sold me on the site--while the artist is very good, her characters are very cute and her b&w sketches+comics are pretty awesome, it was how much she was clearly having fun with the characters that I loved. The group illustrations alone are totally worth a trip to the site. ♥ (Some Kanda/Rinali, some Ravi/Rinali, some Allen/Rinali, but it's also very much a gen site.)

- D.Gray-man - carillon [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Given that the first couple of illustrations I saw on this site were Kanda/Rinali images, I was bound to be weak towards this site. And the style is kind of rough, but it's sooooo cute! Even the comics are totally adorable and there is one with a Kanda/Rinali kiss! That hardly ever happens! And while there's not a ton of art here and most of it is in b&w (which works for me with characters like these two), it was a fun little site that got me right back in the mood for DGM again this morning. Also, there are sprites on the page. asldkjalkjdlkjaslkd Kanda/Rinali, Allen/Rinali, and even Ravi/Rinali sprites. ♥ (Kanda/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - A.B [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't really intend to stick around for more DGM fanart this morning, but something about this site just quietly caught me. The art started out a little shakey, but then the artist started doing these really cool individual illustrations of the characters, these b&w sketches that looked really fantastic, they're almost simple except the artist is really good at putting all these little details into them. And I swear I was adoring the hell out of this site even before I ever got to the Kanda/Rinali kiss illustration that's so pretty... but I also wasn't complaining. ♥ (A little Allen/Rinali, a little Kanda/Rinali, a little Ravi/Rinali, a little Ravi/Miranda, maybe a little other, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out shakey, but about halfway through each section, it gets kind of really good. The Rinali illustrations get just pretty and kinda hot, the Ravi/Rinali is really sweet/cute, and there's even Kanda/Rinali, too. I never tire of artists liking both pairings. ♥ There's also some Tiki/Rinali has a couple that were surprisingly nice. It's not a huge site, but the artist has a lot of potential to get really good and I'd love to see more from her in the future. ♥ (Ravi/Rinali, Tiki/Rinali, Kanda/Rinali, some gen.)

- Katekyou Hitman Reborn/D.Gray-man - HYS [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, now, this site is just cool, I love the style that's almost messy, where the illustrations almost look indestinct a lot of the time, but it creates this really kinda cool stylized feel to the images. Plus, you know, it helped that one of the first images I saw was Chrome and Tsuna leaning against each other and I... it's not that I ship them so much as I thought the idea would be cute for a couple of seconds. Then the site followed that up with some fantastic Hyper Dying Will mode Tsuna illustrations and then with some pretty Gokudera/Tsuna. The style is slightly rough, but it just makes the art look hotter, I felt and the comics are especially hot, especially the Gokudera/Tsuna moments. The DGM fanart is in much the same style, it starts out with some really cool, slick, almost glowing colors in these really intriguing concepts, almost like paintings of the characters and reflections of themselves, and the followed it up with some lovely shippy stuff and Lee siblings art. ♥ A cool little site. (Some Gokudera/Tsuna, some Mukuro/Chrome, some gen for KHR. Some Allen/Rinali, some Kanda/Rinali, some gen for DGM.)

- D.Gray-man - dawn pink [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is likely only going to appeal to those who are already Kanda/Rinali fans, I doubt it would convert anyone and a large part of the reason I was won over by the site is because Kanda/Rinali fanart is so very rare, especially sites where it's the main focus, rather than just a handful of images. That said, the art is really kinda cute and there are a handful of illustrations that are genuinely pretty, the artist improves a lot over time and you can really feel how much fondess she has for Rinali's character. I look forward to more from this artist. ♥ (Kanda/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - BLOW [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was actually looking for Bleach art when I stumbled over the DGM section of this site and instantly, instantly fell for the artist's beautiful Kanda/Rinali illustrations. There's not a lot of art here, but I was so impressed with the current art that I couldn't help recommending it for the handful of illustrations alone. Well, I shouldn't say that, between the sketches and the comics, there's actually a really solid amount here and it's all so pretty, the kind of lineart that has all those sharp lines and all that pretty hair and everything that makes me go *___* over a pairing like this one. Even the comics, which are something I often wind up skimming, are really pretty and totally hot with this artist's style, since these characters and this style lend themselves so well to b&w. I love that the artist clearly adores both characters, you can find standalone art for both of them and it's all just as asdlfkjasl gorgeous as anything. I love this site, a total treasure for those who like the pairing. *__* (Kanda/Rinali.)

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