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- D.Gray-man - regret is beholding heaven and feeling hell by silchi - After reading the author's Black Cat fic, I saw she'd written DGM fic and I've been pining for fic from that series, so I clicked onto this one. It's a lovely Rabi piece and it's Rabi/Rinali and it's this lovely, heartbreaking, melancholy tone and *dreamy sigh* these two are quickly becoming a real OTP for me, I fear. But mostly it's a lovely look at Rabi's character himself. (Rabi/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Food Fetish by Haverstock - After a long time away from the DGM fandom (because it has some mystical ability to put a damper on my good mood much of the time), I finally started reading the manga again. And remembered how much I liked the potential of the Ravi/Rinali ship idea, so, naturally, I had to wander over to FFNET. And I was just charmed by this cute little fic where Rinali and Ravi team up to try to get Kanda and Allen together. What really won me over where these little moments where the characters were just quietly adorable. I'm weak to a cute turn of phrase with adorable het couples! Like: The smile on Lenalee's face is so radiant that he finds himself blinded by the beauty of it and realizes, suddenly, that hes in love with Komui's sister.

He wonders how long he has left to live. (Ravi/Rinali, some Kanda/Allen.)

- D.Gray-man - Signifigance by HPBabe91 - I'll admit that the ending note felt a little off to me, but I'll chalk that up to this being the author's first time at writing the pairing, but it was a very solid fic overall. There was a sense of waiting and watching and growing feelings and something between Ravi and Rinali that was nicely done, the tone of the story that fit well between them. I liked how Ravi noticed the details of her, especially the flowers that always appeared, the way Ravi even noticed others notiching him noticing her. *g* It worked out into a nice little fic. (Ravi/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Candlelight by Haverstock - This was a sweet, gentle little piece about Ravi sneaking in to spy on the girls when he was younger and getting caught up in watching Rinali light candles. And what I liked about the fic is that it's soft and gentle, Rinali is sweet and you can tell how much she captures Ravi's attention and the whole mood feels very sweet and... that sort of almost shoujo-esque atmosphere that I sometimes like with these two. (Ravi/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Tomorrow is Forever by Extra Ren - There are some fics that you just find to be exquisite because they hit you in the right place and this is one of those for me. The heartbreaking look at Ravi in this fic and the way the writing is almost short and choppy in all the right ways that lends to this tense, almost harsh tone for the entire story, the way I can feel Ravi's emotions without the author having to beat me over the head with it, the really gorgeous characterization, I love it all. The Ravi/Rinali relationship is beautifully done here and the way the author weaves in what Ravi is, what it means to be Bookman and how he feels about Rinali and what that means, is all amazingly beautiful and bittersweet and painful and wonderful. This fic just hit me in all the right ways. (Ravi/Rinali.)

- D.Gray-man - Kismet by HPBabe91 - I have this thing when it comes to Ravi/Rinali fic, this thing where the style might not work with any of the other pairings in the series, where they have such heartbreak in the series, that when I get to the fandom, I want these softer, sweeter, gentler stories. This fic soothes me and creates a sweet little atmosphere between the two of them, while they do nothing so much as Ravi reads in the library while Rinali watches him and drifts off to sleep, it's just a quiet moment, very sweet, and I like that sometimes for these two. (Ravi/Rinali.)

D.Gray-man: Alchemical Properties of Loss by Apapazukamori - It was right around the time this fic was set, during the trip to Edo, that I started to ship Ravi/Rinali kind of semi-seriously (and would, later, ship them even harder) because I felt like maybe there was something there. And this fic deals nicely with that, the loss of Allen that affects the both of them and how it's painful and difficult, the two of them finding solace in each other (and while there may have been a spark of something just theirs, it wasn't really about that here, which worked surprisingly well for me), all written in lovely words and turns of phrase. (Ravi/Rinali, sort of implied Ravi/Allen/Rinali... sort of.)

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