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- D.Gray-man - Yaoke by Empatheia - Kanda/Rinali is one of those pairings that started out with a spark of interesting for me because I thought they would look really pretty together. I'm totally okay with passively shipping something because it's pretty. ♥ But the more I think about it and the more I read the manga and the more I slowly dig into the fandom, the more I find fics like this, the more I'm... not precisely actively shipping it, but I feel like it doesn't always have to be crack. This fic is lovely, Kanda is still so blunt and likes to kill things with his sword and is annoyed with the world in general, while Rinali is still sweet and gentle-natured but can fight alongside him just fine and the way they blend together... it's really good here. Kanda isn't exactly nice to her, but he's not mean, either. Rinali understands a lot. They can fight side by side, they can heal side by side and I love, love that there's a certain respect between them that doesn't happen very often with Kanda. Plus, the writing is really lovely. And the ending made me happy and squishy inside. ♥ (Kanda/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - unforgive me by Empatheia - I think the two things that had me ending up liking this fic were that Kanda, for all that he was emotional under the surface, almost roiling with anger and jealousy, reacted in ways that I thought worked with canon. He didn't show them outwardly, instead focusing on training until he was practically dead tired, which I thought was a lot like Kanda. Second, this isn't precisely a happy fic, even aside from Rinali's tears over her friends getting injured, this is not a happy, shiny romance between the two of them. It's something a bit darker and hurtful, yet he truly cares about her, enough that he can't give her up, even if maybe this isn't the best thing. I liked that a lot about this fic. (Kanda/Rinali, maybe not quite safe for work, but I wouldn't rate it higher than PG-13.)

- D.Gray-man - Elucidate by Epiff Annie - This is a really, really pretty and fun Kanda/Rinali fic, made just utterly delightful because I find the author's Kanda to be just about damn perfect. It's obvious that he likes and respects her, even when he deliberately avoids looking at her or talking to her. He gets so pissy when he knows that other people are noticing, you can see it in the lines of his face or the way he looks angrily at them from time to time, and it's so much fun to see the others finding this quietly amusing, even as they're being supportive. The use of small little scenes set from various people's perspectives (including Komui's!) is very well done and the writing is sparkling and lovely. This kind of makes me want to hunt down all the readable Kanda/Rinali fic in the world again. (Kanda/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Trickling Sands by selecetiales - Since I had read and liked the author's TRC and Princess Tutu fic, I was curious to see what her DGM fic would be like. And it's a solid use of the 50 sentences theme, probably one of the better ones I've seen, certainly a strong Kanda/Rinali fic that covers a lot of aspects of their relationship. Not just the cute, silly, or romantic ones (though, those are there as well and very fun, since Kanda isn't exactly a sappy, soft sort of person), but the more painful ones, too. The tone of the writing fits the series and pairing well, pretty without being too purple about it. Very nice. (Kanda/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Sordina by selecetiales - This was a short piece and I don't really know what to say about it that wouldn't give the whole thing away, which I'm in the rare position of not wanting to warn ahead of time, despite usually doing so. I think it's because the tone of the fic, the way the author writes, is lovely and builds towards the end well enough that I think experiencing it 'blind' is more interesting. It's not a long piece, but it's easy to picture and the author accomplished what she set out to do, it was a nice read. (I'm withholding warnings on this one, slightly Kanda/Rinali but could be gen.)

- D.Gray-man - Repeat and Fade by selecetiales - What I like about this fic is that it fits with the image of Kanda and Rinali I have in my head, the kind of relationship they've had for ages together--he says things that might feel harsh to most people, but she understands and he is actually comforting her in his own stark sort of way. Kanda's irritability, Rinali's quiet reaching out to him that he doesn't entirely rebuff her for, the way his actions say a lot more than his words, the way he's still Kanda about it, the smooth and clean writing of this piece are all very nicely done. It's so easy to see and I love the use of musical themes for these two. (It could be Kanda/Rinali, it could be gen.)

- D.Gray-man - Torpedo by selecetiales - I was a little surprised that this fic felt as off as it did, because the author has done a lot of really good Kanda povs before. (I think the thing that got me the most wasn't that Kanda didn't like girls because they rejected guys or were mean, but because relationships are pointless when he has other things to do, which is a small nit in the grand scheme of the fic, I suppose.) But the writing is still clean and smooth, the moment in the time that the author creates, the obliviousness of both Kanda and Rinali felt very believable, and I enjoyed the fic. (Somewhat Kanda/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Paperwork by selecetiales - And this was a more fun piece, with Rinali asking Kanda to help with some paperwork and Kanda flatly refusing, no matter how much Rinali is Rinali about it. It's cute because it's a moment between them where you can see him inwardly waver a little but not fall, which says a lot about how he must feel about her, but it's the ending scene that really clinched the fic for me. That was adorable. XD (Somewhat Kanda/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man: XXX by Rendom - So, occasionally I have fits of wanting some Kanda/Rinali fic and I happened to stumble over this one. It's only sort of half-Kanda/Rinali, it's more about the reactions of the rest of the cast around them and what made it work for me was... it's very over the top, but I think it's a kind of parody or least meant to be cracky humor, so I just went with it. And there are some great moments in this fic, I was laughing at almost all the points that the fic wanted me to laugh at, especially when Ravi was apparently CRAZY IN THE HEAD to taunt Kanda the way he did and Kanda's killenating aura was HILARIOUS and I wound up loving it for the entire cast aspect as much as the Kanda/Rinali aspect. Just. Hee. ♥ (Some Kanda/Rinali, but the relationship itself isn't the point, so I'd consider this half-gen.)

D.Gray-man: Like Dew upon a Thought. by allira_dream - I haven't read DGM fic in ages (or much of any fic in ages, really) but I came across a link for this one and asdl;kfjaslkj Kanda/Rinali, my weakness! And I really like the author's style, she has this pretty way with imagery and a pairing like this really benefits from that, all that dark hair and long limbs and fighter's attitudes, all set through Ravi's eyes in a really delightful, lovely piece. <3 (Kanda/Rinali, I'd rate it a light R or so.)

D.Gray-man: Downtime by firehawk05 - So, I was browsing 31_days and I don't read as much DGM fic as I used to, mostly because I haven't caught up in ages, but this one didn't seem to have any major spoiler warnings on it, so I clicked. And I'm glad, because Kanda/Rinali is kind of fast approaching something like OTP status for me (except I still love other pairings just as much, enh) and this was a really nice little fic to get me back in the mood. The author wasn't trying too hard with Kanda's POV, but you could still feel his irritation and restlessness in the hospital, could see that balance between respect for Rinali and irritation at her, too. I love, love, love that Rinali is the only one whow can get away with that kind of thing with Kanda somehow, which the fic showed very nicely. a;sldkfalskj I ship them so hard, whyyy. (Kanda/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man: Sepia by apapazukamori - You know, I swear I used to sorta OTP Kanda/Allen (except not really, I was always more of a gen girl) but if people keep writing really lovely Kanda/Rinali like this, I'm going to be in trouble. Because the characterizations are lovely, Kanda is... well, Kanda without the fic making fun of him for it, while Rinali is gentle and stubborn, yet afraid and not perfect. But mostly it's the way Kanda has certain memories that he always carries with him, little moments with her that somehow stayed with him, whether he wanted them to or not. And, oh, the ending packed quite the punch, just as it was intended. (Kanda/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man: Psychological Contract by selecetiales - ....apparently, I'm now in a Kanda/Rinali mood. But this was a cute little fic set sometime pre-series, about when they're around thirteen or so, which is why the characterization worked even better for me here. It's fairly straight-forward, Kanda is injured and Rinali is devestated by it, crying and rushing to see him. But the fic sailed right along, everything was really solid about it, and it was just a nice little fic to read while I was in the mood for these two, really easy to see in my mind's eye and a nice addition to the pairing. <3 (Kanda/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man: The Opposite of Friend by libekory - asdlfkjaslk oh. Oh, this is what I want from Kanda/Rinali fandom. Because yes on Kanda's characterization here, he's so serious, but there are reasons for it and he's incredibly direct and determined and jaded, but there's still a lot of humanity left in him and this. This just-- asdklfjls;jk struck the perfect balance. I loved the evolution of Kanda's attitude because it's perfect for him and explains a lot, I love Rinali with all my fangirl heart here because she's lovely and awesome, and the writing is sharp and clever, humorous without being parody. So, it was funny and made my shipper heart turn over in glee. I could not ask for anything more than that. ♥ (Kanda/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man: Finders Keepers by Sailor Mac - So, you know what I said the other day about being kind of tired of porn? Apparently, I lied. I mean, I still feel that way a little, but... Kanda/Rinali porn. I am weak. And I think what I really liked about this was the porn aspect, I liked the imagery the author used, of Rinali in a skimpy red lingerie piece, of the intense sex that resulted when Kanda finally came after her, it reminded me a lot of a doujinshi in some ways. The author did a good job of building up that intensity that was needed for the mood she was creating and it had some very pretty imagery. I don't ask for much more. <3 (Kanda/Rinali, NC-17.)

D.Gray-man: Nightmares by smakn - Rinali is one of those characters that I find myself drawn towards more and more, the longer I'm around the DGM fandom, and so is the Kanda/Rinali pairing. This fic is more about her and the dream she has, but I'll grant that I picked it up for the pairing. But I stayed for the dream she has, the weird imagery and the horror she feels at everyone's fates around her in it, the author doing a really good job of capturing that dream like terrified feeling. The fic is a nice look at Rinali's character as well, which I always appreciate. (This is mostly gen, with a hint of Kanda/Rinali.)

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