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- D.Gray-man - Not a Fairytale by dokun - This is a series of five short ficlets together that aren't really connected, but are all interesting or cute to read on their own. And I do like the author's take on Allen and the Kanda/Allen relationship in the sense that their antagonism is never really forgotten, even when they're getting along better or being more light-hearted. I like that Allen isn't stupid or doesn't have his moments of being deliberately antagonizing, and the writing is lovely in each piece. (Kanda/Allen, with a smidge of Kanda/Allen/Ravi.)

D.Gray-man: Alchemical Properties of Loss by Apapazukamori - It was right around the time this fic was set, during the trip to Edo, that I started to ship Ravi/Rinali kind of semi-seriously (and would, later, ship them even harder) because I felt like maybe there was something there. And this fic deals nicely with that, the loss of Allen that affects the both of them and how it's painful and difficult, the two of them finding solace in each other (and while there may have been a spark of something just theirs, it wasn't really about that here, which worked surprisingly well for me), all written in lovely words and turns of phrase. (Ravi/Rinali, sort of implied Ravi/Allen/Rinali... sort of.)

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