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- D.Gray-man/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really didn't plan to rec this one. I'd only saved a few of the illustrations (though, I really liked the one of Allen flipping over Kanda's head), but it was good enough to keep clicking through because the artist was showing a lot of potential. The art is very clean and I liked the lighter colors and the comics were actually pretty good. And then I spotted the two-page comic with Rabi/Rinali and that is my darling pet pairing that'll never be, based on, like, three panels they had together. I was pretty well lost after that, given how easy I am on my pet pairings (especially the rare ones). To be fair, though, the comics actually are quite good, the artist has some talent for laying her pages out and drawing in a lot of really solid details and, god, the expressions on her characters' faces are great. Now, the Naruto fanart, on the other hand, impressed me straight away, the first link to a SasuNaru fanart is just beautiful--Sasuke leaning over to kiss Naruto in the rain? Swoon. I'm not as wild about the rest of the art, but it's a really good, really solid site and probably definitely worth visiting for SasuNaru fans. :D (Kanda/Allen, a teensy smidge of Rabi/Rinalli, a lot of gen, and Sasuke/Naruto for Naruto.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site is probably not going to appeal to everyone, I imagine I was much weaker to it because I've been kind of dying to find more Ravi/Rinali fanart. But what I wound up genuinely liking about this artist's style is that there's a creepy, vaguely Tim Burton-esque feel to it that I also get off the manga. They're not the same style, but they're similar enough in tone, like an almost gothic fairytale-esque style that I wound up being won over by the site. There's not a ton of art and mostly it's focused on Rinali (there's also a smidge of Kanda/Rinali to be found, which didn't hurt my feelings at all ♥), but that's fine with me, it's this neat little site I stumbled over that I'm happy to have found. (Ravi/Rinali, a little Kanda/Rinali but hardly worth warning for.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really never expected to find much Ravi/Rinali fanart, so I'm probably still in "OMG MUST FIND ABSOLUTELY EVERY LITTLE PIECE" mode, but... well, I genuinely like this site. Even just a few images into the gallery, I was already a little impressed with how much detail the artist put into her black and white sketches and maybe not everything on the site really appeals to me super-hard, it's worth it just for those b&w sketches alone. Plus, the couple art really is adorable if you like the pairing. ♥ A nice little site. (Ravi/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Victim [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is another site that I debated on a bit, because the early art isn't as strong, but something about the site kept me clicking links and I could see the artist growing in strength as she went along. It helps that I'm totally in a mood for this kind of site, both for the Ravi/Rinali pairing that the artist seems to like and there's just enough stylization to make it interesting. The one of Rinali standing before a long, shadowed pathway was really kinda cool. The one Kanda/Rinali kiss illustration is is just gorgeous for all the soft, sketchy detail. There are a lot of interesting patterns laid over Ravi's clothes in other illustrations. There are some really pretty agnsty!Rinali images and some really creepy Noah family ones. There's a really pretty Eliade illustration, too. It's one of those sites that I'm really glad I stuck around with because some of the art is really fantastic and has the perfect atmosphere for a DGM fanart site. (Ravi/Rinali, a little bit of Kanda/Rinali, some other, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - utaka [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This site started a little shakey, but I kept going because, you know, my darling pairing and all, I wanted to see if the artist got better. Which she absolutely did, by the time I was getting to her more recent stuff, she'd started adding more detail and using stronger lines and I really liked her CG-esque style. I did come here for the pairing stuff and I think that's the artist's strongest point, you can tell how much she likes the Ravi/Rinali pairing, but I actually also liked her standalone character art, her Rinali is really pretty and she does a great job with Ravi. The one of him in mid-attack with the fire surrounding his hammer, that image is gorgeous, especially for the colors. And, oh, man, the hit art! So pretty! I loved this site. *__* (Ravi/Rinali, a little other/Rinali, some gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I really tried to resist this site, honestly. The early art isn't very strong and I was all over the place with the site and it really wasn't catching me. But I kept going because I liked Ravi/Rinali and I wanted to explore every last page, just in case. And then... somewhere along the line... the artist started getting really good. You could see her improving so much, she would put more and more detail into her images and the lines would come out stronger and her comics were lovely. Her b&w stuff tends to be the best, you can really see all the little details better that way. The other thing that really won me over was going through the ton of sketches/diary scribbles the artist had, because they were these cute little moments or angsty moments of them clinging to each other or the entire DGM main group being all dorky cute together and I... I was really charmed by how good they were. There's a lot of art here and it takes some patience to get to the good stuff, but if you really like looking at fanart, I think this site is absolutely worth it. Especially since the artist draws Kanda/Rinali a couple of times and that just puts me in a delighted mood. (Ravi/Rinali, a little other/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-Man/CLAMP - Pied a Terre [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I definitely originally came to this site for the Ravi/Rinali art, which has become my pet pairing as of late. And some of the early art is probably the kind that mostly would only win over fans of the pairing, but... as the artist goes along, she starts to get really kinda good. Her black and white images of Ravi and Rinali get really lovely, they're full of detail and this really fantastic sharpness that really charmed me. Even her colored art gets really quite nice and very solid as she continues to draw, so I hope it has a wider appeal than just those who are already fans of the pairing. I mean, her Ravi and Rinali are so adorable together! ♥ The CLAMP stuff is also lovely and I was actually fond of the artist's TRC art, her Syaoran/Sakura is very cute and sweet, and there was even a Kurogane/Tomoyo-hime fanart tucked away in the gallery. There's probably more KuroFye art on the site, but I really appreciate an artist who can like both. ♥ And omg! There's even a really cute Horitsuba fanart! Excellent. And Kobato fanart! KOBATO FANART. ♥♥♥ (Ravi/Rinali, Syaoran/Sakura, maybe a little other, a lot of gen, too.)

- D.Gray-man - Pcube [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was pretty sure I was going to like this site right from the beginning and the group illustrations of the four main Exorcists pretty well confirmed that. They were adorable and I love, love, love group stuff. But then there was a really adorable illustration of Komui and Rinali, which there is not nearly enough art for. Then there was art pairing Rinali up with all three of the main boys and, well, I'm a sucker for a lot of those pairings. I'm easy for any Ravi/Rinali art, especially when it's cute, but I was officiall sold in the series of Rinali pairing art when she had her hair up in a ponytail just like Kanda's while he gave her a >_> look. SO. CUTE. And that's what really sold me on the site--while the artist is very good, her characters are very cute and her b&w sketches+comics are pretty awesome, it was how much she was clearly having fun with the characters that I loved. The group illustrations alone are totally worth a trip to the site. ♥ (Some Kanda/Rinali, some Ravi/Rinali, some Allen/Rinali, but it's also very much a gen site.)

- D.Gray-man - that day [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was in the mood to look for more Ravi/Rinali fanart, despite that I wondered if I'd seen all of the good sites for them already, when I stumbled over this site. The first couple of illustrations were more cute than anything--and several of the illustrations on the rest of the site would be described the same way, I think--the site quickly started showing these really beautiful images. I wound up liking the gen stuff as much as the Ravi/Rinali stuff, there are some gorgeous Rinali pieces, there's a really lovely gen poster-style illustration and you can look at the artist's b&w sketches to see how fantastic her basic lines really are. They're so sharp and clean when she's really concentrating on the images. The artist also seems to have snuck in a Kanda/Rinali illustration or two, not enough to count as a theme for the site, but just enough that it made me kind of stupidly happy. ♥ And, oh, my god, the comics with Noah!Rinali are gorgeous and creepy and perfect. The one with Komui meeting her again is heartbreaking and one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Totally worth the site alone right there. *__*♥ (Ravi/Rinali, a little other, some gen, too.)

- D.Gray-man - A.B [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't really intend to stick around for more DGM fanart this morning, but something about this site just quietly caught me. The art started out a little shakey, but then the artist started doing these really cool individual illustrations of the characters, these b&w sketches that looked really fantastic, they're almost simple except the artist is really good at putting all these little details into them. And I swear I was adoring the hell out of this site even before I ever got to the Kanda/Rinali kiss illustration that's so pretty... but I also wasn't complaining. ♥ (A little Allen/Rinali, a little Kanda/Rinali, a little Ravi/Rinali, a little Ravi/Miranda, maybe a little other, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was a bit hesitant about this site at first, it had potential, but the first couple of illustrations made me think it was more cute than anything else. Then I got to the third one or so and it was this really, really pretty fanart of Anita and I was just totally charmed. The art on the site is still more cute than anything, but it's an adorable sort of cute and a nice stop on a fanart hunt spree. Plus, you know, the cute chibi-esque Ravi/Rinali doesn't hurt my feelings at all. There's even an adorable one of Allen and Rinali holding hands and looking up at the snow falling down on them. I'd label the site primarly a Rinali-friendly site, but occasionally some nice Kanda or group illustrations would show up as well, so it's potentially worth it for the gen as well. (Some Allen/Rinali, some Ravi/Rinali, a lot of gen.)

- D.Gray-man - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - The art on this site starts out shakey, but about halfway through each section, it gets kind of really good. The Rinali illustrations get just pretty and kinda hot, the Ravi/Rinali is really sweet/cute, and there's even Kanda/Rinali, too. I never tire of artists liking both pairings. ♥ There's also some Tiki/Rinali has a couple that were surprisingly nice. It's not a huge site, but the artist has a lot of potential to get really good and I'd love to see more from her in the future. ♥ (Ravi/Rinali, Tiki/Rinali, Kanda/Rinali, some gen.)

D.Gray-man: Truth Is by Sophia Preseter - You know, I love this comm when it gets going, because it gives me pieces like this. It's a sweet little piece about the first time Ravi and Rinali met and how he was instantly drawn to her, how truth and lies sort of mix together for him. The writing of this piece is gorgeous and I love that it manages to capture the dark atmosphere of their world yet still keep this sweet and adorable. I loved it. (Ravi/Rinali.)

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