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- Dragonball Z - Chibi SIS Head Quarters [ Fan Art & Fan Fiction Site ] - I don't often come across DBZ fan art sites that I like--not because there aren't a lot of talented DBZ artists out there, but because I can only take so many images of the characters fighting each other before I give up. I like sites more like this, that focus on the little character moments, especially when so well-done. All three of them are disgustingly talented, drawing the DBZ characters mostly in the original style, but with a twist of their own style, to make them look prettier. I especially loved Lautjes' series of Chi-Chi, Juuhachi-gou, and Bulma. They also have a section for Dragonball Super Z fan art, which is so cool--I love that fanfic series. ^_^ Anyway. Very cool site. (No real particular favorite characters, though some characters rarely/never appear.)

- Dragonball Z - B-chan's Homepage - As long as I'm rec'ing DBZ stuff.... B-chan has one of the coolest DBZ sites I have ever seen. Not only is she an incredible artist, there is a freaking TON of stuff to look at on her site. A TON. I *heart* the fanmanga/doujinshi, they're wonderful stories and have great art. B-chan's fan art is very nice, I love her colors and she can draw. She also draws pretty much every subject matter you can think of--yaoi/straight/ecchi/non-ecchi/almost all pairings/etc. (I, of course, probably love the Vejiita/Bulma stuff the most. :D) This is one of those sites where I can't say enough positive things, and if I tried to mention some of the things I loved most, I'd be here all day. It's a really impressive site, one of the more classic ones that everyone should visit. (Warnings: Whatever your cup of tea, you'll probably find it somewhere on the site.)

- Trigun/Gundam Wing/Dragonball Z - Chaotic Equlibrium [ Fan Art Site ] - Whee! This is one of those sites that has such a solid amount of skill to it that a lot of the illustrations really get up towards official art style. It's not my all-time favorite, as I personally prefer a more delicate manga approach, but that's a personal choice, and they've done a terrific job with the anime-style they went in the direction of. The Vash image in the colored section is gorgeous, too. +_+ (No warnings.)

- Naruto/Dragonball Z/Final Fantasy VII - [ English Fanart Site ] - Have I never rec'd this site/artist before? I would have sworn I would have.... She does these illustrations that just nail anime-style professionalism sometimes... and then backs them up with either utter cuteness (the Cowboy Bebop Christmas one is just great XD) or genuinely funny humor moments. But, man, her DBZ fanart is just... there are a handful in there that really could have been official--"Homecoming" is probably one of my favorites for that. And then there's her FFVII bookmark series, where I just love her colors (The blues and greens of Sephiroth and JENOVA? Ooh, shiny. *__* Cloud sitting against the Buster Sword with Zack's reflection on it's surface? Awesome.) and the poses/concepts she comes up with for them. Just... so much neat stuff here. :D (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Slayers/Dragonball Z - Blue in the Shell [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - You would not believe how hard I fell for this site, because the art is just so damned cute and the lines are solid and sure, the colors are lovely, and everything just comes together. It's not even just that it's cute or cute for Slayers art (which is all too rare), it's that occasionally some of the images are just astounding--the one of Deep Sea Dolphin? Fantastic. The Lei Magnus one? Fantastic again! The one of chibi!smiling!Rezo putting flowers in chibi!grumpy!Zel's hair? Awesome. And it just goes on like that--most of the really good stuff on the site is the chibi-esque stuff (especially the Xellos ones--there's a chibi Xellos about halfway into the gallery that has the prettiest highlights in his hair), but there are occasional water colors (Omg, Zel trying to figure out the map while he sits at a crossroad? So frickin' cute.) or other images that are just so worth seeing. The Dragonball stuff is even better, the artist really nails the style of the original, but manages to make it even cuter and she does some of the most adorable Dende illustrations. The one of him sitting on the stone steps, the wooden staff at his side, while he puts his head down on his knees? Came thisclose to making me wobble over it. And, really, the artist starts out a little rough (but good!) and then just gets so good when her lines strengthen up and her colors are always awesome and everything is so high-quality and SHUT UP I CAN FLAIL OVER DBZ ART IF I WANT TO. IT'S CUTE, OKAY? (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Dragonball Z - BOM [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I have no idea how I got to this site. I think I was looking for FFVII fanart, stumbled across a missed site and, omg, Vejiita/Bulma fanart. As is often the case, once you get into a particular corner of the fandom, you suddenly find a zillion sites when you'd never found any before--it feels like I've been waiting ages for some good V/B art to come along and this was the first stop after I hit the gateway site. For a moment the art looked a touch undefined... until I got a little further into the gallery and there's just something about the art, maybe it's the way the artist uses her colors to really bring out the definitions of the characters? Whatever it is, it's pretty as hell at times and adorably cute at others--I mean little chibi Vejiita and Bulma in bear costumes shouldn't make me squee so hard, but I love this site. And, oh, my god, the wibbling I did any time little baby Trunks or little baby Bra showed up because the artist manages to just nail what I wanted to see from these characters. Squee, squee, and more squee. XD (Vejiita/Bulma, a little Goku/Chichi.)

- Dragonball Z - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I realize that I'm kind of easy for my favorite pairing with this series (Vejiita/Bulma), but I really did just fall in love with this site. The artist keeps enough of the Dragonball style but still puts her own style on it, makes it a little bit prettier, that the recognizability was great. But it's more than that. It's that it hit my OTP button so damn hard with stuff like Vejiita being cranky while being forced to sit with his wife and son or the great Halloween illustration of their little family or Vejiita being intense and sexy (....I know. I try not to think of DB characters as "sexy", either. But that's the best word for it!) as he leans in to kiss her or when Bulma is wrapping herself up in his tail. Just... ♥ The artist makes great use of the lighter colors with strong lines, is shippy without being OOC about it, does fabulous AU stuff (my favorite is quite possibly the "Gangs of Prince" one XDDD) and just all-around made me squee. I wish I could describe it better, because the site deserves it. Such a rare treat and all I can do is flap my hands wildly and make incoherent noises. ♥ (Vejiita/Bulma.)

- Dragonball Z - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asdfjlasjdfljs, okay, I give. The cuteness of the Trunks/Marron fanart and the adorableness of the Vejiita/Bulma chibis has completely pwned me and made me wibble far more than I should have. It's just. The artist uses these soft colors and a light, airy feel to her images that's my weakness, I crumble before it because it always makes me think it's so pretty. And, really, for a series that was all about harsh lines and bold colors, you'd think it wouldn't work, but Bulma has always been about the softer shades of blue and purple, which Vejiita goes shockingly well with. And the art is all just so cute and really kind of pretty without sacrificing the recognizability of Toriyama's style and I don't know if I would like it for another series, but for DB it works. And! There's a lot of art tucked into various corners, even the junk art looks adorable and fantastic and squee-worthy, which makes this site one of the best I've seen for the fandom. Again. *happy sigh* It's to the point that I don't even blink at the unconventional (to me) pairing and I usually have to be talked into those quite extensively. (Trunks/Marron, Vejiita/Bulma, a little Goku/Chichi and Goten/Bra here and there.)

- Dragonball Z - ISM [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Having just come off the last site that had a ton of art on it, this site seems very small in comparison... but what makes up for the near-handful (I suppose it's a little more than that.) is the quality of the images, the time that was spent on each one. Even when there's not much of a background (ie, white space) it still feels like a small little painting because of all the detail and the way so many different colors are blended together. In some ways, the art reminds me a lot of Toriyama's style itself, if perhaps not as blindingly bright. And I love that there's a wide range of characters, that you can see a Vejiita/Bulma illustration on one page and then the next page will have Tien or Trunks or Piccolo or even Lunch. So, it's great for both V/B and DB-in-general fans, I think... but, yeah, okay, the V/B stuff totally put me in a shippy mood. ♥ (A lot of gen, some Vejiita/Bulma.)

- Final Fantasy VII/Dragonball Z - KALEIDOSCOPE [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - As is the case with me lately, I came here for the FFVII fanart and stayed for the other series, which I found to be surprisingly better. Not that the FFVII fanart is bad, there are actually a couple of them that really impressed me--the site has one of my new favorite Rufus/Reno illustrations even! Along with some fantastic Reno oekaki, at least one really great Rod image, and some fun FFVII and BC content. Somehow, though, I find the DB fanart to be more interesting, perhaps because I don't see nearly as much of it around or I have lower expectations. Or maybe it's just that I like Trunks and the artist put him in enough of the illustrations to make me happy? They start out a little shakey but the more recent ones have strengthened up and there's at least one of Trunks that's really cool. Plus, omg, the DB oekaki is great for the one of Vejiita and baby!Trunks grabbing onto him alone!. ♥ (No real warnings/pairings themes.)

- Dragonball Z/Naruto - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't originally going to rec this site because the Naruto images weren't quite my thing. There were some solid images I enjoyed a lot, but I wasn't overall effected. Then I hit up the Dragonball Z images and instantly fell in love. The Naruto section is strong, there's a lot of art and some of it is really good and there's a wide variety of characters, all the usual things I look for. The DBZ art, on the other hand, sends me into orbit because there are so many cute images, whether it's the kids or Vejiita slinging Bulma over his shoulder or Goku and Chichi when they were younger or, holy shit, the cute of Vejiita fastening a cape onto chibi!Trunks' Saiyajin armor or Goten and Trunks being such boys together or Goku and little!Gohan or a million other images. The artist really captures the DBZ style and feel, making every page an absolute delight to go through. And there's so muuuuuch art, to the point I just want to roll around happily in it like the giant fanart dork I am. ....shush, it was 5am when I wrote this rec, I'm allowed to be dippy. (Naruto/Sasuke, Sasuke/Sakura, a LOT of gen/other. Vejiita/Bulma, Goku/Chichi, implications of anything else that might have been canon, a LOT of gen.)

- Dragonball Z - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I was sort of warming up to this site a lot, it had a bunch of illustrations that were just fun and adventurous, the kind I might have expected from Toriyama, except done by a fanartist. Then there was Goku/Chi-Chi fanart and do you know what a hard time I have finding art for them? Plus it was totally cute art and there was even kissing sometimes! There was also a bunch of Trunks & Goten fanart and Son-family illustrations and then more Goku/Chi-Chi. ♥ Even SuperSaiyajin!Goku/Chi-Chi, which is somehow so adorably cute, don't ask me why. It's not a perfect site, I admit some of my fondness for it is novelty, but I do genuinely like the art here. Plus, eeeee, canon couple love! ♥ (Goku/Chi-Chi.)

- Dragonball Z - Jun.100% [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, hey! Not only is this a cute Dragonball site, it's a Trunks+Goten site! And there's a ton of oekaki art shoved into the galleries, all this adorable art of them being retarded demi-saiyajin best friends, which is exactly what I love about them. And, you know, I don't think I saw a single kissing (or anything more) image on the site, it was just Trunks and Goten getting into scrapes or being such boys together and I love that. I really liked how well the artist did with the Dragonball style as well, they were totally recognizable as themselves and the poses they were put into all felt very Dragonball as well. Just a fun, nice site, especially for a pairing (well, this site is gen) that I don't get to see often enough. (Trunks+Goten if you want to see it that way, though, the site is totally gen.)

- Dragonball Z - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - Oh, man, the art on this site is so hot, especially whenever the artist draws the SSJ4 character designs and then has them lounging around. Just. So, so hot, with all that power and deadly grace aparent in every draped limb. And all that hair, too. Plus, holy hell, the het pairings are also so hot on this site. Goku/Chichi and Vejiita/Bulma (asdlfkjlakjs the one where they're speeding along on a motorcycle in their wedding clothes! awesome!) are awesome and, hell, even the gen stuff is totally action-oriented and amazingly detailed. And did I mention so hot? I'm not sure if that came across. (Goku/Chichi, Vejiita/Bulma, some Goku/Pan, some other het, a lot of gen.)

- Dragonball Z - RP [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - This is a site that's not necessarly going to convert anyone to being a fan of Dragonball, but if you already like the series, you'll probably enjoy the site at least a little. The art style is very much like the anime's style, right down to the right cel-style coloring, and that worked for me on this site. It helped that the artist drew most of the main canon het pairings and a lot of my favorite characters. There's a fair amount of art here and it's all very solid. A good fix if you're looking for more Dragonball art. (Some canon het, a lot of gen.)

- Dragonball - rDB [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I came to this site from, of all things, a Tales of the Abyss art site. But I got distracted by the Dragonball art on the site, which is really quite well done--there's not a ton of it, the majority is in the sketches/junk section, but it's remarkably well done for sketches. The art starts out with an almost experimental style (well, something closer to the artist's own style, more like), with gorgeous colors and really clean lines, and slowly progresses towards something more like the canon style. While both look fantastic, I think I almost kind of prefer the artist's early work on the site and it's a shame there's not more here. It was a fun little site to go through and made me all nostalgic, though. <3 (Some canon het, mostly gen, I'd say.)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender/Dragonball - [ English Fanart Site ] - I was browsing through dA tonight and I don't even remember how I got to this artist's page (probably seeing one of the Goku/Chichi illustrations on a favorites page somewhere) and stopped by out of curiosity. There's not a ton of art for these two series, but there's at least a really good handful and the main reason I want to recommend this account? This image right here. Zuko/Mai and a BAAAAAAAAAAAAABY OMG YES PLZ DO WANT. I-- I'm weak, okay? But the illustration is really lovely, it's the exact style that does it for me, both for the Avatar fanart and the Dragonball fanart, they're strong, clean lines and soft uses of color and really sharp. *__* Plus, two of my favorite pairings! You-- you can tell I was over the moon for this artist's style. XD B-but--! Goku and Chichi with hands on her stomach because the baby is kicking! I... have needs, all right? (Zuko/Mai for Avatar, Goku/Chichi for DBZ.)

- MONSTER/Dragonball - sackcloth and ashes [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - It took about two links into this site (well, one, really) to react with: HOLY SHIT, MONSTER FANART, OH MY GOD. Because a) I didn't think MONSTER fanart would exist or b) that it was really even necessary. Except this artist is kind of totally rocking out with the illustrations, they're really gorgeous! They're all faded, almost sepia-toned colors or a style that looks almost like an oil painting and a style that's not realistic so much as it's... I don't know. But it fits with the mood of the series and I am just utterly floored by how much I adored this site. Johann looks gorgeous and beautiful even as he's creepy as he should be, there's one of Tenma that's just stunning, and it's just-- oh, my. I didn't know how much I needed this until I found it. It's the same for the Dragonball art, they're like paintings and just beautifully done, there's not a lot of art out there like it. ....a-also, the Vejiita/Bulma ones may have made me squeak in delight and Vejiita with baby Bra omg! ♥ (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Dragonball - [ English Fanart Site ] - I feel like I've seen several pieces of this artist's work before, but I don't see it on my list of recommended Dragonball art sites, so... maybe just in the bits&pieces section? Anyway, I was actually looking for Professor Layton fanart and somehow wound up looking at Dragonball art and I cannot complain because I totally adore this artist's style. It's very similar to canon-esque at times, but mostly it's just... fun or neat or cool. Like there are occasional Bulma/Chichi illustrations, but there's also adorable Vejiita/Bulma art or some really pretty Goku/Chichi (asd;lfkjasljk the one of them dancing or the wedding one or the flying through the clouds together, oh, my OTP heart still loves them so) or hot sexytimes Kuririn/18 and how often do you see that? I'm also all over the Trunks/Goten art in the gallery and it was just. There was variety and I loved very nearly every single pairing the artist drew, like they knew just how to strike at my fangirl self. XD♥ (Goku/Chichi, a little Vejiita/Bulma, Bulma/Chichi, Trunks/Goten, a little other.)

- Dragonball - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I actually came here in search of Tales fanart, but got distracted into the Dragonball art instead. And maybe the site isn't going to be for everyone, I found that I liked it in the way that I like any stop on a fanart spree, if that makes sense? It was an interesting contrast to everything else I'd seen this morning and had some illustrations I liked a lot. There are a lot of sketches, there's a rough quality to nearly everything on the site, but the slighted darkened/muted colors work well here and the artist really captures that sense of zany fun that Toriyama put into his work. I think that's what really got me--even when the artist put their own spin on the characters, you could still feel the connection to the original style. <3 (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Dragonball - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I wasn't even planning on looking for Dragonball art today, but somehow I wound up on this site anyway. Through idly looking for Vejiita art, then Bra art, then Trunks art, which is how I found myself... on a Tapion site. Right. Totally makes sense. But anyway I found this site through the handful of illustrations the artist did with Tapion and Trunks, the most recent of which look kind of amazing for how well they mimic an anime cel-style coloring and the lines of the series. You can tell the artist really liked the Tapion character and the couple of ones with Trunks are especially fantastic, worth the site just for those few alone. It's a decent sized site once you get into the doodles and comics, but mostly it was just a nice, light, fun site this afternoon. :D (No real warnings/pairings?)

- Dragonball - Cheap Shot [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I didn't really intend to get sucked into Dragonball art after the previous site, but, well. I'm weak to cute looking art. And this site has a clean, simple style that works well with the bright colors and I'm sort of in love with the artist's chibi Goku illustrations. But. Well. Also, Bulma making Vejiita dress up as Santa for the kids is pretty hilarious, too. But there's also stuff like Trunks and baby Bra or Trunks and Goten off having adventures and chibi versions of the Son family. It's a light, easy site to go through, but it was really fun. ♥ And, yeah, okay, I enjoyed the focus on Trunks and the Briefs family. XD (No real warnings/pairings.)

- Dragonball - [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - asdl;fkjaslkj I really didn't mean to find my way onto yet another Dragonball art site, it's just. I can't resist giving sites a peek at least. And then I find this really adorable stuff and I want to share it! This site might not be for everyone, it's pretty much pure oekaki art with a focus on the Son family, but I kind of fell in love with it for how well it captured the feel and tone of Toriyama's manga, the deceptively simple style that's just so much fun and all about adventure. Plus, okay, a good Goku/Chichi (with art of just Chichi on her own fairly often even!) always puts a smile on my face, especially when the artist captures their dynamic so well. I just... fell in love with the characters all over again. ♥ (Half gen, half Goku/Chichi.)

- Dragonball - KYDD [ Japanese Fanart Site ] - I sat on the fence with this site briefly because it's very cute, very simple art, but... there's so much of it and some if it is just so great that I eventually had to cave. The artist has some really bright, solid colors that work with a style that's reminiscent of Toriyama's work and, hell, some of them look like they could have been official art at times! And, yeah, okay, there's a healthy dose of Vejiita/Bulma that drew me in, but the art is really solid no matter what your character preferences are and I don't want to meet the person that doesn't enjoy making Vejiita's life full of difficulty. Or Bulma being awesome and getting in Vejiita's face. Or just being awesome on her own. There's a lot of art here and it covers a good variety of characters and is all bright and clean and it's a site where... afterwards, I felt really happy with this fandom again. ♥ (Vejiita/Bulma, some gen.)

- Dragonball - [ English Fanart Site ] - Oh, goddammit. I was looking at One Piece art this morning and then somehow I stumbled over a link to a Vejiita/Bulma image and I was like, well, okay, I'll go check that out for a minute. And then back to the artist's gallery. And then there's more art of them! And it's the kind of art I totally go for with these characters--all the solid lines and glossy colors and fantastic details. Not everything matches my versions of the characters, it's more beefed up at times, especially on Vejiita, but the art is so nicely done that I fell for it anyway--which is just personal preference, by the way. The artist's Bulma is really kind of gorgeous, which is all I care about anyway. Plus, there's makeouts and skimpy clothes or lack thereof and fan-comics and the two of them being totally into each other and Vejiita being, well, Vejiita, while Bulma gives as good as she gets and it's just. Yes. This is why I love this ship. (Vejiita/Bulma, occasionally slightly NSFW.)

  - Dragonball - [ English Fanart Site ] - Holy crap, is there ever a ton of Dragonball art on this artist's account! A lot of it is made up of black&white sketches or lightly colored, almost pastel images, but it really captures Toriyama's style nicely and focuses on Vejiita with his kids or wil Bulma and just. That always gets right straight at my wheelhouse for this fandom, especially when done so well like this. It's probably more waffy than some people might like, but I love Vejiita's grumpy expression with all of my heart and then there's makeouts with Bulma and frequent updates and just. Totally hit me right today, this kind of thing is exactly what I love about the Dragonball fandom on devART. ♥ (Some Vejiita/Bulma, a lot of gen.)

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